Putting Weird Things In An Air Fryer (TEST)

– Have you ever air fried dried ice? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning

– There's a phenomenon sweeping kitchens worldwide and that phenomenon is known as the air fryer, you got one? – I do not – I thought you did – I don't – Oh It's an appliance that uses convection to circulate hot air and fry foods without using any oil, you should get one

– Yeah, I'm in the market – Okay – I'm gonna find out today Yes there are Subreddits, Twitter pages, Facebook groups, all dedicated to people's love of air fried food But sometimes they ask for requests like this guy Lepoleon

– [Link] Lepolean Morissette – [Rhett] He says, who got the best air fried food photo? My mouth is dry so post them photos to help me out – Okay, Lepolean You're in luck because today we're gonna air fry some things that I guarantee your mouth ain't never seen before It's time for Putting Things In Things: Air Fryer Edition

Today we're gonna be putting things in the Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer, not a sponsor We chose this one because it's glass so we can film and then time lapse the process of all the dumb things being fried – That's right and remember we do this so you don't have to So please do not try this at home – All right so for this first one, let's say you're throwing a party and you've invited your classy friends, like the wine and cheese type, but you also invited you salt of the earth friends who like fried food like me

– Air fried food – Yeah I think this will make them both happy and concerned for our sanity – Okay so the whole point of the air fryer is to not use oil because you're trying to do it healthy so we're not using oil but we are using wine because we're classy Also we have this charcuterie board – Ooh

– Plate Link, I'm gonna pour the wine in and if you could just recreate that on the grate – Yes, make it nice and beauty, ope – [Rhett] Oh, okay, that's – I gotta balance the cheese

– Always balance the cheese – Really turn over here – Use the whole bottle, don't be bashful – Look at that– – Get the drips – [Link] Isn't that gonna be nice? – Okay whoa

– Oh look at that, I thought that was like a corn on the cob but that's a honey slice, honey comb – Don't get your corn on the cob confused with your honey – That's a disappointment – You're in for a long night if you do – All right so we're gonna put the top on this thing and we're gonna set it to 450 degrees, 480

– 80 – 480, let's go all the way-tee And David, go ahead and take this away and– – Let's see what this special dinner becomes Okay he licked he plate – Let's do that for 15 minutes

Turning it on, heat it up, squeeze it out – [Rhett] Oh, whoa, whoa, we lost the honey The honey's gone – [Link] It's like that guy in Indiana Jones Melting away, all right there it is

So we've got– – Hmm – How how is this? – Push that in here – I'm gonna open this – Open this up The air fryer comes with these special tongs

Oh that smells interesting – Oh wow look now there's a good amount of cheese, like look at that first of all – [Rhett] I'm gonna get this out so we can– – [Link] The edge of that stinky cheese is still up but all the cheese melted out of it – [Rhett] The meat got a little hard – Look at this slurry, oh my goodness

Look at that Two big cheese dollops, bunch of wine – Bring those glasses in, let me scoop you, let me ladle you some, some beverage – Now it looks like we've made toast and crispy bacon and withered grapes – Here you go, I got you a big dollop of cheese

I'm gonna do my own, hold on I'm gonna get that – [Link] Cheesy wine, this can't be bad, right? – I like my wine chunky That's one of the things I look for – Just a little bit more in there – Now you still wanna be fancy, okay, so you wanna swirl it a little bit

– You don't wanna eat a grape first? – Oh grape first – Aw that's a sad grape Oh it's hot too – Oh, oh, oh! – Oh that's hot, what about some of this meat? Oh the meat is all one piece and that's hot – Oh whoa, whoa! – Let's go with the wine first, it's too hot over there

All right Wine and cheese if you please, dink it – Oh that made a very– (glasses chiming) Only five times Oh gosh (crew laughs) I mean whoa

– It's oily – The nose on this one, whoo (crew laughs) I love this – I hate stinky cheese It's like man you're just drinking a foot

– It's like somebody went out and played for a long time, then came inside and stuck their foot in your wine – This is from the vineyards of– – And I love it, a Frenchman did it – Burbank – I think I wanna dip a little– – Oh yeah – Dip some bread

– [Link] I can't do that but I need to get a little bit of the– – Hold on but putting wine and cheese in a dish, there's nothing weird about that You cook with wine and cheese all the time – Okay, how about this thing? That one stayed together, that's nice Get a little toast – Oh that's hot cheese

– I feel like the salt of the earth and the snootiness, it's really comin' together and everybody should be happy – Okay if you're not familiar with Hatchimals, they're these little toy eggs, they have creatures inside them that will hatch if you rub them and apply heat to them and I usually use hens, actual hens to hatch my Hatchimals but that's because I don't have an air fryer – Okay, and it's fun because you can take these things and crack 'em and then once you, ooh, once you've done that – Nice crack, Link – [Link] Yeah my hand hurt

– Let's put these on a plate just 'cause last time everything just kinda went through I don't want that to happen again I wanna be able to see the results clearly So just place your, set it straight up – Okay sure

– Yeah – There we go, like that, and then a cracked and an uncracked All right David, I'm gonna set this thing all the way again and take it away, man We will time lapse the heck out of that Hatchima All right let's make 'em hatch or melt

– [Rhett] Hmm, did the chick survive? – [Link] I don't know Maybe – Okay eight minutes of frying Let's check in our our little chicks – Okay, oh yeah, the hotness is apparent

– [Rhett] You can't grab that plate can you? Can you grab it with this? – It doesn't smell edible Not that we were gonna eat it but, all right see, so that's the cracked one See if you can open it Let's move this one out of the way, ooh They're stuck together, get this one off of it

– That might be my fault – We made a baby! Oh my gosh – [Rhett] I think we brought it out a little early (laughs) – Ow! (Rhett laughs) I forgot that the plate was in there! – Yeah that's– – Dangit dangit dangit! – That's pretty– – I grabbed it three times, I was like habida-habida, it's like I didn't realize– – Oh look there's another one – When my brain told me not to– – Oh there's a little– – Grab it

– [Rhett] Little baby in there too You can probably touch that baby – I aint' grabbin' nothing now – [Rhett] Whoa hey – [Link] I think it's an elephant

– It's a little elephant baby – It's like a hot elephant covered in gum – And you can eat these right? (Link gasps, chuckles) – Okay so– – No no no no It's a glow worm – So this is what you should do before you give it to the children

– Right yes – Make it nice and piping hot – Give your hot Hatchimals to the kids – Toxic fumes are– – Don't try that at home! – A bit much Kevin told me a satisfying tip that I can't believe I've never tried and that's taking piping hot socks out of your dryer and putting them directly on your feet

– Oh on your feet huh? – Yeah on your feet I'm definitely gonna try that but since we have an air fryer, we should do it with this first – Now I got long socks, short socks and long socks You a short sock man or a long sock man 'cause we're gonna put these on – Well you're taller than me so you can have the long ones

– [Rhett] That's how it works – All right so we got the grate here and let's just, well let's get 'em inside And they may burn up, I don't know what's gonna happen – Now these are a little damp Not because we just sweat in them but we're emulating as if they just came out of the washer

– All right David, take it away I've cranked it up to 480 – You're consistent, you always go right to 480 – Hey it's the top, man and my feet are a little cool so let's remedy that Heat 'em up so I can wear 'em out

All right not a lot happening – [Rhett] No, they're just socks They're still socks – Look at those socks (bell rings) Socking it up

All right our feets are ready (chuckles) This is a good idea, man – Get them long socks, Link – Oh! – Whoa! – This might be a little warm for your toesies – I wanna get it while it's hot, man

I wanna get it while it's hot – I don't wanna burn you but I'm just gonna dab it and see, is that too hot? – Woo, woo hoo! – Is it too hot? – Woo, this is so exciting Ho ho! – Is it too hot? – No it's good – Okay here So put that– – It's still wet

(chuckles) – Oh it is? – Yes, definitely still – I'm gonna give you a long one and a short one And I'm gonna go with a long one – Definitely still wet I'm gettin' a wet sock on

– Now one of the things that we live for around here now is hot towels (chuckles) – Why's that sock got so many stains on it? – And this is like a hot towel for my foot! Oh! Why's it– – It's so wet – It shouldn't be wet That's why a dryer is superior, but let me tell ya, it feels good – No mines are already cold

– And now it's cold – [Rhett] Mines are already cold! – Mines are cold too, man – It's like when you pee on yourself, it feels good for a few seconds – Yeah yeah, you gotta think long-term – Then you're like oh man I gotta be like this all day

– Soggy sock boys, putting our shoes back on and being losers – Now Kevin told me that Josh told him, so don't hold me to this but if you've got a football that needs a little air but you don't have a pump, you can put it in a microwave and it will plump up Maybe he's lying or maybe an air fryer would work even better So this is as you can see, very low on air I'm gonna do this

– Okay – Push the nose in Laces up – Or kinda uppish – Laces to the side

– Put that on, give it a nice crank, and David, take it to the hot zone – Oh I'm ready – And let's watch the process – I'm ready to play – Is it gonna explode? Hike hike or is it hut hut? – [Rhett] Oh okay there's a problem

– [Link] It's like a whirlwind Ope, there's burnage Stop it – We got some broiled pigskin – Okay so we truncated this process because it started burning

– It got dangerous – Oh my gosh, you'd think that a pigskin when burnt would smell like bacon – I doubt that it's actual, oh gosh – [Link] Oh gosh, hold your breath guys – I doubt that it's an actual pigskin

– Or just– – It looks like a football that was in an accident of sorts but I'll tell ya right now – [Link] Oh wow that right there, is it taut? – Call Tom Brady because this thing is plump! (crew laughs) – He likes it deflated – Yeah it was a burn (chuckles) – Oh, okay, is this what we're doing? – Yeah we're playing – That actually looks like a wound, doesn't it? – We're playing catch

– I'm just gonna toss it (chuckles) – Okay, well now, it might ruin your football but if you just got one day left on Earth and you wanna play with a plump ball, a plump football, the air fryer does the trick – Now Kevin told me that Josh told him that Chase told him that the biggest complaint with the air fryer is that it dries out food What they didn't know was I was the one who told Chase that – Oh, circle! – (chuckles) So we thought why not put dry ice in a air fryer

– Yeah I'm gonna put some water in here, cover the ice – [Link] Oh look at that science! – Some cool effects – Look at that Look at that You lookin' at it? Whoa, how much you gonna, I'm gonna seal this huh

– (laughs) That's fun – Oh my word – That's fun – All right David, take it away We gotta dry this dry ice down

– Yeah we do – What is gonna happen? – I don't know – Wow I feel like Bill Nye or something (both chuckle) – Something

– [Link] So when the heat and circulator came on, it kinda sucked the fog out and then when it was turned off, the fog came back and it created a sort of cyclone – [Rhett] And we're gonna do it in real time here – It's like a weather system It's like okay kids, this is how you learn about weather systems, the world– – All you need is an air fryer and some dry ice – The world is an air fryer and you are the dry ice

Look at that – Oh okay yeah – [Link] See it just goes away And then when you turn it off it's like the cyclone– – [Rhett] The steam can't take the heat – [Link] Well I think the dry ice has lost, oh there it is, there's the cyclone

– [Rhett] Science in an air fryer – And then if I take this off– – No don't! (laughs) I scared you, didn't I? – Come on man – It's easy to get you worked up – Well I don't know what I'm about to do– (Rhett yells) – Yeah you are a man who once drank cat urine water – It was cat feces

– Throw a Hatchimal in there – Hey watch yourself – It's just water, oh, look Whoa that really did it It's like a witch's brew

– Let's throw a burnt football in there – No don't bring that thing back in here – We took that thing out 'cause it stinks – Okay there you go– – But you don't – We made science happen in air fryers– – Shh

– So you don't have to Yeah, just go to sleep, little Hatchimals – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi my name is Krishna

I'm at the Dead Sea in Jordan And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Very easy to float there – Yes, because of all the salt Click the top link to watch us air fry an entire cake in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Hungry for some thought-provoking conversation? Feast on the latest episodes of Ear Biscuits Available now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get podcasts

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