McDonald’s Secret Menu Hacks

– Ba dah buh buh bah, I'm hacking it – Let's talk about that

(groovy theme music) Good mythical summer – A while back we took the Taco Bell secret menu to a whole new level, but now we're aiming our sights at a different fast food joint, Mickey D's – Now McDonald's has a secret menu, and we've been through some of those items on this show, but today we are gonna present items that we have developed here at Mythical Entertainment that we think should be added to the secret menu, it's time for Fast Food Secret Menu Hacks: McDonald's Edition – When the secret menu is lackin', it's time to get hackin' – First up, we've bot the Filet O' Fish taco

– Oh yeah – That's right, we are gonna be making fish tacos, using only stuff we can order from McDonald's, and then eat at McDonald's, 'cause this should be at McDonald's Of course, we've got a Filet O' Fish sandwich here, which has half a piece of cheese under there That's a little trivia – It's always been strange to me

– And I also ordered a pico guacamole burger, deconstructed, they'll give it to you in all the different pieces So Rhett, there are the buns While I am making this fish patty into fish sections, you need to be making these buns into a tortilla Now you could just order a breakfast tortilla, a breakfast sandwich, shoot, what's it called? A breakfast, uh, – Burrito – Burrito, that's the word

– They call 'em burritos – And use that tortilla, but instead, you're gonna make it yourself – This is more fun – And so what I'm gonna do is, – And I'm just applying even pressure to this to create a tortilla out of the artisan bun – And I'm removing the tartar sauce from the top, you can add that back if you'd like it later

There's that pesky half a cheese that you don't need, so I'm getting rid of that And then I'm just going to meticulously cut this fish, Filet O' Fish, into strips that are perfect for a taco Right there, look at that I appear to be going against the fish grain, it kind of looks more frayed – Don't get scared Link

– I'm afraid I frayed it – I am a little scared, even when you have a plastic knife, I'm a little bit frightened – Alright, so my fish is ready Rhett Is the second tortilla ready? – No, but the first one is – Oh, that's taking a while, huh? – I wanna get it good Link

– On this flattened bistro bun, whish is now a tortilla, I'm gonna put a bed of lettuce Here you make yours, I'll make mine So there's a bed of lettuce, and then I'm gonna take three of these strips here, I'm gonna be generous for myself I'm gonna put some of these on top Oh yeah, this is gonna be good

I got three for me, three for you, they're a little bit frayed There's yours, boop Now you can move those around – You placed yours so gingerly, and then you just, – Well I wanted you to place your own – You could have done exactly the same thing

Okay, so I'm gonna take the toppings for the pico guacamole – Of course, we got the guacamole here, which I'm gonna meticulously pour over the top Oooh, I love me some guacamole – Now, I know you don't like pico, but you have to put it on yours in order to make an actual, to make this product as it should be – Okay, I'll do it

– And then what is this sauce? – That sauce is a ranch-type sauce that they put on the bistro burger, as I like to call it – Just a little drizzle How could this not be excellent? – Look at that guys, And of course we've got these limes here Sometimes they'll give you a lime with your burger – If you wink at 'em

– [Link] If you wink at 'em right – If you wink at the McDonald's girl, she'll give you a lime – A little lime sauce, and then, – She also may call the police – Fold that puppy up Dink it, McDonald's fish tacos, dig in

– That is good That is legitimately great – It's amazing McDonald's, secret it up guys – We know you're listening, we know you're listening

– This is some fabulous stuff, and it's amazing how it still tastes 100 percent McDonald's, yet 100 percent fish taco It's perfect – It's 200 percent – It's 200 percent awesome – McDonald's fish tacos

Now there's one thing that the McDonald's brothers left out when they started their burger empire, and that is the Sloppy Joe – How could you leave that out, bros? – One of the best sandwiches to ever be created We're gonna create what we call the Sloppy Ron Because Ronald McDonald, you know – And a Sloppy Run Junior

– Yeah, so Link, I've got a Big Mac here that is just the bread and the meat – [Link] That is a sad Mac right there – And I've got a double quarter pounder with cheese, which is also just the bread and the meat Now what you're gonna do, just set the buns aside temporarily And then you're gonna want to sneak a slap chopper, too, into the McDonald's, which I've done that by just putting one, if you put two, sometimes, people won't ask questions, it's awkward

So what you're gonna do – [Link] My patty fits perfectly into the slap chop – [Rhett] Mine doesn't – Oh my goodness You're gonna have to like make a cookie mold

– I'm just gonna kinda, pre-do it – That's a lotta meat – You're gonna wanna slap chop this meat, 'cause you gotta make it sloppy brother (banging sounds) – [Link] It's like I'm resuscitating it – Stuff going all over the place over here

(loud bangs) – Link, hold on, hold on Not so much man – Look at that You wanna give me some of that? – Now people will start staring when you do this inside of the restaurant, that's a given But you just need to have a confident look on your face

– Like a duck face and a raised eyebrow – What you lookin' at? I'm just slap chopping my burger – Look away, look away – There's a couple of stray pieces, I just have so much meat over here – Let me help you out over here

(loud banging sounds) – Sometimes bring a friend along, okay – See what I can do (banging sounds) Oh yeah Look at that – So now what you wanna do – They don't call it sloppy without a reason

– Is you want to bring the plate that you brought in, and Link were gonna take all this meat, I'm gonna just, just kind of just, things get a little sloppy – Look at that – So you're just gonna wanna take all that meat, there's so much meat on these sandwiches, who knew that there was that much meat Now what you're gonna do is you're gonna take two parts, start dumping that in there, two parts Big Mac sauce, which they will give you in these little things if you ask – It goes on the meat? – All of it

Two parts Big Mac sauce to one part tangy barbecue sauce to one part ketchup Keep hitting you with this – That's a lot of sauce – It's sloppy, man – Gotta sloppify, got a big number two on the bottom of each of these things

– That's what's in store for ya, later on – Should we be wearing gloves? If we do this at the restaurant, like if we become employees, we'll wear gloves McDonald's If, Ray, if you're watching, if you wanna hire us So now comes the tangy sauce I'm not a big fan of their barbecue sauce on its own

Yeah, but you mix it in, it's perfect – Look at this kids – Oh, sorry – Don't apologize man, nothing we're doing is wrong Nothing we're doing

– I forgot some, I think we got enough, I think we got enough sauce – I'm gonna double up on the ketchup – [Rhett] One ketchup – Two for one ketchup – This is a sloppy process

Okay, now, somehow, somehow we're gonna mix this up Just gonna start, just work it in there – I think we really need to use the fingers – Oh don't, don't do that, you'll never come back from that man – I mean if I had plastic gloves

– You could take a bucket into, if you take a small bucket and some gloves into McDonald's, again, the more things you bring, the more questions they begin to ask – You're like doing nothing, you're powerless Here, let me, get out for a second – I mixed the whole thing man – Look at this, see, you need to do more of a folding

– Sloppy control freak is what we're talking about right here – You were like looking at me, you were like, I'm just talkin', and I'm like, mnh, mnh, mnh, right in this area Here we go, yeah, fold it, fold it and mold it The Ron juices have seeped through it Oh my goodness

– Now you just take your bun, and you just apply evenly – Look at this, so am I making, are you making a Junior, or am I making the Junior? – Mine is gonna be the quarter pounder, which is actually more meat – Look at that, double deck it Man, my mouth is watering My brain is in autopilot

– Now it isn't the typical color of a Sloppy Joe, but that's what makes the Sloppy Ron – It's the color of Ron's lips a little bit – I haven't looked that close – Oh, look at that, see, we're like food artists – Let's do this man, I'm so excited about this

– Dink it and slop it – That is so good – Guys, we have created a melting pot of McGoodness It's just, man, – It tastes so right, you know, sometimes, – I bet you they could sell Slop Chops there, too – They could rent 'em out

– Yeah, rent it out – Charge a dollar for a slap chop Mmm, I mean it tastes like a Big Mac that somebody else ate for me, but it was like a robot ate it, like somebody without saliva 'Cause you know all robot mouths are just slap chops – Yes, I did know that, for the record

I didn't want anyone to know I didn't know that – I would add, if there were cheese on the double quarter pounder or on the meat, slap chop that up, too, and it'd be a part of this I don't think there's any wrong answers here – This is totally right – We believe that McDonald's should have an ice cream sandwich

– And they basically already do, they just don't know it yet – Mmhmmm, what do we have here? – We got a couple of McFlurries I have the Oreo McFlurry – And I have the Apple Pie Vanilla McFlurry, which is already a secret food hack They mix an apple pie into a vanilla McFlurry

So that's pretty nice, then we each have a Sausage McGriddle here I usually get these with egg and cheese, but this one is just sausage, if you please – So you would just take the sausage and enjoy that as your breakfast – Because these things right here are pancakes injected with sweet syrup – With the freaking M on them

I mean this is like one of the best things that anyone has ever come up with to eat – Of course these are the bookends to your ice cream dream Right there in the middle – And this freaking spoon, they put the spoon on the thing, and it spins around, and it's what makes the McFlurry They've thought of everything Link

– Well they haven't thought of this, we're thinking of it> – Oooh, that's right – As you can see there's some apple pie there Mmm, look at that, that looks good, doesn't it kids? Looks a little messy I mean if I were to wrap it back up, – Don't wrap it back up – Look, you know, something about the consistency of the Oreo, I think the Oreo makes it so much less messy because it's absorbing any of the drippage that may be happening

– Yeah, you just do that right there, and dink it – Oh my The buns are still warm I love it when my buns are still warm – Perfect mixture of hotness on the edges, and coldness in the middle

And a little apple pie to boot – And there's so much syrup on these, they feel like they're about to be dessert anyway, and this is just pushing the McGriddle right over the dessert finish line – Don't eat this while driving, unless you're in LA traffic, 'cause it's mostly stopping, and then you can do anything, I've seen people shaving, reading books, reading books while shaving, I've seen it all – I think we've changed lives today, let us know what you think about these different items if you try them – Well, I know you will, so send us pics y'all

– Send us pics y'all – Or it didn't happen What's that saying? Pics or it didn't happen – That's the saying Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Samantha from Marietta, Georgia, and it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality And this hamburger taco – We've got our own secret menu, it's called This Is Mythical It's a YouTube channel you should subscribe to

It's got our podcast, crew videos food videos, and more – Yeah, and click through to Good Mythical More, we are gonna hack a McFlurry with chicken nuggets – Giftcality! That means we are donating $1,000 to The Trevor Project to aid in their mission to provide crisis intervention, and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ young people Please join us in giving at thetrevorprojectorg

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