March Milkness Taste Test: Fruity Cereals

– Today we're gettin' fruity – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning – And welcome to day three of March Milkness,, our tournament to crown the best cereal out there – That's right, we've already crowned the best sugary and healthy cereals but now we have eight fruity cereals competing for the taste buds found in these two mouth holes and only one fruity cereal can milk us for a spot in the final four – It's time for– – [Rhett] March Milkness: Fruity Region – And just to recap, you voted to determine the top eight seed cereals within each category as shown in our enormously elephantine, magnificently milkalicious cereal bracket board and Cinnamon Toast Crunch has advanced from the sugary round, Life from the healthy round

Tomorrow we decide on the chocolatey cereals but today is all about the fruitay – And the eight seeds are Froot Loops – [Link] Strawberry Mini-Wheats – [Rhett] Cap'n Crunch Berries – Raisin Bran

_ Apple Jacks – Trix – Fruity Pebbles – [Link] And Special K Red Berries – Let's eat some cereal

(bell rings) We're starting with the top ranked seed in this category with 14,258 votes, Froot Loops versus the lowest ranking seed with 4,077 votes, Frosted Mini-Wheats Strawberry – Mm, interesting – Froot Loops been around since 1963 – It's a classic – Of course fruit is in the name

They did misspell it though And there's no fruit in here – Is that right? – And also, they all taste exactly the same It's just different colors – And they are loops

Mm – And my shirt matches them perfectly – The green – Which I planned, thank you – These Strawberry Mini-Wheats were introduced in the 2000s and just take a look at that frosting there

– Now how come you're not familiar with these, as a Mini-Wheats man? – Because I'm not really drawn to strawberry-flavored things Like strawberry ice cream, stuff like that, I don't dig on that so I've never tried these – I'm not liking these at all – I mean there's a reason why this is the number one in the category because it's awesome, makes me loopy This stuff can go take a hike

– All right Froot Loops moving on, Alex? Oh, you've been doing your calf raises (bell rings) – Cap'n Crunch Crunch Berries got 6,748 votes, making it the fourth seed, the fifth seed, Raisin Bran has 6,1088 votes Now you may be thinking, shouldn't Raisin Bran have been in the healthy category? – Should it been in the healthy category? – But listen A grape when dry is a raisin

A grape is a fruit, therefore, a raisin is a fruit – It's fruity – Go with it – Now, Cap'n Crunch Berries is Cap'n Crunch with some, looks like you spilled some Trix in there – Oh you exposed

Can we get Shane Dawson in here? (both chuckle) There's a problem here with the abrasiveness of the Cap'n Crunch still coming through at the roof of my mouth – What's up with your sensitive mouth, man? – Now you gotta be quick with the Raisin Bran because that fool will get soggy But, the two scoops of raisin have quite a redemptive experience to it – I mean you get your fiber You do this and you don't have to worry about anything

– I'm blown away with the amount of raisins that are in this thing – How many scoops you think? – I'd say approximately two – Yeah I think we're on the same page – We're on team Raisin Bran

– We're team Raisin Bran – Lovin' it – Move it along! – [Link] Alex? – Yep – You agree? You like some Raisin Bran – Huge Raisin Bran guy

– Yeah I knew it – Gotta stay regular (bell rings) – Next up we got our third seed with 9,679 votes, Apple Jacks versus the sixth seed with 6,159 votes, Trix – And look at these Trix first of all This is not what I thought Trix looked like! – Yeah I don't know what happened to Trix

I mean I took a little hiatus from my Trix inspections – There's like, there's a flower – They've all got different shapes and multi colors – And a yellow moon What the, can't even hold it right

Look at that, this is just plain fun Woo! That is, I mean that is the definition of a fruity cereal This is like the fruity standard – It's so overwhelming It's not bad

– It's fruitier than a Froot Loop – Fruitier than a Froot Loop Sounds like something my granddad would say Now these are Apple Jacks, you guessed it, no apples They, I don't know for sure but I think they all taste the same even though there's more orange than green

– The thing about Apple Jacks, is that not cinnamon? – It is not cinnamon, it is cinnamon – It's an apple cinnamon flavor To me Trix are trying so hard You're getting pummeled in the mouth by fruit and sugar This is– – It's really the first cereal that's definitely just for kids

– Right – You know what I'm saying – Definitely not for rabbits – Of all the ones that we've been eating – But Apple Jacks– – I'm going with Apple Jacks

– But Apple Jacks are fun yet refined, you know, not too many colors – [Rhett] You don't wanna get overwhelmed – It just tastes great (Rhett laughs) – Well I mean it's better than Trix – (laughs) I love an Apple Jack

– Apple guys agrees – Yeah so– – Apple Jacks moving along – Silly Alex, Trix are gone (bell rings) Our number two seed with 11,946 votes is Fruity Pebbles versus our seven seed with 5,494 votes, Special K Red Berries – Okay Fruity Pebbles been around since 1971

I don't know if I've ever eaten them – Oh – It's very fruity like Trix but– – It's tart, it's tarter than Trix – I like the consistency a lot for the same reason I like Rice Krispies – Yeah, they're smaller, you feel like you're, you can get a mouthful

Special K Red Berries introduced in 1999 The red berries are strawberries That's what red berries are – Real strawberries Well not very many, well hold– – [Link] I got two, you want one of mine? – [Rhett] Special K not very many Red Berries

– [Link] Oh there's one, there's one right there There you go – Why you gotta be so stingy with your berries? That's good, that real fruit, it's good – The strawberry kinda feels just like you're eating another flake but then all of a sudden– – It rehydrates in your mouth – And then it bursts with flavor

– Turns into like a real fruit party – I mean do you prefer to be overwhelmed by little pebbles of fruit, or do you like to have a special burst of strawberry surprise in your mouth? I think that's the decision we have to make – Other than the berries that tastes like crap I don't– – Crap And there's not a lot of berries so, I'm voting for the pebblicious nature of the Fruit Pebbles

– Okay I agree, let's move these along Fruity Pebbles moving along (bell rings) Next up we got the first seed with Froot Loops versus the fifth seed, Raisin Bran – [Link] Mm-hmm – We've been here before

– Yep Crunchy, loopy, fruity – Not too much fruit though It's not overly fruity 'Cause you can get too fruity, that happened with Trix

– But can you get under fruity? Let's go back to the Raisin Bran I gotta tell ya, I sink my teeth into this and I start to feel too responsible You don't wanna be eating cereal and start to feel too responsible You wanna be more in a fun zone – Really? But the taste is so good

– Listen, dude This is the fruity category Who are we if we're not putting Froot Loops through in the fruity region? – Good point Froot Loops moving on – Yes, Alex! Hurry up before we change our minds

What's toucan's name? – Sam – Sam – Oh good, man, you know your stuff – I'm on it What else you wanna know? – What's his catch phrase? – Eat 'em up

(crew laughs) (bell rings) – Apple Jacks versus Fruity Pebbles – I'm almost over-fruited at this point – It looks like there's a two to one ratio of green to peach – I'd say three to one – That's a good cereal

– You kinda feel like you shouldn't be eating this You know what I'm saying? It's made for kids to play with but not eat – It's like a pre-cursor to slime It's like when slime was hard and granular – Yeah, the first decade of slime

When it was pebbles – But it tastes really good – And it almost seems more interesting even though this has the cinnamon – This is tough – I feel like my taste buds are broken

(Link chuckles) We need a tie-breaker Please welcome the Kevin Durant and Steph Curry of getting their homework done in a hurry Our youngest offspring, it's Shando (crew applauding) – [Link] Woo! – Hello boys! – Come on over, guys Okay, Shepherd and Lando

– Grab a seat – We can not agree on which one of these two cereals should move on So we got Fruity Pebbles and Apple Jacks You guys wanna try those? – And listen we don't want you to just make a decision immediately, you need to taste these and really consider it, okay? – Mm-hmm – You ready? – You getting some off the top, I see

They're dry boys – Okay describe your experience – I like it – It's great – Great, let's see if this– – You liked it, it's great? – If you like this more or not, and– – [Rhett] Why you guys skimming off the top? – I don't like milk

– Okay well this is not a milk competition All right so you've tasted both of these so maybe you wanna confer and then you gotta give your answer as a buzzer beater 'cause we count down from five, okay? So– – Oh you going back in – Yeah I need to try some more too – Oh so it's not an easy decision – No it's not

– Yeah this is very serious, if you get this wrong, you'll never forget it, we'll never forget it and you'll always regret it – This is what we do for a living, boys It's difficult being us, isn't it? – We'll come to this day and we'll be like that's where it all went sideways for Shando – No I've already made my decision, I just want more – Oh okay

– Well you guys whisper and make sure that Lando, do you know what your decision is? – I think, yeah – Okay You guys just confer and then we need the buzzer beater answer in five– – [Rhett and Link] Four, three, two, one – Uh – What is it? – We decided different things

(Rhett laughs) – Oh, we need a tie breaker tie breaker? – Hey do you have any kids that could come out and potentially, because that would be really crazy Like, here's our babies (chuckling) – Yeah that would be weird – The only reason I think these are better are 'cause they're more sugary – These are just– – I thought I liked those but then I like these more

– Mm – Mm, okay – Okay well, nothing moves on I don't know what happens now This is a problem when, we need more– – Rock, paper, scissors

– Okay – All right – There you go, you guys do rock, paper, scissors – Do it – [Shepherd, Lando and Link] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot

– Oh – Rock, paper, scissors, shoot – Oh! – Okay So it looks like Apple Jacks by the skin of its teeth moves on! – That was intense, guys (bell rings) Okay it's our final matchup

We've got the battle of the loops Froot Loops versus Apple Jacks – You know, we removed form factor – Right – And as your assertion holds true, all of these loops are the same flavor so it's really an apple cinnaminess versus just a straight-up fruitiness

I never thought I'd say this but Apple Jacks are the elegant option Against the straight-up follow your nose It always knows – It is more subtle, isn't it? – It's much more subtle It kinda slinks in the party

It knows everybody's looking but doesn't say anything Froot Loops is like hey guys! I'm at the party! – I could see myself as an old man sitting in a robe in like a Holiday Inn Express, eating Apple Jacks But I would be embarrassed to eat Froot Loops I think that's what you're saying Is that what you're saying, is that what I hear you saying? I'm in a robe, nothing else

– But the reason why this is number one seed is because the fruit ubiquity of it I mean when you think about fruity cereal, you don't think about Apple Jacks You think about the fruit, the loops (sighs) I think that clearly the supreme fruit cereal is Froot Loops, not Apple Jacks – But apple is a fruit

– But it's only one – You really hit it hard too, you really emphasized apple Not apple, apple's not a fruit, it's a vegetable – No it's one fruit – It's a good fruit though

– This is every fruit in one flavor Mix every fruit together, what's it taste like? – What fruit does this taste like? Name the fruit that this tastes like – All fruit (Rhett chuckles) Which I think is another product – This is not easy, man

Dang – Froot Loops, man They got a better mascot They got better colors – Yeah it does match my shirt

– They don't discriminate when it comes to fruits, it's just all of 'em – Okay – Yes, don't be sad This is a moment of victory – It's just I don't feel strong about it

I just, I– – Well I do – 'Cause I really like that as well But you know what, I don't like it more than this I like 'em evenly, you like this one more – Of course they did misspell the word fruit

– Ah you can't go back now – Froot Loops! – Froot Loops! – Wins the fruity region – Wins the bracket – Okay make sure you come back tomorrow We're gonna determine a winner from our next region of cereal, chocolate

– It's gonna be tough, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Willy – And I'm Claire – And we're in Sharpsburg, Georgia

– It's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Swish! – Hours of fun Click the top link to watch us eat discontinued Waffle Crisp in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality is going to land! – [Rhett] Everybody's talking about the Let's Talk About That logo mugs We don't really need to talk you into buying one but let's talk about that on our way over to the Mythical

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