Making Christmas Dinner in a Coffee Maker

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com – Now back in August, we experimented with cooking things in a coffee maker And more recently BuzzFeed's Tasty got in on the coffee maker food game themselves But it just so happens that we had already been planning to make a whole Christmas dinner in a coffee maker ourselves – For you, and now is that time because Christmas is a time for family, and if your family is on the lam from the law and stuck in a Best Western in an unnamed desert city for Christmas Eve with nothing to cook with except the motel coffee maker, then this episode is for you

It's time for putting things in things: coffee maker edition, Christmas dinner edition, edition We're gonna be making a bunch of different classic Christmas dishes using only this coffee maker as our only cooking device Now we know that Christmas dinner means a lot of different things depending on where you are and how you cook stuff So this is only one version of what your holiday table may look like – What we're gonna cook, two sides, an entrée, and a desert

We're gonna taste them as we go, and at the end, we're gonna show you our final assembled Christmas dinner Let's get to brewing – [Together] Round one – Mashed 'taters are a staple of my holiday dinner because I love bland and mushy food that doesn't try to steal the show So we want to figure out how to use a coffee maker to make it

Okay Rhett get ready – Ready – We got some pre-thawed frozen Ore-Ida Home Fries Those are Potatoes You're gonna throw those in there along with some butter, so add them in

And then fill the reservoir with milk, a little milk I'm gonna put some cracked pepper in there too just because why not – Crack it man – And then for an added bonus, let's take and put some gravy powder into the pot Oh goodness

So as it– Alright, so that's going in there Alright, so let's get this party started Bing, and now we just wait for it to (mimics coffee bubbling) its way through (clock ticking) Okay, now you can move that over Rhett, and then start to mash Is this workin'? Alright, so we are now mashing the potatoes

And it looks as if the hot milk has allowed it to be mashable Or has it? – It has, but I'm having to– – Do a little stir and mash – I'm having to override these Ore-Idas (laughs) – Oh that's not bad Now mush, see you've captured a whole thing in the middle of that

– Yeah I've got a potato ball in the middle – Raise that – Oh let me– You gotta get my potatoes outta that potato cage – Okay, there we go

And now, I think that's pretty good right? – Okay, yeah, let me just get the last bit – Okay, so we have a plate here, and then you're gonna take that Oh, you're gonna do it like a diaper? – Yeah, look at this – Okay, bring it over here Turn, invert it

– It's already– – Oh it's got what– – Maybe they won't notice there's a filter – It's not a dumpling – Hold on, hold on – Now I want to taste it without the gravy first because I don't know how good that gravy is It looks to be a success

Dink it, oh, sorry, and– A little undercooked, but nothing a little gravy won't fix – Yeah the gravy will take care of that – Well we've already, we started in the middle a little bit Okay, okay, okay That's some thin gravy

– We got a lot more gravy to go around – Okay, taste it with the gravy – Why are you chewing the mashed potatoes so much? – Habit – It's already chewed – Is that how, not it's not, it's mashed

Hey, so far successful – That's a good taste – [Together] Round two Of course, every meal needs a veggie And the veggie that is both the most classic and the most trendy is Brussels sprouts

And a lot of people don't like Brussels sprouts because yo momma didn't cook them right! And I don't think the problem was that she wasn't using a coffee maker, but we are going to officially rule that out – (laughs) – So you're going to put the Brussels sprouts, some bacon bits, and some craisins, we're about to get craisin, into the filter, and this is just chicken stock that you're going to pour into the reservoir – I don't think I want that many crasions – You're going to go easy on the crasions? – Crasions, yeah that's plenty – Okay

– Chicken stock Okay – Yeah if you open a new restaurant in Los Angeles and you don't serve Brussels sprouts, no one shows up (crew laughing) Yes, you might as well just put a facade up – Drop the lid and hit the button

(clock ticking) Bam I don't need this, I just need this – Yeah just take the filter and dump the contents right here on my pretty plate – It's kind of warm Okay

So I'm gonna take this out Oh, look at that – The craisins opened up, they expanded – I don't know if this cooked enough – You could just dump the whole thing upside down and hold onto the filter

– Let's do this, okay there we go – Now here's the thing, is that the Brussels sprouts that are good, are the ones that have had all the Brusselness cooked out of them Cooked hard for a long time, and they've taken away the bitterness that come with the Brussels sprout, and also the firmness And I'm just saying that based on the fact that that was just one cycle of a coffee maker I'm gonna be getting some bacon to add to this bite

– Yeah I got some craisins – And some craisins – And, oh my gosh Okay, it's not quite as crunchy as I thought it was gonna be – It's not bad, it's kinda reached the level of, someone who doesn't know how to cook Brussels sprouts

(crew laughs) – Yeah, but again– – Which is a lot of people – If you're trapped in a hotel room I mean I'm gonna be grateful for this – You get your fiber, you get your gas later on – (laughs) Yeah, comin' and goin'

– Yeah, a little extra propellant to get you through the holidays – I'll take another bite – Get you to Grandma's house – [Together] Round three – Christmas main dish can range from, goose to duck to chicken to turkey to pork loin to seven fishes, but a ton of Christmas tables include ham, and I am a ham man

So today we are gonna bake our ham with a tesla flamethrower Okay, maybe just a coffee maker – Wow, I was super excited – I Sorr– – I know, I'm sorry to make this seem less exciting So just slap that whole piece of ham in there

– Pineapple and– – Leave that in there – Maraschino – Yeah it's studded with cherries and pineapples – Studded – Yeah to give it that little thing

– I like my ham studded – And then, we're gonna use Coca-Cola in the reservoir for a glazing effect Let them have it, big brother Now there's the thing, I think we gotta get this ham down Because that won't come across

I think we need to take, we're gonna have to take some of this ham off – Oh no – So that it– – Oh no – 'Cause it's gotta mush – Now we got left over ham

– We gotta mush it – Guess now we're just gonna have to eat that ham – 'Cause you know the spout, the spout's gotta gotta go over it – Okay, alright – There we go

There we go – And close – And look, – And on – We get a little pre-ham while we wait – I'm not gonna complain about pre-ham

(clock ticking) – We have ham – Pull that back – That can be hot – Okay I'm just gonna– – Alright so, gonna pull the ham out, and dump it here – We might have a little ham blockage here that's creating– I just want to make sure that we got all the liquid out

Okay, alright, I'm just going to– – The top looks kind of Coke-ified, so that's nice Oh bring it There we go – Oh, Sorry That was supposed to be prettier than it was

– And I'll leave that there Now we can– – I'm gonna turn that back over so you can see the nice little cross section – Oh yeah, and we can take a little bit of that Coke glaze A little ham– – Ham Coke – Ham Coke, we should taste some ham Coke

We got some glasses here, so, pour us some ham Coke in here Nice hot– – You know Coke's always experimenting with new flavors Especially in other countries There's a lot of things we don't hear about They may have already done ham Coke for all we know

– It's got like, the fat floaties in it Okay, and I'm gonna start with this little piece right here It's hot, I mean really, it gets it to a good temperature Yeah – That's some hot ham

– Dink it The ham tastes great, it's got a little hit of Coke with only helps – It only helps The only think I can think of it doing is helping – And the only think I can think of to make it better is hot ham Coke to drink and chase it down

– Hot ham coke Taste like ham, and coke (laughs) – It tastes like Christmas (Crew laughing) – Yeah, yeah, yeah – It really does, it's got a wassailness to it

– It does have a cidery thing, you know – Yeah, it's weird because it– It's so good – This year we're not cider, we're doing ham coke (crew laughing) Everybody gather 'round I think you could get away with this, I really do

– I really like it – You can't call it ham Coke though We have to come up with different name Like wassail 20

– Ha-Coke? – [Together] Round four – Back in Medieval England, dessert was when chucked all your scraps from the month into a pot, boiled it then added old fruit for sweetness, and then that became Christmas pudding It's basically a dense molassesy ball that's boiled for a day and then hang dried for weeks, yum! – Hang dry it! – We're not gonna take weeks, we're just gonna take minutes here in a coffee maker So we've got some white bread pieces, some dried fruit, some almonds, and then suet Which is the hard fat around an animal's kidneys

– Yum – And then we also have some flour, eggs, and brown sugar And Link we have a completely pre-mixed version just so you don't have to sit through that – Check that out, it's all mixed together – So you're gonna put that in there, in the reservoir, or not the reservoir, but where the filter would be, without the filter

You want to leave the hole open so that it will continue to drain And Link's gonna kinda put little dollops of our Christmas pudding around the hole in the middle And then we are actually going to fill the reservoir with ♪ brandy – ♪ You're a fine drink ♪ – ♪ What a good ball of stuff you might be

♪ – Okay – Okay, so – Throw a little bit more of that in there, and here comes brandy Okay so we're– (mimics brandy glugging) – That feels like plenty – Mr Glubba Glubba

– Okay, look's good – Brandy – I hope that was some cheap brandy (laughs) Because we just went through the whole bottle – Gotta make it man

– And – Turn her on – Presto – And just kick back and – Wait for Brandy to drip out (clock ticks) Okay, I think we're done Link So I've got every other thing that we've already had I want just, why don't you just add whatever comes out of that thing to our full Christmas dinner and we'll try it – Okay, it looks nice in there

Look at that – Oh – And then I'm gonna take this, looks like some sort of a– – I like the way you dumped it – My Aunt's a lunch lady, I know what's up (blows a raspberry) Right there

– Oh gosh, it smells strong Do you have a utensil over there or am I just supposed to pick it up? – I got a couple of these Okay That's a good looking plate, and all of that came out of a coffee maker y'all Hey! – Alright grab you a dollop

Oh wow – Dink it – I see you went light Wow – It's like an alcoholic porridge

(Crew laughs) – I can't say– – I like it a lot – necessarily that, the brandy really cooked out You're gonna smell just like your Uncle – I like the Brussels sprouts the least, just probably says more about Brussels sprouts I love the ham

I like the potatoes, but my favorite is this Christmas pudding, man – Well don't eat too much of it, man – This is like a– This'd be a good first thing in the morning Crack it open (laughs) Get your day started right

– I was gonna say I would advise that – Really? – Hot brandy in the morning – And hot ham Coke at night – Alright so to all of you hunkered down in a Holiday Inn, we wish you a happy coffee maker dinner making holidays – Thank you for liking, commenting, and subscribing

– You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Kratos – Hi, I'm Marnita, and we are in Sidney, Australia – [Together] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – One of the greatest places on earth

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