Name That Pet Shame (GAME) ft. Shameless Cast

– Some dogs are shameless – [Both] Let's talk about that

(alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning! – Today it's show time, and by that I mean we are joined by stars from the hit Showtime series Shameless Please welcome Shalona Hampton and Steve Howey to the show! (cheering and applause) Thanks for being here, guys – Now as the stars of Shameless, we figured you guys would be experts in shame but instead of humans, we are talking dog shame today, okay? – Mhm – So are you guys dog lovers or dog shamers? – Yes – I love dogs

– You both? – We have a dog, my son got a dog – That didn't say that you loved the dog, that just said you have the dog Do you love the dog or you shame the dog? – I answered correctly for me – Oh okay, "We have a dog" – "I've got one, that's it

" – Okay now a popular meme has dog owners publicly shaming their pets for clicks on the internet For example, this one I ate Dad's Gorilla Glue Now I'll probably be permanently constipated Toby

– Aw, poor Tobe – Just look at that face – It's so adorable, you know what, I would click on that And we knew that you would too so we built an entire episode around shaming dogs It's time for, we're gonna make these dogs famous thanks to the cast of Shameless

– All right here's how this is gonna work We're gonna be presented with photos of dogs being shamed but the guilty deed is blanked out, okay? And then we are competing against each other Everybody's got their own white boards here and you're going to have to correctly fill in the blanks – Yes and whoever wins at the end and has the most right gets a warm hug from the three losers – Aw, I'm gonna get a nice hug from you guys

– Oh! – How sweet! – Oh okay, you know you're gonna win – You're the competitive one, huh? – Oh I'm not playing – Steve, how competitive are you? – I'm very competitive but I'm not really good with words (laughing) – Okay, let's find out Let's see the first one

– [Link] I poop at the bottom of the, now is that one blank, two blanks? – It's two – That's two blanks – Two blanks – Two blanks I need a– – I poop at the bottom of the– – You want one of these? – Shanola, you're already cheating

You're trying to steal my marker? – Listen – You can't be a marker hoarder – Careful – I don't understand how that's even an issue It's a game

Okay, you just play, by any means necessary, sir (crew laughs) – Am I gonna have to get in between you guys? Okay, what could that dog get into the bottom of? – Cereal box? – Are you thinking out loud now? – Yeah – Are you trying to throw me off my game? You're like one of those people at auditions that talk to you in the lobby when they know you're about to go into the audition Don't try to throw me off, sir – So how are you playing this? Let me see your sides

– I poop at the bottom of the, uh-huh – Um, hm – I don't know – Hold on – He's erasing

– I'm erasing – Always go with your first instinct – I'm going I don't know what that is – I think I won

– How did you already? Let me see! – [Stevie] All right, Rhett, let's see yours – I said laundry basket – At the bottom of the laundry basket, with all the laundry on top of him – He gets in there, he snuggles down and then he releases – [Link] Oh wow

– He'd be released out of my house if he did that (Rhett chuckles) – [Stevie] Okay, Shanola? – Kitchen counter – Right at the bottom of it – Right at the bottom of the kitchen counter – The cabinets

(Shanola and Rhett laugh) – What is the bottom of the kitchen counter? – I was thinking the same way I was thinking the same way – Really? – Not at the bottom of something but in front of something So at the bottom of the oven door – Oh! – Okay

(Shanola laughs) And I said, bottom of the stair case I believe is two words? – No, I think that's one word, 'cause I was gonna do bath tub but then I realized that– – That's good though 'cause it's like a booby trap at the bottom of the– – A doody trap – [Stevie] Let's reveal a real answer It's– – [All] Kids' slide – So you're gonna give a point to whoever is closest? – [Stevie] Yeah I think I am and Link, stair case and a slide, that's close enough

Point goes to Link – It's like a really bumpy slide – Guys, guys, kids slide down the kitchen counter The kids slide down it! – I've been down a slide in a laundry basket – Okay let's see the next one

– All right here we go – [Rhett] My name is Biscuit I ate a large tube of blank, now I have to wear a doggie diaper because I'm drooling blank out of my butt – [Stevie] And so guys, in this one, the blank is actually the same word, it's just repeated twice so I'm looking for one word here – So what was in the tube is now coming out of the back

That makes sense, so the dog in itself has become a tube for the thing that was inside the tube (crew laughs) – This is tough – What could a dog get into that would then leak? – What can't a dog get into? Leak from their other end – That face is perfect though – So this is one word for both– – [Stevie] Correct

– Whoa – I'm ready – I love anything named Biscuit – Not when I think about Biscuit and pooping Like a poopy biscuit

– But when it's drooling out of the butt, then you like it again, right? (chuckles) – Okay – That made it better – Got it – I won – This is definitely plausible

My answer is plausible I don't know if it's the answer – I think mine is right Oh that's a good one – I've actually done this

– Oh you've done this? – Oh Shanola first, right? I poop, I ate toothpaste – Toothpaste – I thought about that but I think that could kill a dog, eating that much toothpaste – Not if it poops it all out right away Don't be poo-pooing on my answer

– Okay, okay, all right – [Stevie] All right Steve, let's see it – Garlic paste – Ooh, that does come in a tube, right? – I've done that – Link? (Shanola laughs) – I think he ate a large tube of cookie dough just like me every Saturday night

– Oh, that's a good one – That's yum – And Rhett – I think it's gonna be something that didn't digest so I'm going with Vaseline – Ooh

– Ooh! – [Stevie] All right let's reveal it (all yelling) – Shut up! – Yeah, that's right! – You totally cheated! You saw this – I didn't cheat I know I didn't cheat – Could we go back and see whether he has a like on this picture– – I have not seen this! – I want to go and find out right now if your name says liked by it

– Are you calling me out right here on my own show? – I mean, you– (laughs) – And I'm agreeing with her! – I didn't cheat! – Oh my gosh – 'Cause it's gotta be something that won't digest – You're a genius, that was super smart – And I got lots of tubes of Vaseline in my house – Do not call him a genius, he does not need that

– Oh (Rhett laughs) – You do, don't you? – Yeah, that's right – It's what you use? – You know, when I'm chafed, yeah (all chuckling) Next one – [Stevie] All right you ready for the next one? – Let's just move on

– Yes – [Link] I peed on the blank – What don't they pee on? I can't stand a cat I mean, I love cats – Oh

– No no no no, hey We just had a little riff, but now, if you don't like cats – You don't like cats either? – I hate cats – (gasps) I hate cats too – Yeah, we should just get together and talk about how much we hate cats

– I know! – Do you like cats? – And their pee does not– – [Link] I don't like cats either Cats are okay – Is this a Carolina thing? – It could be a Carolina thing, no – North Carolina, South Carolina – We did have a lot of strays

– Oh you don't like them either? – No, I like 'em – You do? – Yeah, I like cats – Why are you telling me? (crew laughs) – I peed on a– – I'm ready – What can a cat pee on? Well lots of things – Yeah this is really open-ended

– And their pee doesn't go away, that smell – I've done this too – You know when you go into an apartment, you're like, oh a cat used to live here 'cause he peed right on these steps That cat smell, that does not go away – It never goes away

– [Stevie] All right, Steve, let's see it (Rhett laughs) – Oh, you know what? – You've done that too? – Wait a minute! We've been together way too long (laughs) – You know what? – You said baby? – Oh, no way! It was Link's turn – We should have done a– – You peed on the baby? – We been together too long It should have been The Newlywed Game

– You know what, that's a pretty good answer – [Stevie] All right, Link? – Nachos (crew laughing) – If it's a food, you won – [Stevie] And Rhett? – I actually don't think it's a word I just think it's an object

I think it's the remote because it's– – [Shanola And Steve] Oh! – I think that it's just a remote, I think that's just a picture of the remote – The cat is on a rug, I thought that was too much – [Stevie] Let's remove the censor part – I peed on the hamster – Oh! We got close! – We're closer! – [Stevie] I'm gonna give this one to Steve and Shanola

– [Shanola And Steve] Yeah! – Hamsters can be babies (Shanola laughs) – Wow! – Yes! Did you pee on the hamster? – Do we both get a point, or are like half-half? – [Stevie] You both get a point which means you're all tied with one point You ready for the next one? – Yes – Yes, this is the one – That's hilarious

– [Link] I only steal the expensive blank – [Rhett] Okay – [Link] Look at that dog's face, y'all! – [Shanola] That baby is so cute – Is that like a tunnel to heaven in the background there? – Oh, wait a minute – Or just a doggy bed

– [Shanola] Oh I see a clue that could possibly be on their bed unless they've just been cleaning – [Steve] Does it say Kirkland? – [Rhett] We're talking about the wrapping right there, right? – Is that a Wal-Mart brand? Target brand? – No that's Costco, maybe – Costco brand – Oh, yeah – Maybe

– I'm kinda looking at the sides of the blank too – Thank you for that hot tip there It's on the bed – Yeah, might be on the bed – I'm going for the win

I don't even care I'm going for the win – Oh my goodness, it's tie tie tie tie tie – You guys have answers? – Yeah, yeah, yeah – [Stevie] Link

– I think this is toilet paper He's very discerning – Okay, Rhett? – I also do that – I went with shoes You know, they get into the shoes

– Shanola – I went with shoes and he copied me, I saw you look over there (Rhett laughs) You think you have those pretty little eyes when you look over there over me Don't get started with those pretty green eyes Sit down

(Rhett and Link chuckle) – We should connect more too I guess – We have! – What? – Whoa! Oh my gosh! – They fell into my trap – What is happening here? – That was so weird! – Those pretty little eyes, those big muscles – I set you guys up – [Stevie] Let's see what the actual real answer is

– [Shanola] By the way, toilet paper would have been two words – Tampons! – Oh! – Hey, you know what a tampon is? A rolled up toilet paper – Oh, y'all did come the closest – [Stevie] I'll take it, I think I'll take it – There's inexpensive tampons and why would you buy them? – All right Steve, you and I just got a point

– Hold on, but some cultures are known to walk on tampons – What? (crew laughs) Wait, why walk on them? – I'm trying to make our answer count – Oh! Some cultures are known to walk on tampons – That's right! – They make a whole shoe out of– – They make a whole shoe out of tampons – Too late, guys, we already have the point

– It's recyclable material – [Stevie] All right, this next one, this is the finale So I'm looking for three different words here – [Steve] Three different words – [Link] I ate the blank that blank my owner's blank

It was delicious and I'd do it again – [Steve] Blank my owner's blank? – [Rhett] Oh man, this is not easy – Boy this one is tough – Gonna get personal here I guess – That dog looks like a disgruntled grandmother

– Really does – So the third word is not connected to the last sentence? – I'm assuming there's a period – [Stevie] Yes there's a period – I ate the blank that blanked my owner's blank, period It was delicious and I'd do it again

– Tough, tough I mean I know we're making a connection, but– – You have really nice eyes (Rhett laughs) – I'm going for it – I'll let you look at it It's not gonna help you at all

– I'm going for it – Guys, I don't mean to bring the pressure, but this is worth three points I will be awarding three points – Anyone's game – Okay, I got it

– I'm gonna go with it I'm not confident – I'm not confident at all – How could we be? – Oh man This was supposed to be fun, coming to your show

(all laughing) – I guess so You're so– – I'm like drained now, yeah – You get it right, you'll get a lot of energy though – I wanted to eat chicken wings or like some crazy olives – I literally just made something up

– Well we can drink each other's pee later – I just saw it (laughing) Mine's not any better, I'll tell you that much – [Stevie] So why don't we reveal these, just try and read the whole sentence out with the words that you have So Rhett, go ahead

– I got personal I ate the cream that treats my owner's psoriasis – Oh – It was delicious and I'd do it again – Bringing it all home, huh? – That was good

– A little too personal – You're super smart – You spelled psoriasis right – [Stevie] Shanola? (Rhett chuckles) – Yes? – Yes, you have to read it – [Stevie] Please reveal your answer

– Okay I ate the cake that jacked my owner's mind – Oh (laughing) It was delicious and I'd do it again – Yeah, that cake that jacked my owner's mind

– That cake, 'cause it had stuff in it that messes with your mind – Right – I gather, the mind-jacking cake (laughing) – Oh that's incredible – That's a recipe waiting to happen

Is that the mind-jacking cake? Wow – That's the name of a new cake – Yeah, I'm telling you – Mind-jacking cake All right, I ate the applesauce that feeds my owner's kids

– Oh! – Aw – It was delicious and I'd do it again – What a jerk of a dog – That's good Yours is gonna be closer

– Link? – I went dark – Uh-oh – Oh – I ate the intruder that took my owner's life (Rhett and crew laughing) It was delicious and I would do it again

– Sir, what's wrong with you? – No that's a great answer – [Link] Look at that dog's face! – Okay, I don't believe any of us were right, but– – [Stevie] We're gonna reveal the real answer, here we go – I can't wait to see this I ate the dressing that– – [Link] Packed my owner's abscess (all groaning) – Well you know what, packed rhymes with jacked

– [Stevie] I mean, I think that– – You got the closest – I don't know, Rhett, yeah, you got it I mean you were so close I think that– – Me? – Mind-jacking cake? – [Stevie] I was gonna say Rhett He had that medical– – Medical, that's what I'm thinking

– Yeah, it is medical – That's what I think – Yeah the cream, dressing, treats packed abscess – I mean guys, either way, we're doing a group hug – Yeah

You know, it really doesn't matter – We all win here – We all win – We all win – We're all gonna hug on Rhett

– Okay here we go – Oh my gosh, this is, I've been wanting to do this I lost on purpose Are we ready? – Wow, this is, Link, you don't have to be a part of this Oh my

Oh my goodness – I wanna be – Thanks for liking commenting, and subscribing – You know what, oh, you guys say it – Oh, you know what time it is! – You know what time it is

At the same time – Well you say it at the same time – Okay, three, two one – You know what time it is! – Our minds have been jacked by cake (crew laughs) – Hi, I'm Mark and this is Joji, and we're from Sacramento, California

And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Yes – I didn't know if the bird was gonna talk at some point – I was waiting for it Okay click the top link to watch us play a game about the weirdest cocktail names in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Your hair's the first thing that people see when they look down at you from balconies and helicopters – [Link] Maximize your mane's Mythicality with our Mythical Pomade available at mythicalstore

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