Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #2 (TEST)

– What happens when you put pig's blood through a water filter? – Lets talk about that (upbeat theme music) Good Mythical Morning

– Quick reminder, the US midterm election is just weeks away, and it's really important, so go to voteorg to make sure you're registered, and to find out where you need to be on November sixth to let your voice be heard – Yes, and speaking of letting your voice be heard, we heard from many of your voices in the comments on our first putting weird things through a water filter episode asking us to try even more things So today, we got a brand new batch of strange liquids It's time for, Putting Things in Things, Water Filter Edition Part 2

(upbeat music) I need a credit card that's got no limit and a big black jet with a bedroom in it If you immediately knew that was a line from the Nickelback song Rock Star, then you probably also drink Rockstar Revolt Killer Grape – Killer Grape? – Yes But how different is it gonna be on the bottom side of a water filter? And will the water filtered version improve your taste in music? That's the real question – I am going to pour us a little prefiltered version for comparison later

– It looks very unnaturally purple, I would expect no less – This stuff has, what is naturally purple, though? – Grapes, no they're not actually – A killer grape, though – You ever seen a real purple grape? No, you haven't – This has got 240 milligrams of caffeine in it, which is absolutely crazy

– Well, a big black jet with a bedroom in it is also pretty crazy – Okay, so it's in the filter It's gonna take its sweet time And we're gonna enjoy every sweet moment of waiting (clock ticks) – Okay, well, I can immediately see, – It looks freaking clear

– It took, did it take all of the punch of this thing out? I mean it took the purple, did it take the caffeine out? I don't think we'll be able to tell immediately – I just poured too much, 'cause I couldn't even see it It's that clear – [Rhett] Hold on, it took the fizz out – It's lost everything

– [Rhett] Thank you for getting right to the very top – Now before we drink it and see how much of the Rockstar has retired, let's drink the original – Let's see what it feels like to be a rock star (Rhett grunts) – Oh, that's some caffeinated candy – People drink the entire can of that? – And then they punch themselves in the face for hours

Alright, let's try this one – It's very sweet Oh gosh, Link – Dink it At least you're not as shaky as me, you're able to keep the tension

We've created water – That means all the Rockstar is in the filter You know what, we could probably sell that filter to people, and just suck on the filter You want straight Rockstar? – [Link] You want a Rockstar, it's hidden somewhere in here – We could go to Nickelback concerts and just have these dirty filters and just, suck on this

Suck on this, freaks – There's a little bit of grape in it – I mean they paid to get into a Nickelback concert, they'll pay for that They'll pay to suck on a water filter? (upbeat music) – Turns out lemon juice has tons of health benefits It's a fantastic source of vitamin C, it promotes hydration, I love that, and it's great for digestion

But who wants to suck on a lemon or drink that stuff straight? – Oh gosh, it's thick – So we're curious, does filtering lemon juice make it more drinkable? Of course, that means we're gonna have to drink it like this first to really experience the difference Go ahead and toss that up there Glug, glug, glug away – Oh! – Oh

You need eye protection – I got excited – Yeah, squeeze it, yeah (clock ticks) – It is still cloudy That is crazy, whatever makes, – It doesn't look different to me, man

– Lemon juice cloudy made it through the water filter – It's clouds, lemon juice is made of clouds – Okay, now that I see it side by side, it is a little less cloudy Don't forget which one's which – Let's try the orig, first

Dink it Yes – Uh – Oy – There's something I love about it

– Helps with hydration, I don't know It just really, – Yeah, 'cause its a liquid – Gets you going, gets you going – It helps as much as any liquid with hydration, I think is what you, – No, I think it helps a little more I don't know how, it's magic

Alright, now before you taste this, do you think it's gonna taste the same? – It's gonna taste somewhat different – What? – It took the sour out – There's no sour – There's no pucker-ability in this anymore – It tastes like watered-down lemonade

– It doesn't taste sour, it tastes bitter only – Yes – It tastes just like bitters Have you ever had bitters? – Oh my gosh, you're right This is crazy

What is the meaning of this, seriously? (upbeat music) – Do you ever go to a fancy party and all they're serving is wine and cheese, and you're totally cool with the cheese, but you really don't like wine? I hear you, sister But what if putting that wine through the water filter you keep in your fanny pack could help you enjoy yourself a little bit more? – Filtered wine, that sounds like a stupid idea Let's try it Here's some regular wine for us to just get, just get going with this morning – Okay

Easy, whoa, easy brother – I'm getting some splashing, but my, I got a wine-colored sweater, I'm fine – That's true, yeah Smells like wine Looks like wine

– Maybe this is a great idea, only time will tell (clock ticks) Alright, she's filtered, and you know what, I think this is what they did in our Baptist church growing up – For communion? – Yeah, 'cause they couldn't have real wine, we had grape juice in our Baptist church – They just gave us grape juice, Link I don't think they went to the– – I think they filtered the wine

– [Rhett] Oh, come on, man – You got a little wine color on your, – A little bit – It was a depth problem, it's just, – Okay, you don't have to keep demonstrating It looks exactly the same, it's no, from my vantage point, it's absolutely no, – This is the original – No lighter

(glasses clink) – Not great wine – Nope I normally don't drink this early, unless I'm on a plane – We spared lots of expenses – I never say no to alcohol on a plane

– What? – Whatever make wine good is in there – It took away everything except the alcohol It's purple alcohol – Yeah, we ought to take this to the Baptist churches – They did not do this – See what they think

– for our communion – We got some special wine for y'all (upbeat music) – Now it's the time for the good ol' plop, plop, fizz, fizz, and this time I'm not talking about pop rocks bowel movements Ha, get it Whatever, you don't have to listen to me, it was just a bad joke anyway

We wanna know exactly how much plop, plop, and how much fizz, fizz does a filter remove from Alka-Seltzer – Okay, so we got our – So this is our control groups – Control groups going They don't just pop right out They actually don't plop, you have to really, really, really work it Wow, Alka-Seltzers got too big

– Too big for their britches And we're gonna put four in this one, just because that's the one we're gonna filter – Alright, I'm gonna just pour this whole fizzy thing in there – Fizz it up It's a magical, bubbly reaction

– It's not gonna take the effervescence out, because the effervescence will just be gone because of time – Close it up, let's wait it out (clock ticks) – Okay, absolutely no residual effervescence in here Definitely in the original, you still got some – Yeah, you know, I wouldn't be suspicious of this at all if it was poured in front of me

It's got slightly medicinal, yet energizing quality to it – Sometimes I just pop Alka-Seltzer in different liquids just to feel alive – That's another episode Dink it, (glasses clink) And try it Nothing

– I taste no traces – Tastes like the purest water I've ever tasted in my life – There's something better than regular water – I do feel that – But not Alka-Seltzer

– I definitely feel that I think that we've done a treatment to water that makes it taste the best – Better It's like sticking a straw into Mother Earth – It's like smarter water, a Perri-est

(upbeat music) – Now if I'm being honest, about 23% of my waking hours are devoted to creating and maintaining this hairstyle It takes a combination of patience, blessed genes, mythical pomade, available at mythicalstore, and at times, a little hairspray But will hairspray be stripped of its hair-holding essence by a water filter? – I mean, just for the sake of pattern here, I'm gonna pour a little bit of the existing over here on the right side It's clear, it's a little viscous, this particular hairspray

– And now you're gonna, don't screw it back on, 'cause you gotta screw it right back off to put it in – I gotta put in here, so glug away – [Rhett] That's what hairpsray looks like – Shall we? – We shall (clock ticks) – It's completely filtered and look at this, it's freaking milky, it's soapy, it's white

– How does hairspray become milk when put through a water filter? – Look at that – How can you filter something out that makes it look like there's something that has been added You know what, there's something in hairspray that stabilized it as a clear liquid that then is now in there and this is the unstable This could be explosive We have an unstable– – Oh wow, it smells totally different, too

Like the original smells like, it's got a, – It's got an alcoholy, – It's got an alcoholy thing to it But then this one just smells like soap – For a control, – Like shampoo – Let's put hairspray on our hair like we do every morning with our fingers in little buckets You know our little hairspray session that we have

– I'm gonna go on this side – I mean, I kinda got my hair the way I wanted it this morning, so – This is how I wanted my hair to be, it just didn't happen – That's pretty cool, Link – Can really expose the skunk stripe here

– Now I'm going into the milk – I'm using the other hand – Hold on, it feels completely different What happened? – I mean, I think this is the difference between hairspray and shampoo is alcohol, is there alcohol in this, is that what it is? – Is this gonna make my hair fall out? – Ingredients, SD alcohol 40B and this filter took it all out Which is so weird, because it was the only thing that it left from the wine

– Yeah, wine and shampoo, man, they're not consistent (upbeat music) – As Rhett mentioned earlier, we heard from many of you in the comments on our first water filter video Conclusion, you are a twisted bunch Why did so many of you ask for pig's blood? What kind of people do you think we are? We would never, it doesn't even make sense, it's totally what we're doing – Look how just black it is

– Pour it in here as a control It's thick – [Rhett] Uh, oh, uh, it's almost brown – It's pig oil, man, it keeps the pig lubed up inside It delivers all those nutrients to that, it's a bacon makin' liquid right there

It's about to drip, so Oh, it's about to drip! – It's not dripping, it's going in – Oh gosh – Oh, uh, uh Why is there so gosh– – What's wrong with you people? – Why did it get so brown? – Oxygen, man

– I got some on my freakin' shirt – Oxygen (clock ticks) – Unfortunately, it's still pig's blood – It looks no different Does it pour differently? Doesn't pour any differently

Oh yeah, give me plenty, don't hold back – I just want to make sure, – Give yourself some too, man – Make sure you can be satisfied It kind of just looks like coffee – It's got a purplish hue to it

– Uh, it's so wrong – It'll give us the vitality of swine They're smart, you've said that before – They're not as smart as us – Well, that's debatable

– Just because they're a really smart animal, – I think we're kinda making that– – They're not as smart as us, man, look at us – I am not gonna drink the control, but I am gonna try this one, because maybe it's good – Maybe it's good – I mean I'm just gonna have this ready, 'cause I don't wanna spooge on myself Spooge

– Please don't make up new words for emitting things from your body, especially if they're gonna sound like spooge – Dink it (Rhett retches) (Link retches) – I got the smallest trace – It's very iron-y – Oh, Revolt

– You know what, I got an idea for a new drink Check this out It's better – Uh! – But it's, – It's still revolting – Actually, this isn't bad, I mean, before you hit the clubs, you get yourself some swine Rockstar

– I'm going hard tonight I'm mixing Rockstar with swine blood Stay out of my way – I'm going to a satanic ritual Oh my gosh

– Okay, that was a mistake And I can't believe that I'm saying this, but we wanna hear more of your ideas about what weird things to put through other things We've done water filter twice now, we've done a coffee maker and a toaster Now what, comment for us – Other devices to put weird things in, go

Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Rachel – And I'm Elizabeth – [Together] And we're from North Carolina

And this is our family with you guys in 2011, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – I'm sure that was the first take Click the top link to watch Link get the crap scared out of him by playing the VR game, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Myticality's gonna land – [Rhett] Writing the Book of Mythicality was hard, signing copies was easy

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