People Also Bought Ft. Tiya Sircar (GAME)

(music) – If you're lucky in life, you'll meet somebody who always knows what you want, shows up at your door to shower you with gifts, and lets you make free returns That special someone is Amazon and Amazon knows you better than you know yourself

But how well do you know Amazon? – Hmm, good question It's time to play, People Also Bought Amazon Edition Let's give a good Mythical welcome to one of the stars of Alex Inc, on ABC Please welcome Tiya Sircar

– Hi – All right Welcome to the show Tiya – Thank you for having me on I'm excited to be here

– We're getting into some Amazon stuff today – Yeah, we are What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever bought on Amazon? – Uh, the most embarrassing thing I ever bought on Amazon was a costume I was dressing up as a flower with a big group of friends, and I bought– – Of course you were – Yeah, it's a normal thing to do (laughs)

– You're like a meadow of flowers – (laughs) Yes, basically – Okay – And I bought a metallic green onesie, full body spandex, – Check – Green tutu, and then I bought, – Check

– Like a children's flower, not like a cute Coachella flower crown, but like a flower head band with some petals, and I got caught by TSA cause I was flying to San Francisco, – You were wearing it? – I didn't, no, – Going through Security? – it was packed in my carry on, – Oh, okay Got it – And they stopped me and they said, Ma'am, we think you have a weapon in your carry on bag – You have seven knives – I was like, what would be a weapon? What is that? Apparently, the flower, the petals were metal things, and they thought that I had a shank, or seven shanks, in my bag

Then when they got it out, they were like, this is a strange thing No, you can take this back, and they sent me on my way – Stay away from that flower It'll shank you – Oh, wow

Okay – Okay, well, so you're an Amazon pro You made it through Security and everything – I live my life on Amazon Prime, so I'm a pro – You know when you buy something, before you check out, Amazon says, people also bought, then they show other items that you might want to add to your cart? Yes, I am very susceptible to that

We are going to reverse that dynamic today, and we're going to, as a team, look at people also bought items and see if we can work backwards to the original item that was bought Okay? – Are we doing, this is like a group effort? – Go team! – Yes, yes – Okay, great I'm in (music) – Okay, people also bought Dubble Bubble Gumballs, some sort of Hello Kitty tackle box

– Hair, these are hair ties and barrettes – Okay, I'm glad you're here (laughs) – These are Hello Kitty hair ties and barrettes – And a Pez Limited Edition Hello Kitty, look at this set – I've never drank gumball before

(laughs) – Good, because you're not supposed to – How many are in your mouth, sir? – Guess – Seven – That's a different game I would save that for later because that sounds like an awesome idea

– I'm going to see it I can count them on my tongue – Four-tee – Four – Oww – Four, I was right the first time

– So, we know that's it's Hello Kitty related, – Hello Kitty related, – At least, like, cause two out of three – The left field item is the Dubble Bubble gumballs – [Tiya] Yes, agreed

– What do you need to chew a lot of gum with that's Hello Kitty related? – Is there a Hello Kitty gum? – Yeah, probably There's a Hello Kitty everything, but these are machine size refills Does that do anything for you? – Ooh, yes – Like, what if they have a– – You cracked the code – Hello Kitty Gumball machine

– Gumball machine That's it – [Female Voice] Is that you're final answer? – Gumball machine, yes – [Female Voice] Let's see – Yeah! – We got it! (bell dings) – Oh my God

I thought I was going to screw this game up for sure – MVP – Yes – Look at that (music) – Okay, people also bought, what is that? – That is a ITC Research device

– And this is Scattergories – It's a spirit box, – Board game – Oh, it's a spirit box – What's a spirit box? – This is for measuring ghosts stuff – Okay, Wait, really? – We had a ghost in here one time called, Noctu Phony

– He's still around – He introduced himself via one of these – Yeah – I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about (laughs) – And to go with that we have Palm Reading for Beginners

– But why Scattegories? – Ah, Ouija Board It's a Ouija Board because it's a game that's themed in this stuff – Hold on, hold on – Yes He's right, cause basically, this has nothing to do with it – Oh, yes

– Yes, yes, yes – Oiuja Board is a game – Once you buy that game, it says here's another game – Yes, yes, yes – Here's also a game, but here's also a thing to find ghosts

– Demons, Ouija Board – [Female Voice] Are you sure? Are you sure about that guess? – Yes – Yes – Yes – [Female Voice] Okay, let's see

– Ha ha! Woo! – Nice work (bell dings) – You-eye-ja – I think that's how it's pronounced, yeah – They misspelled it (music) – Okay, we've got some weights

– My Mom had this – What? It's like a whole tree of weights – Okay – All right What else we got? Okay, what is this? This is, ooh, look at these pants

– Pants – Okay – Those are nice – Okay, y'all, these are snazzy – And then finally, people also bought, What, is this an air freshener? – It's a toilet bowl freshener

– Ooh, you know what it could be? It could be a Squatty Potty Because that's like a exercise position, and maybe, and maybe this– – And then you need these hand weights – I should try that – And then you should probably be wearing pants Well, maybe not if it's a Squatty Potty

– This is, – How do those feel around the ankles, I think is the question – What? Why? – When you Squatty Potty, they are around the ankles, brother – Oh, oh, I see what you're saying – I don't– – I'm going to agree – You're going to go with Squatty Potty? – Yeah, because it's an athletic position that people who like to work out know the best way to poop

– Yup, you're right – I'm right – I don't have a better, I don't have anything else to offer you So, let's go with Squatty Potty (laughs) – Okay

– Okay – I don't feel great about it – [Female Voice] Okay, let's see what it was (laughs) – Oh, it's a, it's a scale – What? You guys

(buzzer) – A digital body weight scale – That should have been easy – So, whose? What is happening here? Why? – I don't know, I almost dropped it – Cause it's for the bathroom So, people put these in their bathroom and this comes up, and you know

– Hey, if you're going to weigh yourself, you might as well work out, and then you might as well, – Oh, they're like, listen, – Smell better in the toilet Based on this, you may also want to start doing this – Yeah – Ahhh – Ohhh

– That's rude – That's kind of a cruel, kind of a cruel situation – Jeez, Amazon, we get it (music) – Okay, we've got a light Of course, we can't plug it in

– That's like a disco ball – Okay, yeah So, it's like a mountable disco ball with a remote Whew, look at these These are on

What is this? A sack of – Rave accoutrement Oh, they're, oh, wow

Do you want one of these? – Of course – It's a ring Let's each, uh, that one's broken Here, take that one – Thank you

– Okay – Okay, and then finally, we have, – A Fairy Garden? – Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden – What is a Fairy Garden? Exactly – Paint, plant, decorate, grow – Fairies? – Sure, yeah

(laughs) – Hold on, is it a toy, or is it, – No, it's a garden – These have nothing to do with gardening, it's just like, light up, – What is this exactly? – Gaudy, annoying things, like a light up, – It's a disco ball – Disco ball – A disco ball, okay – It's crafty, and gaudy, and blingy

So, what is the– – A Bedazzler This person bought a Bedazzler once upon a time (laughs) – Oh, yeah – No, that's a terrible guess – Ho, ho, ho, hold on

– [Tiya] Yeah? You like that? – That's the best guess any of us has said so far (laughs) – It's also the only guess any of us has said so far – Bedazzler – Therefore, – Bedazzler, I like it – You like it? – All right, we're going to go with Bedazzler because we're in a crafty, blingy world

– [Female Voice] That is a better guess than the actual answer Let's bring it out – What the crap? – What? (buzzer) – Oh, it's a, – What is this? – It's the Golden Mike – It's a microphone It's a rose gold

– Is it like a karaoke mike or something? – [Female Voice] Yeah, with built in speakers – Whoa, it's got the speakers here – That's an awesome device – Can we turn it on? – Why would that person want this? – If you want a microphone that ugly, you probably want to grow fairies – I want to hang out with this person

– (Laughs) You throw on your disco ring – Think about how much fun we'd have if we had these four things and all night – Let's paint some fairies and karaoke the night away (music) – All right, let's see People also bought, Corgi butts drive me nuts coffee mug

What? – (laughs) I love that – Also, the game, What Do You Meme, an adult party game for meme lovers – We played this at my house – Yeah – You have this game? – I have that game

– Did you buy it on Amazon? – I did – So, then you know, – You know what? I bought that because it was a people also bought, but I was buying other games – Hm, okay – Okay – So, we'll keep that in mind

– Oh, this is not a game This is Hot Guys and Kittens – [Tiya] Wow (laughs) – [Rhett] I also have that – Okay

So, this person is a dog, I mean an animal lover – Look at that guy I just opened to a random page and there he is with his cat – Hey Oh, yeah

– Here's Leo and Lucy – [Rhett] Okay – [Tiya] Lucy is the size of one of his pecs Like, just one – That's just a weird shot

Is he gonna nurse that kitten? What's happening? (laughs) Good gracious – So, what? – So this person loves animals, Corgi butts, dudes and cats But they also love games – Edgy, adult games Edgy

– Adult games, adult games – This says Corgi butts This person is kinky So, you got to think about that – Okay, and this is a little bit of an adult book as well

– Yeah – Yeah, yeah, yeah And this game, – Adult pet – Having played it, it's very adult – Okay

– Maybe it's a romance novel about animals? – Like, the people involved in the romance are, – No, they're all animals – Okay (laughs) Okay, okay – I'm not talking about people and animals – No, no (laughs)

– Not that kinky – I think it's a litter box scooper that is shaped inappropriately You know what I'm saying? – That's not a bad guess – That is an excellent guess – I'm not saying I know that that exists, but, – [Female Voice] Okay, I'm going to give you a hint to put you on the right track because I want to hear what you think the name of this is

But, it's a calendar So, what would the calendar be called that this person is buying? – Oh, okay All right I've got it No, I don't – Okay, all right

All right – Sexy dogs and sexy firemen – Yeah, it's like a sexy fireman holding animals calendar – Yup, it's definitely firemen, right? – I think so – I don't think there's humans in it

I think it's just sexy dogs – I hope you're wrong – Sexy dogs – Sexy dogs splayed out for your calendar approval – No, y'all

It has to have, there's a reason why there's dudes and cats I think it's like sexy firemen holding little puppies – That's just too much like that item though Don't you think? – Well, Corgi butts, – I, I'm agreeing with her, because I'm the one that said firemen – Okay, sexy firemen and dogs

– [Female Voice] Let's see – (laughing) Hot guys – I'll bet there's a fireman in there – Hold on, hold on, look That's a shirtless fireman

I've seen this guy fighting fires – [Female Voice] Yeah, we need to give it to you – Dude, where's your shirt? – [Female Voice] I think you got the point for that one (bell dings) I mean, that's close – It's the same guys

It's the same guys from the kitten book – One of these people is for sure a fireman – It is, look There he is There's the guy nursing the cat

– Yeah, he just can't stop nursing animals – Wait, is this the same? These are the same hot guys? Oh, it's like a pack It's a series – Once you get a bunch of hot guys together with animals, I think you just do a lot of different products – You just go

You keep going – It's like, hey guys, let's keep rolling it out – Oh my God, look at this – You know what? You can keep any one you want and something tells me it's going to be the calendar – Is it bad that I care more about the dogs than the guys? – You can cut the guys out

– No, no We don't have to cut the guys out – All right, well, I'm gonna, I'll take this one Rhett, what do you get to keep? – Corgi butts drive me nuts Congratulations to us, and thanks for hanging with us, Tiya

– Thanks for having me – Be sure to check her out on Alex, Inc on Wednesdays, 8:30, 7:30 central on ABC – And as a reminder, this is our season finale We're going to be back with Good Mythical Summer starting Monday, May 28th and we'll be airing episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the summer

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