March Milkness Taste Test: Chocolate Cereals

– What's the best chocolate cereal? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) Good Mythical Morning

– It is day four of our March Milkness tournament to crown the best champion cereal of all time which means we are only one cereal shy of the final four and one day closer to diabetes – Eight chocolatey cereals are ready to compete Let's find out which will make us cuckoo for their cocoa and which will make us choke-o on their cocoa It's time for March Milkness: Chocolatey Region – Okay just to recap, we've got four cereal regions: sugary, healthy, fruity and chocolatey and you guys voted on your top eight from each category which we seeded into our March Milkness bracket and today, eight chocolatey cereals are going head to head until we crown one winner to advance

– Let's take a look at our top eight seeds We've got Reese's Puffs – [Link] Count Chocula – [Rhett] Cookie Crisp – [Link] Cocoa Krispies

– [Rhett] Cocoa Pebbles – [Link] Oreo O's – [Rhett] Cocoa Puffs – [Link] And Krave – Let's dive in

(bell rings) Okay we're starting with the top ranked seed in this category with 12,847 votes, Reese's Puffs, versus the lowest ranking seed with 3,391 votes, Count Chocula – Mm-hmm – Now, Reese's Puffs, released in 1994, very highly rated, second highest vote total overall and– – Peanut butter and chocolate – I mean you can't wrong with this but one serving of this has more sugar than a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Just the actual candy

– Oh wow The moment you taste it, put it in your mouth, you get hit with a perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate– – But do they taste different? Two different ones? – That's a good question, I don't know Count Chocula was introduced in 1971 Beginning in 2010, they started only releasing it around Halloween – I think they taste the same, but they taste good

– There's ghost pieces and then some bat marshmallows in there – It started okay but do you know what's happening in your mouth right now? – It's kinda like chocolate dog food, which I like – You know what it's reminiscent of? It's reminiscent of those expired cereals we've been eating – Well we did have to get it from like last Halloween but it's not that old – No no I'm saying that I think this is just Count Chocula in its best form

– Yeah, it's really not good I'm kinda disappointed, it's not even a contest here – No it's not even close – You know how much I love peanut butter so Reese's Puffs moves on, Alex (bell rings) Our fourth seed with 8,278 votes is Cookie Crisp versus the fifth seed, Cocoa Krispies with 6,185 votes

– Okay Cookie Crisp, been around as long as I have, since 77 People, it's just little chocolate chip cookies and that's the whole point is to make a cereal that's cookies – The start is cookie-forward and then as they get soggy, it kinda becomes a cookie dough experience – What a great country, man – It gets neater and more interesting

– Just make little cookies and make it a cereal – When it gets soggy Cocoa Krispies – And feed it to kids – These were introduced in 1958

Around that time, there was another character called Pow – Really? What happened to him? – Well once you pow, you're kind of out – Right – You know? – You get one pow – Right

– That's a good cereal, and it's not overly cocoa, you know what I'm sayin'? – This is actually more difficult than I thought because this is the Rice Krispy alternative, it's pretty magical – It is good Here's the thing This is a bowl full of little cookies (chuckles) I mean just wrap your mind around that

– I can't, I can't wrap my mind around it – [Rhett] Wrap your mouth around this and tell me it isn't a good cereal – And it's so distinct on the cereal aisle I'm voting that it moves on even though I gotta give props to this – It's very good, Cocoa Krispies very good

But yeah we're sending Cookie Crisp – [Link] Way to go Alex, you're a good sticker – Thank you, I stick with the best of 'em (bell rings) – Next up it's the three seed with 10,825 votes, Cocoa Pebbles versus the sixth seed with 5,684 votes, Oreo O's – Mm-hmm

– Okay Cocoa Pebbles, what I'm noticing immediately is this is what Cocoa Krispies wants to be – [Link] It looks like a bowl of coffee beans – It's so dark, it's already turning the milk into chocolate milk, like look how dark the milk is – Whoa, look at that milk – Already

I mean they do not hold back with the chocolate – Whoa! – Holy – Whoa! I just got punched in the face by chocolate – I feel like my face is being assaulted – All right, don't even need to try the Oreo O's, 'cause that's horrible

Now what if this is horrible too? Oh my gosh, I hope it's not – Okay – Introduced in 1997 Discontinued in 2007 except in South Korea due to some international loophole with Oreo O's – But it was just recently brought back 'cause I was thinking that we had– – It's recently brought back

– Something from 2007 – No – But this is actually– – We would never do that – They just brough 'em back Back by popular demand

– I like how they're kinda frosty and then you get 'em wet and they turn dark chocolatey – Oh man, that tastes like an Oreo It tastes like you're just eating Oreos which puts it in a Cookie Crisp situation – Yeah more than I realized – That's good

– Alex, this is the clear winner, we all know it Oreo O's moves on even though it's the lower seed – Yeah Cocoa Pebbles is an accident (bell rings) – Cocoa Puffs is the number two seed with 12,148 votes versus the seventh seed with 3,685 votes, Kellogg's Krave, with a K – Cocoa Puffs introduced in 1958

You know Sonny the Cuckoo Bird with his catchphrase – I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! – Cocoa Puffs Which has become part of the American lexicon – Vernacular Dink it, air dink it, nope

– First observation is, great balance of chocolate in a very, in my estimation, pleasing chocolate flavor – I actually– – Authentic chocolate – I actually don't like it – Compared to what we just had! To me this is the most authentic and best of the ones that are super chocolatey like Count Chocula – They use real– – Cocoa Krispies

Cocoa Pebbles – Hershey's chocolate in the flavored corn puffs I think that's what you're picking up on – Yeah, don't trust Link on this one, guys This tastes like authentic chocolate way more than any of the other ones

– Yeah I just don't love it, but I'm fine with you not trusting me Krave with a K introduced in the UK in 2010, in the US

in 2012, never had this I'm just gonna bite this to give you a cross-section Look at that – It's chocolate-filled cereal? Tastes like roadkill smells – And it's not the chocolate, it's that yellow part

– And I mean that in all kindness, Kellogg's – So it's clear Cocoa Puffs moves on – He did it (bell rings) Okay we've got Reese's Puffs, our number one seed versus Cookie Crisp – Hmm

– [Rhett] We know we like both of these – This kinda feels like a personal finals for me I mean, 'cause I'm very fond of both of these – It's really good, undeniable – Again because of the circular nature, they stay crisper longer than I think the cookie does but then the cookie becomes dough

– [Rhett] Cookie Crisp is super crispy though – This is tough I love peanut butter – There's a little bit– – I love cookie dough – There's a little bit of artificial taste in the Cookie Crisp

– Yeah – If I have to be honest about it– – Yeah, you're right – It has a really strong cookie dough taste to begin with but then, if you wanna get critical, you can say there's a little bit of a fakey taste, whereas, I don't get that at all with the Reese's Puffs – I absolutely agree that there's a little hint of something that's like they need to tweak Yeah I know it's been awhile, Cookie Crisp, but you need to tweak it a little bit

– It's time to tweak – This magical combination is always gonna be one of my flavorites – Okay – So we agree – Let's send it on

– Puffs moves on, Alex (bell rings) Okay so we got Oreo O's versus Cocoa Puffs These are good and the milk is cookies and cream That's a big thing that I hadn't thought of which reminds me that we're having a cereal milk tournament on Instagram TV and Facebook so go over there and watch the Mythical team try to spar that out But it is also a factor here

– It's very authentically Oreo, like, it doesn't have a fakey taste anywhere in the flavor profile But Cocoa Puffs are back They're so crispy, they're so good, listen This is the only chocolate-flavored cereal in the United States that is made with real chocolate That's got to stand for something

– Here's my thing, I don't even like Oreo's really, unless they're dipped in milk and that's all this is – Well you know where I stand I am sending Cocoa Puffs through If you don't agree with me then– – Then you can't– – We're gonna have to result– – You cannot– – We have to resort to a tie breaker – I'm voting for the Oreo O's

– Okay Tie breaker it is Please welcome the physician of transmission, the Shaquille O'Neal of automobiles The Michael Jordan of guys named Goorgen, our friend Goorgen (crew cheers, applauds) – Thank you

– Come on over! – Hey hey! – We need your help to settle which one of these cereals is better We've got Oreo O's and Cocoa Puffs here Are you a cereal lover? – Of course First I'd like to tell something First of all, I wanna say thank you so much for having me again

– Of course – We always love to have you, Goorgen – I tell all people please watch the Good Mythical Morning – (chuckles) Yeah – How to do good one

– Get the word out! – And then I will judge to the cereal – All right yeah – Yes – All right I'm ready if you're ready – You're the judge of the cereal

Whichever one you wanna start with – Okay – He's starting with the Oreo O's – Maybe I use too much cereal, I don't know (chuckles) – [Link] Just a little bit there

– That's a delicate bite That's a man who wants to make the right decision – He's giving me that famous look of his Now try this one – That's a good taste

I used to this one long time ago Try this – Okay, Goorgen we need your buzzer beater answer Which one is better in– – [Rhett and Link] Five, four, three, two, one – I'm happy about this one

(both laughing) I'm happy with this – I am too – You know what? Okay, you know what, this is how this works You were the judge of the cereal and you judged this one to be better Thank you Goorgen

– Yes, Rhett! Thank you Goorgen – Thank you so much, thank you – Oreo O's moves on, Alex Bam – Hey Goorgen

(bell rings) – Okay, we've got Reese's Puffs versus Oreo O's – Mm-hmm, give me some of that chocolate peanut butter – This has been a tough round – [Link] Never knew about this – Here's the interesting thing, both of these are really good cereals but if you told me this was a peanut butter cereal, I would be like, oh it's a peanut butter cereal

I do not taste any chocolate – You don't taste any chocolate? – I taste peanut butter If I told you, hey that's a peanut butter cereal, you'd be like, oh, cool – I do agree that it's mostly peanut butter But– – I'll tell ya, it's 95% peanut butter

I'm not saying there's not a hint of chocolate but the chocolate balls and the peanut butter balls taste the same, they both taste like peanut butter – No – This tastes like Oreo's – I disagree I disagree, man

You almost had me but no, it's a mild chocolate – It's good! – I think the reason why you're saying that is 'cause you're eating it next to this – It's not nearly as chocolatey – No it's not – What region are we in right now? – It tends to disappear

– What region are we in right now? – But it is there – We're in the, what region? – Chocolatey – Yep! – Plus peanut butter is my vote, you're not, you can't take me off of it – I wanna send Oreo's through We've never done this but it looks like we're gonna have to have another tie breaker

You remember him from just a moment ago, it's Goorgen! – Yeah! (crew applauds) Come on over, Goorgen! Come on over here All right, wow I hope you weren't already taking a nap or something – Yes – We reached another impasse, Goorgen

We can't agree on these so you've got Oreo O's which you've just had but now you've got to taste them against Reese's Puffs – So give 'em another taste – Sure, start with this – Okay He does a little digging

– He digs for the right bite – He's like a miner – He takes it seriously – But also with like an icing of happiness 'cause that's what Goorgen brings to everything – Yeah, he does

He chooses the one that makes him happy He made that clear last time – Okay And he is happy, it's just what makes him more happy – Okay Goorgen, we're gonna need your buzzer beater decision in– – [Rhett and Link] Five, four, three, two, one! – I pray for this one

(Rhett and Link laugh) Sorry about that – This is like a Cinderella story! – Woo! – Oreo O's moves on! – Oreo O's! The unlikely– – How did that happen? – Makes it to the final four – It is good How happy are you right now? – It's good, very good – (laughs) It's a good chocolatey cereal

– It's good – And knocked off a top contender – I would say that's a good one but I chose this one – Yeah yeah, he's interested in that one Okay, make sure you come back tomorrow when we'll crown the overall cereal champion

– Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – Now you say you know what time it is – Time right now? – I'm Summer Hall and I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah But I'm in California and my brothers just met Rhett at a Clipper's game And it's– – Time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– They're like we're really excited about it (chuckles) – Uh what? – Click the top link to watch us try 28 year old Addams Family Cereal in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Having a naked phone is embarrassing You can avoid that by popping into Mythical

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