Mystery Lunch Box Challenge Ft. Jodie Sweetin, Beverley Mitchell, Christine Lakin

– Today we trade lunches based on hunches – [Together] Let's talk about that

(alarm ringing) (playful theme music) (fire blasting) – Good Mythical Morning – Mike and Alex have done it again They've taken something and destroyed the crap out of it, which means we have to figure out what it was, and after that we're gonna watch some high schoolers get the crap destroyed out of them in some awkward prom proposal videos – But first we're gonna take a little trip back to the 90s when life was so much easier, when all you had to really worry about was people keeping their hands off your Koosh Balls – Oh gosh

– And of course the 90s were the last great hurrah of awesome lunch boxes, so we're gonna use those today to play a game that involves the tried and true tradition of trading lunches It's time for, We Got A Full House of TV Stars To Open Up Lunch Boxes Step by Step Will The Food Taste Like Seventh Heaven Or Holy Hell? Joining us to play this 90s themed game are three of our favorite child TV stars of the 90s and also our favorite Hollywood Darlings, Beverley, Jodie and Christine! – [Girls] Hello! – Thanks for being here – Thanks for having us – Are you ladies hungry? – I think so

– Yeah – Yes (chuckles) – I don't know if that's an asset in this game or not As you can see, we each have a lunch box in front of us from the 90s TV show you're known from I got The Fresh Prince of Buies Creek

You remember that – Oh that was, I used to come home from like eighth grade and watch that every day, honestly, it was great – You don't look awkward at all – No, mm-mm, totally symmetrical face – My So-Called Link was a show I never watched because I starred in it

Very Claire Danes-ish, but more of a spin-off type face – You were so emo – Pretty pale (chuckling) – I don't remember that – Well that red hair really washes everything out

It's not you, it's the color – Okay, here's how this is gonna work, inside each of these lunch boxes is a typical lunch item, now four of them are gonna be good but one of them is gonna be nasty Now you're not gonna know just by looking at it, you're going to have to bite into it to find out whether you've got the nasty one or not, so we're gonna look inside of our box and the rule is, you can look at it but you cannot touch what's in there and then one by one we will each get a choice of keeping our own box or switching with somebody else like a good ol' schoolyard swap – All right – Okay

(upbeat music) – All right, let's open these boxes up and see what we got! – Hey– – All right – Oh – Oh, okay – Okay we've all got sandwiches – I have got a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich

– All right – [Rhett] Mine looks like some kind of tuna, chicken salad, or, I don't know – Mine definitely has some jelly and can we smell– – No, smelling is not allowed – Not allowed, nope – I think it's bologna and cheese, like American cheese

– Is it bologna because I don't like bologna – I don't know It looks bologna-esque – Yeah, that's bologna – In this game, is anything really what it looks like? – That's what's scary

– Four of them are but one of them is not – Right, it could be the bologna – Mine looks like turkey And I have to say, I can smell mine, I'm not trying to, but I'm pregnant and I have super smell – Does it smell like turkey? – Yes

– I feel like that's an unfair advantage – Is that how you get super smell, by getting pregnant? – Yeah – Yeah, yeah, yeah Right – Well I'm getting into that

(chuckling) – It's a super power – All right Link, you go first – I'm definitely trading because I do not like tomato Now– – [Stevie] The green one's the bad one – Got some peanut butter in there? – I don't know, I don't see– – 'Cause that is my jam

– I don't see peanut butter – I do – I do, I do on the edge – That's PB and J, for real – [Link] I'm gonna switch

Do you like tomatoes? – I'm okay with tomatoes Oh I just got bacon, this is right up my, I'm liking this – Yeah, I'm liking the swap – Oh man, Rhett? – Okay if we're going clockwise, so I'll go next Man, mine just looks nasty even if it doesn't have anything nasty about it

(laughing) It looks kinda just a loose, drippy meat salad – I don't wanna hear loose meat salad in a sentence (chuckling) – That's not, no– – Loose meat salad is very easy to corrupt too, my mama always said that It would be really easy to just mix something into this You know what I'm saying? It would be in every bite

– I mean Jodie's looks pretty good – Hers is just– – I think Jodie's looks great Stay away from mine – The bacon – Give that crap to me, I don't want that

(chuckling) – I wanna swap with Beverley (girls yelling) – [Link] Oh everybody wants that bacon, lettuce and tomato (girls laughing) – I feel like this is not gonna end well for me, that's what I feel I really feel like this is, can I swap again? – Yeah, yeah, it's your– – Like anybody? – Yeah it's your turn to swap – (chuckles) Oh gosh

(laughing) You're gonna swap with me? God! (all laughing) – Okay Jodie – There should be a rule against that! – Yeah I'm not a lover of bologna either, I'm gonna go for the plain turkey – You're gonna do that to a pregnant woman? – I have no shame There we go – Oh gross

– Okay – Ew I don't even know if that's bologna, that might be like Spam, straight up Spam Yeah I'm not into that at all but I have all the power, don't I? – Yeah you do, you do – Christine, did I tell you I love you this morning? – Yes, multiple times

Um– – I've loved you for years (all laughing) – I'm gonna have to take that PB and J off your hands I can't have jelly meats – I told you I don't like bologna Is there something else besides bologna so it's a double whammy? – We're all stuck

– All right Is this the moment? – And now we take a bite – Pick it up, take a big bite Don't be shy – Oh God, if mine's the bad one, I'm gonna cry

– [Jodie] I feel like yours might be the bad one – [Link] Gonna sink it – Mm – Mine's a turkey sandwich It was you, wasn't it? (laughs) – I can't tell

– I think it's me – [Link] What is it? (crew laughing) What are you– – I don't know! (laughing) I don't like it! – [Stevie] That's a peanut butter and Vegemite sandwich (all yelling) – It's salty, huh? (coughs) (laughing) – It's very yeast-y (upbeat music) – Okay, open up – All right

– [Link] I got a little beef jerky – [Jodie] Oh, this isn't gonna go well – You're not supposed to touch! – Okay, sorry, sorry, sorry It looks, it looks like applesauce – [Beverley] Yeah it does look like applesauce

– Something bad's gonna happen – It's contained – Right – I have a pudding cup I mean is it a pudding cup? It looks like it's sealed though, so how bad can that be tampered with? Yours is like– – Yeah, this is homemade

– Mine's in like a Tupperware that, we have a questionable origin – I've got some bananas – Are they sliced? – They're sliced bananas – Sliced bananas, and I've got some Cool Ranch Doritos I'm happy with myself right now

– Are they in the bag or a Zip Lock bag? – They're in a Zip Lock bag – Mm – So is yours though – Yeah, what do you got over there? – Mine's in a Zip Lock bag, beef jerky – [Stevie] The yellow one's the bad one

– We start the tradesies, okay – Are you looking at my Cool Ranch Doritos? – I'm just really into salty things right now, but this feels like the safest bet to me I'm just gonna stay – You think that's safe? – [Link] You think the seal is in tact? – I think the seal's in tact – They would have had to inject it with like a needle or something

– I think you would have had to really see it – I mean there's a piece of tape on the top – [Christine] That's just to tell you that they don't want me to know what brand it is – There might be a little tiny hole in there – It might be off-brand pudding but I'm cool with that

I'm not fancy – Right – Okay, I don't like bananas – Me neither (gasps) – Bananas are the most delicious– – No they're on my no-go list

– Yeah, Beverley I'm not gonna help you out I'm buying your argument about the seal You went really strong with your argument which is a bad move – Yeah, yeah – And I think you need your protein

Beef jerky for you– – I'm not mad at this, I'm gonna say I'm not overly upset with that – You messed up my lunch box – Really trying to inspect I need to make a– – No touching

– Gut decision – Okay, now, I'm a big fan of Cool Ranch Doritos But, I know these people who work here I know how they think and they would seal something like pudding back up and then put this in a Tupperware container, reverse psychology, so I'm living on the wild side – What? – [Rhett] I'm going for the applesauce

– That's never happened in the history of lunches I will trade you my Cool Ranch Doritos for your applesauce – Everything's twisted on our show – Yeah, I'm gonna say I really like what you just said and now I'm going off of your experience and your knowledge on this show so I'm gonna switch– – Oh come on! (Christine laughing) – You done a triple lunch in a row! – Well he's got a good argument – Yeah

– I mean you just sold it too well – You're a Rhett copycat – I'm sorry – Which, from experience, is a bad move – [Rhett] (chuckles) From experience

– Wait, you didn't tell me that before – Okay, I'm actually gonna do both you and I a favor 'cause I don't like Cool Ranch Doritos but I do like bananas, so I am going– – Okay, I can live with that – Very weird move in my book – Who's feeling good and who's feeling bad here? You said you're good with the beef jerky? – I'm okay with beef jerky, I mean, I'd rather have Cool Ranch Doritos, but I can handle beef jerky – That pudding is the problem here

You've got a pudding problem – I'm about to find out if it's sealed or not Okay – Okay – [Christine] Bon appetit, everyone

– [Jodie] Guys You can't, no? – Just take mine – I can smell it before I eat it – [Jodie] No, mine's just a banana – Ugh! I don't know what that is! (all laughing) There's like something very sour and tangy

– You're crying! – Yeah, it's– – Are you sad? – It's intense – Yeah guys, that was all part of my Cool Ranch plan (laughing) – I bought it! – I set you up! (laughing) – Are you getting emotional, or– – No, it's really tangy and it really hits you right in the back– – What is in it, Stevie? – [Stevie] It's sour malic acid – Oh it's super sour, it's like the sourest stuff on Earth – Yeah it just gets you right there

(Rhett chuckling) Woo! – The second bite's not as bad though – Actually to be honest, now it's actually mellowing out – You've been craving sour things Do you wanna– – I'll try it (crew chuckling) – It's actually kind of a fun experience

– [Beverley] It's actually not that bad (all chuckling) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, what did your parents pick for lunch today? – Let me see, what do we have? – A drink – Oh – I got a root beer – No, no, no– – Sorry, sorry

I was trying to read it Chocolate milk – I've got green juice – We all have like sadly depressingly generic drinks – They're all bottled up drinks

I feel like we can set them up, that's totally fine – [Christine] Mine is a spicy vegetable juice – [Link] Iced tea – [Rhett] Root beer – [Jodie] Chocolate milk

– Ooh – That's gonna be something – You think? They all look legit – I don't trust it – Okay Jodie, you're starting, so if you want– – [Stevie] The red one's the bad one

– I would be glad to give you my iced tea – Or you can go healthy and get some green juice Oh wait no, I don't want yours, nevermind – This is not your decision It ain't your turn! Just wait

– Okay, sorry – Oh, I, uh, stop touching it (chuckles) – Is this the power dynamic– – Yeah – Oh gah, iced tea, root beer, iced tea, root beer Ah, I'm gonna go with iced tea

– Yes, I wanted some chocolate milk, you read my mind – [Jodie] That is not gonna be chocolate milk, I'm gonna tell you right now – You're not supposed to tell him that – Okay, I got some spicy vegetable juice – Do you though? – Do I though? Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't pregnant, could add a little something to that

But I am gonna go with the green juice – Of course you are – Sorry Bev! Whatever, it's vegetables Delicious – [Beverly] All right

– I've got chocolate milk, I've never been happier (girls chuckling) I'm gonna hold – Okay, okay – Yeah – I typically only enjoy tomato juice while on a plane

There's something about being 10,000 feet in the air that makes me crave tomatoes But you know what, I'm flying close to the sun today – Ooh boy! – Okay – Stop looking at it, Bev, don't – I gave you the root beer

– Okay, well, I'm not a big fan of all the sugar, so I'm gonna go– (chuckling) You said the other option that you would have gone for was root beer so this is not that bad I'm gonna go for the iced tea – Famous last words – Let's all uncap them – Cheers

– No smelling, just drinking – Okay – Kay – Is something gonna happen? – Uncap it – Mine feels like it's been opened before

– Well they've all been opened before – Mine definitely has been opened – Five way dink it – Cheers – And drink it

– [Christine] Mm, that's good – [Rhett] Tomatoes (crew laughing) (laughing) – What, what? – What is it? What is it? (exhales sharply) (laughing) – What is it? – On my tongue, I don't know – [Stevie] That's squid ink soda (screaming and laughing) – Oh no! – That's why your tongue is black now

– I love you – [Link] What does it look like? (all yelling) – [Christine] Oh my gosh! – It had a very seafood-y taste to it I've had squid ink pasta, delicious (Rhett laughing) Not when mixed with root beer – I just smelled it and that is not, that is– (Rhett laughing) – That's an aversion, guys

– Vomit into this – Your super smell is not coming in very handy right now All right Well that was a great lunch – Unscathed! (laughing) – Thank you to our Hollywood Darlings Beverly, Jodie, and Christine, make sure to check out season two of their show Hollywood Darlings Wednesdays at eight, seven central on Pop

– And stick around to see if we can figure out what Mike and Alex have destroyed now – [Rhett] Wear a shirt that says you're all about trying new things like this Dink It and Sink It t-shirt available at mythicalstore

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