Pete Holmes | This Week on GMM

– This week on Good Mythical Morning Link and I are playing a game where we try to identify mystery creams with our new intern who looks just like the star of HBO's Crashing, Pete Holmes – I am Pete Holmes

– You're funny, new intern! – Yeah, we're actually gonna be tasting McDonald's food around the world transforming Link into a human teabag getting hardware store makeovers and getting messy with Swoozy – Hey intern would you mind getting me another cup of coffee? Just a little cream – Yeah and I'd like a hot tea, one of those Yerba Mattes with some honey and lemon – I can't stress this enough I'm not an intern

I'm Pete Holmes; I have a show on HBO called Crashing – That's fine I'll get it myself But just give me a piggyback ride all the way there – I will, but as a guest who has a show called Crashing on HBO Go ahead

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