Mystery Sausage Taste Test (GAME) ft. Chow Crown

– Today, we're attending a sausage party full of mystery meat – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) Good Mythical Morning – We love merry old England, our country's dad, which is why we're still getting over our hangover from the royal wedding this summer But, frankly, we have questions Why do you call fries chips? Why do you call chips crisps? Why would you name a place Catholes? – Well, as far as I'm concerned, they're the ones who came up with beans on toast, so they can have all the Catholes they want – Okay, there you go, have 'em

Today, we're gonna put our knowledge of the royal family to the test while eating sausage, which is one of the Brit's favorite foods It's time for will these royal sausages make us scream, or will we say yas kween? We got a wheel full of sausages, because British people eat sausages So do Americans and Germans and lots of other countries, but this isn't about them – No – Some of these are normal, good bangers

Some of them are weird, unpleasant bangers And, some of them are disgusting bangers that Josh made to hurt us – As you can see, each sausage has a number associated with it The worse the sausage is, the more points it is worth One could be a tasty sausage, but 10 is the worst

That's a pun This floppy, white sausage here is not one that I want to eat We're gonna take turns spinning the wheel and then the spinner has to answer a question about the royal family If the person gets it right, they get points and the other person has to eat the banger If you get it wrong, you get no points and you have to eat the sausage

Let's do it – [Rhett and Link] Round one – You're less short than me, so you spin first – Oh, thank you Here we go

– Whoa, sausage (both yelling) 10, right off the bat! What? The floppy, white sausage – There's a lot at stake here, because if I get it right, you gots to eat it and I get 10 points – Gosh Okay, I've got a question for you that is royal themed, Rhett

Get ready, Meghan Markle, 'cause being a royal is a very serious affair, even when it comes to the games they play What form of family fun is the royal family not to allowed to play? – Not allowed to play – Is it A, video games, B, Monopoly, C, darts, or D, hide the salami? (team laughing) – Can you describe D? – Uh (mumbling) – I'll take your word for it – A children's game involving salami

– Okay, oh my gosh Monopoly, darts or video games? – Mm-hmm, or hide the salami (team laughing) – Oh, gosh, this is, I don't– – It's the floppiest one – I don't feel good, man Darts feels like a very royal thing, but it also feels like the kind of thing that there's a story about Count Chocula (laughing), who– – We know so much about the royal family

We resort to the Muppets – Who was once struck with a dart in the ear It's forbidden Video games is so unbecoming of a royal, though You don't want to be caught playing video games

Oh, gosh – I need an answer, Rhett – Darts – Prince Andrew claims the family is not allowed to play Monopoly – No! – Because, it gets too vicious

Speaking of vicious, this is a 10-pointer You don't get any points, neither do I, but I get the pleasure of watching you eat that floppy, white sausage – I'm not gonna know– – Bang it – Oh, it's so cold I'm not gonna know what it is until I've– – Oh, there was a lot hidden down in that birthday cake

– Now, we're agreeing it's just a bite, right? – The balloon in there, I would go with biting the middle – No – I would bite the side – You can wait 'til your turn – That's like eating the end of a balloon, dude

– Yeah, but I don't want it to just go all over me – I don't know what it is What's it taste like? – Horrible – No, don't spit it out Eat it, man

What is it? (loudly retching) What is it? – [Producer] Rhett, do you know what it is? – Is that fish sperm? – It's fish guts – Oh, fish guts – Fish guts – Water, please – [Rhett and Link] Round two

– Okay, time for me to spin Yeah – Five, okay – Five – Middle of the road

All right Normal people have a hard time deciding what to pack, but for a royal, it's already figured out for them What item must members of the royal family always pack when they travel? A, a black outfit, B, a Bible, C, a knife, or D, a litter of corgis – A whole litter of corgis – Litter of corgis

– I don't think it's a knife, because it's hard to travel with a knife, even if you're royalty Especially if you're royalty, trust me – Got it – Black dress, I don't know I'm feeling the Bible

– Feeling the Bible these days – I think it's the Bible – Your guess is the Bible Royals must always be prepared with a black outfit in case somebody dies when they're abroad and they must attend a funeral

– In case somebody dies? – Yeah You gotta be ready for death – Okay – Eat that sausage, Link Hey, sausage link

(team laughing) This is probably gonna be not good, but not bad – No, it smells minty – Okay, well, find out how it tastes – What is it, toothpaste? – [Producer] It's toothpaste – (laughing) Okay, wow

You can see the scale that we've established here Five is already toothpaste sausage – Ugh, that is bad Anybody got a toothbrush? – [Rhett and Link] Round three – Give it a spin

Oo, almost an eight, but you got a six – Six – A little nastier than the five – Ask me the question – Royal etiquette dictates that a married woman in the royal family who is attending an indoor affair must do what, exactly at 6:00 PM? – What? – Is it A, lead a toast to the Queen? B, take off her hat and put on a tiara, tiara

How do you say tiara? – Yeah, tiara – Tiara – Tiara – Tiara? – No, it's tiara, I'm sure – Tiara, tiara

– Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm from North Carolina – Tiara is if it's your name Tiara is if it's on your head – C, remain directly at her husband's side for the rest of the affair, or D, ovulate

– Ah, the old 6:00 PM ovulation – Ding, right on the dot – The royal family is on a very quick cycle, though It's not a 28-day cycle for them, 'cause they're the blue blood – You gotta churn out those royalty

– Yep, yep Toast doesn't make sense, because that could be inappropriate And then, what, do all the women stand up and toast at 6:00 PM? (chuckling) that won't work The tiara or the tiara, it's not a pageant – Life is a pageant

– I'm gonna go with, you gotta be next to your husband at 6:00 PM – There are a whole bunch of weird rules regarding tiaras and at 6:00 PM, ladies are expected to change into evening wear At which point, hats come off and tiaras go on So, Rhett– – Why y'all gotta have stupid rules? (team laughing) – You need to eat the eight, my friend – No, I'm eating the six

– Okay – That's where it was – I can't slide one past you, go for it – [Rhett] I know it's gonna be at least as bad as toothpaste – [Link] It looks greasy, very white

– Doesn't taste like food Oh, hey – Hey? – It tastes like something that goes on your body, like soap – [Producer] Close Shampoo

– Oh, okay, that's okay I'll finish it (team laughing) – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Spinny, spinny, spinny, spinny Tickity, tickity, tickity, tickity, tick, tick, wham! Ugh, the seven, I almost got a two

– [Rhett] Right on the seven – [Link] But, I got the big, old seven – Here we go – This is a big, freaking, oh, it's a thicky – Yeah, it's a stubby

(team laughing) Historically, the king's most-trusted courtier was whom? A, the groom of the stool, the man who helped him poop B– – What, ho, what? – The groom of the stool, the man who helped him poop B, the moonlight valet, the man who watched him sleep C, the grape steward, the man who tasted his wine Or, D, the dark knight, the man who was Batman

(team laughing) – What's the question, again? – The king's most-trusted courtier? Is that, I don't know what– – You gotta trust someone if they– – [Producer] Courtier – Courtier? This isn't France, this is England – You really trust someone if they're there when you poop – Mm, yeah (chuckling) I like the way you think

– But, the drinking of the wine makes so much sense, because that keeps him keeling over with poison – Yeah – You gotta keep the royalty alive – Right – I'm gonna go with the wine taster, the most-trusted

– Okay, the wine taster The man who's responsible for assisting the king in his excretions and ablutions, the groom of the stool Doesn't do it anymore, because now they've grown out of that (team laughing) They've moved beyond that Once again, no points for either of us, man

But, you get the fun of eating that sausage that's a seven Yeah, smell it – It smells meaty – Yeah – This is for you, Britain

– Oh, it's tough Oh, gotta bite it twice The sausage that bit back (briefly retching) Okay – What is it? – [Producer] It doesn't taste familiar? – Dog food

(team laughing) Is it dog food? – [Producer] It's dog food – While Link is enjoying his dog food, I'll let you know that we both have zero points, so we're gonna move on to a special bonus round to find a winner, that we're calling The Speedy Sausage Eating Chow Crown Showdown Paid for by Hasbro – To continue with the royal theme, our bonus round features Hasbro's new game, Chow Crown – Here's how the actual game works

You place the crown on your head, clip in some snacks and press start The crown will move and you have to eat as much as you can before the music stops – We are gonna be playing the game a little bit differently, though – Yes, these crowns have been filled with mini sausages All of the sausages are laced with a British favorite, Marmite

They will not be easy to get down – And, because we did not get any points so far, we're gonna make each of these sausages worth 10,000 points – Woo, points – Yeah And whoever has the most points at the end of this bonus round wins a Chow Crown filled with his favorite food

The loser has to eat the worst sausage that we left on the spinny board in Good Mythical Morn' – [Producer] All right, you guys ready? – Let's find our start buttons here – [Producer] On your marks, get set, go – Where is it going? There we go Come on, come to papa

(both straining) I got one of them – It's never been so hard to eat Okay – Oh – I got two sausages

– You got two? – Yeah, bro, I got two – I only got one – All hail the king I shall now eat my prize – And, I'll eat the nastiest sausage in Good Mythical Morn'

Chow Crown is available in stores now, or you can buy it online by clicking the link in the description below – Thanks to Hasbro for sponsoring this episode – Those beans look good Can I have some? – No – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hi, we're the Youngs and we just did a sausage taste test Now, it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality No, put the sausages down – What are the chances? Click the top link to watch Link eat gross sausages

– And, to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is gonna land Need to send a card, but don't know what to say? The BYMB greeting card says it best Buy it now at mythicalstore

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