McDonald’s vs. Burger King Kids Meal Taste Test

– Are you a breast man or are you a leg man? – I like the legs – A leg man

(poppy electronic music) Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and I may or may not love turtles You be the judge This week's guests are gonna be just fine, fine, fine, 'cause they have one hand in their pockets and the other ones are about to give me a high five Please welcome Rhett and Link

(scattered unenthusiastic applause) Wow, thank you The applause just keeps getting better and better, as we go And one from you (Link laughs) Yes! Shout out to Alanis – I met her

– Big fans – I met her in person Talked to her at a party – Her and her husband Souleye – He's a rapper, urban poet

That urban area being Los Angeles – That's what they're calling rappers now – Maybe I should use one of his lyrics in the next time I introduce you – The first party we ever went to in Los Angeles, like 30 minutes into the party, we're talking to Alanis Morissette, and her rapper husband Souleye, and I was like, this is what my life is now – 28 minutes in the party, Rhett was like, "Alanis Morissette is right over there

" – Yeah – And then two minutes later, we were like, "Hey" (Stevie laughs) – Yeah but it worked, man – "Who's that guy with you?" "That's my Souleye" – And then Rick Fox of the Los Angeles Lakers was there

– Oh that's why I didn't know who that was – And talked to him and I was like, this is it, man This is our lives now – Just Alanis and Rick And Souleye

– No, famous people, everywhere at parties – I thought I was just gonna have nothing but famous friends, and then eight years later, he's still pretty much the only person that I hang out with – He's famous – I'm getting up in there – What? – In the popularity

(all laughing) What is gonna happen today? – Oh, just get ready 'cause I have a behind-the-scenes clip of Link talking about pigs' nipples Rhett's son Shep and I determine what the best kids' meal is between McDonald's and Burger King I have a much-requested ASMR treat And first, before all of that, we are going to get our drink on – I love this idea, by the way

– I like drinks – Again, I passed by these expensive drinks when I'm darting into the Ralphs to get something – You're a Ralphs man – And I dart in and I'm just looking for a little something – You're a dart man

– I'm always sent in for just a little something – You're a little something man – One, two, or three things (chuckling) – Lucky Jack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, old-school iced coffee as it should be – Oh crap

– It's old-school flavor 'Cause that's what attracted me, is I don't know what that means – Shake well before use – Okay – Settling is natural

Is that how you shake a cold brew? (Rhett laughs) It's like, "Hey!" It's like you're pouring it on yourself – I like that – It's like a– – I think I might I don't think that was just for the camera, I think that we just caught me in an act of shaking – Just caught me how I normally shake

I like a lot about this, I typically stay away from the cold brew because it causes the bold doo, you know what I'm saying? – Oh, that's why I like it – The what do? The bowl do? – The cold brew causes the bold doo Doo being D-O-O, short for dookey D-O-O-K-E-Y in my vocabulary Dookey is another term for defecation– – In my vocabulary

– That the middle schoolers use In other words, what I'm saying is, and it's not quite as funny, drinking cold brew coffee makes me defecate – Cheers It has that mouthfeel – Like an old-school? Like an old-school mouthfeel? – Yeah feels like an old-school mouthfeel to it

– I actually needed this right now – Reminds me of my old mouth, mouth– – The way your mouth used to feel? – Mhm (chuckling) Speaking of, I'll use the mouthfeel segue to talk about your son– – Okay – And how we went in some drive-throughs together So this week– – All right, do that

Make that segue – Shep and Lando were on the show this week They did a kids test answers with us, and we also did an episode where we recreated discontinued McDonald's food, so I thought why not combine the themes of those two things So I did my little YouTube search for kids reviewing kids' meals and I couldn't find anything except for two old men on their own channels who revealed kids' meals and and other meals – Revealed them, kinda like an unboxing? – Did I say reveal? – You did

– I'm sorry, oh God, I'm so stupid – It's gonna be me and you – I thought there is a market here for kids' reviews by kids and what better kid to bring on than Shep Didn't know Lando was gonna wanna hang, so next time it'll have to be Shando – Right

– And real treat for the ladies out there, Ben joined us – Oh yeah (Rhett chuckles) – All right gentlemen, it is a beautiful day here in Burbank, California and the perfect day, in fact, to taste some Happy Meals So we're gonna go through the drive-through at McDonald's and through the drive-through at Burger King, and Shepherd, we need your expert kid opinion to decide which thing is better We have a McDonald's and a Burger King right by the studio

What do you think it says about our society? – You like food – [Employee] Hi, may I take your order? – Just get every Happy Meal – Capri Sun, chocolate Thank you – My fries are greasy

They're good fries – It's so good – But– – But? – I've had way better fries – Any thoughts on the initial Go-Gurt situation? – It is strawberry – I feel weird watching you do this

Ew I don't usually share dairy products with people (chuckles) It's kind of warm Okay so our verdict on Go-Gurt? – I like it – Oh, we like it

Okay, apples? – Do they peel the skin? Yes, they do You know the skins feel like the healthiest part for you – Shame on you, McDonald's That's good In my opinion, the apple slices are way better than the Go-Gurt

– Yeah, all right Take your nuggets – There was a year when they switched to all white breast meat Are you a breast man or are you a leg man? – I like the legs – A leg man

– It's good, but I don't think the barbecue sauce is meant for it – All right, hamburger's out – There's barely any ketchup There's one pickle You feel that there's something missing, and that's cheese

– How many calories do you like to eat a day, Shep? – I don't – This is the second dairy product Shep and I will be sharing Ugh, I don't like milk – None of us are able to judge this milk – Okay, that's fair

– The toy – I'm trying to remember the last Happy Meal toy I had I don't think it was any better or worse than this In general, what do we think of the McDonald's Happy Meal? – It's gonna take a kid like 15 minutes to eat this It could be too much time

– Burger King has a lot more main item selection – Take your nuggets Yeah, that's the kind of breading I don't like – What do you think compared to McDonald's nuggets? – It's better – These are better? – Yeah 'cause the McDonald's, they're like so mushy, and I ruined my life by watching the Food Inc on McDonald's

– [Stevie] Fries? – It's good It's better than McDonald's fries – Oh my God, you just threw McDonald's fries under the bus! – It's good – Is this better than McDonald's? – They're the same – Oh

– The bun's soft, you can actually taste the pickles – All right so conclusion about Burger King burgers: they are the same as McDonald's burgers, minus the pickle, which is bigger So if you're ever wondering who has the bigger pickle – The King – Let's go PB and J

– It's really dry – I feel like if I pulled up to a Burger King and I was excited about getting a kids' meal and then my mom ordered me a PB and J sandwich, I'd be pissed off – All right, beverages It's kinda hard to open (grunts) It's really hard to open, I just spilled it all over me

– You want applesauce? – It's just applesauce – That's how I feel We're gonna pick that up later We got two boys' toys, two girls' toys, I think What does that one do? The body just floats out? – Yeah

– You lift it and then it falls down – It's a karate chop – Okay, toy comparison to the Luigi from McDonald's – Luigi's better – Luigi's better

Okay so if you could recommend one kids' meal to the people watching, which one would you recommend? I didn't think we were gonna wind up here, Shep (Rhett and Link chuckling) The PB and J! – You can't ask him, and then, I'm with him on that My mind was blown that Burger King offers an Uncrustable At the beginning of that video, I thought that Ben was gonna be like Silent Bob, like he wasn't gonna talk, and I was really excited No offense, man

(chuckling) You said some good stuff, but I was like, oh is Ben just gonna be there? – The crazy thing is– – So you can look at his arms? – I feel like this is like a video– – His mustache? – Of the moment where Shep became like an adult human being in my mind He just turned 10– – He's growing up – The last time we had him on camera previous to this week, he was like setting things on fire and then all of a sudden, I'm like, this is gonna be awesome, we're gonna take him to McDonald's, I can't wait to hear what he says and he's like, I'm going to have a very adult opinion about a lot of these things – He told you that? – No That's what happened

– He's been in the school system for a year (chuckling) He's lost all his edge – And then when we cut the GoPros off in the car, first of all he's like, "You know, I think in a couple "of years there's not gonna be any physical stores "around anywhere," and we were like, well that's a really interesting comment for you to say, and then he started talking about the multiverse theory And he said, I wrote this quote down, he said, "Sure I can't prove to you that "there are multiple universes "But you can't prove that there's not

" (laughs) – Yeah, that's my son – So the conclusion for me is that Shep is becoming more like you, and Lando's becoming more like Link because it was the first time he wanted to be on camera – [Rhett] Right – Unfortunately, if they're both becoming more like you, I fear that something might– – There's nothing to fear – Well I have a clip that I do fear, and that's what I'm about to show you 'cause I feel like, if they continue down this path, this might be in store for them

– Uh-oh – Do you have a rain head in your shower? – Mm-mm – Ha (chuckles) We're putting those in I don't know if it's a good choice

– You gotta get the jets all around Like washing a robot – You got the jets all around? – No, we're redoing the bathroom though, I think I'm gonna do it – Oh (bleep) – Too late for you

– It's not I haven't put my It doesn't look good though

It looks like a bunch of nipples on the side of the– – I like nipples – Talking about a big line of nipples, like a mother pig You don't want to take a shower next to a mother pig Are we ready? (laughing) This is what we do trying to get ready, you know? Well we're putting in a rain head – Yeah where are you in construction right now? – Oh and you know what, the rain head is now in, 'cause this was like, at any moment, I kinda felt like as we were filming that episode that the rain head would go in and I was right

– You felt at any moment the rain head was going in? – I knew from a construction standpoint that that could be the day, while we were shooting, back home, a rain head was going in the shower – Now I don't wanna ruin a rain head for you but you do realize that when you look up at a rain head, it could just look like 100 nipples – But on what kind of animal though? – That's another thing You said that rows of nipples, as if they were only on a pig Most mammals have the rows of nipples

– My friend has a chihuahua pug who got pregnant a few times and it's only two years old and man those nipples are huge! It's like hanging off that thing – [Rhett] I mean how many is it for real? Is it six? – Like flopping and stuff? – Dangle nipples (chuckles) Not anymore, not anymore There was a diet, there was time that passed, now they're (slurps) right back in, but ooh at first, I was like, those things are distracting – Do wiener dogs have another set of nipples? – Well I have a wiener dog, Rhett

– Yeah, so how many nipples does she have? – They're subtle I think because– – Subtle nipples – She's fixed – They take the nipples off too? – Well– – I didn't know that They're taking nipples off now

2018, get your dog's nipples taken off – But the rain head, can I talk about the rain head? – Yeah – We moved on – No no, you can go back to it – So you have this shower head that's like this and it's adjustable and then over here we got a rain head

– You gotta clean the underparts, the undercarriage – Yep – Why are you looking at, you like adjusted your own as you said that – Undercarriage! – That's exactly, 'cause we're remodeling, it's a boys' bathroom and I told him, actually this was last night, I was like, "Now guys, I've discovered when using your shower "that I recommend using the nozzle at first "and then turn that off to suds up, "and only use the rain head when rinsing" And Christy's like– – Oh gosh

– "Don't tell them how to use their own shower" – You're gonna make them as neurotic as you are – I'm just suggesting the best place within the shower regimen to use the rain head – Do tell your kids how to shower Just let them figure it out

– You can't, kids, don't try to wash under a rain head You rinse under a rain head You wash under A, no water, or B, just the nozzle – One of the joys of growing up is figuring out how to wash yourself You know what I'm saying, just let them figure it out

– I'm just giving tips – It's self-discovery – I'm giving the kids tips – I've discovered so many things about myself while washing (chuckles) You know what I'm saying? – But also, it's a nice thing to have a rain head, but it's not a nice thing to turn off the shower in the middle of taking it

– He does it every time – Every time Water conservation – Now listen I respect you– – We're in a drought – It's probably the way with the future, but it's also a little nuts, that's all I'm saying, it's just a little nuts

– The suds stay on you longer and they have more cleaning power so then you turn on the rain head, you're like, phoo, and it's just off – The best part of my day is when I get in that warm water It's enjoyment– – You know the best part of my day happens twice, 'cause I get hit with thought rain twice – Okay What else you got, Stevie? (chuckles) – Okay, finally

– Are we already at finally? – Well yeah– – I love this show – We're at finally– – I want this to be a two hour show – I mean, I wasn't planning– – Christmas special – On having the shower head bit I'm glad that we did

This is the last, this is my finally the last bit – Nice hat, by the way – Oh thank you It may or may not still be for sale at mythicalstore depending on if it's sold out by the time you're watching this

– How many nipples on that horse? – We did an ASMR video this week We cleaned some ears – Yes – I quite enjoyed it because while we were shooting it, I got the privilege of listening via headphones because Nick hooked it up and so I could hear the ASMR situation – I'm sorry

I'm sorry – It was really, really great, that's why I was laughing so hard And I've, over the years I've gotten a good amount of comments, mostly from our male viewers, about wanting me to do an ASMR video – Oh really? – There's a little bit of a creep factor to an ASMR video in my opinion – A little bit

– You're onto it – But I thought, you know what, I'm not here to judge There's so many comments Once you get so many comments about something, you're gonna wanna do it So I thought just like as a special treat, I would just try out a few ASMR lines, especially for our male viewers

– Do you want us to speak in it or to leave? – I was hoping that maybe you would close your eyes (Link chuckles) I have a few Okay, does this sound good, Nick? Okay, I love filling my mouth with globs of guacamole, but I avoid that at a party because double-dipping in a shared bowl is a major offender in spreading gum disease, which is linked to other serious conditions including heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's, diabetes and more How did that? You can't experience the ASMR because you're not listening through the headphones, but– – But I mean, it did something for me – I'm gonna try, this one's gonna be a little sexier

So close your eyes – The first one took a turn – Yeah, okay There's nothing that gets me more than when girls kiss girls because it makes sense that they'd rather spend time with a population that is statistically eight times less likely to commit violent crimes in the US

according to a 2014 study – You didn't whisper as much on that one – I know, it's hard to like, the sultry whisper This one– – That one took a turn as well – That one had a stat in it

– (chuckles) This one, I'm gonna try and give this my all – More stats in this next one – Yeah, love stats Stats really get me going (crew laughing) – Numbers man

(Stevie chuckles softly) – What I'm really looking for in a man is someone who's strong and a true ally to marginalized people everywhere regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender, disability and nationality Not just in name but in actions both big and small that leverage their systematic higher-privilege to protect and amplify the voices for our most vibrant and incredible communities You know the whisper on that one too wasn't great – Wow – I wanted to try it

– That was a good one though That one had a message Have no clue what it was, but– – This is just off the top of my head – [Link] There was a message in there – Not very subtle, but, you know, I like it

– Just flowed – Sometimes you just gotta say things – Yeah – And you just said three things – Well I feel like for awhile it should quell the ASMR comments that we've been getting

– Yeah That's all you're gonna get, guys (chuckles) Stop asking now – Okay, please be sure to like, comment and subscribe And here's our final line

Three, two, one Until next– – [Stevie And Link] LTAT – I forgot, I forgot it Forgot it, forgot it – This is only

Until next– – Until next LTAT, keep on– – Make sure – (chuckles) Keep on – BYMB – BYMB – Keep on BYMB

– And you can add your own line at the end Ready? – And then you say something at the end – Okay ready, three, two, one – [Together] Until the next LTAT – No no, there's no the

We've been saying the, there's no the, that's the thing – Until next– – You guys wanna whisper this? – Okay – Until next – Three, two, one – Until– (Stevie chuckles softly) Listen, it's just three, two, one and then we just, and then we do it, okay? Three, two, one

– [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB– – Is it keep on? – Yeah – Can we write it somewhere? – There we got it – Here we go – Three, two, one – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB

– F-O S-H-O-P – What's the P stand for? (poppy electronic music)

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