People Outraged By GMM Billboard

– You think their nipples are looking good or the sign is looking good? – Well Nipples

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I did not have sexual relations with that woman Today's guests are the Kelly and Michelle to my Beyonce, please welcome Rhett and Link No claps (laughs) No claps

(scattered applause) – Hey Stevie! – Hi, I told the crew, do whatever you feel for the clapping and that's what they did Nothing! – No claps – No claps, we were clapless – I'm gonna remember that – And one clap

– I always look forward to this Happy Saturday I just feel like– – Yes – Obviously it's not Saturday for us right now – No no, we come in on Saturdays, man

– I would never come in on a Saturday – And we used to not come in on Saturdays, but now we do – It's an ambiguous part of the week for us right now Ambiguous time – But I love knowing that it is Saturday

– Yeah, we have some binge watchers of the show already I've gotten some tweets about binge-watching – I call that a tear I'm tearing through some LTAT – Oh (chuckles)

That sounds wrong – I'm on a tear, man – Eh – Do you guys know who's the– – Just because things are torn on you that you're thinking about now doesn't mean that me saying something's a tear– – I'm not thinking about anything on me, bro Bro

– As soon as you said tear– – I've never called you bro – Was thinking about specifically an anal fissure – Yeah, yeah, that's what– – Oh I wasn't referring to your anal fissure I don't even know if you have one – I don't have one

– That is a tear in the anus Right? – Well, I mean Not that I would know anything about it – Yeah, Rhett should probably answer that – I don't think so

Can I just call you bro though? – [Link] Please do – I may have never called him bro on the internet before And I just did so I think that's gonna be my new thing – Okay – It's 2018

– I think people are gonna love it – Yeah bro – But Saturday just has a feel to it – You're gonna call me bro too? – Yeah (Stevie laughs) – Call us fam

(all chuckling) – Okay, fam – Are you interested in what's coming up this week? – Yeah I wanna know what this show's about today – What's coming up this week? – This specific Saturday We have Mythical crew members Ellie and Alex, they went up to good ol' Weedpatch, California – Yeah, they did

– Do you know what's in Weedgepatch, California? – A billboard with us on it – It's true! So they went up and they did a good ol' piece on that It's very good! I'm so excited to show you two – Oh I got a story I gotta tell you guys I'll tell it afterward about– – After what? – The billboard, my mother-in-law's reaction to the billboard

– Oh I didn't know about that – Another teaser from Link – Yes – I have a while the cameras were rolling clip of our friend Jack Black when he was on the show – [Rhett] Oh! – And a special video from a hater of bacon that Rhett called out real hard this week

But first, I am so excited about today's drink– – Oh! – I don't know why It's not a sponsor, but it's so pretty Here's one of my hairs for you – I love this part of the show – You've made that clear

– How do you even know, how do you pronounce that? – Rebbl – Berries and creme – No, schizandra – Ah, schizandra The name says it all, exotic, powerful and flavorful

This body harmonizing, this is boring Let's just shake it– – Shake it up, Stevie – And drink it – There it is Okay, shake a lot, like more than you think, is what it says on it

– Mm, boy that has a– – Is it good? – Has a pomegranate smell – Oh wow – How's the sa-sizandra? – That's good, I can taste the schizandra – Schizandra! – I can taste the elderberry I can taste the forest honey

– It tastes like something that I've tasted before – You know what it tastes like? It tastes like one of those baby food things that you like that we have in the office that you squeeze into your mouth – Yeah, the Squeez'Ems Oh crap, I just squeeze-em'd it everywhere (crew laughing) All right, I'm gonna give this one a thumbs up

We're not giving these thumbs up– – This is great – But I will – I'm giving this one a thumbs up – This is the best one we've had so far – So oftentimes people ask, who's your favorite guest that you've had on the show? Like over and over again they ask that question

We really like Jack Black I'm not saying we have favorites, I'm just saying Jack Black is awesome He's been here twice – If we did have a favorite, it probably would be Jack Black – While he was here, I taught him how to use our microwave

'Cause our microwave– – It's complicated – Is difficult to use – Yeah it doubles as an oven – Yeah – You picked it out

It's the last thing in here that you picked out – I insisted that it double as an oven, 'cause you know, I like to bake so much – Well, you also like– – What did he put in the microwave, by the way? – He had like a full American breakfast Is that called an American breakfast? It's like a lumberjack situation, the eggs, bacon, potatoes, then get a little toast It was like in a plastic thing

I took note of everything he was doing at the time – You know what, he brought with him a bag that had his name on it, and he said– – Like Jack or Jack Black? – It said Jacqua Black – Oh – Jack is short for Jacqua – I've always wondered

– He said, "My diet is I only eat things in this bag" But he's like, "But when I finish this bag, "I usually eat things outside of the bag" (chuckles) – That's great – Jack Black, man It's Jacqua Black, he can do what he wants

– Well Jacqua Black also had some things to say in between rounds when the camera was rolling and we captured it and we're gonna show it to you now – The Flash was my favorite superhero when I was a child, and the cheetah was my favorite animal And I think that explains why I'm obsessed with speed (Rhett, Link and crew chuckling) I didn't realize everyone was listening until just now – What's the closest you've ever been to a cheetah? – I think I saw one in a zoo or something

You know, yeah, it was pretty close – (laughs) As close as most people – On our television we've got, Google will throw up pictures, like screensaver on the television, and there's this one picture of a cheetah, probably a leopard, where it's so close It's so close to the– – It's called a zoom lens – It's out in the wild

– I was gonna say – But cheetahs are actually pretty approachable In my experience – Yeah, unless you're a gazelle – (chuckles) Right

But like, you can– – I fed a giraffe – Watch cheetah attack videos on YouTube, and it's very like, oh, it's not a big deal – It's almost playful – Yeah, right Yeah, a cheetah attacks children

That's a good one – Yeah my favorite is watching cheetahs running in slow-mo It's just glorious – Yeah it doesn't get much better than that – The fastest land animals on the planet

– 70 miles per hour? – And you know the second fastest? Gazelle Almost as fast (Rhett laughs) – You gotta eat – That's evolution, man (crew laughing) Man

– That's how it is, I mean, you saw Morgan at one point, Morgan was kinda like lurking He's like, uh, we're actually ready now But we were on a roll shooting the breeze about cheetah – Oh I know – I mean there's a reason why that's not in the show

– It's in this show (chuckles) – It was kinda like a meandering flirtatious conversation with– – I wasn't flirting with Jack Black about cheetahs – No, we were flirting with entertainment, but it wasn't– – Oh – Totally entertaining – Yeah you need to clarify when you use the term flirtatious

It was a very flirtatious conversation I mean not with each other, not with the parties involved I mean, flirting with entertainment (chuckling) – That was my nice way of saying– – As you do – That wasn't as good as the show

– Yeah yeah yeah yeah – Oh you don't know, I mean– – It was perfect for this – It was just as good, yeah This is all right – But here's the thing

We show that, here's what happens People start commenting, "I wanna see that on GMM" No, listen, no you don't! You don't wanna see it on GMM You wanna see it here You wanna see it here

We know what you want You don't want to see it on GMM You want to see it here, okay, stop commenting (chuckles) – Okay, well speaking of guests that we've had on the show that we love– – And leopards – And leopards and cheetahs and Chromecast

We had a little moment this week Rhett got very serious about how he feels about bacon and about someone who doesn't like bacon, and really called her out on the show – You don't like bacon? You freaking kidding me right now? You call yourself a YouTuber? You know what I've done to get here? I've had pig anus in my mouth! – She saw the video, obviously, she commented on the video She also sent me a video as well – Oh Rhett and Link, you guys think you're the first ones to try to make me like bacon

Good luck with that I accept your challenge I'd love to come on the show and see you guys try to make me like bacon I've tried to like it my whole life People have tried to force me to like it my whole life

But guess what, bacon's disgusting In fact, my fiance tied to feed me bacon this morning and I threw it up, so good luck, I'll see ya soon (Rhett and Link laugh) – She's coming! – She's serious about hating bacon Like real serious, like seriously serious – I'm just glad that she's agreed to come on the show

But now I'm like oh – We have to actually develop a plan of attack now – Yeah– – Talking a big game – Right now, we're gonna develop it right now – Yeah don't go into planning mode now

(Stevie laughs) – She's talking a big game though, so – Her game talking though is much friendlier than your game talking, I must say – Yeah yeah yeah, she's still very approachable, very nice – Where is she? – She's in front of some siding – She's outdoors

– Just some siding – [Rhett] You don't see a lot of siding anymore, you know? – [Link] Right, it's refreshing – [Rhett] Looks like grandma's house – That's great – I wish I could be around more siding

(Stevie sputters) Remember when we got vinyl siding? We had a yellow house growing up and then– – I do remember that – It was wooden, and then, my dad just kept talking about how awesome vinyl siding was – (chuckles) I remember this – You put it right on top of the wood We don't ever have to paint it, and then he did it, and I was like, it is pretty cool, but it looks a little cheap

– What year are we talking right now? – 86 – Okay so you were still– – No, it was later than that 'Cause I remember the conversation You came to school and you were like, "We're getting vinyl siding" I'm like, "Great

" Like, these are the type of things that Rhett would come to school and tell me He would regurgitate all the stuff that his dad has built up – I'd be like, it lasts for 30 years (Stevie laughs) You can power wash it If a hurricane comes along and it blows it off, you just put it right back on there

Wood can't do that, wood'll rot – And we're in middle school and he's literally giving me this report He's like building it up – Even the shutters are vinyl – But I'm sure at the time, you wanted to seem like it was really cool

Why were you shutting it down? – I'd never even thought about vinyl siding – Didn't you want– – I was in middle school – Vinyl siding after that though? You were like, ooh, if I only had it – He's got it now (all chuckling) He's got it now

He has it on the inside of his house That's how convincing I was His living room has vinyl siding – But Rhett's house was yellow before that – And then it was gray

– As he said Like the inside of your mom– – Yeah the vinyl can be any color that you want – [Stevie] Okay, all right good – You just look in the catalog and point – Okay, I don't have a segue from the vinyl to my next thing

But vinyl is kind of like billboards – In fact, some of the billboards are made from vinyl They are – Yeah, they are! – Some of them are paper, some of them are vinyl – That's what I am saying now! – [Link] There's 50 of them

– So for those of you that don't know, we put 50 billboards up in 50 states They feature your nipples – Yep, uh-huh – Prominent nipples – Yep

– Prominent, subtle nipples Subtle nipples – Yeah, subtle nipples – My story plays into that – Oh yeah, I'm sorry

Update us on your story, 'cause this is gonna be– – I'd love to see the thing first – Okay but you're gonna be blown away And when you're blown away, are you gonna be able to re-center your story? – Good question – It's a tough call whether I should tell the story now or after the thing I haven't seen the thing

But now I need to be blown away – Okay, we're still teasing it You're gonna see the thing first So I sent Alex and Ellie and Ben up there to Weedpatch All the billboards are in towns with glorious names like Weedpatch

Weedpatch is kind of beside Bakersfield which I think is known for being the most boring place in the US, that's what it touts No I think it does, it probably touts that – [Link] I love Bakersfield

– Home of Merle Haggard – Is it? – Birthplace, yep – His home is for sale there – Oh is that right? – Everybody's sending us the real estate listing – Huh, maybe HGTV will buy it from Lance Bass

Okay, let's just cut to the tape – [Alex] Two sharply-dressed morning show hosts smile happily above the town of Weedpatch But look closer and you'll find, they're hardly dressed at all – There's kids There's kids around

You can't be doing that in front of the kids – I think they're looking good – You can't really tell, but now that I see them closely, you could tell the hairs, the nipples – It's like awkward you know? It's like come on! – Put some shorts or something Don't go walk around naked

– We traveled to Weedpatch to investigate You think their nipples are looking good or the sign is looking good? – Well Nipples – [Ellie] Is there anyone who you would rather see in body paint on the billboard? – Models – Not like anybody can be showing body like that

– Yeah, they should be models in there, you know? You landing on the nipples there? – Nipples? – You know I got kids here If I see them around my kids (chuckles), I'm not gonna say nothing to incriminate myself, but– – [Alex] The billboard also makes lofty claims about the success of the show, leaving local residents skeptical – Yeah I don't know if a lot of people would see it 'cause Weedpatch, it is pretty small – They claim to be the number one internet morning show in Weedpatch, do you believe that's true? – I don't know – I actually do watch the show

I didn't think we're the number one most viewed – What other internet morning shows do you watch? – I watch country music – I don't know what to say, it's wrong – I think it's wrong, first of all because, to promote something, they don't have to show their body That's nasty

I don't know – Are you a country music fan? You sing a little yourself? (singing in foreign language) – Have you ever considered that they might be lying about being the number one news show? There's no statistics cited on the billboard – I actually was thinking about that, but I wouldn't doubt if they weren't the number one right here – When asked if the billboard should be removed, they had some thoughts So the city council meeting where they'll be voting yes or no to take this billboard down, what will you be voting, yes or no? – Down! – Down

(chuckles) See it down – Down! – Take it down – Down! – I don't know, it's kinda weird – I love my kids, you know? I don't want them to see all that, that junk (singing in foreign language) – I'm sorry, could I give you a hug really quickly? – Sure

– That was beautiful Reporting live (Rhett laughs) – That was live? – So good – All right, let's bring Alex and Ellie back – Oh wow

– Well thanks for going out there I was very curious what people were gonna say, but one guy was a fan and he was still like– – He was still very doubtful – I feel weird about it – I think they misunderstood Also there was like a misunderstanding if they were the number one, if Weedpatch was the number one watchers of the show

– Yeah, in the world – There was some confusion there – Like the highest concentration of Good Mythical Morning fans, as we've just proven, are in Weedpatch – Oh, definitely – One out of three

– I also like how far Ellie's mic was away from her when she was talking to that one guy – Yeah (laughs) – It was like, "And sir, what do you have to say?" – I love that guy that Alex hugged I mean, I was kinda hoping you'd bring him back, Alex – Alex, you're on the God mic

– [Alex] Yeah, he's a famous country singer, he said I'm not familiar with him but maybe our viewers are – How did he say nipples? – [Alex] Neeples, I believe – Neeples Neeples

He kept on with that – But the guy that was so concerned about the kids – Yeah – I feel like I need, I felt we need to reach out to him and remind him that, you know, the kids need the nipples I mean like, literally, babies rely on them

So you would think that a couple of nipples that don't even emit anything, or maybe four of them, wouldn't be a problem – I think that is the problem They don't do anything – They're dry nipples – Right, they're dry

– You think it's dry, small nipples, non-functioning nipples is the problem – Yeah, I'm glad that we're talking about this 'cause I like having extended conversations about nipples And we never get to do that– – Yeah – In this setting (chuckles) – Right, yeah, you're right

– [Link] So my mother-in-law – Oh gosh – She went through– – What a bad transition – She went through Buies Creek, I guess because her daughter and my brother-in-law live around there and she passed the billboard and she called Christy and she was like, "I am so proud of Link, and Rhett "I'm so proud of both of them

"They've come so far "They've got a billboard" And she was so proud, she kept gushing and gushing about how great it was And Christy's like, "Well, Mom, did you look closely?" They were like, "Yes, they look so handsome "They were smiling

"Their hair looked good" – Yep – Like (chuckles), she specifically said– – That's my billboard cut – We were smiling and our hair looked good And then Christy's like, "Well, you didn't notice "that that was paint?" and she was like, "What? "Well, I feel totally differently about it now

" (Rhett and Stevie laugh) Like she had gone on for 10 minutes about how proud she was and then it was like, not being in front of the billboard at the moment, I'm interpreting what she said and how outraged she was Kinda like that guy with the kids – Yeah yeah yeah – I think that in her mind, we were full body – Mhm

– And that we were naked – They could have put on shorts or something – Right, yeah, I think in her mind when she went back to it– – Well we were, we were – We were just wearing underwear – To be fair, it was just hanging all out in the studio

I said no, you don't need to do that – [Link] It was cropped – The vertical one which is in Hollywood, that one is– – Mhm That's a Hollywood special It's nothing they haven't seen before

– Well you know how sometimes you can buy two billboards and you can design on both of them? The bottom is like– – The bottom is just– – Like a gonorrhea ad, but it's still– – Oh gosh – Us – Okay – Oh gosh – How does gonorrhea work? – I don't– (crew laughs) – All right that's all we got for today

– Oh! (laughs) – So in the next episode, we'll be talking about how gonorrhea works – You don't wanna find out, Link – That train has sailed, huh? (crew laughs) – Okay Are we ready for our line? – Yeah, let's do that as quickly as possible – Okay, do remember what it is? – No, but I can try

– Okay Three, two, one – Keep on – Until – BYMB

Until the LTAT Until next LTAT – Until next, yeah – Keep on BYMB until– – It's until next BYMB, keep on BYMB – Three, two

– Keep on BYMB Until next LTAT – You switched it You say until first Until next, there it is, here we go

– Three, two, one – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB (Link claps) (poppy electronic music)

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