Post Malone | This Week on GMM

– This week on Good Mythical Morning, Post Malone is helping us turn nursery rhymes into nursery raps – Um, my favorite nursery rhyme is Honey the Penitentiary

– How's that one go? ♪ Honey penitentiary, you scare the (beep) ♪ ♪ right out of me ♪ (laughs) – I don't think that's a nursery rhyme – [Rhett] We're also doing a real live video game walkthrough with Mark Applyer, super gluing Link to the wall and introducing some GMM Super Bowl party food hacks that will make you everyone's favorite party guest – Wish I didn't, wish I don't come in through your doors alon't – Alon't? – It's old school

(upbeat music) (fire crackles)

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