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– When you hear the words Big Mac, Egg McMuffin, Sausage McGriddles, you're instantly transported to a world of McWonder and McFilthy ball pits But who has three thumbs and knows what the next huge McDonald's item will be? This guy

This is Future Fast Food (electronic music) Future Fast Food entry number 4,864 In my quest to predict and make every viral fast food item of the future, today I find myself in the glow of the golden arches McDonald's is one of the largest restaurant chains in the universe yet they constantly find themselves way behind the cultural curve Kale was at its most popular in 2010

Kale hit the McDonald's menu in 2015 Sriracha hit its spicy peak in 2012, yet first appeared in a Mickey D's in 2017 Remember when sliders and massive burger monstrosities were everywhere? Me too, I also remember when McDonald's gave us tiny Big Macs and huge Big Macs a whole four years later To know what the future of McDonald's food looks like, we need to look at what people are eating right now Oh which reminds me, I have to make reservations to that new spot in Koreatown before it fills up

(gasps) McDonald's future fast food is the kimchi bacon ramen Big Mac They just don't know it yet We're starting off with our kimchis in our special sauce So we have our pot right here melting with equal parts American and cheddar cheese, now we have to puree some kimchi Just gonna go ahead and dump that kimchi right into the blender

(blender whirs) The American cheese really lets it all bind together and I know this seems like a really complicated recipe for McDonald's to make but in the future due to a worldwide dairy shortage, all cheese is actually gonna be half kimchi And it's just a way to bring people together, you know So we're just gonna add some kimchi puree into that and then this is called gochugaru It's Korean chili flake so you whisk this altogether, keep it all nice and melty, then we're actually gonna reform our new hybrid cheese Spread that onto a non-stick

This is gonna resolidify in the fridge and you're gonna cut it into squares We gotta do a radish kimchi special sauce So we're just gonna add some of the radish kimchi right to the mayonnaise base then in goes mustard, a little bit of rice vinegar, some garlic powder, and just a little bit of salt and MSG That's your radish kimchi special sauce So we gotta get our gochujang candied bacon going

And the future of bacon will actually be given out like they give out free ketchup packets now 'cause China is actually building a 100,000 pig deep farm that's gonna make pork so inexpensive, it's gonna be like the Soylent Green of the future except it's actually just bacon and everyone's gonna be incredibly unhealthy, I mean it's gonna be just like an absolute nightmare So we're just gonna massage that in there, get all the sugar and the gochujang and the soy coating it Gonna take our bacon strips, lay it out on a sheet pan and these are gonna go right into the oven About 350 degrees for like 20 minutes Perfect

Now we gotta do our bulgogi burgers Each are gonna be about a half pound Those are gonna be griddle cooked which is what McDonald's does (slaps meat) Bam, so we have our burgers on the grill We gotta do the bulgogi marinade

Inside we're doing soy, this is Asian pear, we got scallions, sesame oil, fresh ginger Fresh ginger, that was the most athletic thing I've ever done And then we got chopped garlic and a little bit of Korean chili flake, gochugaru Then we're just gonna go ahead and blend this up (mixer whirs) All the sugars and the fruit are really gonna caramelize on the beef after we flip it and glaze it

A lot of people have concerns about McDonald's use of pink slime No one's gonna be concerned about it in the future because they will actually develop cows that are only made out of pink slime They have no faces, they have no reproductive organs There's no udders to milk it It will literally just be pink slime made in the centrifuge attached to bones

You may think that sounds disgusting but in the future, almost everything's disgusting All right so once the burgers are almost fully cooked and you get that nice, hard sear on 'em, gonna go ahead and take your bulgogi marinade, just pour that all on the griddle and you get some nice caramelization on it And then once these are all glazed and super fragrant, you're just gonna get some sesame seeds right on top and those are the bulgogi burgers ready to go on top of the Korean bacon ramen Big Mac Now we have to make our ramen buns We're using NongShim brand, Shin Ramyum Black

There's a lot of MSG in there and in the future, MSG will be treated as the super drug and cure-all that I believe it is now So we're gonna crack a couple eggs and put a little bit of corn starch in there and then you're just gonna use your hands to massage that altogether and the egg is what's gonna bind the ramen together to really hold that in a fun shape So this might seem like a really complicated dish and you might be wondering, how's McDonald's gonna be able to pull this off? In the future there's gonna be 3D food printers in every single restaurant, the problem is no one really knows how to operate 'em and they're always gonna be broken like their McFlurry machines are now But we'll worry about that later, right now, I'm just creating the prototype Now we're gonna go ahead and drop this onto the griddle

We have ring molds that's gonna hold the ramen bun together I'm just gonna take a handful of this Drop it in, so you wanna fill the ring molds about halfway That's why the robots are gonna win the war All right so if you get some excess spillage, just clean up the edges a little bit

Now we're ready to remove the ring molds There we got ramen buns Perfect Now we have to get our assembly time to see if this is really a viable option for McDonald's to make Hand speed, hand speed, all right, start the clock

Ramen bun Special sauce Get out of here, wrapper, kimcheese Lettuce, burger Onions

Pickles Bacon, another bun More sauce, no more cheese, only one slice of cheese Lettuce, burger Bacon, come on bacon, bacon

Onions Pickles Time 45 seconds This only takes 45 seconds to make despite the hours of prep that goes into it, but that said, McDonald's, this is easily doable

This burger deserves an ad campaign that leans into its international roots, so McDonald's, listen up Every time a customer buys a bacon ramen Big Mac, they get a McPassport and every subsequent bacon ramen Big Mac they buy they get a McStamp for that McPassport This is gonna function exactly like the Monopoly game except instead of going to Vermont and Boardwalk, you got to Venezuela and Botswana Winner gets a free trip around the world Now we're talking about a whole ad campaign based off of international travel here

You can have the Hamburglar sunbathing off the coast of Bora Bora or Ronald McDonald traveling back to Ireland to visit his long-lost family members This idea is delicious, this idea is global, and because I believe so strongly in it, I've already gone and designed the promotional art Here she is Big burger, small world McYou're McWelcome

Oh and you might have noticed the burger costs $13 That's actually cheap because of inflation that's taken place so this is part of the under $15 value menu This is McDonald's future fast food And as always, Glorp Glorp (claps) Uppies

A-one, a-two (soft music) Easy does it (Glorp Glorp moaning) Mm, mm Thank you, Glorp Glorp – [Glorp Glorp] Glorp

– You get so much of that Korean chili base It's so good but it still tastes like a Big Mac, and you get that extra little bit from the ramen buns It's delicious, this is something they can absolutely sell This is the future, this is gonna take the world by storm – [Glorp Glorp] Glorp

– In his culture that's a show of affection Let's make this Future Fast Food reality Click the Twitter link in the description below and hit up McDonald's with #futurefastfood, if not for me, then for the children If you like this shirt, check it out at FutureFastFoodnet and check out next week's episode

As they say in the future, see ya We should hang out more I guess

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