Make Yourself Hallucinate Experiment

– Today we're going to make ourselves hallucinate by simply breathing – Let's talk about that

(playful theme music) Good Mythical Morning – Tripping isn't just for hippies who take illegal drugs, or people who forget to tie their shoes, no, it can be for everyone now because of something called holotropic breathwork – Yeah, holotropic breathwork is a specific type of breathing method that when done correctly can induce hallucinations But will it for us? Let's find out, We 'Bout to Breathe from Our Snouts to See if We Trip Outs Okay, typically holotropic breathwork is done within the context of a therapeutic session, and based on the vidoes I've seen, it can get pretty intense, sometimes the sessions last up to three hours, we're gonna see what we can experience in under 10 minutes

– And now, there are some risks associated with this exercise, and we're not completely familiar with all of 'em, but we're gonna take our risk and do it ourselves, but we advise you not to do it, just watch us do it Welcome to our zen den We have all the accoutrements of a typical zen den We have plant life, we have that thing – You can change behind there

– We have this thing – We're also dressed like this, and I can't decide if I'm about to perform jiu-jitsu or paint a house – Now in order to do this correctly, you gotta be dressed correctly, you gotta have the right setting, but we just can't do this on our own, we need a breathwork facilitator, and we've thought of everything, please welcome Harris Adell – Welcome Harris – Thank you, thanks guys for having me

I've also brought my friend Sean, and he's going to be providing the soundscape for us– – That's why he's here, I didn't introduce myself yet, I was a little uncomfortable, but you're gonna be providing the sounds I'm ready to channel the messages of my body – Sure, yeah, let's go ahead and get settled, and just get comfortable and make yourself at home in your zen den – Do I do dead person hands or do I do? – I'll guide you through that, too So to start, I just want to walk you through what the breath is, just give you some information about what you might expect in your body, physical sensations

The breath is in and out through the mouth, and it's you inhale into your stomach (inhale), into your chest (inhale), and out through your mouth (exhale) – Do I have to make the noise? – It helps to make noise, the sighing helps move any energy stagnation out of your body, and so I'll tell you when to start, and things to expect– – Thought I started – Things to expect, there is a sensation and connition that happens sometimes called Temi, where your hands will clench up like lobster claws – Timmy – Yes – Is it named after, it happened to a boy named Timmy? – It's a medical acronym

– I just would request that both of you call me Timmy the rest of this exercise – Okay Timmy – Alright, so just relax, remember that you're safe and just keep breathing So, you guys ready? – Timmy is ready – Timmy number two is ready

– We're gonna start, we're gonna do seven cycles of this breath, going through each of our seven energy centers in the body, and I'll be walking you through that, and guiding you on this breath journey, and Sean's going to be also supporting us in this process and guiding us with sound – He's like a breath DJ – Yes, exactly – DJ Breath's in the corner – Exactly

– So we're gonna start in the root So if you want, you can put your hands on your root center, the base of your spine, yes, perfect So in through the mouth, the stomach, the chest, and out Just keep breathing (inhales and exhales) Just keep breathing

This is our root center We're clearing the space out We're cleansing, we're purifying, bringing new oxygen into this part of our body Just stay with the breath – Feeling lightheaded

Is that good? – Just keep breathing, whatever happens, just surrender to it, just keep going (breathing sounds) Good, that's our anchor point Just keep breathing – And feeling lightheaded is fine? – Yes, that's normal (breathing sounds) Keep breathing

– I feel like my ears are leaving my head – Yeah, that's normal, totally normal, keep going (breathing sounds) And wrapping up with this energy center, taking a deep breath in, and exhaling completely Just noticing the difference in your body from when we started to now – My ears are tingling big time

– Yeah, that's good, you're doing it right – Timmy feels good – Good, so moving up to our sacral center, so putting your hands on your belly, and we're gonna start the breath again (breathing sounds) Breathing into your sea of creativity, your life force center Using the breath to release any stress, anxiety

Any anger, feelings, emotions you haven't expressed, just keep breathing, let it go – Why do my eyes want to cross? – That's normal, you can close them if that helps Just tune in to your inner landscape (breathing sounds) Keep breathing, inviting any sensations that are coming up, just be, just be present of what's coming up for you – I feel like we're going too fast

– Keep going, stay with the breaths – My ears are leaving my head – That's good Keep breathing, last couple breaths And taking a deep inhale, and exhaling completely

Moving up into your solar plexus, so that area right below your heart and your ribcage – My arms are floating – I feel like my eyebrows landed on me – Good, good, we're doing it right guys, let's keep going So starting the breath again

(breathing sounds) This is the seat of your personal power Breathing in that empowerment, that I am declaration, your courage Breathing in this brilliant yellow light into your body, good Stay present, keep breathing – My neck's is tingling

– Oh no, I thought you were about to talk about your nipples – My nips are tingling, too – Are you mad at your nipples? I'm mad at my eyebrows – Stay with the breath, keep breathing – My abdomen's getting really tight

– Keep breathing through that tightness, just welcoming any sensations, emotions, just being present with it Good, taking a deep breath in, and exhaling completely Awesome, awesome Now moving into the heart, so we're gonna start the breath again, and just do your best to stay with the breath (breathing sounds) – My tummy feels tired

My lips are tight, I like can't close my mouth on my teeth – That's totally normal, keep breathing – Oh, everything just got very funny – Good, keep breathing, keep breathing – Everything is so ridiculous

– My hands are tingling and sweating – Oh, we shouldn't have done this – Keep breathing – I feel good – Now I'm starting to cry

– Do your best to stay with the breath – Why is Timmy sad? Why is Timmy sad about his eyebrows? – Keep breathing – I'm crying, look I'm, does that happen? – Yes, yes, it's totally normal – Cry Timmy, just cry Timmy

– Yeah, let it out, let it out (breathing sounds) – My chest is buzzing – That's good – It's full of bees – Moving energy

– I feel like bees are about to explode out of my chest – Good, that's good, you're doing it right Take a deep breath in and exhale completely Then moving into the throat – Touch the throat? – Yeah, and then we're gonna start the breath again

(breathing sounds) – How tight on the neck? – Not tight, just loose Yeah, don't choke yourself – I'm choking myself out – Yeah, don't need to do that Just keep breathing

Maybe close your eyes Feel into your throat Notice any tightness – My pits are sweating – That's normal, that's totally normal, you're doing it right guys

I'm proud of you, keep breathing (breathing sounds) – My feet, Timmy's feet got real cold real fast – Keep breathing Good, good Stay with the breath

Good, last couple breaths – Timmy needs slippers – Deep breath in Last breath – My hands are clawing

– That's normal, just let it be – Let it be, let it be – Exactly – Did you call him Zachary, or did you say exactly? – Call me Zachary – Timmy and Zachary

– Awesome, good job guys, exhale completely, and moving into the space between your eyebrows This one will be good for, – Oh yep – I anticipated this – Will create a good healing for you Alright, so we're gonna start the breath again

– Zachary, put your hands in between your eyebrows – You're moving up the body, yeah, good – Okay, we're gonna start the breath again (breathing sounds) – Shaking a little bit – Any tingling sensations are normal– – I'm keeping my eyebrows on my face

– Good, good Just keep breathing Turn your attention inside Stay with the breath – The crickets are inhabiting my spine

– Keep breathing – My thighs have crickets – Invite those crickets into your thighs Just keep breathing – I feel a compulsion to spread

– Yeah, just listen to your body, whatever your body wants to do, just stay with the breath – It says that Timmy should spread Timmy should get as wide as possible – Yeah, that's great, that's great, listen to your body – My bucket, I mean my belly, my bucker center, my bucket is full of bees

I can't open my mouth – Alright guys, taking one deep breath in – Timmy is asking if this is inappropriate – Anything is appropriate, anything Okay, last cycle guys, we can do this, we're almost there

Alright, touching the top of your head, – That's gonna be trouble – You don't have to, just visualize that energy center – My shoulders are buzzing My belly, my chest, the bees – You're doing a great job guys, I'm so proud of you

Okay, last round, here we go (breathing sounds) Just stay with that breath Just keep breathing – I just realized there's fire over here – You're doing a great job, keep breathing

Almost done guys, keep breathing – My thighs are tight – Yeah, good, just keep noticing what's going on, everything is allowed We're almost there guys – Everything is allowed? – A couple more seconds, keep breathing

– Everything is allowed? – Everything is allowed – I should be careful what I say around you two, keep breathing – My fingers are so tight – And taking a deep breath in – My face, my face, my face, – And exhaling completely

– I'm not telling my face and eyes to do this – Coming back to your normal breath now – Oh, Timmy feels so good – My hands, my hands are dancing – I feel like I found a little special place

It was like a quarry It was like a quarry that you're not supposed to go into And I found a little patch, a little patch of sand, and I laid on the patch of sand, and then the sheriff showed up, and he was like, I told you boys not to come in here But then we were like, sheriff, it's just Timmy and Zachary You know us, you know our parents

Come lay down with us – What are you doing? – And then we laid down with the sheriff We laid down with the sheriff in a patch of warm grass And then another sheriff showed up and said, this is not, this shouldn't be happening But we were happy while we were there

– Well this is golden Whenever you're ready, I know that that was an intense experience for you guys, obviously, so take your time, you know, coming up to a seat – It seems a lot harder than it should be – Yeah, I recommend rolling to one side – Oh, that's smart

– I feel like I'm stuck to the mat – The sheriff could help us up, but he's already gone – I just want to be here for just a little bit longer – Thanks for liking, commenting, and joining us at the quarry – You know what time it is

– I'm Charlotte – And I'm Alexea, and we're from North Carolina, but right now we're at the Taj Mahal – And it's time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality – If you want our socks, you can get them at Mythicalstore, not these socks, but socks just like it

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  1. I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s legit. I honestly think they were just very under oxygenated, which does surprise me because of the way she was having them breath XD

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