Mini Christmas Tree Decorating Challenge

– Well the first thing you do is you get into a fight when you're trying to untangle the– – Oh – These worked last year! Why aren't they all working this year? – Yeah

– Somebody didn't pack 'em right! That's usually how it starts – Right, that's the inaugural thing that happens – A little spittle (poppy electronic music) Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and llamas make great baby mamas

This week's guests will be comin' round the mountain when they come because the particular road they're driving on was made that way versus through the mountain most likely due to construction costs or some other geological impossibility Please welcome Rhett and Link! (crew applauding and cheers) – How'd you know about the road? – You're trying to get a pants compliment today, aren't you? – Uh-uh, what are you, are you talking to Link? – Yeah I'm talking to Link's jeans – I'm talking to your pajama pants – [Stevie] Link, your jeans look great today – Look at that

– They're not pajama pants – So it's like you have to call 'em pajama pants to feel better about yourself – Exactly – I see how it is – No I just seem to recall that's what you called my pants

– I didn't call your pants pajama pants – Oh you did – On camera – Couch pants, they were couch pants These are not couch pants and I really like 'em

– This is like working on the railroad – [Stevie] Exactly – I work on a railroad pants I call 'em my railroad pants And your paint splot shirt

– Yeah – Did you know– – Been painting a train – Painter up top, railroad man on the bottom – That llamas are very good mothers, but they don't lick their young or eat the afterbirth I copy and pasted that from a site about llamas and it said but as if that part made them, that was actually what good mothers do, they don't do that, but– – That's an early indicator of a caring mother is eating the afterbirth and licking the baby and when they don't do that, you're like oh I don't know what's up

– Yeah do you not really love your baby? – Yeah, turns out they do Are you ready to tease the tease tease in a tease tease? – I'm ready to receive the tease – Receive my tease – A tease-receiving mood – Here's something else I'm gonna ask you if you knew and it's not about llamas, it's about our very on Matthew Dwyer, you know him, lead graphics extraordinaire

But did you know he's a model? – Uh, no, but– – A model? – I wouldn't put it past him – Well now you do and I'm gonna show you some modeling photos of him later in the show – What? – Okay, I'm excited now – I don't wanna seem too, well, I am excited I don't wanna seem too surprised 'cause that would be an insult to the man

– Yeah, no – Of course he's a model, I've just never seen the photos – [Stevie] Yeah exactly – Glad I wore my railroad pants today – We are also going to decorate the first ever mini GMM Christmas tree

– Oh no you didn't – I did I didn't yet but I will with you – Oh no you're not gonna– (Stevie laughs) – Yes I am And also we have a while the cameras were rolling clip that leads into a satisfying video shot, directed by Link and starring Link, and Link's most prized possession

– Oh so you decided to use this? – Yeah – I know you've asked me for it but I'm like– – And it's very exciting – I know you're not gonna use it, but I'm not gonna have my feelings hurt but now, ooh– – Get very excited, it is great But first, it's beverage time! – Whoa, it's big – That's what she said

– What on earth? Has this been under like a kitchen sink for– – Hold on, is this sea buckthorn? – How amazing is this? Real fruits – Art food compote Compote, compotey? – You sure we should all have our own? (chuckles) – I was actually, I was just questioning that, I feel bad, it's so cool, I feel bad having our own Should we share one? – Yeah let's share one and then we'll keep these for the, I don't know, for the party – For the party

– Yeah we should share one – You know, we always have Mythical parties here – Oh you want me to do the opening? – Yeah, you open it, we're gonna, let's down our water and let's use this – It has a little bow See this, this is so fancy

Dare I say this is the fanciest beverage we've ever had on the show – Well it's the biggest – This is so weird – It's art food, man – [Stevie] I'll lightly shake it

– [Link] Look at that – Lucas is like– (gasps) – This is imported from Canoga Park, California – Oh this makes me so nervous – Make sure I get some of those buckthorns – Sea buckthorn, sugar, citric acid, water

Energetic value, 84 – 84? – Comma zero kilocalories – All right – Here you go That stuff in there floating is still part of it

– I'm not gonna say much for the smell – It smells like rotten fruit – Yeah it smells rotten – Oh my gosh – But in a good way

– Dink it (mugs clink) – [Link] You gonna drink out the bottle? – [Stevie] Mm-hm, you know it – Interesting – Tastes a lot better than it smells – Oh did you get some of the buckthorns? – My buckthorns are at the bottom

– I think you're supposed to swallow the seeds, it's like a chia seed – I wanna save them and I wanna grow buckthorn crops – Right there? – No I'm gonna dry 'em out and then I'm gonna plant 'em Did you even know these existed? – [Link] No – This whole city is about to have buckthorns unleashed on them

– I think we may have jumped the shark in the beverage category – Is that possible? – I don't know if we could ever outdo this beverage – Well they've certainly outdone themselves I'll tell you that – That would be an awesome sponsorship, just gonna say, sea buckthorn, we're sponsored by sea buckthorn

– Visit buckthorn – And then we've got a little guy named Buckthorn and it's like see Buckthorn run, and then we get– – That's a good idea for a campaign – You get the kids hooked on buckthorn, and then they're buckthorns for the rest of their life – Mm-hm – Start 'em young on the buckthorn

– You know who was also started young on the buckthorn? Matthew – Oh you're talking 'bout the model who also works for us as a graphic designer? – Is he a buckthorn model? – You could say he's a professional model, because that would mean that he gets paid to model and he technically was getting paid when he was modeling – What? – I'm so intrigued – I know, it's confusing, okay So this week on the show we had Erika Christensen and we tried baby products to see if they were good for adults and the last product was a baby mop

– She sucked snot out of Rhett's nose – Oh, I thought you were about to be very rude (Rhett chuckles) – Worst guest ever! (Stevie chuckling) – No, splendid guest, very, up for anything – Up for anything – We ask a lot of our guests but when we ask our guest, would you mind sucking creamed corn out of one of my nostrils into your own mouth and she says yes

– She said no problem here – That's really going above and beyond But Link, the art department had made a mop, an adult version of a baby mop for you to wear Now here's the thing, when our brilliant crew makes an item like this, it needs to be modeled, like it needs to be put on a human so we can see where everything falls and oftentimes these photos make it to me so that I can say yes, that is the baby mop that I had in mind, and this photo that I got was just too beautiful not to share Is there a possibility of zooming in and post will zoom in so you can see the face

– [Rhett] Oh yeah I see the face – [Stevie] But if you just for now purposes– – [Link] That is Matthew Dwyer – 'Cause he's giving what I used to give a lot which is like bored, I'm over this right now, cool face – Uh-huh, right, but it really works for him – It really, and I don't know if he was trying to, if that's what he was trying to go for but– – Let's bring him out

– No, I don't know if he's around right now at this moment – Is he working? And not being a model? – Oh, oh We got a zoom in So you see what I'm talking about – [Link] He's not even looking at the camera

– That's like part of it – I think, here's the thing guys, is he was in the mindset of I know that you're not looking at this for me You're looking at this for the suit, so he assumed the right face To try to own this any more than this – I would have personally really enjoyed that

– (laughs) Okay – And also when it came– – Next time do that – When it was in the body of the email, you know how sometimes Gmail will do that, or maybe all emails, I don't know, will do that thing where the photo is like huge and you have to scrub around to find different parts of it, like it doesn't come in an email just so you can see all of it, it's just like ginormous – Yeah – That's how it came to me which made it even better

– So you had to like pan over and then all of a sudden, there's his face, pow – Yeah It also reminded me though in terms of behind the scenes size things of something that we have for you, Rhett – Behind the scenes size – And I don't think we've ever shown on the show that this exists

This is, Kiko, can you get me? – The Rhett stick – The Rhett stick – [Link] Oh yeah Look at that – See? You know what this is for? – How tall is Rhett when he's not around? – Yeah

– As tall as that stick – This is the stand-in that we can afford – And here's the thing, when I see you hold that stick, you know what I think? – [Stevie] No – What, hey, hey, hey! (crew laughs) Okay, maybe there's a different way to say that When I see that stick anywhere– – (chuckles) Yeah

– When I happen upon the Rhett stick, I think– – (laughs) I'm sorry That's so a weird thing to say – When I happen upon the Rhett stick, in the privacy of my own home No, uh– (Stevie laughing) When I see that, I think I'm not that tall That's impossible, that's a freak! – Really? – Yeah, I'm like what in the world, no, you got it wrong, and then I stand next to it and I realize, I am that tall

– Yeah, freakish height – That's kinda the point of the stick – Exactly because for years they misjudged it They would be like– – Who? – Anyone who is setting up the camera They would set it up and they'd be like, oh, well surely he's not that, I am that tall! It's stupid! – Yeah, yeah

– Stupid tall – Stupid Rhett stick – [Stevie] Stupid Rhett stick – Do I get a stick? Where's my stick? – You get a breadstick (chuckles) – Oh every time they use that stick, I get fed a breadstick? Deal

– (laughs) Every time we break out the Rhett stick, we give Link a breadstick – In my office I'm going like aye-aye-aye It's just like– – But you can't actually bite it and it's always one It's the same breadstick, so you better– – [Stevie] What do you have to do with it? – Why are you making the rules? – Guys, a bunch of Mores ago, a bunch of GMMores ago– – Four Mores and seven years ago (chuckles) – Link made a comment about liking to peel the protective plastic off of appliances and various items that come with protective plastic on them

– Who doesn't? – And Ellie mentioned that she had a fridge that still had it on, unfortunately she wasn't able to take it off – I asked her to take video of her ripping it off – It didn't happen – She said something involving her boyfriend, that it wasn't gonna happen – Yeah and so then I found an alternate fridge peeling video, it was very disgusting

It didn't quite do it for you And apparently that wasn't enough to just stop talking about it, you continued to talk about it – Definitely has not stopped talking about it – Yeah you talked about it between rounds of a recent episode and we have that footage – So people have been sending me tweets of them taking footage

– People been sending you tweets again? – Finally! – I been asking 'em to (chuckles) – Of peeling the protective layers off of things, 'cause you know I talked about it, in what, like an LTAT? I was talking about the film on my toilet which I filmed – You filmed the film? – Yeah 'cause it's like Ellie wasn't gonna do it, I was gonna do it and then, I didn't post that on Twitter, come to think of it – Let me guess, it's gotten old – No

– It doesn't get old? – No I'm gonna look and see if there's a Reddit thread or something because– – Have you watched skin peeling videos? (crew groans) – That's more of like my wife's kinda thing – Man you kids– – Pimple popping – I've seen people pull off like six by six pieces of skin And I'm talking inches, man – Are you talking about sunburn or– – Sunburn

I don't know, all kinds of things There's all kinds of ways you can get your skin off – Like no I don't think it's something I will ever get tired of I'm sure there's a Reddit thread If not, I should start it where it's like, it's appealing, it's called appealing

You don't wanna go too punny on Reddit, but peeling, oddly satisfying is something that I follow, but like oddly appealing videos I'm sure there's montages of that stuff, but I like it when people send it to me – Peeling fruits? – Only the protective film Protective film– – Gotta be more specific You know the peel crowd will come in

You don't want the general peel crowd getting in – [Link] So satisfying I can see it coming off the toilet lid right now – Guys, guess what? We have, that I teased at the top of the show, we already have We have the video that you reference in that clip that I just played

– Oh, wow (chuckles) – Do you want me to set this up? – Oh yeah, please, it needs more – Well, I'm not mad at Ellie for not taking footage of her fridge I was excited and I was disappointed when it didn't happen, but you know, it's her fridge, there's something about her boyfriend Again, it doesn't matter

– Is he an anti-peeler? – I don't know Again, I'm trying to stay out of it I'm just like you know what, I have a toilet in my new fresh bathroom and it's got the thing on it – I've heard about it – I can do a peeling video myself

I don't need to ask that of anybody else It's not fair of me to do that, to demand that of anyone else or expect it or be disappointed – [Stevie] Mm – I'll just produce it for myself – Mm-hm

– So here I am in my bathroom filming my toilet and ripping off the protective layer off the top of it Now it is, the toilet has a mind of its own, I will say I'll leave it at that – Spoiler alert – Yes

(plastic tearing) Don't open, don't open automatically Here we go (plastic ripping) Yes! Hello Woo, that was good! Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo, that was good (chuckles) – It's an awesome toilet, but I just gotta say, I hate to be a critic of your peel video, but, I think I'm speaking on behalf of the people who watch these videos to be satisfied that it doesn't help that the peeler himself is going, "Yes!" (grunts) – You're right but– – I think you're supposed to let them come to that conclusion

– I couldn't help it – I mean no one's gonna be satisfied with that Before you put it– – On Reddit – On the appealing Reddit section, you definitely need to take out your satisfied grunts – And re-record a track

(laughs) – I'm gonna have to ADR my peeling video With other peels – Here I go Whoa, are you enjoying this? – Yeah yeah yeah – Again I wasn't gonna– – It's a different kinda thing

– That video was just for me so I could grunt, groan, and get into it as much as I wanted I didn't know I was gonna show it to you – Mm-hm – Sorry – Okay also last week, I believe

Time flies, you know what I'm saying I just don't know Some time, we already did it and I'm gonna reference it right now– – Yep, yep – We did Payless shoes versus designer shoes We had a cute little mini set going on

I thought to myself– – Crazy – That is so cute – Crazy good – We gotta use it immediately after we do this episode – Uh-huh

– So then I thought, what is that mini set missing? It's missing a mini Christmas tree – Ah, 'tis the season – It's December and I feel like it's an acceptable time to decorate and put up a Christmas tree – Yeah – Plus on the internet they have all those hamsters and burritos, you know? – I don't go on the internet

– (chuckles) So, let's decorate a mini Christmas tree All right, so here we are, and you can see I went with the 12 inch – [Link] That's perfect height for that thing – I think, unless I've decorated a tree on this show, or for this show, I think this might be my first Christmas tree decorating experience – Seriously? – Yeah

– I'm so glad we can introduce you to a tradition – Well the first thing you do is you douse the tree in sea buckthorn – Great – Well the first thing you do is you get into a fight when you're trying to untangle the– – Oh – These worked last year! Why aren't they all working this year? – Yeah

– Somebody didn't pack 'em right! That's usually how it starts – Right, yeah That's the inaugural thing that happens – A little spittle All right, well, we made it past the fight

So now– – Not all of them Fight is something that just permeates these types of things – Yeah yeah yeah, the fight continues And here's a cool thing – Some family members check out at that point, and then the ones who stay are, you're at each other's throats

– I usually go and take a nap after that – It is I believe the seventh night of Hanukkah so I did get a mini menorah – This is gonna be frickin' easy – Fellow Jews, it's this way, right, 'cause like it's right to left – Don't ask me

– 'Cause that's– (chuckles) Fellow Jews? I believe I'm right – So I'm supposed to wait until you do that? – Don't put it in the center hole – Okay – Oh I got a lit candle! Woo, hot! – Over there By your laptop

– Okay then light it Just light 'em, I don't know (singing in foreign language) – No! You don't blow that one out Ornaments next? – Yeah – At your house, are the ornaments like, this is my great-grandmother's ornament, or is it like– – Only if it still works with the decor

– Our first year of marriage, Christy and I made these gingerbread men that turned out to be burnt and were so hard, we drilled holes into 'em and made 'em into (chuckles) tree ornaments – Burnt them – We still use 'em – [Rhett] That's enough ornaments – [Link] Yeah I'm kinda burned out on these

– Hey hey hey now! – What else do we have? – We're so antsy – Okay ♪ Present time ♪ – Just kinda toss 'em down there ♪ In the city ♪ – [Stevie] Now and I also, I mean– ♪ Dingaling ♪ – I had to Amazon Prime this, you know what I'm saying, but I did think this was cute – Oh, cookies

– Santa comes down this orange tube – Mm-hm, don't do that! – And then, floop, comes right out Saves the cookies – Santa doesn't like even numbers though, you need to leave odd numbers of cookies I learned that the hard way

– So this is me I am the smallest Barbie Is this a good place? – [Link] Whoa, doing a little stretching For the holiday season – Link, I have the world's smallest GI Joe

– Oh yeah, that boy got a furry head (chuckles) Touch my head and rub it, it's furry – Wow that's amazing Oh he doing a split too This is quite a Christmas

– And then the world's smallest Stretch Armstrong Is Rhett – Yeah that's me – Whoa! – There we go – Oh ho

♪ I'll be long for Christmas ♪ – Let's see if we can get him as long as the Rhett stick (chuckling) – That's where he is – Top of the tree Where I belong – I feel like maybe there's like a small buffalo as set dressing

Perfect – Yeah, right – Whoa, whoa! – Pioneer's Christmas (tender holiday music) I remember that first winter when I was bareback riding my buffalo Oh and look, it's still Hanukkah

(upbeat festive music) But not for long! (chuckles) – All right I hope this gives you inspiration for your own Christmas tree and that's all I've got So thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing And now our final line – Until next LTAT– – Next B Oh shoot, do it one more time

– Oh gosh, merry Christmas – Until– – Next LTAT, keep on BYMB – [Link] F-O S-H-O (poppy electronic music)

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