Mystery Baby Food Taste Test ft The Miz & Maryse

– Good Mythical Summer – Greetings from the matrix

Who are we kidding, this is just a green screen – Or is it just a simulation of a green screen – It's Friday and we've got some guest hosts flexing their muscle in our place, I'm talking about WWE superstars The Miz and Maryse – Or are the just a simulation of WWE superstars The Miz and Maryse? – I don't know Rhett See you Monday

– Or is it just a simulation of– – Shut up – We're having a baby! Food showdown – Yeah let's talk about that Good Mythical Summer – Do not adjust your YouTube settings we are not Rhett and Link, we are the it couple

The Miz and Maryse and not only are we WWE superstars but we are also sickeningly, happily, married – But most importantly, we just had a baby – We did just have a baby – That's why today's episode is all about baby food Our little girl isn't old enough for baby food just yet but we are, so we're gonna learn all the ins and outs GMM style

– It's time to play the Miz-tery baby food challenge! Here's how this is gonna work, Maryse and I each have a bundle of different foods that the mythical crew has turned into baby food These aren't the kinds of food you would ever feed your baby The mythical crew took the actual foods and pureed them into a smooth baby friendly consistency – We'll take turns getting blind folded and, Mike – Blindfold, eh? – And we will be feeding each other the baby foods

– Yeah, oh – After we eat the baby foods we'll guess what they are Then we'll reveal the answer Whoever guesses the most right is the winner and will receive a very special baby diaper championship title – I want that diaper title

Round one I don't taste anything (laughing) – [Maryse] Okay – This is like chips This is like barbecue chips

There's a barbecue taste, there's a potato taste, has a little saltiness to it I'm gonna go with barbecue chips – Nope – No, oh pesto – No

– It's not pesto, are you sure? – Okay (stuttering) – That does nothing – Buongiorno – Buongiorno? Drink margarita? – Dominate the coco – Dominate the, no one knows this movie

(laughing) Let me think, it's Italian food – It's big and circular – Okay, Italian food, circular – It cooks in a oven that's special, specialized for– – A special oven? You're the worst at this – It's not like a brick oven but it's like a, how do you say in English, like a, like a– – How do you say it in French? (foreign language) Oh yeah okay, because I speak French

Oui, I like this, this is what I'm used to when I'm blindfolded you know, just start speaking French, you know, wait – You need like a stick to put it in the oven too But that's like really Italian style though I don't think they do it like this in the States – Pizza? – Yes! – You're kidding

– Yes! – I got it right That was kind of easy (laughing) That was really easy – Round two – Now it's my turn, are you ready? Are you ready? – Yes

– Here we go – What what what is– – I'm gonna give you a good, ooh yeah this is so good You're gonna love it, I think you're actually gonna really like it – You're gonna shove the whole thing in my mouth? – Open the hangar and here comes the plane (plane noises) You gotta come to me

(laughing) That is not bad, that is not bad you're gonna love it What is it? – Oh my god, I think I'm gonna vomit – What does it taste like? What do you taste in there? What do the taste buds feel? – Onion, the cream onion, you know like you dip the stuff in it – You're getting there, getting there, okay okay What is it though? – Onion chips? – I mean yeah

– Sour cream and onion Onion and sour cream chips – Wow onion and sour cream chips, that's exactly what it is Round three – (foreign language)

– Oui Oui, yeah – You know that means I hope you're hungry in French – Hungry little fella, there you go I don't taste anything

– Whatever, open your mouth – That's air, that's air – Open your mouth – Oh god that's a lot (laughing) Okay that's not bad, I was actually kind of hungry

It definitely tastes like carbs Very carb oriented – Absolutely not – It's not, it's potato – It's the protein that lives underwater

– A fish? – We're getting there Now the– – That's a protein that, give me another bite – Now think about– – A smaller one A smaller one I need– – what would my mom order at McDonald's? – She orders chicken nuggets – No the one that takes a lot longer

– Big Mac? – No – Fries, french fries – No – Oh a shake That's what your mom gets, Big Mac, extra large fry, milkshake, and chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce and by the way, she weighs 100 pounds

– Yeah – And that's everyday, I want to go to McDonald's What do you want from McDonald's? A Big Mac, that's what she gets – But the old school Margot – Old school Margot, oh

Filet-o-fish? – Yes! You got it! Round four – You're gonna love this one – Oh boy, help me – Remember you're doing this for our baby Ready Maryse? Give me that mouth

There you go, open up, open wide You gotta stop laughing or it's gonna – I'm not laughing I'm crying – Come on, come on her we go, I don't want to mess up your make up – Oh my god

– It tastes incredible doesn't it? I don't think you'll ever get this one I don't even know how I would, how I can make this– – Is this that asian thing where you dip the eggrolls in the sauce? – Yes what's it called? – Orange sauce maybe? – No, you're getting there I cannot believe you, I– – Sweet and sour – If you get this that'll be incredible – The sweet and sour sauce? – No but you're getting there

It's a meal though, it's like, she's not gonna get this I don't even know how to get this for her You're close though, you're absolutely close – Is this an asian dish? – Yes – Like a fancy one or like a not fancy

– I mean it can be fancy, I mean, it's not really fancy I don't know, it's not sushi, you know – I need help here – Okay the first word rhymes with dad – What? – It rhymes with dad What rhymes with dad? Go through every letter of the alphabet and you'll find it

– Pad – Oh oh, okay, here we go, you're good – Pah? – No no, dad, dad, what rhymes with dad? – Pah? – No, pah– Maryse, dad – Dadda? – No, dad Dad

So use what you just did and just put a D on it – Daddy? – No! Maryse, Maryse listen to me I want you to listen to me very closely – Hello – Dad

So just rhyme it When you use the, you used the right word It was the right word you just forgot the D on the end – Pad – Yes

Pad what, there's two words, pad what – I have no idea – Pad what? – Pad what? – Kwondo Padkwondo First word, kwondo

– What's wrong with you? – Kwondo Because I don't know how to literally describe this so I'm trying to get you to get it – Okay okay okay, concentrate – Okay concentrate, it's what is the first word? – Pad – Okay good

And then the second word, blank kwondo – Taekwondo – So take out the kwondo – Pad – Pad

– Teriyaki – No, no no no no! Pad what? Pad pad pad, like you said it, you said the word you just need to take out the kwondo – Pad thai? She got it, she got it, alright! – Pad thai – Pad thai How, I mean, you were actually on the right track I thought you were actually going to get it

– I didn't even know that was a thing – It's a thing Round five – If we eat this next one, Mike – Yeah? – Just remember that I really love you

– Alright, you do realize this is the last round, right? – Yes but I do want you to remember– – And we're only, we're only allowed to give one hint I only want one hint – I love you I love you – Wait is it that bad? I'm a little nervous now, I don't want to eat it

– Aw, I love you – I'm ready, okay I don't know how to do this I'm nervous now You're saying you love me

Why do I get nervous when you say you love me? It should just be like oh wow that's so sweet – Okay it's French, it's a delicacy – There's only one – You can put it – I got it

I'm gonna go with escargot – That's it – You're kidding – Yup – Are you serious? – Yup

– No kidding – Yup, snails You just ate a snail! – I got it, I got it – You ate a snail! Round six – Maryse I love you

– No, guys! – What do you mean no? What do you mean no? Alright Maryse Boy, you ready for this? – Oh come on – I love you Open up, Maryse open, open, open – Oh I can smell it, oh what is that? – Open, open

It's green – Kelp – That is wrong Do you have any other guesses? – Oh my gosh I know what it is, it's like a smoothie or something Like it's a very fancy LA smoothy like

– That's not a smoothie, no, that's Well you know actually – It's a very organic type of green– – It's very organic I will say that, it is organic – What, come on, I need more

I need more help – Okay cows eat it – Grass – She got it, she got it Do we have to share this title now? I'm a little upset

(laughing) That means we have to share this title babe We are both diaper champions That is it Luckily it doesn't smell anything like our baby's diapers – She's not that bad

– She's, she can be bad at times – She's a very healthy baby – She's a healthy baby, very healthy – Don't forget to check out Miz and Mrs Premiering this Tuesday July 24th on USA

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