March Milkness Taste Test: Final Four

– Which breakfast of champions will become the champion of breakfast? – Let's talk about that (fun music) – Good Mythical Morning! – Don't forget to subscribe to one of our other YouTube channels, that's the Ear Biscuits podcast every Sunday at YouTube

com/EarBiscuits – Uh-huh This is it, we have finally made it to the final four cereals and I hope you're ready for the battle of a lifetime – Cereal lovers around the world, we're about to throw the spoon down and take these final four cereals to milk-town! It's time for March Milkness Final Four – Alright, so we've been through all the sugary cereals, all the healthy cereals, all the fruity cereals and all the chocolatey cereals, and we have crowned the best cereal from each region

Now, all that's left to do is taste and judge the last four contenders – Uh, but you know what? It has been quite a ride – It has Rhett – So let's take a look at how our final four cereals got here This is the pour to the final four

– [Stevie] The pour to victory, 64 cereals entered, only one can be crowned champion Let's meet our final four cereals First, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, one of the most popular cereals in America These cinnamon treats were a favorite to win the sugary region, but not without some hard-fought battles They snapped, crackled and popped Rice Krispies Treats and crunched Cheerio's Honey Nuts

But in the most sugary of showdowns, Rhett won the debate and the C-T-C toasted Link's favorite, Frosted Mini-Wheats, earning them a spot in the final four Life is full of surprises, just like the outcome of the healthy region Created in 1961 by the Quaker Oats Company, Rhett and Link described Life as some kind of futuristic matrix cereal, and these multi-grain protein squares Keanu Reeves matrixed the crap out of their competitors Whoa, indeed A powerhouse in the cereal aisle, Fruit Loops was once declared the loopiest of fruits by Sir Charles Barkley

After giving Strawberry Mini-Wheats a giant sized smack-down, and serving Raisin Bran two scoops of whoop-ass, they faced off with Apple Jacks in a now infamous, battle of the loops Ultimately, Rhett and Link decided that six colors that sort of taste like fruit are better than two, and made Apple Jacks apple-pack its bags And finally, Oreo O's, these O's were introduced in 1997, but faced their own defeat in 2007 when they were discontinued, except for in South Korea, due to some kind of loophole (ding) But they returned to the shelves and became the Cinderella story of this competition when Gor-gin shifted shifted the bracket by choosing the O's in not one but two separate battles In the end, audiences were left stunned and Rhett and Link were left double-stuffed

(Rhett sighing) (sport whistle blowing) – This has been a really big week for us – I know – But now the pressure is really on – Okay, we are only a few mouthfuls away from crowning a champion cereal Let's get to our first match-up

(boxing-ring bell ringing) (crowd cheering) The dominator of the sugary region, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, is now facing off against, arguably a surprising– – Definitely – Winner of the healthy region, Life – [Rhett] We know how we feel about Cinnamon Toast Crunch – I would suggest that we eat the Life first – Oh, eat Life first

– Yeah, 'cause though it has sugar, it doesn't have the sugar of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Good call, good call (mouths crunching) – Blown away from the moment we first tasted it, I feel like I have formed a lasting relationship with Life – The texture, what it does in your mouth is something like a robot invented it Like, it's AI cereal

We're all gonna come back to this When the robots start doing everything for us, they're gonna make Life – It's like a space odyssey – [Rhett] Mm-hm – And of course, (metal clinking glass) the ubiquitous favorite

(mouths crunching) – Oh man, it's so good – So much crunch, so much cinnamon, so much sugar! – I don't even mind the sog, I go for the sog sometimes – You do make a point I mean, if I go for like the worst part is the sogginess in my mind, that is the demerit that lasts – No, but you see, when it gets in the bottom and it gets soggy, it kind of becomes like cinnamon chilaquiles

– And then if you just look at the milk It's cinnamon sugar milk – It makes a great milk So, I mean, I personally am saying that I think that Cinnamon Toast Crunch has gotta go to the finals It's almost, if not, the perfect cereal in my mind

I mean, the idea that you can take cinnamon toast and shrink it down and eat it by the mouthful, that's something that I'm really into It's going to the finals in my mind – Okay, here's what I'm gonna say, I think if this had cinnamon and sugar all over it? It would win – Okay – But, since it doesn't, I can't deny, and fully agree with you that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is an amazing invention which will live on well past humans

(audience chuckling) It moves on Alex – Alright! – To the finals! (crowd cheering) Woo! – [Rhett] Nice – [Link] How's that feel, Alex? – Felt great – Does it feel so good that you wanna blow that whistle? (sport whistle blowing) (boxing-ring bell ringing) (crowd cheering) We have just been informed that, for those of you already screaming at me in the comments, that there is in fact a cinnamon Life cereal – But the reason we did not include it is because our process was– – You didn't include it

– To pick cereals based on popular demand and let you vote on the ones that were your favorites, and it didn't make the cut, so don't blame us! – And you know what? And now we've moved on That this is Fruit Loops and Oreo O's moment, okay? – Yeah, yeah yeah yeah Okay, so Fruit Loops, which was the number one seed in the fruity region – No one's surprised here Dink it and sink it

(mouths crunching) You know, Rhett, I just wanna say, I'm grateful to be in this position with you – I feel like we have too much power – Thank you for entrusting us with this facade of a decision – It's not a facade, we know how passionate y'all are about this – I'm pretty passionate material

– People will fight about this That might happen– – Mm Here, because (mouths crunching) Okay, Oreo O's, I've never tasted before this competition – Me neither

– They came in an unlikely sixth seed – Huh – Which means that you didn't know about 'em that much either But, they taste like you're just eating Oreos out of milk – I'm gonna call this the Cinderella story

– Call it that, I won't have any argument with that – But are you falling in love with Cinderella? – I like Fruit Loops, but I kinda liked Apple Jacks better than Fruit Loops, but you were so passionate about these fruity loops that you're the one who pushed 'em through – Thank you for reminding me – I definitely think that the Oreo O's should go to the finals because it's a beautiful thing When something feels like it should be wrong, that's when I know that it's right

(audience member chuckling) Eatin', that's my moral compass in life – This guy's a father (audience laughing) – Yeah, it feels like you're just eatin' one cookie after another – But you know what this does? This transports me, (mouth crunching) back to my childhood It transports all of us back to our childhood, even if you've never eaten it

The entire experience here is one of transportation through time – Okay, I appreciate your opinion, I disagree with it, which means I think we have to call in a tie-breaker – Tie-breaker – [Rhett] Please welcome boxing legend and multiple World-Champion with 36 wins, 25 by knock-out, one of the greatest fighters of all time, Sugar Ray Leonard! (crowd cheering) – Wow! Come on over! There you go! – Gentlemen – Welcome to the show

– Thank you guys, how you doin'? – Thanks for comin' in We need you – Heh-heh-ha! – Okay – I think we've always needed you, but now more than ever – Yes, 'cause not only is your name Sugar Ray, but you're a huge cereal fanatic

– Absolutely – Before you we have Oreo O's and Fruit Loops Only one can go into the championship and only you can make the decision, so at your leisure, please taste – This is Let's see here

(laughing) Yes (mouth crunching) – [Link] Yeah, it's crunchy (Rhett laughing) (audience laughing) – It's just like eating Oreos, really – Next – [Rhett] Fruit Loops

– Man – The classic (Sugar Ray sighs) – Oh my, I'm so nervous (laughing) – The world is watching – Yeah

– Like never before – Oh my God (Rhett laughing) – It's so fruity – It takes me back – You got punched in the mouth with fruit

– Have you gathered all the information that you need – Yes – We need your buzzer-beater decision in – [Rhett And Link] Five, four, three, two, one (sport whistle blowing) – Fruit Loops make it through! – What do you have to say about it? – It's like home

It takes me back to where I was a young kid – Yeah, you lived in a fruit house – What are you sayin'? (laughing) – I don't know, I was just trying to interpret – No, what are you– – Like a gingerbread house but it was fruit instead – I think he just, he ate Fruit Loops as a child

– No no, what do you mean? – Whatever you meant (laughing) I just agreed with you – Let him have it, let him have it with the gloves off (laughing) – I would love to live in a house made of fruit – Okay, Sugar Ray, thank you for helpin' us out

(laughing) And last year, Sugar Ray joined the DAZN broadcast team, the live and on-demand sport streaming platform providing ring-side analysis from Matchroom Boxing – Mm-hm The next fight is Canelo, on May 4th right? In Las Vegas, so check it out And thank you so much, Sugar Ray Leonard – Thank you, thank you guys

– This is an amazing honor to have you here (audience clapping) – You can take the bowl with you (laughing) – [Link] We'll just give you some later (laughing) – Thank you – Thanks, guys

– Thank you – That was so good – Heh-ha-ha! – Take it easy, champ, have a good one – Ooh! Oh, ho-ho! (laughing) – I'm sorry, man – Thomas Hearns all over again, oh my God! – It just happens

– He's fast – He gave you a body-shot out of nowhwere! (Link laughing) – Oh – We told him to do that (laughing) – [Stevie] We need to take a moment to thank our sponsor, Man Milk, the official milk for men Now let's take a look at our Dance Cam, sponsored by Man Milk

(funky keyboard music) (crowd cheering) And of course, Man Milk is also the sponsor of today's Kiss Cam (crowd wooing) (lounge music) (boxing-ring bell ringing) (crowd cheering) – And we're back Our final match-up, Cinnamon Toast Crunch versus Fruit Loops – And for this final championship moment, we wanna make sure that the milk is applied perfectly – Of course

– So I would like to introduce you to my patent-pending device known as the Milk-enator 3000, which applies the perfect amount of milk (liquid gurgling) – Oh, makes a satisfying gurgling sound as well Is that a shower-head? – It's a Milk-enator 3000 – Okay, alright – Yeah, look at that

Nice gentle sprinkle, and we have it Yes – Okay, let's start over here with the Fruit Loops – It all comes down to this, Rhett, we've got all of the colors in the cereal rainbow (mouths crunching) bursting forth on my flavor-buds

– I mean – The crunchy, looping – It is a good cereal – Versus the cinnamon sugariness – Let me say some things about Fruit Loops

Undeniably fun, look at that – Mm-hm – The possibilities of applying artificial colors to little loops is realized– – To the max – Perfectly! – To the max – In this cereal that has been with us our entire lives

– But, if you look at Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you've got this cereal that is emulating a fun breakfast item, but then has taken that said breakfast item, cinnamon toast, and redefined it so that now, when you hear the words cinnamon and toast together, you immediately want to follow it up with crunch – Right – And cereal – Yeah – It is the new definition of what cinnamon toast is! It's not even the toast anymore, man

– And I've never thought about it like that That not only is it a food that has been miniaturized, like with a shrink-ray – Yes – But, it's been made better It's actually improved

– Yes – You know, I couldn't say the same thing about– – It's better than cinnamon toast, exactly! – You know, I can't say the same thing about Oreos or Cookie Crisp – Yeah, you might get argued this is a wholly original thing that is just cereal and nothing else – This represents, like, the science being applied to food This is magic being applied to food

I think that's the difference This is science, this is magic – Let's confer (clapping music) Yeah Okay

We've reached our decision – We've arrived at a winner (suspenseful music) – The champion cereal of March Milkness is Cinnamon Toast Crunch! – Cinnamon Toast Crunch ! Release the celebratory cereal cannons! Woo! – Oh, oh, oh-ho, ho-ho! Ah Wow, is that Cinnamon Toast Crunch or all of them mixed together? – Kind of more of a cereal dusting I don't know if you can see that

But there you have it The best cereal of all time, according to our processes is Cinnamon Toast Crunch – Cinnamon Toast Crunch Thanks for sticking with us for this entire week of cereal madness, otherwise known as March Milkness We'll see you next time we do this, or maybe just the next episode

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– [Rhett] So sick, bruh – [Link] Yah

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