March Milkness Taste Test: Sugary Cereals

– Let's get ready to cereal! – Let's talk about that (upbeat music) (yelling) – Good Mythical Morning

– It's Monday morning and that means another fresh episode of Ear Biscuits, which is our podcast, available on iTunes and Spotify every week – Yes, now all around the country basketball lovers are reveling in March Madness as 68 college basketball teams compete to crown one national champion, but basketball ain't the only thing they go mad for in March – Mm-hmm, now last March we ate 32 of the most popular snack foods and crowned Lays Sour Cream & Onion chips as the overall snack champion, but this year, we're gonna crown the champion of breakfast cereal I'm so excited, my honey oats are in a bunch – Welcome to day one of a cereal competition that will span five episodes of Good Mythical Morning

In the end, one cereal will remain standing, and Link will most like snap, crackle, and pop It's time for March Milkness, Sugary Region Behold our gigantically ginormous, deliciously delicious cereal bracket board, aka the breakfast bracket – Complete with a fountain on top – With us in in it

(both laughing) – As you can see, each of the four regions represents a category of cereal We've got sugary, healthy, fruity, and chocolaty – Now, we're beginning with 32 competitors, which we've narrowed down from 64 with your help We did that by compiling a list of the top 16 cereals in each category based on sales stats, online sentiment, and mythical crew surveys – Next, 25,000 of you voted on your favorites within each of the categories and that brought us to the top eight cereals per category

– And today, we are moving through the sugary region which includes Cinnamon Toast Crunch – [Link] Rice Krispies Treats – [Rhett] Cap'n Crunch – [Link] Honey Nut Cheerios – [Rhett] Frosted Flakes

– [Link] Frosted Mini-Wheats – [Rhett] Lucky charms – [Link] And Honey Bunches of Oats – Let's get to our first match up (bell dings) – Okay, we're starting with the top ranked seed in this category, with 13,238 votes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch versus the lowest ranking seed with 3,151 votes, Rice Krispies Treat cereal

– Now, just a point of clarification, you may be thinking, I'm picturing a sugary cereal that you didn't mention, but just hold your horses because in other regions, there are sugary cereals that are also something else, maybe fruity or chocolatey – They're all sugary – They'll come up later so, just trust us Let's start over here with the favorite – Cinnamon Toast Crunch, been around since 1984, and it is, incidentally, the most popular cereal in over half of the states in America

So this is a strong, strong contender in terms of sentiment – Dink it, (food crunching) and sink it Magically cinnamony, sugary – This is a good cereal, man – But, I've never had Rice Krispies Treats cereal, which was introduced in 1993

– I missed that one – Fun fact, the world's largest Rice Krispies Treat weighed 11,327 pounds – That's significantly more than this bowl – Larger than this one – That's a big frickin' chunk

– Is that supposed to happen? (crew laughing) – I'm not gonna complain – I wouldn't give my kids that It just feels wrong – Dink it? – And sink it (chomping) – You ever had it? This your first time having it? – I've had it now

– It's just Rice Krispy Treats in milk – What you would imagine, is like, this ain't a cereal, this is like grandmas Rice Krispy Treats and she put 'em back in a box and called it Rice Krispies Treats which is really, you should just call it Rice Krispy Treats, that's what we all call it – Here's the thing dude – The Krispies part – It's really good

– Come back to the toaster Awe man – Classic – It's so complex It's complex, man

It's simple, yet complex – This is going in my repertoire, but it also seems a little wrong Hey, lets take a desert that's just a bonafide desert and let's just throw it in milk – That one's just morally wrong – Agreed

– Which means, we're gonna move Cinnamon Toast Crunch along Alex, how you doin' over there? (crowd cheering) – Pretty good [Link]- Oh, you've got a whistle – [Rhett] Woa! [Link]- Blow it, blow the– (whistle blows) – Yeah! – Yeah, that was good I like your technique

– Nice! (battle music) – Our two middle seeds are only separated by 460 votes we've got, in the fourth seed position, Cap'n Crunch with 37,032 versus, in the fifth seed, 6,572 votes going to Honey Nut Cheerios – Now, Honey Nut Cheerios, you may remember this if you're a long-time Mythical Beast, I actually said in an episode called Best Cereal Ever, in Season one and I thought that this was the best cereal So, let's just see if my taste buds have held up over 15 seasons – It's a good cereal (crunching) All right, familiar taste to me

I, too, love it, but I've never said that it's my actual favorite Cap'n Crunch, over here, is a higher seed It was introduced in 1963 Here's the thing, Cap'n Crunch is not actually a captain because he has three stripes, instead of four, which makes him a commander in the US Navy – I don't think he's in the US Navy

(laughing) Either way, I don't think he qualifies – I'm just saying, we've been lied to, my friend – Its like a sweet corn, almost It almost tastes lik Pops, but it's a little sweety – It tastes good, but I think there's a roof of the mouth abrasion factor, which is higher with the Cap'n Crunch than with the roundness of the Cheerios

– I like roughing out the roof of my mouth every once in a while, just to feel alive But, you know what? I can't depart from my fave – I know you love this, your fave I, too, prefer this nutty, sugary flavor over the corny, sweet flavor – All right, Honey Nut Cheerios moving on

– A little bit of an up step (crowd cheering) – [Link] There you go, with emphasis! (battle music) – Next up is the three seed, with 9,225 votes, Frosted Flakes verses the six seed, with 6,520 votes, Frosted Mini-Wheats – Now, in Best Cereal Ever, back to Season one, I'm on record saying that Frosted Mini-Wheats are my fave – Not just that episode You have stood by Frosted Mini-Wheats many times in the past

– And we're both trying to get some that have just the right amount of milk (crunching) This is a very familiar feeling to me – Its a great taste, I mean, it's mostly from the frosted part It's not from the wheat Now frosted flakes introduced in 1952 now you might know their mascot Tony the Tiger well– – Great mascot, man

– In the 70s, kelloggs announced that his full name is actually Anthony the Tiger (crew laughing) The mystery was solved! – He's Italian Now, I'm gonna make an argument for the Frosted Mini-Wheat, obviously – These are so good – And, at this point, my argument is, that's a one dimensional experience

This is multi-dimensional, including there's health benefits In fact, Mini-Wheats have the highest, over all nutrition score among all child and family cereals I think the fiber has something to do with it – Heres what I'll say I prefer the taste of these to those

These are like that, distilled into the heavenly parts, that's got too much dry wheat, you gotta do too much work, but I don't feel like we can de-throne your favorite cereal that you've become associated with, in the first round – I think he knows translation That I will fight him tooth and nail at this point, especially, so move 'em on Mini-wheats (crowd cheering) (battle music) – Okay, now we've got our two seed with 9,327 votes, Lucky Charms verses our seven seed with 3,966 votes, Honey Bunches of Oats – Okay, Lucky Charms, been around since 1964 and they have the highest sugar content in the sugary region

– Is that right? – It's at 126 grams of sugar per serving You know, they're marshmallows and some sort of other thing (crunching) – A little marshmallow goes a long way – I'm a fan

– Honey Bunches of Oats, they were introduced in 1989 a little history, Vernon J Herzing originally called these the Battle Creek Cereal He was the manager at Pos Battle Creek Michigan Office and he mixed existing cereals to create this one It really is a hodge-podge It's like he swept up everything at the factory

– Yeah, in Battle Creek! Battle Creek Cereal! (crunching) Now, let me be honest with you, – Yeah – Coming in to this, I knew that Honey Bunches of Oats was gonna move on because I thought that I liked it a whole lot But now that I'm tasting it in the context of all these things, And these marshmallows really doing something for me? – You know what's gonna kill it for me? It gets soggy almost immediately – So fast! These marshmallows are holding up like you wouldn't believe – It is the favorite, but for either one of us, we didn't think it would be, but it is! – [Rhet] We're moving Lucky Charms along

(crowd cheering) – I'm surprised (battle music) – All right, Cinnamon Toast Crunch verses Honey Nut Cheerios – I'm not gonna argue with another opportunity to eat cereal again – Still good – What about this? (crunching) Also still good

It really comes done to, do you like circles and nuts or do you like toast and cinnamon – I don't think it's that simple (laughs) but here's what I'll say, you know what? Season one was a long time ago I've changed a lot My taste buds, apparently have changed quite a bit Also, I wasn't tasting Honey Nut Cheerios directly next to Cinnamon Toast Crunch and now that I am, I can tell you definitively, unequivocally, completely, that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is better than Honey Nut Cheerios

– Hey man, thanks for being such a big boy and changing your mind 'cause I fully agree (crowd cheering) Bam! (battle music) So the sixth seed, Frosted Mini-Wheats verses the two seed, lucky charms The way that I like to eat these, is frosted side down – It's a good cereal – Again, that's anther part of the experience

Oh, am I going frosted side up, or frosted side down? I can mix it up, it's like eating two cereals in one – Well, speaking of that, Lucky Charms are right in front of you – Oh, I can eat marshmallows, or I can eat brown stuff Like eating kids candy in cereal In one! – But it's so fun, you never know what you're gonna get

You get to examine each bite You're gonna get the same thing with every one of these spoon fulls Plus, you find this at the end of a rainbow You find this at like the end of a wheat field – I adopted a miniature horse and his name is Mini Wheat

You know, you gotta join me, man – I feel for you, but I'm not joining you – The texture – Were gonna have to bring in a tie breaker [Announcer] Hailing from the dark corners of someone's basement, the sultan of sweet, and the sole source of Link's emotionally crippling insecurities, It's Cotton Candy Randy

(crowd cheering) – Happy Cotton Candy Day daddy's Do you wanna hear a sweet nothing? – You know, I do, but, for once, I think I have something else for you to do and that is, we need you to break a tie between which one of these cereals is the best – And we're not gonna say anything about the cereals so as to indicate which one one of us likes because maybe Randy is more fond of one of us than the other one – That's true, we're not gonna think – Yeah, that's cool, I can be objective

(laughter) – All right, Randy– – You brought your spoon, I see – Yeah – Start anywhere you want (grunting) – You're using the thin end of the spoon (crew laughing) – [Randy] Don't spoon-splain to me

(crew laughing) All right – He's eaten the Frosted Mini-Wheat and now the Lucky Charms It's gonna be harder with that technique but, okay – Mmm, interesting – Alright, Randy, we need your buzzer-beater answer of which cereal you think is better in

[Rhett and Link] Five, four, three, two, one That one! Frosted Mini-Wheats! (laughing) – I agree Randy! (laughing) – This is nice – Okay, that's enough of that

– It was great, I like the texture It reminds me of that bird skeleton I stole from the Natural History Museum (laughing) All right, bye daddy's – Wow, congratulations Link – I can't argue with Randy, I think he's great in every way

– [Rhett] Alex, (crowd cheering) you heard the man (battle music) – Okay, final round we've got Cinnamon Toast Crunch verses Frosted Mini-Wheat then Slipped on bye – Yes, Randy, coming through I frequently eat cinnamon toast with sugar on it

I enjoy that I could take cinnamon toast that's this big and make it little teeny tiny and put it in milk, wouldn't that excite you? – There's no denying the fact that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is an amazing cereal – What was that? – Heres the thing, I am willing to acknowledge that this is special to me but might be odd to a lot of people – No, that's growth – But this is special to so many more people including me

So I don't wanna force myself on everyone – So you're saying that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is winning the sugary region? – As much as it pains me, yes – [Rhett] There you have it, the winner of the sugary region, the number one seed, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Now make sure to come back tomorrow We're gonna determine a winner from our region of healthy cereals

– Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Beloved, I'm eating cereal for supper I'm from Canada, and it's time to spin the Wheel Of Mythicality – Brilliant

– No rules – So brilliant – Click the top link to watch us eat some 17 year old Homer Simpson cinnamon donut cereal on Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel Of Mythicalitys going to land – [Rhett] Your hair and lips aren't doomed, they may just need to be groomed

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