Memphis BBQ Beans Taste Test

(tender piano music) – That's a good bean (poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show

I'm Stevie and me me big boy This week's guests put their pants on just like the rest of us, only when they have to leave the house, please welcome Rhett and Link (scattered applause) – [Crew Member] Woo! – A saunter if you will A saunter to the couch Nice pants, Link

– Thank you, I made them (chuckles) I made them from a tablecloth (chuckles) – You don't like my dark jeans? (chuckles) – I love your dark jeans, I just don't tell you enough – Thanks – I'm telling you right now

I love 'em – These are the type of pants that are just fishing for a compliment – Fishin', might as well have a string attached to 'em – The couch to pants is great right now for your pants – Is it, am I becoming part of the couch? – You look a little couchy

– Can you not tell where the couch ends and I begin? – Well, no, I can tell that, but it does appear as if you've dressed for the couch today and the couch appreciates it Do you know what me me big boy is? – Is that a meme? – It has become a meme, our friend Jacksfilms, and I'm sure I'm gonna be corrected in the comments section but from what I could tell because in internet age, we are all very old – Oh yeah – Oh gosh – Basically he answered the phone from a telemarketer and just kept repeating me me big boy in place of any other words, and the telemarketer eventually hung up, so then he kept saying me me big boy in place of a lot of other words and then it caught on and became a thing and this was like early last year

– That's the power that the internet offers – This is how you have to explain memes to old people, the way that you just did it is– – But I had to google– – Exactly the way my kids talk to me – I wanna make sure that I got everything correct and it reminded me of a time when Jack was in one of our music videos back in 2013– ♪ Put the phone away ♪ – He choked – Get Off The Phone, and this is a clip from that ♪ Let's listen in and see if we can get some context ♪ – Please hurry, we're at 382 Pine

♪ He has the nerve to make a phone call ♪ ♪ At such a pivotal moment in his friend's life ♪ ♪ How could you be so disengaged ♪ ♪ While precious memories are being made ♪ ♪ Do you really think your friends need ♪ ♪ Another baby picture in their feed ♪ ♪ Don't be such a self-centered guy ♪ ♪ Now isn't that better? ♪ – I think he just died – Yeah, we killed him – That was him – Didn't even give him a line (Rhett laughs) – I wanted to know if other people since then had gone back and watched the video to notice that Jack was in it– – That me me big boy was in it? – Well I scrolled down the comments and there's a comment from that (bleep) with 428 thumbs up, and it's me me big corpse

– Oh! – Oh wow – So they did, they did notice it! – Me me big corpse – Anyway, this week guys, we went to Memphis – Yes we did! – Woo! We're back We've been back before

– We're back, we ate ribs, we went to Graceland, we mastered ducks, we Rascal Flatted is how I believe you say it – So flat – And most importantly, we visited the kids at St Jude and speaking of, nice shirts, boys – Oh yeah

Check it out – Thank you – This shirt saves lives, we wanna encourage you to get your own by going to ThisShirtSavesLivesorg, and pledge $20 a month to St Jude

It's a very worthy cause – Yes, make sure to tag us, St Jude, and use the hashtag #thisshirtsaveslives so other people know how they can donate to save lives and get a cool t-shirt in the process – Boom – And reminder that you can easily click that blue button next to this video to donate to St

Jude's thanks and giving campaign Of course, St Jude is pioneering research and treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases at no cost to the families, so we really encourage you to donate along with us and the rest of the Mythical Beasts and it's a very important, worthy cause to support – Absolutely, and it was awesome to go there – Yes

– To take the tour, to meet the kids, meet the parents, and meet all the people involved We're very glad to be partnered with them – While we were there, I mentioned that we got to taste some barbecue – So much – Between the different places and between the ribs we were tasting, you got a little bean taste test in there

– Oh, yeah I did – So on today's episode, we have that footage – Oh – But before we move onto beans, let's move onto beverages – Yes

– Beverages before beans, you know what I mean? – So– – Ooh! Look at this, it's a bulbous bottle, Belvoir Fruit Farms – Oh fancy – Elderflower and rose lemonade – Mm-hm, and it is 100% good Check

– I see that That's a little presumptuous – I don't know, there's 1% juice in it – Would you like to dink it? – And that would be elderberry juice – That's how you ask someone if they wanna dink it

Would you like to dink it? – [Link] And sink it – Oh, wow – Is it aromatic? – Very floral, I like floral tasting things – Oh, smells like carpet – I like rose water

– Carpet? – Mm-hmm Do you have something like that when something tastes or smells bad, for some reason to me, oftentimes it smells like if you walk into a carpet store and it like– – When's the last time you went in a carpet store? – (chuckles) Yeah, I think I'm just pulling from memory at this point and that's not saying much, but, ooh – I like this – [Link] My ex great uncle used to own a fabric shop – I could be sponsored

– And he had like carpet rolls in there and I absolutely know what you're talking about – A fabric shop? – Mm-hm! – He had a fabric shop in Angier – Fabric for whom? – It was called Town and Country Fabrics I believe – Like Jo-Ann's? – For the town and the country – It was like Jo-Ann's but it was a mom and pop shop

– Is your uncle Jo-Ann? – No, Rudy Uncle Rudy owned it and I would go in there and they just had reams and reams, literally, of fabric – Yeah – And I would just, I would climb all of it as a child – There's nothing like a fabric store, man

– I'd come out smelling like this tastes – You don't like it? – It has an aftertaste of carpet and I prefer not to eat carpet, so no – I would have bet you, I literally would have bet you $78 that I wouldn't have liked this – That's not what I heard (chuckles) That's not what I heard

(Stevie laughs) – I missed what she said – Oh – All right we're gonna move on from that – Link missed that one! – I'm just thinking about how much I like this stuff – I was thinking it as I was saying it, but everyone's fine and we're moving onto Central BBQ

– I like it – This hat, you might be wondering, hey, where's that meat hat from? – We're gonna get one of those – You go to meathatorg – No, do not

(Stevie laughs) Do not (chuckles) Do not do that – This is from Central BBQ which spoiler alert, if you haven't watched the rib taste test episode, what are you doing? Please go watch it 'cause I'm about to spoil it Central BBQ won – Oh I miss it

– Oh you miss the barbecue, I thought you missed the episode – Oh I missed it (chuckles) – And Craig the owner after we crowned him Barbecue King in person, I don't think that was the title we used but he was super gracious and he gave our whole crew an amazing meal and this a photo from that meal This doesn't even include the pitchers of beer, and then he brought all that banana pudding – Oh gosh

– It was so good – He put a hurtin' on us – So much meat – [Stevie] You can see the look on my face– – A good hurtin' – Is trying to convey, can you believe this? But in person it was so much taller

– Yeah yeah, you had to be there really – They make wings too which are like award-winning wings – It's like a smoked wing – They smoke the wing– – They smoke the wings and then they deep fry them – They marinate the wings in hot sauce overnight

– And then they smoke 'em right? – Yeah – But then they fry them to finish them – They fry them to finish them – Yeah – Yeah and he said that he's won like best wings in Memphis for however many years and he's a barbecue place

But he was so nice That was my personal favorite part of our entire trip was just that meal And I don't know how I ate so much and still walked out, but it happened And then, when we went to Gary from Rascal Flatt's, his farm, we realized we had the Pixel on us, and– – Oh there it is again What's that in my pocket? – And so (chuckles), we took photos, we had a little photo shoot

– I see that – [Link] We were not invited to this – No– – Oh here's a barn – This was just Jacob and I for the most part Casey joined, there's some Ben

But really I just wanted to show a photo of myself (laughs) So Craig– – Did you put that on your Insta yet? – I have not I will, I will do that, so you can go to my Instagram and see it – He told us a story about this barn This barn was built at the same time as the house in front of it where he was tapping the maple trees

– 1903 if I recall – Yeah and if you'll look just to the left of your right elbow, there's a window in that barn Well what they did was, they turned a couple of rooms in that barn into rooms for their older children – They had too many children and they couldn't all fit inside the main house and so they started putting them in the barn – Pushing them out to the barn to live, which, kids that's what, you gotta be grateful

– I wish you could do that now, you know? I wish I had a barn – If you're staying in here, you gotta live under the other roof, the horse roof – And so they thought it would be nice to the children to put windows in and then the boys who were in the barn built a shelf and they carved their names on it and the date It says like 1905 from when they– – That's crazy – Were put in the barn

– And then I went– – The year of the barn – I went in there with a pocket knife and I scratched it off – Right, because– – I felt like they were defacing the barn – Right, yeah – Gary came in there and was like, "What are you doing?" – Sanding it down, Gary

Sanding it down – I've never My parents have a mountain, in Virginia– – Her parents have a mountain

– My parents, they own a mountain No, there's an old farm house where I remember going up as a kid and hating to go up there because we only had Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen tapes and I wanted more And this trip out to Gary's farm was the farthest I've ever been out into the country, because you go down– (Link chuckles) There's a road and it's marked dead end, but then you go down for like ever and ever and ever before you get to his actual, you know, I wouldn't call that a cabin A giant cabin – It's a wooden house

– And then he owns– – A wooden mansion – 3,000 acres of land It's huge! – Pretty awesome – It's so huge and this was the old farm house The barn to that farm house was where this was

So, yeah, Craig from Central BBQ just hit me up for these merch photos, you know what I'm saying? – Oh, yeah – Speaking of merch – Oh, you wanna be a model for the barbecue restaurant? – I wanna be a meat model (Rhett laughs) – Stevie Levine, professional meat model – We tried to fit on as many clothes as we can to promote different things, but I just wanted to point out that we have a sale at Mythical

store this weekend So if you want some Mythical swag, please go to Mythicalstore and get it over this weekend through Cyber Monday – Do that now – And now I want to plug beans

Because as I mentioned, we did a little bean taste test down in Memphis and let's take a look – You think we can get some beans? I wanna try the beans Oh ho ho ho ho ho! – [Waiter] World famous bean farm (tender piano music) – Are you like in your own bean world or something? – Oh man, I love 'em I have a special relationship with beans

– Oh you do? – I seek them out I also make my own beans I once made a pot of beans on Instagram It was a hit I haven't done it since though

It's a lot of work, making Instagram videos You know about that – (chuckles) I sure do – Whoa (tender piano music) The beans

The beans are really, really good Like, like, there's little strings of pork in it These beans are better than the last beans I had That's the best beans I've had Can a man have too many beans? Actually based on what happened last night, yes

– Beans? – Oh my – There we go (tender piano music) – That's a good bean – I'll tell you right now, I know what the best beans are – But don't influence the bean man

The bean man has gotta go deep into his bean brain – I'll second that – The Rendezvous little pot, there was, the pork was mixed in, like, you could tell the other ones were cooked with the pork in there And the way they distributed the pork fat and then the sweetness and a little bit of spiciness on top, he had everything hitting on all bean cylinders in a way that the other two didn't But I would, I'd be buried with these beans

I still like 'em Okay so the official winner of the great 2018 bean off– – I didn't know that was happening – It's happening right now Is Rendezvous – I do agree with that though

– By the way, I want you to bury me with beans Yeah, all those beans were really, really good, but I gotta tell ya right now, Rendezvous beans – Yeah, we gathered that You talked about it Tell 'em about it, Rhett

Talk about the beans! – Here's something I'll also say All the ribs were incredible I don't know how well we communicated that, that like, all the ribs were great It's just the Central BBQ ribs were a head and shoulders above the rest – They were so good

– But the Rendezvous beans, head and shoulders above the rest of the beans but they're all good beans I didn't have a bad bean while in Memphis And if I have a bad bean, I'll let you know – Yeah – You'll be the first to know, Stevie

– Thank you so much – If I ever have a bad bean – When it hit your palate, it seemed like it just kinda like– – I don't know what it is man – It was like an anesthetic – Something about legumes

– We need to think about that, just keep 'em on hand If he just starts getting worked up about cats or community college, just shoot him in the mouth with beans And he's phew – Yeah – We can have a bean shooter

– I'm okay with that – That's another word for a sling shot – At your house? – A bean shooter I think I think

– And when you get hit with a baseball in baseball, it's getting beaned with a baseball – Oh I thought it was– – Bonked – No it's beaned because the original game of baseball was played with beans – Right, they were very small – The first 10 years, it was all beans, and it was like, we can't even see this thing

They upgraded to Lima beans and it was a little bit better– – But the pitchers can throw them – We really need an actual ball – 111 miles an hour was the record – Several people were killed because a bean going that fast will go right through your skull – Or any part of your body

You can get spleened with a bean (Rhett chuckles) That's why they have to remove spleens – Yeah yeah – Because you get beaned in the spleen and they gotta remove the spleen – You know what I mean? – To get to the– (chuckles) – All right well that's all I got this week

– We got plenty more – A little extra Memphis Oh, what happens after the spleen? – Well you can get beaned in a lot of places Yeah – (chuckles) Okay

All right, well, thank you guys for liking, commenting and subscribing You ready for the line? – [Rhett] Yep – Until next LTAT– – LTAT – Keep on BYMB – BYMB

– Just saying the acronym now – F-O S-H-O – What? – Just saying the acronym (poppy electronic music)

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