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(bouncy, energetic music) – Welcome to Ear Biscuits, I'm Link – I'm Rhett

– This week at the round table of dim lighting, you boys are talking to– – You boys– – Again We're gonna be going to the rabbit hole again, but it'll be a different rabbit hole Who knows with the conversation will take us We don't know if we're always going to do this In fact, I can promise you that we're not always going to do this, but we're gonna do it again this week

– I promise you that you can't pin us down in any rabbit's hole – That's right – Or, in going down rabbits' holes – Well, don't say rabbits' holes, just rabbit holes, because then you're talking rabbits' holes, you're talking about rabbits' orifices – I promise you, we're not gonna do that

– I don't wanna a picture of that You don't wanna picture of that I'm sure you cam get a picture of that on the Internet, but again it's not the kind of thing that I ever search for – My front yard has all types of holes in it – Gophers? – And pathways that have been plumped up from underneath

– Gophers? – I believe it is gophers – You know what to do, don't you ? – I Googled, what do gophers go for, if you want them to leave? – How do you lure 'em out? – How do you get 'em to go? That's why they're called gophers – Not true, but okay – I got a big screw top of some sort of, it looked like fertilizer, and you sprinkle it over your yard, and it's supposed to repel them – Gopher repellent

– Gopher repellent don't work, don't work 'Cause that was six months ago, and what that does, according to the internet, is it runs them into your neighbor's yard Then they throw that stuff out, and then they run back into your yard Then the person who mows the grass, they just mow the grass What they do is they don't walk across your lawn, and mush down to gopher humps first

So, you know what happens? With the freshly mowed lawn, I have a little patch of grass in my front – It's a patch of grass – That's it The guy mows it in seven minutes I'm just asking him to take a few minutes to walk across it, and push down the down the humps first, because he mostly because he mows straight across

– You get short hairs there – It's gone It's like dirt – All the way down to to dirt – It's like someone tried to spell in some sort of gopher Sanskrit, all over the the front edge my lawn

– Well have you thought that maybe– – It's just dirt – They are trying to communicate with you? Have you looked at the lawn and just decipher the gopher– – I can't read gopher Sanskrit – No, no, no, but just think about it for just one second Just seriously, just go with me here What if they're people? I've always thought this, I've thought about this a million times

What if all of a sudden I wake up one day and I'm Gopher, not a gopher, but I would be like a squirrel, or a insect How do I communicate to my family, and my friends, that I am that animal? – Which is why you wrote about it way back in that I'm a thoughtful guy You talked about being an ant – Think about it, if I was turned into an ant I'd want my loved ones to know, so I thought of a plan

I got the twigs and leaves, and write my name on the ground Then I wait for may family and friends to drive around Exactly, I've thought about– – You actually thought about it for years, and that didn't put it to bed – What if those are gophers are people? Are they spelling anything? That's all I'm asking Have you look closely enough? Have you stepped back? Have you gotten a drone view of your patch of grass? – Good idea

– You gotta get a drone view – Well, I can stand on the roof of my house I'm not getting a drone My experience with drones– – You been on the roof? – I been on the roof, but I didn't look down at the gopher Sanskrit – You gotta do that next time – I just looked out looked out, looked out, because look at the mountain

– Where all this is leading, just so you know, I'm gonna say something that may be unpopular The only way to get rid of gophers, you gotta murder them I'm just saying it They're pests, you gotta kill 'em I know it's unpopular

I mean, I guess there is some sort of catch and release, but I mean, a give me a break They're gonna do the same thing elsewhere, and you may be like, well the gophers have just as much right to the loo To the land as we do Well, not really We're humans We're a lot smarter and more capable

– I mean, we've hemmed them in with a concrete curb, and sidewalkage stuff, and a house – I'm not gonna argue with you if you wanna somehow flush 'em out like a cartoon, with a hose, and they come out on top of that the fountain of water Then you put 'em in a bag, and take 'em someplace You want to go through that trouble, that's great, but I'm gonna kill 'em if they're in my yard – You know what, I'll that on the Vine

– Oh yeah, you get the clicks – Vine's coming back – I heard about that – I'm gonna put it on Vine No, I'm not gonna do that

If I ate the gopher, would that redeem this whole conversation? – I don't think you have to– – I have rustled up the gopher, and we ate him – I mean, you would be so above reproach if you ate the gophers You would be without blame if you killed and ate the gophers I think this is almost an insect situation – And use the pelts for clothing for my youngest child

– You know what, you might be onto something – Lando goes to second grade in gopher pelts – How many gophers make a pair of pants? – Well, how many gophers make all that tunnelage in my front yard? I'd say at least 20 gophers – Do you think gopher skin is thick enough to make pants out of? – Well, in LA

, you can make some shorts, make a t-shirt – You might make a pair of underwear Gopher thongs – Oh, does the fur go on the inside or the outside of a gopher thong? – I think you probably could do both – Why am I asking you, like you know

– I've got some fur thongs (chuckles) – I've got some fur thong thoughts I've got some thoughts on fur thongs – So, what we're saying is, step one, is you go on the roof, and you make sure they're not humans that have been somehow trapped in gopher bodies, and they're trying to communicate with you, and you're their only hope Because, if they're humans, we can't just kill 'em and eat 'em

But, if you determine that they're not humans– – Now, if that happened, I would take a picture, and I'd put it on Reddit You gotta know where these things go If you're gonna put a hose in there, and a golfer's gonna pop out, well that's gonna go on the new Vine – You gotta get a really powerful hose though, like a fireman's hose – But, if I take an aerial shot, and something is spelled out by a gopher, like gophers are humans too

– That's a Reddit situation – That's a Reddit situation, which I've started getting into Reddit – Well, I've been there for a while – I'm looking for you now, 'cause I'm on there – I'm not I'm not an active poster or commenter

– I got a new phone I'm not an active phone user – I'm a lurker I'm like a gopher of Reddit – Out of guilt, I should put an app on my phone to just experience phone-ter-tainment, which is not internet-tainmnent, which I consider like YouTube videos

That's what we are internet-tainers – You downloaded a game, is that what you're saying? – No, I was looking on the App Store, and then Reddit was recommended for some reason, 'cause I think they revamped the app a few months ago They were touting it I was like, you know what, I've heard of this Reddit – Yeah, the front page of the Internet, if you will

They will, that's what they say – I mean, we had the freaking inventor of Reddit on the Ear Biscuits – Alexis Ohanian, who now is married to Serena Williams – One of the greatest athletes of all time – Yeah, crazy

They have a baby together Well, that guy sat right here That guy signed this freaking table that were sitting at right now – I never even went on his website, and I don't think I told him that Maybe I did I did

– I did – (chuckles) I probably did I don't remember that conversation I'll have to listen to it, or you can listen to it, and Tweet at me – That's one degree away form Serena Williams, Link

You think about that? – So, now I guess, I can strike up conversations with him, 'cause I'm on Reddit I'll do that sometimes before I'm going to sleep, and I know I'm developing a bad habit – Oh yeah, don't do that Don't be surfing the inter-webs right before you go to bed – Right before I dose off

– That's a horrible habit – I'm trying to remember the last thing The thing that strikes me is the tone with which people comment on Reddit It is such a specific type of conversation – It's elevated

– Well, I would say it's refined to be a very specific thing It's gotta be funny If you click on anything, if it's cute, it's interesting, if it's an infinite loop of something that's perfectly looped, that's my favorite thing on Reddit right now Perfectly looped mini-videos, or gifs, or whatever they happen to be I'm such a out of touch uncle

– I can see that – But, if I click on it, or a weird animal video, the first comment that I'm gonna read is gonna be something that is funny, but in a very specific way, like snarky, and adding something to it It's not it's not anything like, and I didn't know this I mean, if you're on Reddit, I know this is obvious to you listener, and it's just it's just part of your DNA if you're a Reddit-er But, do you know what I'm talking about? The snarky, smart, lots of times cynical, but it's like, what's posted is funny, but what I'm writing underneath it is also funny, and I know stuff

Then, I'm talking about it I'm talking about things that I know – But, I would say that while that's true, it's also– – Or trolling people – It's pertinent more often than not Contrast it with the YouTube commenter

– Well, a lot useful YouTube commenters, they can just comment on something frivolous – Because they're seeing something I don't know I guess there are videos too, but you don't have anybody talk about the type of shirt that somebody has on We've already gotten comments about your jacket, just so you know – On the video version of this podcast

– The video version of this, which is now on The Good Mythical morning channel, every Saturday, right? We've already gotten comments about your jacket I'd say that there are a dozen or more comments about your jacket already, and then there's comments about the comments about your jacket There's thumbs up, where did Link get his jacket? I love Link's jacket You know what, it's a fine jacket I am admiring the jacket

I'm glad you got the jacket, but– – You're glad I got the jacket? – But, I I would never personally comment about the jacket on a YouTube video, because it seems like, well, why don't I comment on the subject matter of the video? I think the substantive parts of the video, even a dumb video We make a lot of dumb videos, but on Reddit, you're not gonna get a comment about the jacket You're gonna get a comment about the thing that the post is about Then, people may take issue with certain things, but that's why said, I feel like it's a slightly elevated conversation There's also not a lot of self-promotion

There's not a lot of come and subscribe to my channel I see so many comments now on YouTube videos, like, hey you, scrolling through the comments, you're beautiful just the way you are I mean, give me a freaking break I mean honestly– – Oh, really, 'cause I'm like, oh thank you – No, no, I don't care for that

I don't care for that – Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining – You don't know the the person's beautiful Who's reading it? – I'm not complaining about Reddit comments, I'm agreeing with you – The person that you're saying is beautiful, may be about to go out and commit a heinous crime

You don't know that they're beautiful I'm not talking about physical beauty, I'm just talking about moral turpitude Is that a word? – Turpentine – What I'm saying is that obviously, you can you can tell I'm ranting a little bit about the nature of YouTube comments But, I'm just saying that's one of the reasons I like to go– – So, you're saying that Reddit comments are refreshing

I don't know if I'm to that point I'm fascinated by them I am not annoyed by them, there was an animal clip, 'cause I think I followed one of these animal threads – You gotta have an animal to thread, about two or three Is it a gopher thread? – No

– There probably is a gopher thread – Well, it was water, and then the top said, wait for it I'm like, well, wait for it, that's you're gonna maim this thing? Then, it's something underneath the water, and a high angle shot from a phone, basically – A phone man – For all I could care, and I'm like, whoa, what is this creature? It's kinda big

It's underneath the water, it's like The Loch Ness Monster This thing's about to surface It's like it's crawling No, it's swimming It's The Loch Ness Monster type thing

Then, all of a sudden, it emerges from the water in a huge flamboyant way, and I realize it's the huge antlers of a moose – Oh gosh – Then, it's a freaking entire moose, just comes up, emerges out of the water, and it just freaked me out I was like, I didn't see that coming I'm glad I waited for it

– Yeah, wait for it – Glad you said wait for it Then, I'm just learning Reddit, so I'm gonna read the comments about this On YouTube, what would the comments be? Whoa, a moose I like that moose's shirt

– (laughs) That moose is moose (laughs) – That moose is awesome – That moose is beautiful You're just as beautiful as that moose Subscribe to me, I've got moose videos

– I don't know enough about how Reddit works Maybe that's happening and those are filtered out, but the first comment was, it was like a smart aleck comment about how the number one predator of a moose is an orca – Orca? – A killer whale – A killer whale, Shamu, if you will – Then, somebody came in and said, "Well, moose have been known to have been killed "by killer whales, but, the primary predator of moose, "are wolves on land

" It's like someone who knows some stuff, is coming in there and saying stuff, and I'm like, oh, now they getting into it Then, low and behold, 15 minutes later, I'm still reading the comments, and now the conversation is strictly about– – Wolves – More specifically, you would not believe how big a wolf is That's the specific thread now – So that's a little contradictory to what I said, it's on topic

– It's not on topic, but it's fascinating that something about a swimming moose, literally the whole thread was impassioned people talking about encounters they've had with wolves, and how big they are – Wolves are are bigger than you would believe You would not believe – You would not believe how big a wolf is – How big a wolf is My thumb just can't keep up with this conversation, and you know what, I'm 20 minutes into a thread about how big wolves are

– It made you a better person just face it – I was like, well maybe you've seen a dog that looks like a wolf – You don't have to re-create the thread – That is not a wolf – Because incidentally Segway, that's what we're going to do, and we're not gonna talk about wolves

It might come back to how big wolves are, but, we are going to essentially do the same thing We're gonna start a conversation, and then we're gonna go into the rabbit hole, wherever the thread might lead But first, we're going to remind you all that just because you didn't go and and see us on The Tour of Mythicality doesn't mean you can't a piece – A what? – A piece – A beast? – A piece of of it

– Piece – Of it Here's part of the piece – You can get the the official Limited Edition out of print, but still currently for a limited time in stock Rhett and Link Tour of Mythicality t-shirt, – And poster that has the same graphic, but also has all of the locations that we visited – Own a piece of Rhett and Link tour history

Our first ever tour Maybe not our last I'm not I'm not prepared to say yet – Mythicalstore

– 'Cause I don't know – For all your shopping needs Well, all the shopping needs that we can meet, 'cause there's lots of things that you might want to buy that we don't sell I think I need to come up with a better slogan – You know what I need? Everything that it takes to make my breakfast smoothie

This morning– – Do you want to talk about that right now? – No, I wanna get it out of my system I promise I won't take more than 60 seconds I just want you know – I bet you $60, you'll take more than 60 seconds, 'cause you can't speak about something for less than a minute – 30 seconds

Oh, look who's talking All of my ingredients, I had them and I made the smoothie, and they all ran out at the same time, the spinach, and that protein powder, and the peanut butter, and the frozen blueberries I make the same everything the morning – Oh really – I put the recipe in the in the Mythical newsletter way back, if you're a subscriber, so you can drink along with me the breakfast of champions

It felt great to know I was out of things – That's 30 seconds – But, I could get it in time to not be out of it in the morning But, to have it all end at the same time, and go in the trashcan, was the best feeling I've had all day My day started off great, for that reason

– Is that it? – That's it, see – That was about 50 seconds Here is a envelope, or an envelope– – That's a different envelope – For people who use correct grammar say But, the whole a/an thing seems unnecessary to me

Mark Hamm Oh, gosh this is Mark Hamill, posing as a person with a shorter name Mark Hamm, "What really happens to all the things "that you lose over your lifetime? "What would you do if I do end of your life, "someone gave you a box full of all that stuff?" – All the stuff you to lose in your lifetime – Now, the first part of the question is many different answers to that, but this proposition of having a box with all the things that you've lost Well, the first thing that I think about, of course, is socks, because it's fresh on the mind

– Fresh on the mind, you're looking for a sock? – Well, you may remember, shout out to rhettmc on Instagram, that's me – Gosh, that's gross man Reddit would burn you for that – Podcast rules are different man Anyway, it's a really good Instagram feed, where I have an a post all my pictures (laughs)

You may recall one of my non-selfie posts– – You didn't want me talk about my smoothie experience, so that you could promote you own Instagram, again – Well, actually, what had happened was, is my wife, she's like, "We're gonna do sock matching time, "every week" – Every week she's scheduling, what? – I'm like, oh, fun, fun, fun, sock matching time – She said, "Every week we're gonna get together and we're gonna bring our socks, "and we're gonna go back to match them up" – She has just had it in her mind, that it would be a fun family activity, if we were to take all the socks, and all four of us were descend on pile of socks, like a pack a wolves

I told you it would come back to wolves – You wouldn't believe how big a wolf is? – A lot bigger than a dog The legs are super long, like two or three dogs – There's some breeds of dogs, which are much more closer, related to wolves, but they're still no where near the size of a wolf – That's not true

That's not true – I'm quoting a Redditer, I'm not– – They're not more closely related They have been less altered by artificial selection I guess, maybe, you cans use that term It's not like they're relatives It's not like they have a family reunion, and they come back and say, we're closer to the wolves

– Evolutionarily speaking Some dogs are further down the trees and others man – Int's not really a tree if you're talking about artificial selection versus natural selection Dogs are the way dogs are because of artificial selection, not natural selection – Well, but but in terms of drawing a tree, it doesn't make a difference

– Who's drawing a tree? – I am, and I'm saying when man takes over the process of evolution, it's still a branch of the same tree, and a wiener dog is further away from a wolf, than a Siberian Husky– – It's like one of those cell phone towers that looks like a tree – Yes – Anyway, she thought it wd be good idea for us to descend on this pile, and she's like, "Everybody pair your socks up, "and then take them to your room" – I think you're just describing the laundry – Did everybody bring their– – She tried to make it in seem like a party, and halfway through, I realized it wasn't a party

(laughs) Halfway through, I realized there's nothing fun about this at all But, after I had paired all my socks, and the kids had paired their socks, and my wife had paired her socks, we were left with a collection of– – Rogues – Rogue socks, and I arranged them in a perfect square, and took a picture, uploaded it to rhettmc on Instagram It wasn't one of my most liked posts ever, or anything, but it was pretty artful What I said that time, and this was a while ago, I mean, maybe a year ago

I was like, "We gotta do something about these socks" First of all, I know I don't really do the laundry, and so I can't really say too much But, I was like, "It can't be this hard to keep up with the socks" It's like, every time I even begin to broach that a little bit, my wife just gets very agitated, and so I can't really go there But I was like, "We gotta get rid of these rogue socks

"We gotta them out of the mix" 'Cause she's like, "Well but the turn up" She's like, "The socks eventually turn up "and then you can make the pairs" – Right, right, right – But I'm like, "If they don't turn up "after two or three cycles anymore, they're gone

" – Lost until the end of your life, when you're given the box – So, we came up with the idea to start over Sock Ground Zero, and actually, last night – Last night? – Well, the other night I went on Amazon, and me and the boys picked out socks Me and Locke picked– – Hey boys, let's have my version of a sock party which is just buying a bunch of new socks indiscriminately

– No, no, no So, the new system is– – I'm intrigued by this – All the socks are the same My socks and Locke's socks are the same – Same exact? – Same exact socks – He's a man now, or you're a boy now

– Either way now, young at heart Either way, we share socks, so there's none of this, Locke' socks, Rhett's socks Shepherds smaller, he gets his own socks Locke and and I decided on, well, I'll show you – I see where you going with this

Are you are you pulling up a sock? – No, not a sponsor, Dickies This is actually a work sock But, you know what? I'm working all the time, and it's just a thick, black sock, with a white gray bottom Then, it says, Dickies – Dickies

– Right there on the toe It's kinda hard to see that part You don't have to see it to believe it – Is that a crew sock, we talking about? I couldn't see the top of it Half calf crew? – Yeah

– Crew sock – Yeah, right It's down right now It's an affordable sock That was that was goal number one, and I like black socks

– 'Cause, basically what you're saying, is between two people in your house, you've bought a whole bunch of socks, and they all go together You know, you just find two, and they automatically go together There's no searching – Shepherd got gray socks – So, they're different

– Jessie just kept her socks, cause– – Leave her out of this – 'Cause, totally different – So, then last night– – For her, socks is a form of expression – All the socks came in a box, a socks box, and I got 'em out– – A box of socks – I was like, "This is gonna be incredible

"Now this is a frickin sock party "Let's take the socks out, "Let's put 'em in our drawers" I mean not our pants, but you know, the drawers, "and let's throw all the others away, "or at least give the socks to Goodwill, whatever – You're giving one odd out sock – No, no, no, one sock's trash

Whole pairs of socks that don't fit the new system, which is all my thoughts are the same, the same as Locke's, and Shepherd's socks are all the same, get given away But, she wouldn't go for this – What? – Speaking of gophers I knew we'd come back to gophers, because– – You would not believe how big a gopher is – She saw all these socks, these Nike black socks, and she was like, "Well, we can just keep these

" – They're just socks – I was like, "But, they're not Dickies" – They're paired together, they're nice – They ruin the system, because now all the sudden, there's gonna be a rogue Nike sock, swimming in the dickies – She might have tuned out at some point during your party

– Yeah Because, I didn't succeed It's not all dickies, no – Now, you're sneaking socks and taking them out of the house In my drawer– – The Nikes have to go

I'm a little upset about this – I'll throw them away later I mean, she won't even know, she won't even know – The sock phantom can come – So, that's how I solve this problem in my house

– I got a few follow-up questions Are you telling me you've committed to a crew sock, link sock, because what about a no-show? Because, I think that's pretty important – I'm glad you asked – If it was me I would've said, "You know what, "right now, at this juncture in my life, "even at this point in in my" Look, I'll just show you

Here, Look at that Black sock, black pants, hairy, ankley, white strip in the middle is my flash Because if I'm wearing a shoe, you can't tell that I'm wearing a sock It's a no-show sock Look familiar? – That's not a super no-show

A super no-show is– – No, not a super no-show Well, given my shoes, it's a no-show – Given the particular pair of shoes that you have on right now – I'm not wearing like a loafer or penny loafer ♪ Penny loafer ♪ – Now you– – So, that's what I would choose, and that's what I'm gonna choose, 'cause I'm gonna do this

Let's all do this Mythical Beasts – I don't want to do a wrench into your sock party, but let me just say, I did also buy – Crew socks

– No, I mean, I bought no-show white athletic socks – White? – For gym times – That's risky, 'cause even that little peaking of white coming out is just cheap You should've gotten black for those, but, you didn't want to mix it up with your longeys – Exactly, exactly, Link

You saw where I was going with this They were white, even though I would prefer them to be black, they were white – 'Cause they had to be – So, the sock party will be easier Now, let me also say, I have an extreme no-show sock from previous decisions

– Right, that looks like a ballerina slipper – It's basically this little gray thing, that they sell at Urban Outfitters It's not you don't want the socks to show, you don't want people to know that you even think about socks – That's called a no-know sock – Right, and it barely fits around

It's embarrassing to be caught with the socks on, and nothing else – If somebody sees you walking around in just those socks, and no shoes, it just drains any masculinity that you may you have, right out – You have to have a back story for those You have to have a story My story is if I'm ever caught in those, I just say, "They're therapeutic," (laughs) and then I just leave it at that

(laughs) Because people don't like to ask medical questions – For toe circulation – Well, he's got a condition I don't want to ask about it (chuckles) – Like TSA

TSA gives you lucky laughs, it's therapeutic – They must be the therapeutic socks, can I leave 'em on – I mean, I signed up for pre-check just to avoid having to say anything about therapeutic socks, – 'Cause you wanna wear them sometimes Anyway, I kept those, because those are so distinct, and I have two pairs of shoes You know these shoes, those little, they're actually a Timberland shoe

Those little gray shoes that I have, that are almost cloth The simplest shoes, it's called earth something, from Timberland I love those shoes I got a couple of pairs, and you have to wear no socks If you wear socks with those shoes, dorky time

– It's like clocking into into Dorky town (laughs) So, checking back in to sir I'm sorry that you missed me for a few hours when I was wearing no-show socks, but I'm back, in Dorky town Where's my assignment sir? – But the problem is, is that my feet– – The lemonade concession stand, Arnold Palmers, three for a dollar – Sweat like you wouldn't believe

I don't sweat under my arms, I sweat from the ends I sweat from the hands and the feet – Extremities – I don't know It's something about the height and the centrifugal force

There's a lot of leverage – You swing the sweat out of your extremities – So anyway, I kept those They're east to keep up with, and then I kept my dress socks, but they're polluting the drawer So, I took all the dress socks, because I never wear dress socks, unless we do something where you have to wear dress socks

So, I took the dress socks, I put 'em in a shoebox, put it in the top of the closet – For that special time when you need to pull out a dress sock, and you never will, by the way – That's the system so far – You might as well burn that box, or give it to the Goodwill You'll never access that box

– I don't believe you I think I will I'm only one day in though – I started wearing dressier socks I have dress socks, 'cause I get a new pair every time we would go on Fallon

'Cause you throw your leg up, and you expose the sock, and then people will comment on it – We gotta do the double leg thing – Again, it's that YouTube comment thing We post, "Hey look, we were on the Tonight Show" You're like, "Let me comment about your socks

" – We feed right into it – We feed right into it – We should wear Dickies next time – And talk about it, and not get paid Hopefully, there will be a next time

You know, we had a falling out with Jimmy last time – I know you, said that thing about – No, we're just joking

Jimmy, you know we're joking, and we know you're listening – That's right – Best of friends – You would not believe how big a wolf is (laughs) – Gophers are people too

I mean, we got a couple of things we could throw on T-shirts already – Gophers may be people too – Gophers are people too – Yeah, that's probably a better shirt – Write is as an aerial view

This is the shirt design – It's a front yard – It's a front yard – This is your patch of grass – It's my patch of grass, and then the– – The gophers have done it

– So anyway, when I open my sock drawer, and I see those dress socks, it's kinda like a timeline of pleasant memories that I've had with Jimmy Fallon, honestly I'm kind of attached to those, and then Christy got me a pair of camouflage socks that have little wiener dogs on them, that look like Jade I call those my favorite socks – I don't know, but you also got some from A Mythical Beast – Then A Mythical Beast on tour, in the meet and greet line, gave men and you too, we each got a pair of socks with an actual printed picture of our dogs on 'em, so I have Jade's face on my socks

– The people who follow the rhettmc Instagram account, know about my Barbara socks – Those socks are important to me too Christy was mad, by the way, when I brought those home, 'cause she said, "I was gonna get you some of those "for your Christmas stocking" – Nah, she had a sock party planned – She had you to cancel it

So, I've got all these special dress socks up there, but then I keep looking for these black– – What drawer is it in? – The top drawer The one closest to my face – Is it all socks in there? How do you separate the dress socks from their regular socks? – There's an organizer on the left side, and it's got little– – You have an organizer in the drawer? – In the drawer, yeah, and in that– – Should have known that – There's a lighter, and there's like a candle or two It is my bedroom you know

You gotta have– – You have a candle in the sock drawer? – It's a candle, lighter/sock drawer There's a couple of receipts There's a receipt area in there – Your socks don't smell like candles? – What if they do? – It could be worse – That's a bonus

Now if you candles smell like socks, then you got a problem So, I'm running over your system here, but I'm compelled because every time I open the drawer, I see all the socks that are special to me, but I'm always looking for the black, little socks, like the one I just showed you – Your default socks – Yeah, and they're hardly ever there A while back, I bought a whole slew of 'em, and I was like they'll all be the same, and I can put em together

But then Lincoln's socks, I think all of my socks have slowly migrated either to the upside down, or they're in Lincoln's drawers, because somebody else who's organizing the socks, thinks that they're all his So, you're really onto something – If your wife is the one who handles that, you just had to say, this is my sock – I pair a lot of socks Lincoln pairs a lot of socks too, but I think you're right, I gotta a combine forces with my with my oldest son

– His foot's big enough now – Yeah – He's got a daddy foot now – He's get a wide foot I'm really open to this, but I don't know what to do it on my special socks

You just say, cut bait – I just think that– – I wonder how long we're gonna talk about what we're gonna do with our socks? – I don't know I think we can talk about it for a long time The socks, especially– – It's a good system though – The specially socks, I thought about this, as I put the Barbara socks into the shoebox, which you say will never see the light of day

– [Link] Yeah – I thought to myself, it is possible that I will forget about this box of special socks, and you know what? I'm okay with that because he here's ultimately, what I'm doing here I am eventually going to wear the same thing every day, and I'm starting with the socks – We've talked about this – There's absolutely no doubt in my mind, that wearing exactly the same thing every day, is the preferred way to dress

I mean, there is absolutely, you cannot talk me out of this – Steve Jobs was a smart man, very, very creative guy But, you know what? – It's a decision he didn't want to devote his mind to – I haven't read or talked to him about that decision – But, a lot of people who make a lot of decisions, do that 'cause they didn't want to start their day with a lame decision like what am I going to wear? – Here's a caveat though

I was told by someone who had personal interactions with Steve Jobs recently, that he would walk around work with turtleneck, tennis shoes, and cut off Jean shorts, frequently Have you ever heard this about Steve Jobs? – Until you got to cut off jeans, I was seeing – It was his uniform, the exact same uniform, except– – The cut off – Shorts for him – Well, a man's gotta have shorts

– Not jean shorts, but the jeans that you would normally see him in – The pleated jeans that he typically had on – Cut with scissors – Simple, efficient, just like Apple Computer – I wear the same thing every day

The only problem is, sometimes I wish I was wearing shorts Solution, I'm gonna cut the jeans, and he did that – It is the most immediate solution When the only thing you're thinking about is efficiency, the first thing you do, is you just cut the jeans You don't get another type of clothing

I stand by it I think it's a great idea – I'm nervous I mean, our comments would just go away – Oh no, no, no, we can't– – No engagements

– Here's the thing, I'd have to dress up, like dressing up to be a character, to do our show But then, in my every day life, I would be wearing the same thing – This is a fun topic of ours, because we do go back to the lot I'll add a data point from me, which is, I don't know how I acquired some legitimate sweatpants I think this is what you talked about you would ultimately wear, is sweatpants, on a podcast that we did

– Probably – I went a whole day just wearing those sweatpants, and I actually went out in public with 'em on, and everything I've seen pictures of Kanye, going in and out of the studio, and people are talking, "Look Kanye is smiling "2018's gonna be amazing" He's wearing just sweatpants

– Yeah, wonderful guy – I'm like, man if Kanye can do it He's a fashion icon He's and everything icon to me – What kinda sweatpants? – Just think of the most normal sweatpants, nothing fashionable at all about them

The bottom just has that stringy thing It doesn't have the fancier cuff, none of that I don't to get us off topic – You don't want to talk about Kanye's sweats – But, I really admire what you've done with your socks

– Well, I appreciate it, but let's get back to Mark Hamm's question If all those socks– – All the socks that don't have pairs, are they– – If they came back at the end your life, that's the thing that throws me – But, what what do you think? We're talking 30 to 40 socks easy – In a lifetime? – No, right now, in my house – Yeah, right now

– Are all the other socks in my house in different places? What percentage of the socks are in my house, and where are they in my house? If somebody came to me and said, we're going to burn your house down if you don't find everyone of these socks in the next 24 hours What methods would I employ to find them, and where would they be? – You might as will be asking me to cure cancer right now I mean, it's like, that is freaking It's not fair man That's not a fair question – I've got a couple of guesses – What's the key to world peace? Where are the socks? I mean, there is no answer There's no answer

– Yeah, but there are answers – I'm gonna try – Let's think of some possibilities – First of all, 87% of the time, if you look at any one unmatched sock, 80% certainty that, that other sock is in the house If there was a tracker on it, you could even hear it, it would be– – I'd go above 95%

– 95%? – 95% of all socks are still in the house Then, of that 95%, my theory is that 50% of those are in the laundry room, probably behind the washing machine, at least at my house Either under the washing machine, they're behind the washing machine In my case, we're talking 15 to 20 individual stocks, probably in the laundry room Whenever we did the washer in the future

– I think it's an is an equal distribution If you look at the lifecycle of a sock, every place where there's a transfer, then there's the there's a big chance that there's gonna be a separation There's gonna be like a Todd and Copper situation One of 'em's gonna grow up One's gonna have to go away for the summer

He's gonna come back, and the other one's gonna be grown-up, and they can't be friends anymore – Who's Todd and Copper? – You know, Fox and the Hound You take off your socks, you throw them in the dirty clothes, but one of them misses the hamper Behind the hamper, and then you pick up the hamper, and then it scoots under the mat They're separated

They are there in different ecosystems – Does Jade get your socks? – No – Barbara is often seen at our house, just walking around with a sock in her mouth I mean, there she goes She's the X Factor man

A dog that likes to put socks in her mouth, X Factor – That's crazy 'Cause even without the dog, then you take the hamper If they're both in the hamper and you dump it out, before you're gonna put it in, maybe you can you pull it out of the hamper, and you're throwing everything, or trying to sort stuff to go into the washing machine Then, things are getting separated there

You pull stuff out of the washing machine, and you're immediately just gonna throw it in that dryer, and you're grabbing the biggest hunks of clothes you can in order to only do it in three goes What's gonna fall to the ground? One of the socks, and then it's gonna get pushed under Depending on if you're a top load or a front load – I've thought about all this, and it's just folly You've done a good thing

You've sidestepped all of it You know there's there's a sock attrition rate It's like skin cells, they're just dying You know what, you don't need to stop and think about saving 'em You gotta move forward

You gotta live with the skin you got Live in the skin you're in, not the skin that's falling off – Now, were you a part of this conversation? It was either a show or a podcast I don't know Maybe we talked about it on– – You just don't know if I was there

On Mythical Morning – I was probably there – There is a guy who insists on, he believes that there's a right sock and a left sock He believes that there's a sock for your right foot, and a sock for your left foot Now, he understands that socks are not made for right feet and left feet

I mean, there are some specialty socks that are made, obviously toe socks – I've never heard, contributed, or been a part of, or glanced at this conversation – So, this is a fact There is a dude, I think it was probably on one of these ridiculous reality shows, where there was something a couple was arguing over – Like Big Brother, or something? – No, I'm talking like I like a Dr

Phil type of thing It was like, this man – Springer – Insists on wearing his socks on his left, and his right foot, and his wife wants to kill him because of it, on the next Dr Phil

Here's what he did He believed that once he wore a sock – It became that foot – It oriented – It oriented itself as a right foot or left foot

He swore up-and-down they get put on a left foot for the right foot, and he would know So, he made his wife label his socks right and left I think he went as far, so he had to match– – Don't bring your wife into this I mean, label your own dang socks – He had to match the pair, but then it had to be the right and the left

I mean, that's absolutely nuts So, you haven't heard of that before See, I've gone completely to the opposite end of the spectrum, where I'm not just mixing left and right, I was already doing that I'm not just mixing pairs of socks, now I'm mixing who the socks are for, because I'm sharing them amongst the family As soon as Shepherd's foot is big enough, we're all going to be wearing the same socks

If I can get my wife to just wear my socks too, we could all be wearing the same socks – She is three feet shorter than you How much sure is her foot than yours? – It's significant – Your no-show sock I can't say it, would go all the way to her to her knee

But, you know what, it would make your life simpler – Okay, but what what about other things? – Why is Jessie wearing stockings all the time? – What else have you lost of significance in the past, let's say year? Serious, really digging deep for this one – I'm trying to think of something else that I've lost – You lose things all the time – Then I find them usually

I lose things are really important to me, and so everything has to stop, and I have to find it right then, like keys, wallet, ID, credit card, middle child You know it things like, okay this is serious I really can't think of anything else that I've lost, that would be in that box at the end of my life I mean, do you have something else that you've lost – Yeah, so interestingly, I don't lose wallet, keys

I mean I'm not saying I don't misplace it from time-to-time, and I do have the tile, because the tile was a sponsor, so I've got the tile, and my keys in my wallet But, my phone, my keys, and my wallet, 99 days out of a hundred, when I'm leaving, I know where they're at I don't even leave them in the same place There's a couple places that I might leave things I don't really lose those kind of things – So the, what have you lost recently

What are you looking for? – I lose sunglasses Now you don't lose sunglasses You have a prescription sunglasses, and they're super expensive, and you wear 'em religiously I have like cheap, multiple pairs, cheap, less than $20 sunglasses But, I did have a pair of those Ray-Ban's that folded up into a square, which was unnecessary, I will say

Who needs it to be a square really? But, I lost those – You know why? Because they folded up in a square – It was half the size – Whenever you take them off, they need to expand to the size of an unfurled flag That's what they really needed to be

– It's just anything that's not a part of my routine, is susceptible to being lost, but I can't think of anything I lost my phone last year, my first ever phone I've never had a phone break, and I've never lost a phone in the 10 years, or however many years It's been longer that that long of cell phone use, but you know the story I think I told it on the podcast

Having the phone fall out of my pocket while skiing at Sundance But, I technically didn't lose it, because I can locate it with find my iPhone for the next three weeks, because it was so cold – You separated from it, but you didn't lose it Is that what you're saying? – Yeah, but I lost it, 'cause I never got it – I just don't know why, even if even if you were prone to lose things that were important to you

If they showed up, on your death bed, in a box, that would just be very frustrating That would be horrible, wouldn't it? – No, I actually think this is a beautiful proposition – Really? – Because I think it's like, – Man, I finally gave up on that, and it's like, well you know Then you know the box is coming when you're dying, it's like, man I can't find this, and I know it's gonna show up and thumb its nose at me, when I'm dying – Well, I wasn't picturing it like that, like everyone knows that there's this box, that's is brought to you

What I was saying, is that if I was about to die, and somebody was like, Rhett, we have this box, this magical box, because this box really can't exist But, it's everything that you ever lost – Mostly socks but pick through those, and you'll get to something important – I think that it would be, it would be an interesting anti-catalog of my life, because I'd be like, "Oh yeah, I remember that thing, "from this point" I think it would be amazing

I would love that Then you'd be, I didn't even know I lost that I forgot to think about it for a while – I do remember something that I lost, and that I found, and I'm gonna run it through the grid of how I felt, and see if maybe you're right about this box Even if it is the end of your life and you're dying

– I know what you're gonna talk about right now – Because I'm actually driving the FJ this week, because my car's in the shop Christy, he car is in shop, so she's going to drive my car So, then I'm driving the FJ, because you don't drive it You don't need it every day

So I've been driving that thing, and it reminded me, last time I was driving that thing for a long time, the gear stick wouldn't work Then I gave it back to you, and you're like, gearshift won't work Eventually, you got upset because to would go into drive, and it would go into park, but it wouldn't going into the lower drive gears It wouldn't go into drive 3, 2, or 1 If you wanted to downshift manually

– It was very difficult – Which, by the way, I do a lot driving in the hills, and stuff – Of course – I like to down shift I'll use the transmission to slow down, not the brakes, 'cause according to Car Talk, that's a good thing to do

– Well, everyone should be doing that You could ruin your brakes in one downhill descent – Yeah, everybody should do that – That's redundant – But, for some reason you couldn't do that

The gearshift thing was broken, but I didn't fix it It's your responsibility now – Thanks – Then you took it in, and I mean, you could tell the story They came back to you, and told you what was wrong with it

Do you remember? – So this isn't the story you thought I was going to tell – No, no, no I remember now, but I don't remember what it was – You came up to me, and you put something in my hand You were like, "This is yours, isn't it?" I'm like, "Yeah that's my that's my Leatherman tool

It's like a Swiss Army know, but it's bigger I was like, "Dang, I lost that" You're like, "Well the mechanic found it "inside of the transmission of the FJ, "and it had lodged down in there" – Well, it didn't make it all the way to the transmission, but it was– – To the gearshift – It was in the housing

– It literally wouldn't let the gearshift go I was like, "That's where that thing went" I remember putting it down next to the gearshift – It's amazing because there's this very small a little slit, that the gearshift handle travels through – There's a leather thing that goes around the hole, and goes up, and snugs up on the gearshift

– It was loose It was a little bit loose – It had snuck under there, and gone into the upside down But, when I got that thing back, I'm like, man this is great, because I put this in the upper cup holder of my car, so that then it's a makeshift platform, to then set my phone on perfectly, so I can use my phone as a GPS When that's been gone for the past month, I can't see the bottom half of my GPS in the holder, and I was really bummed out about that

'Cause of course, I'm not allowed to use the actual nice part of my knife I just do use it as a platform for my phone So, I was pretty pumped to get that thing back I'm sorry he got his money to fix your gearshift, but totally worth it from my perspective But, I wasn't dying

If I was dying, I was like, "Man I'd rather not know that this thing was gone "that whole time" – You probably wouldn't even remembered at that point, when you're dying – What did you think I was gonna say that I lost? – I thought you were gonna talk about the blood oath – Oh yeah, that Oh, I would love to get that back

– That's the perfect thing – You know the story We did a blood oath in middle school, saying that we were gonna grow up together, and create things together It happens, it worked The blood oath worked

– We wrote a contract on two different pieces of paper We said something to the effect of, we will create something together We're gonna work together to create something We was very nebulous, because we didn't know what that would be, or whatever – We cut our palms with rocks, sharp rocks

– Then, we smeared our blood on the two – I don't know if we actually shook hands – I don't think– – It was more about taking blood, and putting it on a sheet of paper – It was signing it – There was my blood and your blood on each piece of paper, and we each had a copy

– You immediately lost yours – No, I probably lot mine, I probably put mine in my desk, with a bunch of other stuff But, you captured in your wallet until what age? College – No – High school

– High school I was definitely 16 because I was driving I lost my wallet It was at that party at Trent Hamilton's house, when his parents went to town – Oh, I remember that night

– Then, I had lost my wallet there Then, when I eventually found my wallet, it wasn't in there It's very fuzzy, but I remember that I recovered the wallet but the thing wasn't in it, or I realized at some point, it was no longer in it, and that I lost it, the oath I'd love to have that back – See, you'd love to have that, and you'd love having I on your deathbed

– That would be a good moment to say, "Wow, that's like a time capsule moment" Yeah, it's ironic that something so important to you, you could still lose Even when you're dying, you could be glad to see it – Well, the first part of the question, "What happens to all that stuff?" I think that your Leatherman story illustrates this, is that there's a perfectly logical explanation for everything that you've ever lost So, it isn't like anything you've ever lost was like a leprechaun took it from you

That's not the kind of thing that happens – Probably not – Of course, that's where the thing is Of course that's where the sock is Of course that's where the oath is

– There's that one crevice that you just haven't creased – But, it's amazing how often even though it's obvious where these things end up, most likely, how often it still happens I think the explanation to the first part of your Mark, would just be kinda like, "Oh yeah, that's what happened to it" "Boring" You know what I mean? Slipped through the freaking crack in the gearshift

"Boring" – You remember about a year ago, I think this is on Twitter, there was the person who found her elderly mother's wedding ring The diamond ring was lost in the backyard, and then it they were pulling up carrots in the garden, and they pulled up a carrot– – It had a freaking ring around it – It had grown through the wedding ring, and you could see the carrot was bigger on either side of the wedding ring It was like, just like if a tree grows around a barb wire fence

That's what it looked like I mean, many years later It was much more than a year I think – That perfectly proves the point the losing was unspectacular The losing was, "Fell off while gardening

"Went into the grass" But, the finding was spectacular – Plucking a carrot out of the ground – That's kinda what the box at the end of your life represents – Yeah, and to take the analogy further, that carrot had to die for her to get that ring back

– You think they ate it? – The ring? – Eat the carrot to get to the ring? – Definitely, they boiled it That's how they prepared it Could of picked a better way – But ultimately, the goal should be, to get to a place where it doesn't matter if you lose things Where you're not attached to any material object to the extent where you care what happens to it

Isn't that the ultimate goal? – On a philosophical level, or on like a wellness level? – Yeah, to recognize that Let's take our wedding rings right now There's sentimental value attached to our wedding rings

There is significantly more sentimental value attached to your wedding ring, not because your marriage is more sentimental than mine, but because, I had this ring made for me, and for my marriage, so it's as old a my marriage, in this form I'm sure that the elements in it are much older – But, mine is my grandfather, my Papa Clyde, who passed away in 1998 This is his wedding ring when he married my Nanny, who, I guess two podcasts ago, I told you about visiting her for the holidays – I thought you just said Tupac

– Two podcasts ago, who Tupac was very good friends with – It's like where is this is going? – Who Tupac dedicated video wraps to my nanny, and my my my Papa Clyde So, this is Clyde's wedding ring, and then when he passed away Christy and I had just started dating, and that was one of the first times she met my family, was coming to the funeral I don't know, it might have been the first she met Nanny

I'll have to ask her – Either way– – Well that's beside the point is– – The ring incredibly valuable – It's his wedding ring, and now it's my wedding ring – That way that you do you fidget with your ring a lot more than I do You take your frickin ring off all the time, and I've seen you drop it in weird places

– Yeah, I drop it in meetings on a weekly basis It could it could stroll down a sewer grate at any moment – But, let's explore for a moment– – It would be horrifying to me – What is it, materially speaking, is your ring more valuable? You see what I'm saying? The value of your ring is in, obviously it's an intrinsic value of the metals, or whatever, but the value that you've attached to it, that gives it more value than mine – The sentimental value

– Is the value that exists in your mind It's just a value that exists in your mind, right? So, I'm not saying that it's not significant I'm not trying to downplay it I really wanna explore this, because– – Yeah, yeah, yeah – what is that value made of, legitimately? Is it not true that, that value is very simply a neural pathway in your mind that is connected to your grandfather

So, basically there's a certain collection of neurons in your brain, that fire in a certain pattern I don't know how the brain works All the value that you attach to the physical object that you wear around your one specific finger, that is been chosen by our Culture to signify that you're married You've attached extra value to that, because of whose it was, whose other finger it was on I'm not saying that's a bad thing

I'm just saying that, is it ultimately a good thing, that we have the capacity to attach that much value to it? What does that even mean? Is that even a real value? – Well, let me tell you another quick story – Tell me another story – In order to explore this further, because it has a twist ending, which will I think bring up a related question, maybe answer your question The night before last, Christy relayed what she had done, and what had happened She said she was cleaning out drawers in the in the dining room, which is something that Christy and I, it's a hobby both of ours, to clean out drawers

She said, "I found the the hand written log "from last year when Lily was just out of her back surgery, "and she was recovering, "and we had to log all the medication she was taking, "to take it at the proper time, "and also how much food she was eating, "because she had she had to gain weight, "and she had complications associated with the surgery "that meant that we had to get more calories in her, for reasons that I don't need to go into So, basically one sheet of paper was an artifact from that moment in Lily's life when it was a big test for her So, Lily was in school Christy said, "I went into her room, "and I put it on her bed, and I put it note on it, "and said, just in case you've forgotten how strong you are" Because she was talking about how she was having some challenges at school, whatever

Just look at this, and then it was that she attached the note to that lock So, Lily got home, and it meant a lot to her to get that, and it was very sweet She said, "So, of course I think what I'm gonna do" This to Christy talking, "Of course I think "what I'm gonna do now, "is I'm just gonna take a picture of the log, "and then throw it away" (laughs) I was shocked that she said that, but it is interesting, right? – I think she's on the right track

– She's transferring it to the cloud Now, if you could transfer that to a locket, and wear it around your neck There's two different things going on here It's like, the wedding band or something that's on your person When I get naked, I'm still wearing this

– Good – It's good for a number number or reasons, because it's a wedding band (laughs) If she was gonna burn that thing, and then put the ashes in a locket, and carry it around her neck, as a symbol of her own inner strength, that could be meaningful, but just having a sheet of paper that you're gonna shove in a drawer, and then maybe lose or it's gonna deteriorate, or something, you might as will digitize it, so in the event of a fire, you're not running trying to find it So, I think that's the threshold If you can't carry it on your person, even when you're naked, I think then you should move it to the cloud

– I can carry a note while naked I mean, I'm pretty sure I can do that – Without the use of your hands I think that's the– – I could find a place – Are we closer answering your question, which was? – You're all over it, right? Because, basically what Christy is doing when she says that she's going to take a picture of this is she saying that the thing that is valuable is the particular arrangement of that information, which can be captured digitally, and at some point, could even be re-created physically, through a 3-D printer

– All the pictures that we scan to put in our book, now that they're A, in our book, and then B, scanned Like that a box of artifacts in our office now – We can lose it, because it's been archived – You can burn it, you could just soon as burn it now? – Well, actually, you're talking about two very, very, interesting things, which there's another podcast in this whole thing, and we can't talk about it forever But, the first thing you're talking about is just what is it that we're attaching the value to? Then, the second part is, what is attached value? Because, it kinda goes back to the conversation that we had

You know, shout out to the @rhettmc Twitter I usually don't shut out to Twitter very much I mean, I really don't So, I mean, you gotta give me a chance I told you about the restaurant experience that I had a Dialogue Restaurant in Los Angeles, and it was a gift from my in-laws, to go to this incredible restaurant that was like a 12-course meal The chef was– – 12 course meal

– Absolutely amazing I told you about the story associated with every dish – Yeah – And, the fact that he had certain albums playing while you were eating at this restaurant He said, "I'm specifically playing albums "that really makes sense as an album

"In fact, some of these albums," and he reference one of the Roots albums He's like, "This is actually not that great of an album "if you listen to it on shuffle, "because actually the arrangement of the songs "and the story that they tell, "and the the order that they tell them, "that it is where the beauty in the album is" So, he said, "That's specifically the way "that I've arrange this meal" I told you that the fascinating thing about this, is that in every course in the meal, there was an ingredient from the previous course, that was looking back to the past, and there was an ingredient from the future course, the next course, that was looking to the future – So it was linked

– Everything was linked together Then, there was even things on top of that, like this this particular one is inspired by this paining, and there's the painting The painting was up in the restaurant, and he would point to it We were at the bar You could see him make these dishes

One of the most incredible meal experiences in my life Now, if you just isolated one of those dishes, and just brought it up and ate it, I'd be like, this is an incredible meal But, a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich is an incredible meal I mean the flavor combination, in a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, it doesn't get much better than that A piece of pizza from a fine pizza establishment, it doesn't get much better than that, in terms of flavor in your mouth, right? But, the story connected with a piece of pizza is that well, it's from this restaurant, and they make it all this But, the story connected to any particular course in this meal that I was having, the value add from my brain to the meal experience that I was having, that then impacted the physical sensation that was actually taking place in my mouth, which is then sending more signals back to my brain, which enhance the whole experience

That's humanity, that's how we interact with life We're constantly attaching value to just arrangements of atoms I'm not saying that there is– – Or, ones ones and zeros – I mean, first of all, we can't help it We're programmed to do this

Our bodies are designed to work in a particular environment, an environment that we're actually not in right now, an environment that we used to be in, where it was Stone Age hardware, running modern-day software We can't help but attached are you to things, because there's an adaptive advantage to attaching value to things, things that are significant to us But, I think one of our challenges is not to say, okay, you should think that you should just take a picture of your ring and flush it down the toilet I'm not saying that you should do that, but wouldn't it a healthier place mentally and emotionally, if you could do that without any real regret? You may say that's not a life worth living, but you'll never get to that point, because you're human, and you can't just deny your humanity What steps can we take? Your ring is a bad example because that ring is not a vice

It's a beautiful memory of your grandfather, and a beautiful symbol of your love for your wife So, it symbolizes things that have meaning, way beyond the metal But, we attach value and significance to a lot of things that don't matter, and actually don't symbolize things that have any real meaning – I think you're construing possessions with knickknacks with keepsakes – But, the thing that makes the value, is the story that you've attached to it

– But, it was there man If I reached under this table, and pulled out Abraham Lincoln's top hat That would be a magic moment – Don't get me wrong, I would– It would be like you know what, I– It would mean so much to me, if you had Abraham Lincoln top hat I would think it was super cool

I'm just saying that whereas it can be a super cool thing, there's probably a lot of– – I mean, they keep the constitution under, they suck it down in a vault every night, and then they pick it up in the elevator, so people can go gawk at it under close supervision, because it was there man – If we didn't have the ability, again, 'cause this is the thing that interestingly an animal, other than a human animal, doesn't have the capacity to attach sentimental value to things to the degree that we do I mean, obviously Koko, the sign language gorilla, in fact, I think she had some possessions that meant a lot to her I'm not saying they don't have a capacity, but not near the capacity that we do Then, you talk about robots, and when are they gonna become indiscernible from us, and are they going to have the ability? That's one of things we do

We're just constantly attaching value, and we're going to attach value to the robots, because we're gonna tell ourselves a story about them Once we have the story straight, that robot is gonna be just as significant as a person We're gonna be like, this is my best friend He's a robot, but who cares? But, is that robot gonna feel the same way? Are we gonna have to program that robot with the capacity to tell itself lies, and tell itself stories about things, in order for there to be significant in his life? Oh that's the question Link That's the question tonight

– Maybe I think it's undeniably healthy to have a few real things, in the real, hard world, that you can touch, and feel, and taste, if you need to, in order to maintain a connection with something meaningful But, don't take it too far, and then if you lose it, just move on, and it'll come back in a box on your death bed – As soon as you have the technology to throw that wedding ring into a 3-D copier, should you do it? – Nope, because the one thing that's valuable about it, is the one part that, can't be can't be, it can't be conveyed, that this one this particular thing was wrapped around his finger, and now it's wrapped around my finger So, a replica of it would be a replica

I mean, you buy replicas in the museum gift shop – So, what if somebody took me? No, what if somebody took one of your children, and then put them in– – There's a difference between a person and a keepsake – And put them in a 3-D copier, and made a perfect copy of your child Everything was intact, memories, everything exactly the same, and then they killed the original child? (laughs) What kind of value would you associate? Would you say, oh, no, I can't I can't love this new child, even though it would be like Lando saying, daddy it's just me Lando (laughs) – At least make it about the dogs, man

It's horrifying – But, it's a legitimate question, man Okay, Jade, and I'm not talking about a clone, because a clone a separate being I'm saying legitimately, like a copy There's some technology that organizes all the matter in exactly the same way, and then kills the existing thing

I mean, what kind of value? Would you be like, that's Jade 2 – I can conduct a relationship and ultimately, for the most part, it would it would be the same moving forward, but it doesn't have the same A keepsake and a relationship are just different things

They're apples and oranges I think it's just a– – But, you have relationships with keepsakes – No you don't

It's not a relationship, it's a– – But, it's all about the story you're telling yourself – It's a tangible nostalgia – I'm gonna steel your ring, and you're gonna think you lost it Then at the end of your life, I'm gonna give you a box, and the only thing that's going to be in there, is that wedding ring (laughs) Then I'll say, you remember that question that, that dude asked is that one time on Ear Biscuits

That's why I did this It was a big experiment to teach you a lesson, and then to give you a special present at the end of your life – Listen, I'll commit to thinking about it some, but let me sleep on it I'm kind of sleepy at this point I'm resorting to say, hey, can we end this podcast? – I'm kinda sleepy

– I'm sleepy I'll twinkle with my ring, and I'll think about it (laughs) You know what, you think about it too Let us know what you think We'll speak at you this time next week

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– [Rhett] Thanks for being your mythical best

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