Pumpkin Spice Latte Turkey Taste Test

– Listen (air suctioning) Oh my God

(liquid splashes) Oh, I could do this all day (poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, that show about the show I'm Stevie and I only wear my underwear on the outside on Tuesdays This week's guests cut the mustard just as much as they cut the cheese, please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauding) – Pie stuffing today! – Get a workout! Get a little workout before Thanksgiving

We see what you're doing – What does it mean to– – I'm so glad you asked that question that you haven't asked yet – Cut the mustard, that's like up to snuff – Okay yes, it means to succeed, I looked it up – Oh really? – Yeah

– You were actually prepared for my question? – Yes, because it has a disputed origin, but my favorite origin is that because it means to succeed, mustard is the best part of a sandwich – Can you move over a little bit? I'm trying to get comfortable here Sorry, I'm listening – Did you? What did I say? – I was like what am I gonna do that's funny? I'm gonna lean over – Yeah

– You're just reciting what went on in your own head – I know what cut the mustard means, I don't need to listen– – That's constantly going on in his own head (Stevie laughs) What can I do that's funny? You should have admitted it though – I know, I'm making fun of myself – Mustard is not the best part of a sandwich 'cause cheese is the best part of a sandwich and that's why you cut the cheese, you know what I'm saying? – Uh, yeah

– Why did you cut the mustard? – Yeah exactly, missed that definition, 'cause you were being funny – Really, it's can you cut the mustard at cutting the cheese? That means you're a good farter – Exactly but also my other part of the intro, the I only wear my underwear on the outside on Tuesdays– – It's true – I'm having to google fan submitted intros because I don't wanna miss something that's like a thing, a meme or something So I googled that, it's not a meme, it just was an interesting suggestion, but when I did that, there was a Quora article that popped up called is it illegal to only wear underwear outside and then the number one up-voted man was from Florida, which I feel like– – Good

– You know, and then he explains that– – His name is Rick Orlando – Yeah – That's a fake name – And underwear is subjective so the definition of underwear, I mean this is only part of his message Anyway, it did remind me of an underwear issue that Link had that we talked about and I couldn't remember if we talked about it on camera or off camera

Do you know what I'm talking about? – Underwear issue? – Yeah he had an underwear issue a few years ago – That could mean a lot of things – You know what I'm talking about! – No I don't You're gonna have to cut the mustard – Link was of a certain underwear habit that we had to break him of when we found out about it because it was not– – Oh! Oh yeah (chuckles)

– Healthy for you – Wearing it more than once? – Yeah He, and I can't remember if it was on camera – No, this was in a meeting Somehow, we were in a big GMM planning meeting and I just– – Talking about your underwear

– Casually talked about how I would just re-wear my underwear for two or three days – He would take his underwear off, get in the shower, and then put the same underwear on– – Maybe we talked about it – For like three or four days And then, you don't remember that? And we found out about it, we were like, that is not okay – I remember it, do you know why I remember it? Because every time I take off my underwear now, I still think about it

Like I have to be– – I can still wear this It's good! (sniffs) It's good, it's good, I can– – I have to convince myself because hey, I don't like to create waves, I don't like to create work, I don't like to create laundry When I throw anything in the dirty clothes hamper– – It's far gone – It's a point of anxiety for me, 'cause I know it's gonna come back to me when I do laundry – Yeah it's gonna come back to you clean

(laughs) You know what I'm saying? – After I clean it – You don't clean it – I do laundry – Well I'm glad that you're not doing that anymore – [Rhett] Are you above laundry? – I don't know if I've ever talked about my toilet on this show, but like, I'm cleaner down there than anywhere else

– That is just not true I mean I'm not saying– – Have you been taking measurements? – From experience, I'm just saying– – Why would you need to take a measurement? – Readings, I should say readings – It doesn't matter how clean you keep it It harbors things It is a harbor, that's what I call mine, the harbor

(chuckling) That's my nickname for my privates is the harbor – And then you give safe harbor to– (Rhett chuckles) – Guys – Pulling into the harbor! – It's a great segue for what we have this week on the show It's not But I do have a couple things that are happening this week on the show, the first is that this week, we put various things inside of a turkey

But one thing we did not put inside of a turkey is a Starbucks pumpkin latte – Oh – So Josh had a great idea to do that, so we're gonna do that and then we're going to taste the turkey – Interesting – Which sounds like a great phrase now that I said taste the turkey sounds– – You're hungry? That's what you're saying

– Sounds like a slogan for a turkey – Yeah, taste the turkey – Taste the turkey – And then also because Thanksgiving is next week, I asked the Mythical crew to send me what they were thankful for – Oh how sweet

– So that we could like all prepare for that moment when you have to go around the table and get some ideas, so I have those – That's good, yeah My mom always asks about that – I need that, I'll tell you why later – Exactly

But first, how about a beverage? – [Rhett] How 'bout it? – We gotta start drinking beverages 'cause we're gonna start eating later (chuckles) – Yes – I just mean, Thanksgiving for me is not just a one time event, it's not a meal, it's a week – Hm, how so? – I just eat with so many different relatives (pops can) – Runa

– What is this? – It's an unsweetened blood orange drink – It says clean energy drink – It's from the gay USA leaf – Yep, yeah – Dink it

Oh, fine – I'm sorry – Damn you both – I was really excited about it – And sink it

– I have more coming after that so I wasn't just gonna say damn you both (Rhett chuckles) But it's fine Oh weird, that tastes like a tea – Clean energy from a leaf, not a lab – It is a tea

– I don't mind it – I don't like it – Don't recommend it Not a sponsor, so I can say that – We are not thankful for this drink

– I don't hate it though – Everyone has to have something to be thankful for There is that moment Your grandma or some other alive relative is there– (Link sputters) And you feel like– – Thanks for reminding me – (chuckling) You need to be thankful, but also like a little funny but kinda thankful

It's like a, you know, you have to really think about what you wanna say in that moment – You gotta strike the balance is what I call that – Exactly, yeah, so I have a whole long list of things the Mythical crew is thankful for It runs the gamut, both ends Actually what they're thankful for and some funny stuff too

– I have permission to use some of these when I go home? – I did not explicitly ask them when they were submitting, but I think so – Your grandma doesn't watch the show – Is it okay to say you're grateful and then cite the source? – Well usually you say you're thankful – No, I think you can mix it up and say I'm grateful for, because it sounds a little more poetic – [Link] They do mean the same thing, Stevie

– They're all saying thankful, then you say grateful, like, oh – Oh, mixing it up – Mr Th-th-th-th-thesaurus (chuckles) – Th-th-th-th-thesaurus

– Mr, is there another word for thesaurus because I'd like to know what that is – That is a good question – [Rhett] Because I cannot say that word – You just wasted, you squandered a tweet here on LTAT

That would have been a great tweet, instead it was just like a humming and hawing– – Just a question – Hemming and hawing– – Link, did you have something that you wanted to share about your Thanksgiving table before we continue with these thankfuls? – For the first time since moving here, I'm going home to see my family for Thanksgiving – Are you thankful for that or grateful? – Really, so that's, how many years is that? 10, eight? 10 eight years – How many years have we lived here, seven? – Eight This will be your eighth Thanksgiving

– So for eight years you have not gone back to North Carolina, well you go during the holidays You go later – We go for Christmastime and stuff like that so we're switching it up this year, we're coming home for Thanksgiving The thought was, the time would be higher quality 'Cause we wouldn't be distracted by things like presents

– Who hosts Thanksgiving, whose house are you going to? – Steve Harvey (chuckles) – We're going to Nana's house, we're going to Nana's house – It's all set up for a name drop (laughs) – Steve Harvey's hosting Thanksgiving this year – Going to the in-laws, going to, going everywhere

Nana's house– – Wow That'd be fun – Bobby's house – Hm – Hm

Hm, Bobby (chuckles) That's great – JB's house Going to, we gotta firm up the plans a little bit – Yeah sounds like it

– 'Cause I'll probably need at least four things to be thankful for so I don't repeat – No, if your immediate family hears the same thing over and over again, they don't count It's exposure to the other family members – I never know what the kids are gonna say – Oh you think they're gonna take your thankful

Why am I, that's not what you call it – [Link] Grateful – Yeah, it's not like a noun – Your thankful object – They're gonna take your thankful away from you

Okay, this is what the Mythical crew is thankful for It's not everyone, we don't have that much time I picked some highlights So we had some people who went more traditional, they went on like a list track So I'm thankful for alarm clocks, mints– – Oh I thought this was a video

– (chuckles) No I mean it is a video when they're watching at home – Sorry to burst your bubble – This is a video Okay this is a conversational bit

– Yeah – Yeah, right (Stevie and Link chuckle) – Okay, I'm thankful for alarm clocks, mints, and gum Any guesses? – Chase – No, it's Jen, that's what Jen's thankful for

Calendars, Excel, and vodka That's Jacob That's a really good one – Calendars, Excel, and vodka – I'm thankful for– – That explains why he's so good at his job

(crew chuckles) – Then we got some that were a little bit more Mythical specific, so like working here at the studio I'm thankful for all of the leftover black licorice after the clash of the crappy candies shoot, and dental insurance – Okay don't tell us – Mm – You know who here likes licorice besides you right? They came up to you afterward and they're like trying to talk to you about the licorice

– There's a few people– – Walked away – There's a few people, Ben is one of those – No – I don't remember (chuckles) I don't remember who it is

– Feldman That was from Feldman – Feldman, yes I'm sorry, Feldman – I'm thankful that there's the secluded studio bathroom to poop in

– That was me – Or me 'cause we're the only ones that are supposed to be using that bathroom – Oh, it was Micah – Who all poops in that bathroom? Lots of hands, okay – Oh man

Everybody – I don't discriminate – Can we get one installed in our office? – Are you asking me? (chuckles) Yes – Who all poops in that bathroom and uses the squatty potty? – I'm too tall for the squatty potty – People got embarrassed about saying they use the squatty potty but they're cheering about using the bathroom to poop in

I don't understand – Who all uses the brush beside the toilet in order to remove any evidence that you were there? Exactly, so start! Use the freaking brush! (crew laughing) – You mean streaks? – Yes! – Ugh I don't make streaks, man – This one's easier to guess– – Then why do you change your underwear everyday? – Because the harbor needs to be refreshed – I'm thankful I have not had a sword injury in two months

– Chase – That was Chase – Chase never recovered from his, that was March – We had to change that – He had a sword? – Was it, no, no, there was the one halftime show in March, and then there was– – Jacksepticeye

– Yeah – Stabbed him – Stabbed him – A little too rough – Oh

– Yeah – And then this is what I'm calling the interesting threesome, these three I'm thankful for MoviePass for starting the all you can watch trend I'm also thankful that MoviePass is going out of business because I have AMC A-list now (crew laughs) – Is this a plug? – No (laughs)

– Is someone being sponsored? – I don't believe so, that was Davin Davin, are you being sponsored? – [Davin] Not a sponsor – Not a sponsor – Okay, all right – Davin watches a lot of movies

– Here's this one: mostly Davin His smile, his scent, his touch – That's Alex – That's Alex (crew laughs) – Yeah

– And then there's this one– – Davin, can you just walk across? – What do you mean? – So we can get his scent (chuckles) (Stevie laughs) – He has such a long way to walk Thank you – [Alex] There he is, there's my boy (laughing) – Very good timing on that, Alex

(chuckles) – And then there's this one I'm thankful for Alex Punch Having him as an employee at Mythical makes everyone around him seem funnier and much better at their jobs by comparison Thanks, Alex! – Ooh that would be Kevin – Oh that's Kevin

– [Stevie] Yeah that's Kevin (laughs) – That's a back-handed compliment – Definitely – Kevin and Alex are not nice to each other – No they're not

I like the way those all three led into each other I understand what you mean by threesome now – Yeah, well, and– – Yeah – And then, these were just interesting in general I really like these

I'm thankful for a healthy baby daughter whose poop only gets in her vagina in less than 10% of her diapers and baby wipes And that of course is from Darren – Oh gosh, Darren – Darren (crew laughing) – Darren's not here right now because he's tending to his baby

– Yeah and I was like, it's gonna get really awkward when I read what you're thankful for and you're not here And that's what just happened – It would have been more awkward if he was here – Wipe front to back, man – Yeah well no, sometimes you can't help it

Sometimes it just happens – I don't think he's talking about what he's done – Yeah it's not his fault, it's just the way it happens sometimes In the harbor – I'm– (laughs) – Just depends on which way the wind's blowing

– I'm thankful for the time traveling stranger I met in front of the CVS I let him watch me sleep in exchange for next year's winning Powerball numbers A good deal if you ask me – So this is a writer, huh? (laughing) – Yeah – Watch me sleep

This is Ellie – [Stevie] No – Carney? – Yeah, it's Carney I thought you were gonna get it And that's what the Mythical crew is thankful for

Which will you be using at your various dinner tables? – Not quite what I hoped for – I'll be doing the one about the baby and the poop Everybody will be like, "What, you have a daughter?" (chuckles) Like, "Yep" – Sorry, I had water in my mouth (chuckles) Okay, so we've done the being thankful bit

We're over it, we've been grateful It's time for turkey So this, Link, is a video that I'm about to toss to you – Okay good (Rhett claps) – In which Josh makes a Starbucks pumpit, cup-bup-bup

– [Link] Yep, let's roll it – It says Jash That's not even a name You buy a freakin' wagon full of lattes at Starbucks and they still won't get your name right Jash

So the first step to making a pumpkin spice latte turkey is nothing 'cause a pumpkin spice latte turkey isn't anything that exists so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna throw the turkey into our giant Starbucket (turkey thumps) Great If you want like a really good roast turkey on Thanksgiving, you make a brine, and that's gonna let all the salt and flavor soak into your turkey and keep it moist So instead of brine, we're using pumpkin spice lattes Oh God, they really are so good though

The best part about ordering 25 pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks is how everyone hates you in the store when you do it You know, I'm holding out hope for this to actually be good though We just have to wait for 24 hours for all this to really seep in and then we're gonna take it out and figure out how to shove more latte in there So we have our turkey Been sitting for 24 hours

And now we'll just kinda, oh this feels weird Listen (air suctioning) Oh my God (liquid splashes) Oh, I could do this all day Okay so that's just gonna go right here, so you can see it's starting to change color, that's good, that means that all that pumpkin spice solution is going in there

Now we really wanna maximize flavors so we're gonna take this guy You'll actually feel the flesh swelling up with this delicious caffeinated goodness And boom, you're pretty much Rachael Ray at that point Even though it's injected with roughly 1200 calories worth of sugar water, we still need to put some flavor on the outside so what we're gonna do, we're gonna take a bunch of straight-up pumpkin spice and just kinda dump that No need to measure

We're gonna add some sugar to it and then we're gonna add some salt And you're just gonna give this a nice toss Just spill most of it on your table though That's really the key (coughs) Oh God

So now we're gonna rub down this whole turkey Make sure to get all nooks and crannies Flip your cinnamon toast turkey, right around, and then just get all of its hind flaps There are two parts of the turkey really People wanna break it down to like, leg, drumstick, thigh, no you got front flaps and you got hind flaps

I forgot to take out the bag Throw the bag away (exhales) Now your turkey's rubbed All right so we're taking a little inspiration from the summertime dish beer can chicken whereby you shove a beer can into the chicken's B-hole except we're gonna use a porcelain Starbucks mug And we're gonna take a pumpkin spice latte and just fill it right up to the top

There we go So the legs are acting like kickstands You want the wings, conventional logic would say you want them tucked so they don't burn So I prefer to have them out so the turkey's like, what bro, come fight me So now we're gonna take this, we're gonna throw it in a 350 degree oven overnight

Really 15 hours (coughs) Breathed in so much cinnamon I just forget that it's there It'll burn and then you can throw it out – [Ben] Oh Josh! – What did you do, dude? Ben! My son, my beautiful son

I smell all those beautiful pumpkin spice notes They're really gonna perfume from the inside Make sure he's stable and I'll just walk away and maybe make sure your fire alarms are working 'cause who knows what's gonna happen Cooking's a mystery, it's a wonderful gift Let's check this guy out

Oh my, that is actually way better than I could have expected A lot of the juice pulled to the bottom That's gonna be like equal parts curdled milk, sugar and turkey fat which I really like You can serve all the juice on top of the turkey You can just drink it tomorrow for an early morning pick-me-up

Oh that's hot That's it, it's easy to make food taste good It's easy to make food taste bad Laughs are cheap, I want gasps (chuckles) Signing out

(chuckles) – Signing out? (chuckles) – Sign in, man – Come on, let's see this bird – Well here she is – Right here, right here – I'm pretty excited about this– – Me too

– To be honest with you – So it fell over at some point in the oven – Yeah, it fell over a couple times and I had to go in and try and– – It's crunchy – Yeah you can actually– (hollow tapping) – Wow – Yeah, that's a lot of sugar that really kinda caramelized on the outside

– How do we – I can carve it for you – Let's carve it

– Please do that – Wow – Just like that It's carv-ed – That's beautiful, Josh

– All right, let's dish this up, man Stevie, do you want part of this? – Might I have the leg? – Oh you want a leg – Yeah 'cause I need a good thumbnail, know what I'm saying? (Josh laughs) I also do prefer the leg I'll go for a leg or a wing – I'm a breast man

– There's a little taste for you I mean– – Give me a little bit more – I'm just sampling – I know – You can keep eating the whole thing

– Give me more – [Link] Josh, take whatever you want – I'm just gonna grab this guy right here – All right and you got some gravy here – Yeah if you guys wanna take some gravy

Would you like me to sop it on? – This gravy was made how? – So this is with all the pan drippings I had to filter out some of the curdled milk Would you like to pass that? Just right over top – Oh, oh, yes Thank you

– Wow that is beautiful – Did you? What, okay – Thank you – Man, look at that – I like to go for the most delicate looking

– Now I'm gonna be a tough customer here 'cause I'm a ham man – I am also a ham man too but the amount of sugar that we put into this turkey, it's more closely related to a ham than a turkey – Oh man, it feels good Dink it, okay great – [Link] And sink it

– [Rhett] You can taste the pumpkin – That's a good little bird, man – I'm not mad about this at all – You can taste the pumpkin, I mean the spice to the pumpkin spice more than the pumpkin I feel like – I don't know how much I'm getting just in the gravy or if I'm actually getting it in the turkey

– There's no pumpkin in pumpkin spice – Hm – Like it's, the spices which you would put into a pumpkin pie – Well then that's why you're tasting the spice part – So that's why you're tasting the spice part

Wait, do people not know this? – I don't know if we– – You know what? I think I've always known that– – The spice that goes on a pumpkin – In my soul – I didn't know that – Yeah – But, I couldn't have said that until you said it

– But there's also no pumpkin in pumpkin So the canned pumpkins that we get and put into a pumpkin pie, it's not pumpkin, it's closely related to a butternut squash And so there's no pumpkin in pumpkin spice and there's also no pumpkin in most of the pumpkin that we eat What I'm saying is this whole season's a lie – You're blowing my mind, man

– Listen, man, 'tis the season Can you give us some good news? – This is delicious! – Santa's real – It's delicious! – [Josh] I'm really excited about this – It's really good, man – If the Mythical Beasts want to try a different turkey recipe this year, here it is, the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte turkey

I have it all up in my grill We hope that you guys have a happy Thanksgiving, for those of you celebrating – Oh we're so thankful for you We're thankful to you – You know what, no, no

I'm grateful for you – And also thankful and grateful for you liking, commenting and subscribing and now we say our last and final line – [Stevie, Rhett And Link] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB! – You lookin' there, 'cause you're supposed to look– – I was looking into the ether! – Was I supposed to do it too? – No – You just keep eating (Stevie laughs) (poppy electronic music)

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