Outrageous Christmas Photos (GAME)

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(alarm rings) (playful music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning – Or jolly day to those of you in the UK and a reminder that tickets are still available to our concert in London, yes, we're coming to y'all – That's right – On Friday, February 15th, go to TourOfMythicalitycom for more info

– Christmas is a time of presents, pictures, and your weird Uncle Paul But those presents, pictures and Uncle Paul aren't always great Especially if Uncle Paul is going through another divorce and is still only speaking in pig Latin – Mm, thankfully people post these not so great Christmas moments on Instagram and other places all over the internet and this allows us to share in their pain Also allows us to make a game of this whole thing

It's time for I Don't Care-a If You Use Sierra, No Filter Gon' Fix the Awkward Photos You Share-uhd Okay Link, you're playing the game – Great – Are you ready? – Yes – Okay I'm gonna show you a very awkward Christmas photo

Something is going to be censored in it – Oh I love censorship – And then I'm going to give you a multiple choice as to what it was that was censored You get three or more correct, you get to post an awkward Christmas photo of me on our Instagram If you don't, I get to do that of you

You know, the whole vice versa thing Somebody's gonna have an awkward photo posted of them Let's bring up the first censored photo – [Link] Okay so this is front door photo, classic, what? – [Rhett] It could be side door, I don't know Some people have– – What is that? – [Rhett] Some people have really, really ornate side doors

– It's like a big sign on the window – What is centered? (chuckles) Also censored out of this photo? A, Dad mooning the camera – (sputters) Gosh – B, a child who may or may not be a ghost C, a dog pooping

Or D, the dusty cloud of grandpa's egg farts (chuckles) Still think you can see 'em (laughs) – I suck those up like a Hoover (mimics vacuum sucking) – It's vitality – Yeah, it's just, yeah

– Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah right Come on, Grandpa, keep feeding Grandpa – Live forever – I gotta get ready for 2019 – Okay

So peeking through the window, a child who may not be a ghost I don't know, I think this is Dad mooning the camera through the window – Let's reveal it – [Link] No, what on earth! – [Rhett] Yes – [Link] Look at the dress and everything

– [Rhett] We don't let Susie come outside (laughs) – Oh my gosh – Yes, this is the original poster for Get Out – Wow – Yes

– That's amazing – You know Link, that wasn't too swift It wasn't too great But you got another one coming at ya Let's see the next one

– [Link] Oh goodness Oh gosh (Rhett laughing) I've never loved a pyramid so much – Wow – Don't remove that pyramid! – Okay, what is in front of this man's junk? – Oh gosh

– A, the head of a deer he killed – Oh gosh – B, a strategically placed Elf on a Shelf – What shelf? – (laughs) Ooh C, his wife and kids

Or D, Justin Timberlake holding a wrapped box – Okay, oh my goodness – You remember that, huh? – Yeah – Remember that, yeah, yeah – His wife and kids would have to be pretty miniaturized to be in that triangle

– Right – And I hope that's a big Elf on a Shelf Sadly, I think this is a Oh my gosh I hope it's the deer just because it would cover more surface area – Okay, you're going with deer Let's see the reveal (Rhett laughs) – [Link] How did that happen? – It's a pretty big triangle, man

It was bigger than you were giving credit for – The plastered on smile that she has says a lot – Yeah, there's a fine line between Christmas card and evidence – Oh gosh (Rhett chuckles) Oh goodness

– All right, this is the next one What is this doggie Santa holding? A, a very excited little dog B, a toddler flipping the camera off C, a goat that's chewing the sleeve of the Santa, or D, a mummified Egyptian cat penis Rises again! (laughs) He's back! – Right

Always looking for the mummified Egypt penis – Egypt penis? You just shortened it We've said that so many times on the show and it's called the Egypt penis (laughs) – Okay, I was wondering why Santa was a dog but it makes the most sense if he's holding a dog for the photo op so I'm saying A, a very excited dog – Reveal it! – [Link] Oh no, excited! – Yeah yeah

– No! – Somebody give that dog a bone! Heyo! – Hey, oh, come on Rhett – I guess Christmas fell on hump day that year Heyo! – Heyo? Okay Are you done? You have another one? – No that's it – He's done, heyo! – Yo! Look at that Egypt penis

Heyo! – His face doesn't match with the undercarriage – Right well you know what, he knows what he's worth He doesn't need to flaunt it with his face – Okay – This one's, speaking of excited, check this one out, Link

– [Link] Oh this is a vintage – [Rhett] What did we censor out on this man? – What on the earth? – A, his space suit B, his overly tanned, overly oiled up body in nothing but a Speedo – Gosh – C, his adult-size onesie that says baby daddy, or D, nothing, he's your friendly neighborhood superhero, the green rectangle! – That's it, huh? His suit

(sighs) Well, what's a space suit without a helmet? So that's out – Mm Well to let you know, most of the famous pictures of astronauts, they are holding their helmet while in the suit, just so you remember that – That's a skinny, skinny rectangle I think he's oiled up in nothing but a Speedo

– Let's see – Oh goodness – [Rhett] (laughs) Yes – [Link] I'm so sorry that I was right Why is he holding that Christmas ball in that way? – Well he's gotta hold something

(chuckles) There's enough moisture on that man to keep that tree alive through St Paddy's Day – All right – Hey Link, you're not doing too bad – I got two

– You gotta get one more right – Yes – Okay, take a look at this photo What did we censor out, is it A, a monkey astronaut – Oh wow

– B, a little boy smoking a pipe C, a ventriloquist dummy in a sailor hat Or D, former president Richard Nixon (chuckling softly) – I don't know, it seems like a ventriloquist could be sitting on that guy's knee – Could be

– A little boy smoking a pipe is something that I'd like to see (crew laughs) Only in that day and age I've seen a monkey astronaut before – Yeah they exist – Yeah they did

– They were common – I'm gonna go with my gut here Ventriloquist dummy, C – Reveal it It is a monkey astronaut, Link! – [Link] Dang

And he's so happy – That's what happens if you don't believe in Santa, kids – What, you become a monkey? – Yeah (chuckles) You turn into one of those – Oh

– Yeah I'm just trying to scare the kids – Well it's a chimp, not a monkey Let's get that straight – You've gotta get this one right or else I'm going to post an embarrassing photo of you on Instagram – Okay

– Let's look at this last one This is more recent – [Link] Okay yeah – [Rhett] This is what they call social media – [Link] Shout out to my girl for looking good

Censor censor censor, #badchristmaspresent – What did this cheerful young lady get for Christmas? A, a box of Trader Joe's mac and cheese B, eczema C, her finger amputated – Ooh! – Or D, a bunch of likes for looking cool AF in this photo! Heyo! – Um

– No, okay All right – I just don't have peripheral vision with these glasses – I didn't hold my hand up for a five, don't worry – A seems anti-climactic

B, how could it just be eczema, I hope it's not an amputated finger What? Shout out to my girl for looking good with her amputated finger With her eczema Bad Christmas present (clicks tongue) It's a present

I think it's A, box of Trader Joe's mac and cheese – Let's reveal it It's a amputated finger! – What? – We don't get a closeup We're just taking it from the caption there, yes, that's what happened Sorry, Link

– [Link] Looking good throughout the amputation of her, you go girl – Yeah yeah Hopefully nobody got her gloves for Christmas All right, go to our Instagram @rhettandlink and you can see me post an awkward Christmas photo of Link because he lost – A finger? – Well there's an idea

– Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Amal – And I'm Lenni – We're from Brunei

– But right now we're in Korea – And that is N Seoul Tower And it's time– – [Together] To spin the Wheel of Mythicality – That's so weird (Rhett laughs) – It wasn't that weird

– It wasn't that weird Have you watched this show? Click the top link to watch us go through the weirdest Christmas products we could find at the 99 Cents Store– – And – In Good Mythical More – Find out where– – And! – The Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land – Land! – And! Sorry

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