Making Real Food With Play-Doh Toys Taste Test

– Today we Play-Doh with our food – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) – Good Mythical Morning – And welcome kind Mythical Beasts to our 16 hundredth episode! – Whoa! (crowd cheering) – Now listen That's a one with a six after it and then two zeroes after that! That is insane! – Wow, 1,600 Who would have thought, Rhett? – A lot Yeah

– Now in order to thank you for making us a part of your daily routine, and we do thank you for that, we're probably seeing all of our tees at 16 bucks for only 16 hours at mythicalcom So, go on over – Yeah, and to celebrate how far we've all come together, we want to take you back to five years ago, or about the lifespan of a well cared for guinea pig, to episode number 568 when we made real food with Play-Doh toys and shocked the world Here comes the– – This is your hot dog? Your pea dough? – [Rhett] Wow, that's not appetizing either

– Your pea dough weiner – Feel like I gotta support it (laughs) That probably was not something that you want to say again Eugh – Those were the days, Rhett, the pea dough wiener days

Said it again – It was dough made from peas Pea dough Come on! – That was a long time ago, so long ago, that my hair went down and was dark – Yeah it was

– But since then we've had an exceptional culinary team including Mythical Chef Josh, and Nicole! Hello Nicole – [Nicole] Hello! – Yes, and we're gonna utilize their skills to celebrate our 16 hundredth episode by recreating that episode But this time, with real food Play-Doh on a-whole-nother level It's time for It's Our 1600th Episode, Bro Let's Make Real Food with Play-Doh Toys

– Just like last time we did this, we will not be using any actual Play-Doh, it's been replaced with what we're calling Foh-Real-Doh – Ah! – Patent pending That is real food that has been made into doughs for us to cook with and we'll be cooking a meal for each other – Oh, isn't that sweet? – It is – Okay, our culinary wizards Josh and Nicole have made some gourmet Foh-Real-Doh's

But we can only prepare our dishes using actual Play-Doh toys – Oh, like this – Yeah Let's dough it (upbeat music) Okay, Link, I'm gonna make your meal for you first

– All right – This is a Play-Doh breakfast Or as I call it: breakfast is the most important meal of the dough! – I'm so glad that you gave it a name – The first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna make a triple berry waffle – Ooh! – With whipped cream

– Dang, son – Okay, Link, you're in charge of the whipped cream, okay? – Waffle maker – You're gonna take the whipped dough and you're going to extrude it through whatever shape you like but I am requesting the star shape because I think star shaped whipped cream is the sexiest – Now, okay, so Nicole, how did you go about making these doughs because– – [Nicole] They all started with a base of cream of tartar salt and fully cooked flour So you guys don't get salmonella or E

Coli – [Together] Thank you! – [Nicole] You're so welcome (laughs) – All the doughs may not taste this good but this is good tasting dough – I, no, I want to– – I love eating dough! – Listen, you need to wait You can eat all the dough you want to later

But the first thing– – I can't wait – The first thing you need to do is enjoy in the food form! – It's too late, man – Now I've got the waffle dough and then the berry dough So, that smells like a waffle It smells just like a waffle

You put a waffle in there? – [Nicole] I basically took a little bit of maple extract, real maple syrup, and butter extract, and I formed that into your dough – Now, I washed my hands, right before we did this And I ask you to wash your hands But when I came back from the bathroom, you were still here and now we're doing this – You know, we have, there's four sinks in this building

– But I left – I found another – I left, you were here in the middle of something I come back, you're still here– – I'm also a much faster hand washer I went to the kitchen and washed my hands and came back

What were you doing, fixing your hair? (laughs) – Maybe (everyone laughs) – Okay – I'm ready to extrude – I'm gonna put the berry dough into it just like you would if you were making a waffle You just kind of just stick 'em in there

Yeah, go in and extrude all you want (blows raspberry) Actually, don't, don't extrude, actually, because I want you to extrude directly on my waffle So you wanna press down gently (he mimics sizzling sound) – You've made yourself a waffle – [Rhett] I think I've ruined it

– You made me a waffle That looks good Show it to the people, Rhett Now rip that out of there gingerly Oh yeah, touch it in every conceivable location before I eat it

– I washed my hands in that sink that you forgot about – All right, so now you want me to dump some stardust on it? – There's your waffle So pretty – [Link] And now I'm gonna extrude some of this, oh my goodness Look at that

– [Rhett] (whispering) Oh yeah, you're gonna love that – [Link] Oh yeah! – Please don't make grunting sounds – Takes a lot of forearm work to do this So it's like you've gotta be like fricking, you've gotta be a man to play with the freaking Play-Doh – All right, we'll se that aside

Now you're going to make the egg And Link, what I want you to do is basically, you've got Egg White-Doh, and you've got Yolk-Doh And I think you can probably figure out what to do Make a flat egg and then put a yolk in the middle of it You an use a roller

Oh gosh Don't worry, we washed the floor – While I was in the bathroom? – Yeah, I washed the floor – All right, egg white-dough, what's that? Just eggs? – [Nicole] It's powdered egg whites and the base mixed together It's a little sticky

– What's the crispy potato? – [Nicole] I used mashed potato flakes, flavored with a little bit of butter – [Link] I can't get this out – [Rhett] Use those super clean hands to do it – I washed my hands longer than I normally would – I did a surgeon's wash

– Really? – I had so much time I left after you did, I did a surgeon's wash, I looked at my hair too, and I came back, and you were still lookin' at your hair! And I gotta say, your hair's not looking great right now – I know, it's 'cause I– – After all that, it's not looking great – I gotta have a tool to run my hands through my hair I'll just use the spatula which, this is designated hair spatula

– What, oh, you already told me what that was Okay, I'm just gonna extrude it out – All right, so I've got the white part of a egg and then– – [Rhett] There's not a whole lot of that I don't want to take too much more time on it – [Link] Then I got this, you like it sunny side up? – [Rhett] Yeah, I'm gonna just cut these hash browns up

You know, you don't want too many hash browns That may just look like a pile of bird crap, but that, why is the yolk so big? Is it ostrich? – Yeah man, ostrich egg Fine, whatever Give you a little bit– – Now, I gotta move onto the bacon Okay, so this is Pig-Doh, what's in the Pig-Doh? – [Nicole] So that's a little bit of liquid smoke and bacon fat

– That's gonna taste interesting – I like both those things – And look at that, there's an egg – You have to eat this, you realize that? – It's great (everyone laughs) – Okay, and that's gonna kinda get rid of those edges there

And then– – Don't need that anymore – Take a little bit of that – This Yolk-Doh probably gonna be kinda nasty – And then there's your bacon Right next to your hash browns

Ooh, that's kind of pretty So, Link, there's your meal, to enjoy later You have an egg with bacon and hash browns that look a little uncooked And then you've got berry waffle with whipped cream! Congratulations Thanks for your help

– Berry waffle, Barry White's cousin All right, but I gotta make you somethin' (upbeat music) Now Play-Doh makes a couple backyard burger grilling sets And I'm gonna give you this one I'm gonna take this one

I'm also gonna give you a couple of these And I'm gonna give you these four Foh-Real-Doh's So, Rhett, you're gonna make a burger and a top and a bottom bun as well as some cheese and you've got some Dill-Pickle-Doh here to make a– there's your pickle maker So you get to go for that I bet that Cheese-Doh tastes good How much of this stuff did you eat when you were making it, Nicole? – [Nicole] All of it

I had to make sure you guys could – The Whipped-Cream-Doh is the best so far Now I got this fake grill with a rotisserie on it I'm gonna start off, I'm gonna put my mustard and ketchup are gonna go last I'm gonna make some lettuce

Lettuce-Doh? – I think we're gonna be better – That smells horrible! – We're gonna be better this time You know I learned by my mistakes So, this meal that I'm helping you make for me is gonna be better than the meal that you helped make for you? – If that was a question, I think the answer's probably Smell that

– Is that Lettuce-Doh? – [Link] It's horrible, isn't it? – [Rhett] It's got a faint lettuce, lettuceness to it – [Nicole] Yeah, lettuce is mostly water which is what we learned when we dehydrated it – Yeah – So we added a little wheat grass, a little arugula – Oh, yeah, there's a lot of wheat grass

– [Nicole] Yeah – So I'm gonna shove that right in there And you just gotta find the ridge, kids Then you pull away And that leaves what I'm calling a lettuce flap

Well that sucked, look at that There's not much ridges in the lettuce flap I'm also gonna make some Onion-Doh No, you made the Onion-Doh I'm gonna make an onion

This thing right here will make a complete onion which then I can slice – How you make this Beef-Doh? – [Nicole] I took some Kobe beef and I ground it up and I added it to my base, and I added some Worcestershire sauce, a little onion powder to that, and black pepper – And this Onion-Doh, smell that! – Smells like onions (everyone laughs) You know what the Beef-Doh smells like? – Burger – Why are you eating all of it? It's not gonna be a surprise for you, man

I want this to be, I want to experience it as a surprise – Well, I just wanted to know how horrible the Onion-Doh could taste, and let me tell ya, pretty horrible I'm gonna throw it in there This is gonna– Oh, I'm gonna throw it in here – [Rhett] Just gotta grill my burger

– [Link] Ugh All right, so I have a complete onion – All right, I have a burger on a patty waiting to be topped – Now, that's your cheese maker right there So go ahead and throw your Cheese-Doh in there

– That was my nickname in high school – And then I have this onion which I am gonna slice this onion – Whew, I'm tempted to try that but I'm not going to because I have self control – Oh, that's good, Nicole – [Nicole] Thank you

– That, is that, it just tastes like cheese I mean, it just looks like cheese I didn't taste – Did you taste it? – It smells like cheese – It tastes like cheese too

– Well if it looks like cheese and it smells like cheese – Now the thing I just learned is when you make Onion-Doh and then you slice it, it makes lips Look at that, it makes perfect, purple lips Which means you're dying If you got purple lips, and it's not lipstick, you're dying

So I'm gonna put some purple lips, it also looks like a legume – You think that's enough cheese? Oh goodness – [Link] And there's some lettuce And then here's some onion – I'm getting to the pickles

– I'm gonna extrude some mustard Oh, boy, this– – Dill-Pickle-Doh really really has a great smell to it Again, I don't know what it tastes like, 'cause I wouldn't do that – Right down here This is where the magic happens

Check out this mustard magic – [Rhett] It's so sticky (blows raspberry) I don't think I can get it out – You cut that Put that right on the side of that

And now– – I'm sorry the way the pickles turned out – I'm gonna throw in some ketchup down in there – I don't want so much mustard – Again, magic happens in the same spot It's mustard, it's mustard, it's mustard, nope! It's ketchup! – Give me a little of that ketchup, just a little bit

– I actually may forget that Take this off – [Rhett] Oh, you went half and half – I did that I went ham with it

Now stack that puppy up And that completes my burger for you So, don't squish it too much now, just enough – All right, there you go, Link There's my burger

(upbeat music) Okay, Link, why don't you eat your breakfast first? Again, it is a berry waffle with whipped cream, that you're enjoying right now – Oh yeah I'm sure this is gonna be fabulous Very doughy – Well, yeah, that's kind of the idea

– It really does taste amazing It tastes very waffley The consistency kind of gives it away, though – Right, okay, now you've got the fried egg with bacon and hashbrowns Why don't you get a super bite? That's everything together

– I am I'll put all that into one bite I don't know about this egg yolk stuff I'm just gonna have to just start pullin' on it – Yeah, eat with your hands

– So that right there is all of it together I love the consistency of dough so much that it's actually not bad – Okay – But this right here is amazing I'm gonna be constipated for two weeks

– All right, so I've got the burger with cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard – That looks good, man – More cheese! – [Link] Lot of cheese Oh my goodness Chomp down

Gracious, Rhett It looks awesome! (laughs) – Oh gosh, something's coming through – Not good? – No Talking about the dill – It's the best dough

– It does look incredible I probably could have acted as if I'm enjoying myself, but I couldn't because it really tasted really bad – 16 hundred episodes in, we don't lie to the people – But I appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this Especially the parts that I did

– And we appreciate you watching, and clicking that bell! I don't know why all of a sudden we're gonna tell you to do that! (laughs) – Yeah, 'cause why not? We should have been saying it all along! – Here's to 16 hundred more Thank you for liking, commenting, subscribing, clicking bells, whatever needs to be done You've been doing it We couldn't do it without you – You know what time it is! – I'm Rhett

– And I'm Link – And I'm Isabella from Gourmet And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Stop motion us! – That was convincing for a second Click the top link to watch us open 16 mystery boxes in Good Mythical More

– Ooh, and to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Got some hair? Got some lips? Got some stink? Get the Mythical Grooming Collection available now at mythicalcom

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