Mystery Pasta Sauce Taste Test

– I'm the Lady? – And I'm the Tramp – Let's talk about that

(groovy music) – Good mythical morning – And, let's give a good mythical welcome to Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn, our friends and members of the band Pomplamoose (cheering) Happy almost Valentine's Day guys – Thank you – Oh, and to you as well

– Oh yeah, do you feel the romantic vibes? I do I think it's mostly from you two – They're really about to get going here in a second – I feel the food vibes – Yeah

– Oh yeah – Okay, all right – I feel like I'm getting between something a little bit – You'll get outta the way in a little bit – (laughing) Yeah

– All right so, Jack is the confounder of Patreon And, we go way back with these guys I would say we are OG YouTubers – Yes – It seems weird to say that, but I already said it, so now I can't take it back

And, you wrote the GMM theme song – Back in 2014 – Yeah – Yes Very good times

We're still reusing it – A couple of iterations Yeah – It's great – It is great, thank you

– No, I meant the new version was great My composition is really great, that's what I meant – We're sticking with the melody – Because it's great – Now, you guys are known for covering pop songs, and today, in a sense, we're gonna be doing a cover as well

But not a song, a scene from a movie The romantic Italian dinner scene from Disney's Lady and the Tramp (romantic string music) – Oh, it kinda makes me wanna watch the movie For the first time I'm sorry, I haven't seen it

But, we're gonna be turning that scene into a romantic tasting challenge, because challenges are still a thing on YouTube, right? – Right – It's time for who's the Lady and who's the Tramp? Slurp the sauce to be the champ As you can see, each couple has their own table because we are competing against one another And, at the start of each round, we're gonna be presented with one plate of spaghetti to share Just like in the movie

Using only our mouths we have to slurp up a strand of spaghetti that is covered in a ♪ Mystery sauce ♪ And, before you can guess what the mystery sauce is, you have to, as a team, completely eat the noodle – Yes

– Then you can start guessing what the mystery sauce is As many guesses as you want – And, if anybody gets it right at that point it's two points, but if no one can get it right, then we can get a hint from Stevie And, at that point, again, as many guesses as you want First person to get it right gets one point

And– – Your faces tell me that you're very ready – I was just gonna say one thing before we start, which is, you're going down – Oh – Oh, that's how it is, huh? – Just letting you know – You're playing the mind games already

– All right Jack All right Jack – You gotta bring the mouth games where your mind games are at, sucka Okay And, we don't have a prize, we just have a punishment

The losing team will be receiving a Lady and the Tramp stamp – So, Rhett and Link will be receiving a Lady and the Tramp stamp – Oh, see, there ya go – Ooh – You guys ready for the weirdest double date ever? Now, I will say that you guys are at a distinct advantage because you're a married couple, we're just buddies

– You guys do a lot of mask work? (laughing) – Actually yes – Okay That's two advantages – I just wanna say, you are the ones who have the show that involves tasting things a lot of the time – That's right

– So, maybe we're even – I don't know how much us being a couple really serves us in this situation – Well, let's find out – [Stevie] All right, waiters On your marks

– Oh, we got a waiter – [Stevie] Get set – Oh goodness It's gonna get weird – And, eat

– Oh, oh – Did you lose it? – I did – I don't wanna eat all of it, grab it back – I gotcha, I gotcha – It's a Nespresso chocolate

– You've already eaten your noodle? – [Stevie] I gotta give it to you I gotta give it to Nataly They ate their noodle, they guessed – Wait! – It's a Starbucks Iced Mocha – Starbucks Iced Mocha

– Yes Nataly! – What? – You ate the whole noodle? – You guys – Oh my gosh – What did you do, did you just slurp? You can take your mask off now – Oh – Who slurped it so good over there? – I didn't hear a sound like (slurping)

– I guess I'm like a pro eater – Oh my God – Oh, that's so – Tasty – So, yummy – That was good – That was so yummy – I would actually eat that for real

Like, that was really good – What happened to you man? – I don't know man – You bailed – I got breakage I told ya, I haven't done this before

– We don't have to make out, but you gotta pull your weight – Well, how much did you get? – All of it – No look, I ate quite a bit I did have some – Were you at all afraid of getting too close to each other's faces? – Yeah, a lot – Is that a thing? – Of course – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Maybe we do have an advantage then

– It was the only thing I was thinking about Okay, I'm gonna change in my technique I apologize for the first round I was slurping and biting at the same time – No biting, just slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp

– I don't know, I haven't thought through this – Chew, chew, chew – Okay – All right – [Stevie] All right, waiters on your marks

– You gotta be quicker buddy – [Stevie] Get set And, eat – Uh oh, that one's falling apart – Here it is

(grunting) – Garlic hummus – Pesto – Hummus – Some sort of – It's a little spicy – It's a little spicy – [Nataly] It is – Oh I'm so bad at this

There's something gross in there too – It definitely tastes like some sort of yeah, pesto hummus of some sort – Is it, it's not – It's like a sriracha – There's too much consistency to be salsa

– It's grainy, it's got, oh – It's complex – A grainy salsa – It tastes like salsa and hummus – [Stevie] Okay, I think you guys need a hint

– Give us a hint – [Stevie] Based on where you are This pasta is the bell of the ball – Taco Bell Sauce – Taco Bell sauce

– [Stevie] Oh, Rhett got it – The beans, the beans that are in the Taco Bell – [Stevie] It's general Taco Bell, because it's basically just the same ingredients in everything, so Taco Bell pasta – Yes

– Boom You can remove your blindfolds not that you've lost – Damn – The round – Oh God

– Oh God – What, oh wow – Oh God – Can I get a doggy bag? – Hey, this is a pretty good idea – Wow, okay, so we got a point

– I got some Taco Bell up my nose – Now, this time I think you guys need to make out for a beat or two before you start guessing – We'll go all the way to the smooch – Okay, yeah – Is that, you too? Or is it

– Oh no, just you – Oh, it's just us – Yeah, um hm – [Stevie] Okay waiters, in and on your marks Get set

And, eat – What the crap is this? Uh uh – [Jack] Tastes like beans, Lima beans Like, both beans – Come on man, you just dropped it

– It's some sort of vegetable mashed up – Yeah – It's like cleaner – Broccoli It's like broccoli, ground broccoli

– It's not food – It's like a soap – It's not food – It's soap – Liquid soap

– Oh God – Is it really? – Dishwashing detergent – Deodorant, deodorant – Asparagus, it's asparagus – No

– That's been ground up – Deodorant, shampoo – Deodorant, it does taste like deodorant – Spit it out? – Oh, incense – I feel like I shouldn't be eating it

– It's lavender, it's lavender fabric softener – I'm gonna swallow it, here we go – It's very floral, I'm afraid to swallow it – I'm not Oh, I found it

– It's um– – mothballs – No, no, no, no – Those'll kill you – [Stevie] Okay – There's something chewy in there

– My aunt's neck – Here's your hint Oh my – Yeah, it's definitely not, it's not a food We ate not a food

– [Stevie] This pasta contains flower, but not the kind you think – Yeah – Yeah – Flower, roses – Like lavender

– Perfume – Bouquet, bouquet of flowers – Ground up flowers – Toilet spray – [Stevie] You're all around it

– Air freshener – What is it? (groaning) Is it some sort of like laundry detergent? – It's like grandma – One more hint – Yeah Yeah, grandma

– Grandma potpourri – Yes! – Yeah! – Grandma potpourri – Oh God (spitting) – You made me eat the majority of the noodle – No, no, I got a whole lot of noodle down, man

You're just not fast enough – You're dangling and then I'm sucking up all the noodle – Oh man Oh – Did you like it? – No

(laughing) – We are all tied up But, the question is, where are they taking us from here? – Okay – [Stevie] Okay waiters, on your marks Get set – I'm not looking forward to this

– [Stevie] And eat (groaning) – [Link] Oh no, uh uh – [Jack] Glue, Elmer's glue – [Nataly] Vaseline – Yeah, it's glue, it's fricking glue

– Glue? – School glue – [Stevie] Yup, Rhett got it – Wait, no, Jack got it – I said glue – [Stevie] Sorry, I was just watching Rhett and Link kiss

I'm sorry It's glue is the answer – We were not kissing – I knew that it was glue, and I was so excited, I was going so hard – Oh

Don't use that terminology – [Stevie] Okay, so officially who said glue first? It was Jack? – Jack – Jack got it – I said glue – They got it

– [Stevie] Two points – Oh Jack, you nailed it – Hey and, Stevie, we were not kissing, we were slurping the noodle – [Stevie] Okay, okay – Wow, it looks so much like a fettuccine, like a cream sauce of some sort

– Oh, it has little stars on it That's so cute All right, you got this – Oh boy – We have to, we've gotta really go for it this time in order to tie

– If they don't, if we need a hint, we win So, we just have to get it– – We're ready – [Stevie] Okay, waiters in And, on your marks Get set

– Just slurp it down man – [Stevie] And, eat (smacking) – I got, did we get it? – Got it, got it – Dog food, dog food That's fricking dog food

– Oh God, cat food? – [Stevie] Oh, Nataly got it – Oh no! Cat! (groaning and spitting) (gagging) You know what? – I just wanna say that I said it with a strip of cat food pasta hanging out of my mouth because – Yeah, it's still on your chin

Just leave that there You know what, Jack and Nataly, you guys showed us up – Yeah you did – You earned the right to eat the rest of that at your leisure, while we watch – Yes, and we'll get our Lady and the Tramp stamp in Good Mythical More

In the meantime be sure to check out Pomplamoose's channel on YouTube And, thanks to Jack and his team at Patreon for helping make our mythical society a reality – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – Now, you guys say, you know what time it is – You know what time it is

– Hi, this is Sinthia from Cochabamba, Bolivia I'm cooking some pasta And, it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Is he about to dip it in cat food? That's the real question Click the top link to watch us play musical duo or murder duo with Pomplamoose in Good Mythical More

– Oh, and to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land We got some mythical threads for your head Now, in three different styles, polo, camper, and beanie Head on over to mythicalstore to get yours

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