Raw Egg Eating Challenge #5

– Today we're slamming raw eggs down the hatch – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning – There are three types of holidays in my mind: roasted meat holidays, drinking holidays, and candy holidays And this come Sunday, Easter's comin' up which I consider a candy holiday – Yeah and based on our longstanding tradition here on GMM, I think we have to tell ya it's also a drinking holiday, a raw egg drinking holiday It's time for the Fifth Annual Guess What's In That Egg And If You Don't You Gotta Drink A Raw Egg Challenge

– As with every other year, we're gonna be visited by the Chaster Bunny – Oh yes – He's gonna hop out and lay a magic egg from his Easter keister and then we'll have to guess what strange item is hidden inside, given two possible options – If we are right, we get to enjoy a course from a delicious Easter meal but the other guy has to drink a raw egg from le basket, and if you're wrong, you get the egg – Ah

– How it works – Rhett, since you're hippier than I am hoppy and there's no advantage to going first, I'll let you go first – Okay good – [Rhett and Link] Round one – For this first round you're gonna have the chance of eating the opposite of a raw egg, deviled eggs

Let's bring in the Chaster Bunny – Oh there he is, hoppin' on in again – Hello – Hey – Good to see you again

(creaking, pops) – Oh wow – Whoa, that one really popped out – Took a extra grunt – Okay Stevie, what are my options as to what is in that surprise egg? – [Stevie] Rhett, what's in the egg? Is it A, an aardvark card shark, or B, a forkupine, forkupine? – What? – Forkupine – No, uh-uh

– Made of forks – Porcupine – [Stevie] A forkupine – Okay there you go – Porcupine made of forks or an aardvark card shark

– Are you in pain, Chaster Bunny? – Not anymore – Okay – I like the sound of aardvark card shark so for no reason other than that, that's my guess – All right let's see if you're right (Rhett grunts) – [Link] Good gosh

– Whoa ho ho! That's an aardvark card shark! Woo, he's got five aces – [Link] Dang – [Rhett] An impossible hand – That dude is cheating – Loaded! – Oh gosh

– Deviled eggs, ooh I like those Those go all the way – [Link] Look how, oh gosh, that is full, man – You just ruined me eating this egg 'cause I was looking at that egg as I was eating it and it made me feel like I had it in my mouth but you know what I don't, he's about to – What have we learned from Biglands Chugs? Badlands Chugs? – You can't put it in your mouth and then swallow it, it has to go in your mouth and swallow all in one motion

Just go, just keep going, just all way way (chuckles) No you got, no, don't, oh gosh Hey man, five aces Look at that Just swallow it like a big pill

(exhales) – It took too big swallers – Oh gosh – But I got it – That was a lot of yolk – So much egg

– [Rhett and Link] Round two – Okay Link for this round you are playing for glazed carrots – [Link] I thought those were Lit'l Smokies – No they're glazed carrots Come on in, Chaster Bunny

(whimsical music) (creaks, pops) – [Link] Ew – You had to really grunt on that one Hey there – Okay Link – That's a big one

– [Stevie] What is in this egg? Is it A, a yearbook from a high school in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, or B, a Velcro wallet filled with whitefish salad – So the yearbook is so random – So random – The wallet sounds like something we'd be all over here We probably just have stacks of those laying around

Whitefish salad filled wallets – Right, yeah, on the menu – It's big but I just don't think it's big enough to hold a yearbook It's predictable that it's a whitefish salad though Crap

(chuckles) – You don't want another raw egg? – No I don't, I don't think that it's a yearbook but I think you want me to think it's the wallet so I'm gonna say the yearbook Please be a yearbook Yes! (Rhett laughs) Whitefish Bay High School – Who went to Whitefish Bay High School? – Well I'll tell ya – Oh gosh

– [Crew Member] We got that off eBay – Rachel Boylan? – (chuckles) Okay while you're naming the names of the– – Ryan Bran, Quincy Bynam – Quincy Bynam? – Yeah Christopher Colowers – Oh gosh guys

– Somafatima Abaden Dink it, and sink it Wow How did you do that? – All one motion – But it's so big

– Just like Rocky told me – [Rhett and Link] Round three – Rhett, you're playing for potatoes au gratin – Oh I love 'em – Mm, Chaster Bunny! – It's amazing how he can just hop right back in there

He reloaded – He's already conjured another one – They're all in there (creaking) (pops) – Oh he even had to work at that one – Oh yeah

– I think it got caught up (chuckles) – Okay Rhett – It's a big one – [Stevie] What's in the egg? Is it A, a Gucci bag with a lion's mane, or B, a bowling ball made of beef jerky – Beef jerky bowling ball

– Gucci bag, we bought a Gucci bag for this game? Or like a knockoff Gucci bag Bowling ball made of beef jerky, kinda like the logic that you were operating under in the last round We would do that, we could do that We should do that – We will do that

– But did we do that? – Maybe – I don't know, I think there's a twist to this but I think it's a Gucci bag with a lion's mane? – Grab it (buzzer buzzes) (Rhett groans) – It's a bowling ball, take it out, made out of beef jerky – Whoa – It's like– – Goodness

– Oh wow, that's like a collector's item – I should have gone with my instincts, man – Oh it smells horrible – Okay Oh good, I get to eat another raw egg

– Potatoes au gratin, so good It's just layers and layers of taters – There's just too much, these eggs are too big – Look at that – You guys went too big this year! – Most of it's coming out, it's like– (crew groans) – Hey, whatever happens happens

– Oh my gosh (exhales deeply) (Link laughs) – Ugh, there was a delay! Ah, it messed up my system! It's gonna mess up my system – It hit your closed esophagus? – Yeah it was just like, I was on full (gasps) suck mode and it was just sitting there and just not going in – Danglin' – Yeah

Dang it! – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Okay Link, you're playing for honey-baked ham – Ooh, Chaster Bunny ♪ He's a hoppin' on in ♪ ♪ He's always got a grin ♪ – And he's gruntin' (creaks, grunts) (Rhett laughs) – Wow, a blue one

– And it doesn't hurt? – Not now (laughing) – Only hurts in the passage – [Stevie] What is in the egg? Is it A, a McDonald's Happy Meal box with a side of armpit hair – Oy – Ew

– [Stevie] Or B, a dissected Kermit the Frog – I wanna see that A dissected Kermit the Frog – How do you consider these things? When you start thinking about, you can't help but think– – Well I told ya – Which one do they go through the trouble of doing, right? – At first I wanted to see a dissected Kermit the Frog

That's why I said that – I don't know if that's a good reason – I think that would be cool to see, but a Happy Meal box with armpit hair, that doesn't make anybody happy, unless I choose it, then I become happy – Right – This is the key to life, you misunderstood it

– I hope it's a dissected Kermit the Frog 'cause I wanna see that – Okay – But I think that you've done the armpit hair thing – What's your guess, Link? – I'm gonna guess Kermit Come on, Kermit! – Dang it! – Yes! Ew, ew, ew! It's horrible, ew! – Oh it's got real– – Aw! Gah– (gags) – Well you know what, at least you get to eat ham

Close that back up, the smell You know what would make me feel great right now? Eating a raw egg (Link gags) – It's, oh, I think it's 'cause I'm really nauseous from eating the one egg – Oh (laughs) – That was bad

I thought it was gonna be fake stuff in– – You're getting off so easy this year, man – [Link] Did you sniff that? – Oh there it goes again (crew laughing) It's bubblin' like witch's brew – I can't even eat this but I'm going to – [Rhett] I'm gettin' my protein today

(exhales) – It looked like that one didn't go down – That little delay It's gettin' stuck in there This isn't a good one – How's your belly feel, full? – Three eggs full

– [Rhett and Link] Round five – Okay for this final round, we're both guessing and whoever loses either both of us or one of us has to drink double the eggs – Yum! – So there's two more over there, you might as well bring those in because that could happen If you win you get some hot cross buns – Oh

– Chaster Bunny – Man – Do not feel good – Still got an egg in there, huh? – Maybe you'll feel better (grunting) Now

– That's better – You feel better now– – Oh it's a teeny one That didn't hurt – This one did hurt – [Stevie] Gentlemen, what is in this final egg? Is it A, a potato with Link's hair on a skateboard or B, a turkey leg with Rhett's beard on a surfboard

– Okay so you remember having your beard cut? 'Cause I don't remember having my hair cut while I was sleepin' or anything – First of all– – And we're gonna vote using these so that– – It feels too small to have a turkey leg in it but I think they know that we'll think that (chuckles) – You wanna work together on this? – Well I just gave you my thought process – I'm still smellin' frog gut This is helping

I just don't, I can't do this I have to win this, man You're doing so good eating the eggs, just keep going – No but it would be so entertaining if you had to try to eat two eggs We'll all love it

– [Stevie] You ready? – Yep – You know what, I think that they probably put both of 'em in there, no matter what we say– – No they wouldn't – We're both gonna get wrong – They wouldn't do that – Well hold on I don't know my answer then

Turkey leg, potato– – Link Link? – All right I'm ready – [Stevie] Three, two, one – Oh – You didn't go with your own reasoning? I think there's a turkey leg in there

– I think it's reverse reverse psychology – Oh (crew laughs) Okay – You wanna do the honors? – I want you to do the honors There's a turkey leg in it, I don't have to eat the egg

– Yes! That's a potato! ♪ On a skateboard with your hair ♪ (laughs) ♪ And it's a brand new Saturday mornin' show ♪ ♪ This is the theme song ♪ – It's like a theme song for a commercial for like new Hot Wheels ♪ That's the kinda song that I was singin' ♪ ♪ Get it now, kids ♪ Eight and up Oh I get to eat hot cross buns Yum – Oh gosh

– I got more eggs here – Let's see, I'm at least gonna find the smallest one – There's a song about hot cross buns, right? Called Hot Cross Buns Oh It's almost like a citrusy thing that's happening there, mm

– Shut up (exhales) Not gonna think about it Not gonna think about Kermit's frog guts, ugh – There's really a biscuit-like consistency (Rhett grunts) – I'm doing one at a time

– Okay (Rhett and crew laugh) There, just swallow it, just do it You just gotta, yeah yeah (chuckles) (claps) Yeah – That's one, two total

– Mm-hmm Man There's raisin right there – It's just my stomach feels like it's just full – Well, when you get done with this, we'll have the same number of raw eggs in our bodies

– Yeah but your stomach– – Is better? – Five times the size of mine – I don't think that's scientifically possible I'm not Andre the Giant Yeah that one's big, really yellow Especially eggy

– I did it (Rhett laughs) – Do you still, is it going– – No, don't talk to me Happy Easter everybody I got my protein in – Thanks for liking– – So did you

– Commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – [Woman] My name is Mochi the bunny and I'm from North Bay, Ontario, Canada And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Was it just me or could you hear that rabbit's thoughts? – Yes

It was both of us Click the top link to watch us taste Passover matzah in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Whoa, wheel! – [Rhett] Our stories are now wearable Check out Post-Apawcalypse, a Mythical storywear collection now at Mythical


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