Mystery Sunscreen Challenge

– What's being smeared on my back? – Let's talk about that (upbeat music) Good Mythical Summer, everybody! – I'm mythical team member Will, and if you haven't already, check me out on Royalty Freestyle over on the Mythical Society now

– Mm-hmm, and I'm Steve Zaragoza You might recognize me from The Valleyfolk – Look, asking someone to rub sunscreen on your back for you is a good way to break the ice, or find out if you have mole shaped like Arkansas But you don't have to go to the beach to get a good rub on, because we're going to be bringing the rub to you – That's right, William Haynes, today we're gonna be guessing what mystery thing is being rubbed on our backs

It's time for – [Both] It rubs the sunscreen on its skin and it guesses what it is again – Here's how it works We'll each take turns rubbing something on the other person's back The other person has to guess what it is based on how it feels and by asking yes or no questions

If they get it right, they get a point – That's right, and our noses will be plugged up, so the smell can't give it away, for those of you at home that were like "hey, will their noses be plugged up?" Yeah, I knew you were saying it, I can hear you The loser will also get a star burn Now what is that, what is a star burn? Well, it's a really, really burnt Starburst So let's play! (relaxed music) Shall we? – I'm not ready for this

– Now it just looks like I'm wearing a normal shirt here, right, red, it's my color Nope, it's straight open, baby I want you to rub whatever you got on my back, Will – I, baby got back, huh? – Give me a slap, baby, slap it up – [Will] I'm so ready

– Just let me know if you see anything concerning back there – Oh I'll let you know if I see anything concerning, uh uh – Has this game ever been played ever in the history of the planet? – I don't think so – Like I want to know how, how like, is it possible to actually tell what is on your back – We are about to find that out

Right now, Steve, are you ready? – I'm so ready, I've been training my whole life for this (slaps) Oh, I forgot, I don't want to cheat, so I forgot to put on my nose plugs Is this like, legal issue nose plugs? Like this is what they give in the military when things are poopy? – When you gotta go through Van Nuys, you know – All right, so you put something on my back already? – I put something on your back already – It feels like your hand, is that the correct answer? – Oh no, there's a little bit more than that

– Okay well are you gonna put more of it on? – I honestly think that's all you need, do you want more? – Do I want more, that's a good question – All right, I'm gonna give you one more – [Steve] Great, let's do it – [Will] Oh man – I mean, your reaction is giving me something

– But you know I'm sensitive – I have allergies and that's why my nose is plugged up Ooh, it's cold – [Will] It's definitely cold – [Steve] I'll give you that, it is cold

– Oh man – [Steve] Okay so here's some yes or no stuff Is it a condiment? – No – Is it meant to go on the back of a human being? – Absolutely not – [Steve] Got it, okay, um

– I'm actually a little worried – Is it edible? – No, I'm gonna give you one more, man, okay? – [Steve] Okay, okay – I will say, I am worried about doing this to you – [Steve] Okay – But they gave it to me

– Okay great, ooh (laughs) All right, that was a good slap, ha ha, okay Well why don't you rub it a little? Will you rub it? – Oh no, we gotta get this quick is all I'm gonna – Okay, is it Vaseline? – No – Is it meant to be used on human skin at all? – Absolutely not

– Is it meant to be used in arts and crafts? – Yes – Is it glue? – It's glue (yells) – Why is there glue on my back? (laughing) – I don't want it on my hand – I got one right! (tender music) Okay Will, it is your turn after I did the first round and I won So now it's, wait, can I try to take this off without touching it? – I don't think you can, I guarantee you can't

Oh, it's getting remnants everywhere – Yeah, we're gonna do this (snorts) – Oh man It's not gonna work, Steve Steve, it's not gonna work, you're getting stuff everywhere

(yells) You're gonna blow, there's a big vein coming our of your back, I can see a huge vein – All right, okay so don't forget your nose plug, Will We're gonna go, all right? – It goes on the outside? Oh, oh – Yeah, it's like a little pad, it's nice, right? I might go to sleep with this on – I see why you thought you could blow it off

– Yeah, yeah, exactly, you kinda feel like you can All right Will, it's time for you to turn around and I'm gonna rub something into your back Oh, okay, gun show (Will laughs) And then you're gonna tell me (laughs) – I work on my back dude

– Okay, ready? – [Will] Tuck me in if you need to – Here we are at the beach – Oh my goodness, wait, what's going on? – Wow man – What's going on? – Gotta make sure you're protected by the sun – [Will] Oh my goodness, are you kidding me? It's a map of Los Angeles

(laughs) – It will keep you nice and protected from the sun, a map of Los Angeles Let me get some of these into your shoulders – [Will] You're joking with me – You gotta ask me questions, yes or no – I don't even know what to ask

Uh, is this, can I use this? – Yes, you can use it – Would this be in my house? – Potentially, yeah – Would this be at my workplace? – Potentially, yes – Oh man, would you write on this? – No – Do I know what this is? – Yeah, I think so

– Slap it on me, slap it on me once (slaps) Not like that – Hang on, let me make sure it's nice and, (slapping) this is kind of a dream of mine, to slap – Okay, I've had enough slaps Is it, would I buy this? – You would not buy this, no

– But people do buy this? – People do buy this, yeah – Do you buy it regularly? – This is something I would have bought, for sure – Do you buy it more than once? – No, this is a one-time, well I'm giving you too many, I'm gonna give you, okay I'm gonna let you ask one more thing and then I'm gonna start giving you hints, okay? I mean, you weren't too far off on your first guess, to be quite honest – It's a brochure for college (laughing) – I mean, certainly it proves you're in college if you own it, maybe film school I would say

– Oh my goodness, is this a color balance checker? (laughing) Like with a bunch of different colors on it? – Okay, okay, let me give you a hint Um, this is not something that would protect you from the sun whatsoever Well what does it feel like to you, Will? What does this thing feel like? – It feels like a brochure This is one of those things on the wall – Close, yes, stay there, something on the wall

– That lists off the type of diseases you might have – That's very good, that's very, like a doctor's chart – But you said if you were in college – No no no, let's forget everything you know What does this feel like on your back right now? Like more than anything what does it feel like? – More than anything, this feels like laminated pieces of paper

– Okay, so you're not far off What are some things, what are laminated pieces of paper that you might see in a location where people take in entertainment? – It's a movie poster – Yeah, but can you guess what movie it is? – This is Smosh the Musical (laughing) – No – Is this movie funny? – Sort of, there's some funny moments

– Oh my goodness, is this a Nicolas Cage movie? – Absolutely not But name some like '90s huge A-list celebrities if you could – This is Leonardo DiCaprio in it? – Close, who's also a pretty boy like Leonardo DiCaprio? – Is this a River Phoenix movie? (laughs) – A little newer Okay so a bar of soap, I'll give you that, that would give it away for a lot of people I think – Is this the OJ Simpson movie? – What makes you think? What's the, okay so what movie has rules and the first rule is something important? – Is this a Fight Club poster? – Yeah, it's a Fight Club poster

William Haynes, check it out – Oh my goodness, you never showed me Fight Club (laughs) (tender music) – [Steve] All right, so I'm next Will, what are you putting on my back now? That was a trick, you're supposed to tell me – I think you're gonna get this

– Okay, okay, I'm gonna think, by the way can I just say, completely unfair, if Will didn't get anything gross on his back and all he got was the Fight Club poster We're pretty bummed out – I'm not eating the Starbust, I'm gonna tell you guys right now – Oh yeah you are – You ready for this, Steve? – Yes

– You got your nose plugged? – Nose is plugged, baby, plugged up Oh boy Why are you being so soft with it? Is it a feather? – No – What is this, what am I feeling? Why is this, are these tiny feet? – [Will] Yes – Is this a toy? – Yes

– [Steve] Is it like a spider puppet or something? – No – [Steve] Is it a puppet? – Uh, technically, but no – It feels like you're using it like a puppet – I definitely am using it like a puppet It's debatable if this is a puppet, but I'm gonna say no it's not a puppet

– [Steve] Okay, is it a child's toy? Is it for children? – It is for children, 100% – Is it like a teddy bear? – No – Is it something like a teddy bear? – [Will] It is like a teddy bear – [Steve] Is this Teddy Ruxpin? – No – [Steve] Are there electronics associated with this item? – I mean, technically it is an electronic

– You gotta rub it in my back like you're saving my life from the sun – Feel this part right here – [Steve] Is that like a foot? – Okay I'm gonna – Is it, it is an electronic thing – It technically is an electronic

– Is it a Furby? – No – [Steve] Is it like a Furby? (whines) – Yes, but no, it has nothing to do with a Furby – [Steve] I have a feeling you don't even know what this is – I know exactly what this is and when you turn around, you're gonna be like oh my god – Is it like a Muppet

– Yes – It is a Muppet? – Yeah – [Steve] Is it Big Bird? – No – [Steve] Wow, why am I feeling like, you need to rub it all over me, man Is it Oscar the Grouch? – No, close

– It feels cylindrical – [Steve] Is it Elmo? – It's Elmo – Tickle Me Elmo? – It's Tickle Me Elmo – Yeah! Why isn't this working? Someone plug it in – I know, I was trying not to activate him

– Here we go, I turned it on (Elmo giggles) (Steve giggles) (tender music) I don't know if I've ever been happier in my life right now I get to do something that I've never done in my life and I'm very excited about it – Am I excited about it? – Uh, well that's yet to be determined, Will Are you ready to guess what I'm gonna rub into your back? – [Will] Uh-huh, let's do it

– Here we go (Will yells) – Wow, a sensation I have never felt Oh okay, I can open my eyes, right? Oh, it feels low-key prickly, uh uh, uh uh, was this once alive? – Yes – Is that a tail on it? – Yes – Is this fishy? – Yes

– Oh no, I can feel the scales on my body (laughs) It's a catfish – Well, so you're right, but what type is it? – Oh this is a magraw, this is a Michigan, what kind of fish is it? Would I know what kind of fish it is? (slapping) – Yeah man, just start naming off fishes – Bass? – Okay, totally close, what's a color? – Blue – What is a fish that has a color in its name? – Silver

– Incorrect Come on Will, just start naming off colors – Brown, yellow, yellowtail, it's a yellowtail – Nope – [Will] Brown, green, white, orange

– Wow, how are you saying everything but the color that needs to be said? – Red – Yes! – This is a red bass, red sea bass – No, there's a different kind of red – It's a red baron – Will what do you do, what did Thanos do? – He snapped, it's a red snapper

– Yeah, it's a red snapper, but it doesn't matter, you didn't get it right – Yes I did – I had to give you everything – Can I look? – Yes, please look – Oh, poor baby

Thank you so much for what you did for this world (laughs) I'm so sorry – This thing is gonna make a good meal – This is a big fish – Can we cook this thing up? Does somebody have a barbecue

– [Stevie] Heck yeah, but I gotta say, I gotta make the ruling, guys You both did great, I feel like Steve won the first round and Will kinda got the second one I feel like it's a tie, and I gotta see, I gotta see you both eat some of this Starburn – And my back is starting to get hot, this scratched up my back – We just found out today that Will is allergic to red snapper

– I think I'm allergic to red snapper, it's getting into my blood stream – I will be a good sport and since we both kinda got a point, judges, yeah if you cut that Starburst in half, I will try it as well with Will – Oh I'm not eating it (laughs) – Well guys, we're gonna share in that Starburn in More – Be sure to watch me over on the Mythical Society now at MythicalSociety

com – That's right, and you can check me out over at The Valleyfolk – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – Yeah, and you know what time it is – Hi, I'm Savanna Seale from Sandy, Utah, and this is my dad, the seaweed monster, and we're currently in San Diego, California, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– I wonder if I could borrow that outfit – Every time I go to the beach, I want to do that – So guys click the top link to watch us see if we can guess what's a flask and what's not in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land – [Rhett] Two mugs are better than one

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