Name Brand vs. Natural Cleaning Product Test

– Do all-natural cleaning products actually work? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) – Good Mythical Morning

– If you watched LTAT this past weekend, you saw the teaser for the ultra top secret Mythical Society which is gonna offer access to an unprecedented layer of Mythicality It's all very exclusive It's all very hush-hush But you can be poised to join us by signing up for info now at mythicalsocietycom

– Yeah the Mythical Society is a super secret society but one thing that's not so secret is that I have the tiniest, faintest, most minuscule touch of OCD – Oh – It's Rhett's favorite thing about me, we never argue about it, and as a person who likes to keep things clean and be clean, I have amassed a particular expertise on cleaning products – Which is why, Link, you should know that according to the American Lung Association, a lot of the cleaning products you use contain chemicals that can cause headaches and other health problems, but there's a lot of other chemical-free alternatives available The question is, are they better than the popular name brands? It's time for– ♪ We're testing ♪ ♪ We're trying ♪ ♪ There's not a product here that we won't use ♪ ♪ We're not lying ♪ ♪ Is it chemical-free ♪ We've devised a series of dirty situations in order to pit name-brand chemically cleaners against some plant-based chemical-free alternatives, but the thing is, we don't know which one is which

– Based on their cleaning performance alone, we're going to guess which one is chemical-free and if we get less than three correct, we have to clean Craig's snake cage on Instagram – Oh gosh – Let's get to cleaning – [Rhett and Link] Round one – We're kicking things off with two all-purpose cleaners

One of these is 409 and the other one is the all-natural plant-based all-purpose cleaner Purasy, which I thought was Poo-racy for– – It could be – A little bit of time (crew laughs) But it's not Now all we need is just purpose – Yes and here it is, the exploded remains of an enchilada heating session

(door clatters) – Whoa – Good gosh It exploded the door right off of the front – We broke the microwave– (Link yells) – Just kidding – Did that just happen or– – That just happened! – Okay

– Okay Good gosh – So I'm gonna take this side We've got some paper towels – That is horrifying

This reminds me of when I open the door after my kids use the microwave How hard is it to do a paper towel drape, kids? You do a paper towel drape at your house? – [Rhett] I don't just do paper towel drape, I have a whole– – Don't hit my side, okay? – I'm not I have a The plastic thing you put over the top – Oh you got a fancy fancy – Fancy, yeah – We just use a paper towel drape Oh gosh, that kinda stinks

Is it the cleaner or the– (Rhett coughs) Is it the mixture of the two cleaners? Or is it the enchilada? – Both of them smell like they could be chemically, honestly, based on, oh gosh this is– – You know what's making this even worse? The fact that I got that High School Musical song in my head (Rhett and crew laughs) – Yeah This isn't just a session that just happened This is like, this is a session from several days ago – Good gosh

– I would just throw it out at this point, honestly – I'm really regretting saying, "Make sure it's really dirty "I don't want this to be easy" Oh gosh You know, let's just throw this away

– Okay, take that out I mean I feel like I'm having better luck on my side Put some elbow grease into the back there and see what you can do See if you can dislodge some of that Yours is not really moving

(Link grunts) – [Link] Oh (coughs) – Okay so I may be wrong – It stinks – I may be wrong but, in my just biased opinion, uninformed opinion, I would think the ones with the bad chemicals would probably be better at cleaning You'd be compromising a little bit when you go with the friendly one and I think mine was doing a better job than yours so I think that you have the Poo-racy

– Yeah – You got the Poo-racy on your side – I agree, so Stevie, that's our answer, that I have the Puracy – And this is the 409 – [Link] So over here

– [Stevie] Okay, the all-natural cleaner's on Link's side – Ha ha, yes – Okay We're off to a good start – Poo-racy! – I think we're just gonna have to chuck this, guys

– [Rhett and Link] Round two – Next up we have window cleaners One of these is Windex and the other is all-natural, Better Life – They're both blue We also got these windows here covered in bird poop, or as I like to call it, sky pudding

(Rhett chuckles) You might be wondering why it's not white, and it turns out, unless you own a bird, you can't just collect bird poop, it ain't that easy We asked Chase to stand outside with his mouth open for days, nothing happened – Right – So we got the next closest thing, this is bat poop – Right, we asked Chase to live in a cave for a week and he did that

(Link chuckles) – Scrapin' it up, guano – Okay so all your mess on your side is on the front All my mess on my side is on the back, so we don't get this overspray situation – Okay How did the bat get on the inside and outside of the window and crap like that? – It was two lover bats that were trying to connect with each other

One was on the inside, one was on the outside and they kept missing each other – But having to use the bathroom – When bats get excited, they guano everywhere – [Link] Oh yeah, look at this I mean just the first pass here, I'm getting some good results

– I'm getting some good smear – You're getting a lot of smearage Let me give it another– – Don't spray me – Don't spray you? – Yes And I don't know which one you've got, man

Now keep in mind– – Are you doing a double spray? – Yeah I'm gonna spray again – We'll leave it at that – The all-natural one is more expensive A couple dollars more expensive for the bottle So you're actually paying more for, this is kinda starting to work, but still getting a fair amount of streakage

– Well I'm gonna take one more paper towel, you do the same and just wipe it down and we'll take a look – A lot of this is just from the overspray that I got from you – [Link] Okay yeah let's get rid of that – And you can get off the overspray Okay

– Yeah okay, so now we've got a good comparison, right? – Mm, pretty close, I mean your side is definitely cleaner It may just be because you are more meticulous It may not have anything to do with the, but yours seemed to dissolve faster and earlier, so I think that I have– – Yours required more elbow grease – All-natural, which has corn, coconut and palm oil in it My favorite things

– All right Stevie, so this is our answer that Rhett has the– – Better Life, I have a better life (Link chuckles) – [Stevie] The all-natural cleaner's on Link's side – Ah yeah – Really? – You put a lot of elbow grease into that You probably should have washed both sides

– [Rhett and Link] Round three – So we've got Palmolive dish soap versus the all-natural Mrs Meyers, and here we have a cooking pan that Josh has incinerated with lasagna Good gosh – Actually that's also a bat guano

It was an Italian bat – This is horrifying Typically this would be soaking for overnight and then hopefully someone else would come in and clean it 'cause I just forgot it was soaking kind of a thing – Right But ain't nobody got time for that, so we gonna just wet our sponges

– So your soap is clear – Yep, and Mrs Meyers is essential oils It relies on essential oils, and it's actually cheaper It's cheaper than Palmolive, so

– I mean, you don't have a lot of Are you scrubbing? You want yours in the scrubbing side – Well the first thing I'm doing is I'm just seeing if there's a reaction is taking place

I'm on it to soak into everything – [Link] You seem to have more water– – And now you can turn it and add a little bit of the elbow grease – [Link] Trying to do the same thing you're doing in the same order A little elbow grease – Yeah we could be dishwashers who work together and we divide all the dishes into half

– Yeah, draw a line – Have you seen the, you seen the dishwashin' brothers? They each wash half – Try to get back here – When one of 'em's sick, you only get half clean dishes – [Link] But that one half is clean

– So it's not doing anything to this super, super caked on, but in the middle, I feel like I– – I'm getting some cake off – I feel like I've got some serious things happening – [Link] Look at that sponge – Yeah okay, it does end up getting in there This is gonna be a tough call

I feel like mine may be a little cleaner though Look at that Go in there with the soft part of your sponge and see what happens – [Link] Just gonna expose it – I don't know, that's pretty even

You just went on, hold on– – Good little pan – You crossed the line, dishwash brother – I wanted to clean the line (crew laughs) – Yeah but you came a full sponge width, the only rule the dishwashing brothers have is that they don't cross the line – I'm just picking up your slack

– That's not how the system works – When the boss isn't looking – I don't, I'm just gonna go on pure color I think the Palmolive is green – Right, right

– That's all I got – We pretty much know that – They worked pretty evenly – We are voting that this, Rhett's is Mrs Meyers

– [Rhett] Mrs Meyers – [Stevie] The all-natural's on Rhett's side – Yes – Yes, okay

The green was a dead giveaway – But they clean pretty evenly – And Mrs Meyers is cheaper I've always thought that about Mrs

Meyers She's so cheap – Affordable (upbeat music) – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Okay for carpet cleaner we've got Resolve versus the chemical-free Earthworm carpet and upholstery cleaner, and for the carpet, we have blood

What is it with you guys and blood? Do you really have that much blood lying around? – I think they do – Is it all from Chase? Okay, all right, so– – [Link] It's like a blood spray – So I don't know how to clean carpet Do you just spray this on? – [Link] You typically would spray it and then let it set for awhile – I'm gonna kinda do this

I'm sort of working this back spot here – Yeah just get it nice and wet, yeah Got a lot of red right there Gets kinda thin back here – And then what, dip this into some water? – I'm really interested in this one because carpet cleaner seems to be at least in my opinion, very strong

It's like the strongest smelling stuff, the most ruthless 'Cause you don't wanna eat it You don't eat carpet, at least not usually So you can go a little bit more (crew laughing) (scrubbing carpet) You can go more aggressive with the chemicals is what I'm saying

Right? – Right, Link The carpet cleaning boys – Oh gosh, now this is a great workout – Bring us to your house and as long as you draw a line down the middle of the room, we'll know what to do I'm just concentrating on this one spot

– Yeah, this is a tall order – Honestly, I don't know what I'm accomplishing – Yeah I'm just trying to get one spot right now 'cause– – I can look and tell that this is still very bloody It's also smelling pretty strong What kinda smells you getting on your side, carpet brother? Nice? – It smells like pork blood

Is that what it is, pork blood? Yeah, gosh But I'm not smelling too much chemically chemical stuff (scrubbing carpet) (Link grunting) – I think I just learned that I don't wanna be a carpet cleaner You know what, mine smells a little chemically, and mine became pinker, pinkish white Yours is still pretty red and you've really been scrubbing, so I'm gonna say that my side is the natural, and if we're not right, then that means we have to clean out Craig's cage so I think that this is the natural side

You agree? – I thought you said yours smelled more chemically – Oh yeah yeah – So this is more natural – So that's the natural side Yep, I was thinking the same thing and saying the wrong thing

– I agree with that – Link has the natural side For the win! – [Stevie] The natural cleaner is on Rhett's side – We should have gone with my mess up in my mind – Well neither one of them cleaned this up, so just throw out the carpet

Oh man, now we gotta clean Craig's cafe Go to our Instagram page to check that out – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Brady

– I'm Erica – I'm Crew – I'm Kennedy – I'm Cindy – And this is Lennon

– And we're camping in a yurt in Island Park, Idaho – [Together] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – Looks like a hot tub with a door on it – That's pretty much what a yurt is Click the top link to watch us test the best disinfectant wipes in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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