Movie Posters With Dogs (GAME)

(jubilant music) (fire roaring) – Almost every college dorm room in America has one Now I'm not talking about a kid with massive amounts of debt with little hope for a good paying job

I'm talking about movie posters! – That is true We're gonna play a little game where we identify a movie based on the poster alone, but with a major plot-twist All of the people in the movie posters that we're gonna look at are now dogs – Dogs? – It's time for, ♪ Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay guess ♪ ♪ what movie posters these dogs are in, 'kay ♪ – (laughing) Alright okay, Link and I will both be playing We're a team, once again

If we guess, – I was just stretching, man No (slapping) – That was horrible If we guess three or more correctly we win a special edition movie poster starring some familiar furry friends, I wonder who that is? – (keening) – Let's see the first one – [Link] Okay, okay, so all of the words have been removed from this Scarface poster as well as the face of Al Pacino

(crew laughing) – That is not Al Pacino – It's Scarface, I know from the black and white in the back that this is Scarface movie poster – He looks too stocky for Scarface, but– – Look at the paws on his hands, this is good work guys – If you've specifically seen this as Scarface I'll go along with you, because I don't have a better guess – I'll bet you a million dollars

– [Stevie] Guys, bad news, this is the one that was supposed to be easier (laughs) – Hold on, hold on, bad news what, – [Stevie] Bad news for your– – Because the good news is that it's Scarface – [Stevie] No, no, no, it is not Scarface – It's not Al Pacino – Well, then, what's your guess? – Well, not Scarface! Anything but Scarface, is that an acceptable answer? – [Stevie] This is your favorite movie of 2017

– [Rhett] Oh, this is Get Out, of course (buzzer alarm) – [Link] Oh – [Stevie] Yep – You threw me with Scarface, man Alright, next

– [Link] This just looks like a bad stock photo – The fact that you replaced the whole bottom half of that man with (mumbles) (laughing) I mean, this is not what I was expecting It's Pretty Woman is what it is, yeah – It's pantyhose– – It's Pretty Woman – on a dog paw

– No – [Stevie] It is not Pretty Woman – It's not Pretty woman It's Devil Wears Prada – This is a Hugh Grant rom-com, it's Hugh Grant in the back

– But what– – Oh, no, no, no, no, I know what this is, this is that, – It's a hand – It's a strip tease This is the Demi Moore stripper movie, no, this is the Saved By the Bell girl strip movie – No, that movie didn't have a prominent male character – And you do know that movie well – No Yeah, I do

The main star of this movie was the dude in the back probably, because we're not even seeing the woman's face This is just "anonymous stripper" in the foreground – This is 9 and a 1/2 Weeks, final answer – [Stevie] Okay, no, it's an older, more classic film In dog years one of these dogs is old enough to be the other dog's friend's mother

– Oh, Ferris Bueller's Day Off? – [Stevie] Oh, gosh (laughing) I can't even give you a half a point for this one, it's The Graduate – [Rhett] The Graduate! Yeah, exactly – The Graduate It would be easier if you left the text in

Can you do that? (crew laughing) Okay, let's see the next one – [Rhett] Don't go with your first instinct, 'cause that's really throwing me off – [Link] Oh, this is Office Space – [Stevie] Correct! – Yeah, that's correct, go with your first instinct, 'cause that's working every time – Scarface

Next one (crew laughing) Oh – [Rhett] Oh – [Link] Is this Central Park? – [Rhett] No, that's like Communist Russia (air whoosh) (crew laughs) – Potato, po-tah-to

– (laughs) Apparently it's not Apparently it's not Communist Russia – So there's a dog on top of – A dog? A dog? A dog-like – The statue is a dog – Are they worshiping, or is it meditation? – Is that a dog on the

– [Rhett] There's a dog in the foreground, and a dog on the top, yeah But I think that that's just because it's a statue – I'm gonna guess Coming to America

(Stevie laughing) – No, no, no, it's not– – Give us a hint – [Stevie] The perfect breed of dog to watch this movie with would be a rescued Italian Boxer – Rocky – [Stevie] Correct! (bell tings) (air whooshes) – [Link] Oh, yeah – [Rhett] Yeah! Okay

– [Link] I've totally seen this poster – [Rhett] Is that the top of the stairs? – Yeah that's the top of the stairs Of course I haven't seen this movie (crew laughing) I've only heard of it – I just haven't looked at movie posters, apparently, 'cause I've seen all of these movies

– [Link] Gimme another one All Dogs go to Heaven You've not replaced anything in this one – No, this has got Keanu in it And it's A Walk in the Clouds

(crew laughing) – One of them has a suit on This is– – A River Runs Through It – Men in Black – No, no, no, it's Old Yeller – This is very evocative

Old Yeller, this one hasn't been altered either – No, it's a romance, oh, the Notebook! – [Stevie] Incorrect – Gosh! – [Stevie] If you leave a plate of KFC out in the open these dogs would be gone with the wings – (laughing) Gone With The Wind – [Stevie] That hint was too good, yeah, it's Gone With The Wind

(laughs) – [Rhett] Ah, really? – This is difficult, huh? – When you put the dogs in– – Right? – it's really– – Isn't this difficult? – [Stevie] It comes down to this one, guys – Again, this doesn't look like the makings of a movie poster, you've got a smushed face of a dog, behind a wall – And then somebody yelling to get in? Somebody in a leather jacket yelling to get in? – Is that dog holding a knife? This is a horror movie – [Stevie] It's a horror movie, yeah – Cujo

– No, this is, behind the stairs, the people under the stairs! – The people under the stairs? – No – No – The people behind the wall – I think it's just Halloween – This is Troll 2

(crew laughing) Is it a horror movie? – [Stevie] It's a horror movie, yeah, think classically because they've all been classic-ish – Psycho – There's no shower But the dog's face is smushed behind– – Not that classic? – Behind a wall – It's still a color though

– Is it a Hitchcock movie? – [Stevie] No – Nightmare on Elm Street? Let's just name– – Is Jack Nicholson in it? – [Stevie] Yes! – Oh! The Shining – [Stevie] Correct! – [Rhett] Yes! – [Link] Yes! We got it! – [Rhett] I totally recognized it– – [Link] So obvious now! – [Rhett] Jack from that, but I just don't even remember– – Do we win the prize or do we just get to look– – [Stevie] You win it! – at what we lost? – [Stevie] You do! You win! – Oh, here's what you get And here's what I get – Breakfast at Jade's! – Oh, wow! Boy, they look so good

(crew laughing) Oh, my goodness – Look at that! – This is goin' up in my bedroom (crew laughing) – They're wearing cats as As stoles (groaning) Jade does not smoke in real life and she never will She keeps asking, but I keep saying no Lot of white space to put me in here too – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing, – You know what time

– It is – I'm Julie from Ohio – And I'm Brian from Pennsylvania

– [Both] And it's time to spin the wheel of Mythicality – Ohio and Pennsylvania, I dunno if it's gonna work – Looks like they've got a secret – Click the bottom link to watch the episode from the beginning – And click the top link to watch us guess which movies made our Mythical crew members cry in Good Mythical More! – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land

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