Match The Dummy To The Ventriloquist (GAME) ft. Paul Scheer

– Can we match a ventriloquist to their dummy? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning! – In fact, it's a great Mythical morning because not only are we about to play a brand new game involving one of the world's most questionable uses of wood, ventriloquism, we're gonna do it in one of the world's most unquestionably funny people

Star of the upcoming film Summer '03, it's Paul Scheer! – Paul Scheer! – Welcome to the show! – Hey Paul – So excited to be here Back with you guys again and to talk about something that's important to me, ventriloquism (Rhett chuckles) – It's important to you? – Yeah, I mean, it's why I started my career I was a dummy

People would come and put their hands inside me– – Okay, okay – You know what, I wanna get into it, look, I made a documentary about it It's very disturbing (Link laughs) – But you've moved on, right? – A little bit – I hope you have

Well forget everything you know about ventriloquism because it's time for hold my beer, I'm talking to dummies with Paul Scheer We're about to meet a lineup of six ventriloquists They've been sequestered from their dummies Now each round we're gonna meet one ventriloquist dummy – [Link] Think it'll be right behind that

– Yes, now we're competing to match the dummy to its actual owner You get it right, you get one point – Once the correct ventriloquist has been revealed, he or she will unite with their dummy – Don't do that This is too, it's too– – Too early in the game? – They're not like stuffing a turkey

(Rhett laughs) – Sorry Unite with their dummy and entertain us with a moment of magical ventriloquilism Ventriloquism – Yes, whoever had the most points in the end gets to use one of the losers as his own personal ventriloquist dummy in Good Mythical More It's gonna be great

– [Rhett And Link] Round one – All right, our ventriloquists have lined up Can you please each introduce yourself? – I am the Wood Doctor – I love it, I wanna be a Wood Doctor Great! – Yeah, I need to see you

– Hey, I'm Christine Barker – No doctor though, right? – No doctor – Okay, all right – I'm Jack Williams – Mitch Mitchell

– Oh, oh, nice – Hannah Leskosky – Nice – I'm Joey Bergeron – Great, all right

– Thanks for coming and hanging out with us today, guys And for wearing name tags That's gonna be very helpful Let's meet the first dummy Stevie? – [Stevie] All right guys, meet Sugar Daddy Marv

Marv claims to be in his early 30s, but he's actually well over 70 years old He likes to wear gold chains and matching track suits and hates PC culture and millennials Marv loves young ladies and especially enjoys taking them to Costco – Wow, this is like my uncle (Rhett laughs) – He's that lifeless? (Paul chuckles) This has got a kinda creepy vibe here

I'm just gonna be honest – I don't like seeing a dummy at rest – [Rhett] Especially one that has like a living posture to him – We each have one question we can ask I'll go first

Joey, what's your favorite free sample at Costco? – A frozen yogurt – Huh Frozen yogurt at Costco, hmm It goes against my rule which is never eat anything at Costco (all laughing) – I've got a question for Mitch Mitchell

Name three things that you love about millennials – Beards (Paul chuckles) Bicycles, Uber – Hmm, all right, interesting– – Does that help you? – Yeah, it's the name of my next album (laughing) All of a sudden I've got it! – Beards, bicycles and Uber

– I am going to ask Hannah Hannah, what is this? – A Sugar Daddy? – Ah, so you admit it! (Rhett laughs) Interesting, all right – She hesitated a little bit there – You got her! – [Stevie] All right gentlemen, please write down your guesses – Not easy but I committed

– [Stevie] Okay, Rhett, will you please show us your answer? – I went with Mitch, Mitch Mitchell (Paul chuckles) – [Stevie] Okay, Paul? – I went with Jack – We are all over the place 'cause I went with Joey after that yogurt – [Stevie] All right will the owner of this dummy please step forward? (all yelling) – You got him! We didn't even talk to Jack – Well that's my whole plan

(Rhett and crew laugh) – Wow – All right, Jack – Let's get to know him – Let's have it, Jack – Oh my God, this is like a hipster's fantasy

Oh wow, look at this place and look at you guys Who's the puppet in this situation here, huh? – Sugar daddy, what's your favorite thing to get at Costco? – My favorite thing to get at Costco is a lady – Oh, oh – Hey! – [Rhett And Link] Round two – All right, Stevie, let's see our next dummy

– [Stevie] Please meet Cookie After completing her GED, Cookie enrolled in beauty school but never quite completed the program Presently she works at Target in linens and towels, bartends on Friday nights, cuts hair on the side and enjoys meeting men through Matchcom, Tinder, and boy scout banquets – Oh, interesting

– Who wants to ask a question first? I don't even have one – I'm interested in this Target angle Somebody's got some experience at Target in the towels and linen section specifically Christine – Well well well

– Could you show me how to fold this Good Mythical Summer towel? – Mhm – As it would be done in a department store such as Target? – I have to use the floor? – Okay yeah – That's fine – You have to burn it now – Now it's dirty

Nobody knows The guests don't know (crew laughs) Just like working at McDonald's You don't know where the fries have been – I love it

– Oh look at that! – [Paul] Great folding, great folding – And you know what Christine, no matter what happens, I'll sell you that towel (all laughing) – Thank you – I think the question you asked was almost too good – Too good? – I feel like I learned too much

– Well let's see, let's see, double down – Okay Christine, I'm gonna double down What is your feeling about the use of the pronunciation Tar-jay? – Tar-jay does make it sound a little classier – She's not offended, she's not offended – All right

– All right guys, write down those answers – Oh gosh – All right – [Stevie] All right we're gonna go with Paul first Who do you have? My answer is Christine

– [Stevie] Link? – I too believe this is Christine's dummy – And Rhett? – We're all in agreement – [Stevie] Will the owner of this dummy please step forward? – I knew it! – No! – What? – I knew it, I knew it! – What? Christine? (yelling over each other) Gimme that towel! (Paul groans) You could have pulled ahead – I know – Dangit Mitch– – Well technically I still have it

– Get your dummy Let's see how this works – I knew it! – How you doing, Cookie? (chuckles) How you doing? – I'm doing okay Oh yeah I just got married

– What? – I just got married – Well that's good – Well not that good, he's 90 – Well that's bad – No not that bad

He bought me a new house – Oh, well that's good – No, not that good, the house burnt down – Well that's bad – No not that bad

He was in it – Oh, murder (Rhett and Cookie laugh) – Mitch, you wicked ventriloquist! – Wow – [Rhett And Link] Round three – All right let's meet our next dummy on the Ventril-o-Twist

– [Paul] Ooh! – [Stevie] All right guys, meet Darlene Hollywood Darlene moved to Los Angeles several years ago to pursue a career in acting While she's currently in a relationship, she is still quite the flirt When Darlene's not making internet videos, she enjoys spending time at the Magic Castle in Hollywood – Oh Magic Castle

– Interesting – Joey, could you explain how I'm doing this? – Whoa Whoa! Whoa! – We're not supposed to tell how you do it – Joey, there's a hole in the back! – Don't tell them! – My thumb was in it! – Joey, this character has relationships, right? Wants to find herself in the dating world What's a rule about relationships that you think you must follow to be in a successful relationship? – Open communication

– Would you like to go out on a date, Joey? – I'm available – All right great (crew laughing) – Does the dummy have to come? Is that gonna be part of this? – I mean, I was hoping because you saw the connection that we had on the first round, yeah – [Stevie] It's time to write down those answers – Paul's just trying to get to your dummy! (Paul laughs) Okay

– Man – All right, got it – [Stevie] Okay Link, you're first – I think this is conniving Christine – [Stevie] All right, Rhett? – I'm doing what I've done each time

I'm going with the person that I asked the question to It hasn't worked yet Joey – [Stevie] Okay and Paul? – And I also am gonna go with conniving Joey – [Stevie] All right will the owner of Darlene Hollywood please step forward? – No! – Yeah! That's right, Christine! You're on my good side now

You get that towel, girl! (Paul laughs) – Damn it! – Show us what you got! – Hello! That was awkward, just sitting there, not blinking That was hard – You could have blinked if you wanted – You apparently don't know how this works You guys are awesome! Thanks for having us here today

This was so much fun! – So you do YouTube? – I do, I do YouTube and I do Tik Tok and Vigo and– – Wow! – And I do some videos with my before Chad Limburgh Chad, if you're watching (all laughing) – I didn't know it had that capability You gotta warn us before you do that! – Oh wait! – Oh! – How many fingers you got in there? (all laughing) – [Rhett And Link] Round four – Okay Rhett, you are losing, but we're narrowing it down to just three

Let's meet the new dummy – [Stevie] Meet Marzipan Lavender Sparkles, AKA Marty Marty has done a few stints in jail, specifically the Hard Candy Castle, and has been to rehab multiple times for glitter-related incidents Marty is able to read minds and overall, isn't the friendliest of unicorns Marty's also an ordained minister

– Well – Whoa – The party don't stop – All right Hannah, I have a question for you If I was to give you this unicorn horn, could you act like a unicorn? – I'll try

– Put it on your head Yeah, it's a very expensive prop, so don't mess it up, and then your best unicorn impression Please? – A little bit of this – Interesting, all right You can remove it

– She didn't seem exactly comfortable – No, yeah, did not seem – Now, did this unicorn go to prison? Did I hear that right? – I think there was some sparkle-related incidents – Glitter, glitter-related – Okay, Wood Doctor

Can you describe the plot of Mariah Carey's movie Glitter? (Paul laughs) (Rhett chuckles) – It's a tough one Awesome (Rhett and crew laugh) – [Stevie] All right guys – Thanks, Wood Doctor – [Stevie] Write down your guesses

– Oh man, this is not easy – I got a good feeling about this, boys – I feel like it's a good one too – [Stevie] All right we're going with Rhett first – Well she had a questionable impersonation of a unicorn but I still feel that it's Hannah

– [Stevie] Paul? – The knowledge of Glitter that one of our panelists showed really told me the answer I needed to know That it's Joey (Rhett and Link laugh) – And you know what, I totally see Joey messing with this unicorn – [Stevie] Okay, will the owner of Marty please step forward? – Oh! – Yes! – Rhett! Tying it up! – That's right! – Hannah – This is Marzipan Lavender Sparkles, though he does prefer Marty

– Marty, what's prison like? – Well you wanna watch the unicorns, 'cause you don't know where horns are gonna go – Oh boy, wow – Going right for that one Okay, Hannah, yeah, can you control your unicorn? – Marty, this is not the place to– – So it doubles as a shiv – [Rhett And Link] Round five

– Okay, we're down to two We have a 50% chance of getting this right, guys – All right – All right – Let's meet the dummies

– [Stevie] Meet Roscoe He's a carefree individual who definitely speaks his mind He's a God-fearing dummy who loves the ladies and especially loves the song Rapper's Delight by the Sugarhill Gang He drives an Uber and can say hello in five different languages – Okay

– Well Roscoe, I'll go first – [Rhett And Link] Sure – Joey, I have a question for you Say hello in as many languages as you can – Hello

Hola Konnichiwa Those are the three – [Paul] Okay, great – Joey, I have something for you

– Sure ♪ Bang bang ♪ ♪ The boogie to the boogie say up jump the boogie ♪ ♪ To the bang bang blank ♪ – Boogie the beat – I thought it was boogity-beat – I think it depends on what part of the song you're in – Joey

– Oh, wow, okay – Tell me about a recent Uber experience for you – Sure I was heading to a date Not very long ago

The car was saying it was arriving I saw the car drive right past me and they canceled that car – Oh, the worst! – So no questions for the Wood Doctor? – Nope – Is what I'm hearing – [Stevie] All right guys, write down your guesses

– All right, this is a tough one – [Stevie] All right, Paul, we're starting with you Joey, you knew two languages and that was three too few I'm going with Doctor Wood – [Stevie] Okay Link

– I also am going with the Wood Doctor – [Stevie] And Rhett? – Once again, we're in agreement – [Stevie] Okay will the owner of Roscoe please step forward? – Yes! – Yes! We did it! We tied! And you know what, we also get to see the Wood Doctor do his thing – Don't make me look bad this time, Wood Doctor, don't make me look bad – So was it boogie or was it boogity-beat? – Boogity-beat

– Oh, well let's hear it ♪ I said a hip, hop ♪ ♪ The hippie to the hippie to the hip hip hop ♪ ♪ You don't stop ♪ ♪ Rock it out baby to the boogie the bang bang ♪ ♪ The boogie to the boogity-beat ♪ (all laughing) – All right, and you know what– – [Roscoe] Any ideas? – You know, we shouldn't leave Joey out Joey, let's get your dummy and see what you got – Guys, I was a plant – What? No, Joey! – I don't do ventriloquism

I don't do magic I use Lyft, not Uber – Oh, get out of here, Joey! Get those sugar, get out of here! Liar, liar! – All right, thanks for having both of you Joey, you really pulled one over on us But you know what, three-way tie

– Which means– – We get to use each other as dummies in Good Mythical More I don't know how that's gonna go – I love it! – Make sure you check out Paul's new movie Summer '03 which hits theaters on September 28th – I just thought of it It would be very much a Human Centipede situation if we're all using each other as dummies

– We gotta figure it out Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You say, "You know what time it is" – You know what time it is! – Hola, senors and senoritas I'm Kermit

– I'm Delea and this is Hizor from Kansas and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Wow, she's really talented with that cat – I love that (chuckles) – Click the top link to watch us all play how did this international movie poster get made in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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