Mail Order Steaks Taste Test

– USDA through USPS – Let's talk about that

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– Yes, it is 2019 – Yeah – Okay, we live in an era– – You won't always be – Of peak convenience You wanna see a movie, Netflix

You need a new toaster, Amazon You need to go to uncle Randy's funeral, Facetime So, why should getting a great steak be any different? – Because it's a steak – No, no, no Here's the thing, Link

The future is now, there are so many frozen gourmet beef pucks you can order online and have delivered right to your door, but are they any good? And if so, which one's the best? Well it's time for Which Mailed-In Steak's A Culinary Adventure, and Which is More Return to Sender? – Now we're gonna be tasking filet mignons from five different mail-order steak companies, Omaha Steaks, Kansas City Steak Company, D'Artagnan, Snake River Farms, and Pat LaFrieda – And we're gonna be ranking each steak on a scale of one to five, as follows Makes we wanna hurl-oin Steak it or leave it Give it a try-tip

Wagyu need to eat this And commander in beef – Oh yeah (country music) Now I've heard of Omaha Steaks because they're one of the countries biggest meat supplier, shipping over 4,000,000 coolers of meaty goodness annually – Ooh-wee

And it comes in a box just like this, so – This is how it arrives – It's just a steak box, man – And then you take it and you steak it – And you cook it

– And then you drop a little of it on your trash can by accident Mmm, okay – Let's cut right down the middle here – Now Josh how did you prepare this? – [Josh] Yeah so we just seasoned it just with salt just to get the pure beefy essence, and then we seared it on a grill pan and then we sous-vided it to your perfect doneness – Sous-vided it? – Sous-vided it? – [Josh] Sous-vided it– – Is that the past tense of sous-vide? – [Josh] Course

– This is the most economical at $250 an ounce that we're going to be tasting this morning 60 bucks for four six-ounce filets – Now I'm a steak guy, I like steak, I eat more than I should 'cause you should really only eat four ounces a week, according to the American Heart Association But, I eat four ounces in a bite

(laughing) So, this is not bad but I feel like I can kinda tell that it came in a box – Oh, at least that's what, you don't like it so you're– – It's got a little bit of like, mmm, that might have been frozen, sort of situation going on Now I would continue eating it– – You putting this thing down here? – No wonder, I think they're all gonna have that I'm gonna be surprised if there's one that doesn't have that I've been in a box for a few days kinda taste to it – So let's start with Omaha Steaks right in the middle

– [Together] Give it a try-tip (country music) – Next up is Kansas City Steak Company, coming all the way from Kansas It comes in a– – [Link] Similar box – Very similar box At least this one is more round

But similar idea – They say that they age their steaks for 28 days before freezing so they're at peak tenderness when they arrive at your door We'll be the judge of that – 28 days later (laughing) I've seen that

(laughing) – About nine and a half weeks later (laughing) – I thought it was six and a half weeks Nine and a half weeks, Mickey Rourke – I honestly don't know It's a little more tender

– Better Immediately, without a doubt, better than Omaha We've moved a little bit South? – [Woman] What? – What? – Where is Kansas City in relation to Omaha, that's what I was, I was looking at the map – Both in North America – It's south, Kansas City is south of it So we've got a little bit of south, we've got a little bit closer to home – This was a little more expensive, so there is a correlation there that we're finding

– I still feel like I could tell you that it had been in a box And frozen – I definitely like this one better– – But it is better So you wanna put it in wagyu need to eat this You know what, I kinda feel like, let's, let's

– A lot of the customer reviews on their website mention a customer rep named Karen, everybody seems to love Karen at Kansas City Steak Company – Shout out to Karen – Hey Karen

– Keep doing what you're doing Karen (country music) – If you like taking gourmet meat out of your mailbox but you also stan the three musketeers then D'Artagnan may be the meat supplier for you Their box is nondescript and inside is just the slab of meat – They're letting the meat stand on it's own – Yeah, maybe that's so people don't steal it

Oh, there's a steak in there D'Artagnan – Now, these are free-range Free-range cows Cows is what makes steak, did you know that Link? – Cows make steak? – Yeah

– Yeah, free-range animals, humanely raised and harvested You know what that means – Yeah, that's the non-humane part (laughing) – Tender – Wow, we're going up the gravy train or whatever you wanna call it

– I actually feel like Kansas City tasted a little better – No – Maybe I got a more salty piece – I think that this tastes better I'm not tasting any of that frozen boxy-ness in this

It's considerably more tender, we've gotten more tender with each step Both of those have a I was frozen sorta aftertaste I do not taste in D'Artagnan I feel pretty strongly about that – Okay, you know, I'm happy to defer it to you 'cause I'm not as much of a steak man I think they're neck and neck so let's put D'Artagnan

– Okay – Based on your review, a little ahead but I'm only gonna say slightly – Okay, yeah, it's not way better but to me it's definitively better

– Whereas this gap is much bigger – Yeah yeah (country music) Okay, Snake River Farms specializes in a quote ranch-to-table approach, they say they control everything about their beef down to the genetics which sounds kinda mad science-y, but we're gonna find out if it translates to our taste buds Again, nondescript packaging and we've enjoyed some stuff from Snake River Farms before when we did our hotdog taste test or whatever we called it Their I think all beef hotdogs were like way better than everything else that we tasted

– Very good, very good And they claim, at Snake River, that their beef is better than others because their cattle are raised in the North-West where temperate climates apparently keep their cows comfy throughout every season So comfier cows, tastier cows? Dank it, sink it Most expensive so far – A lot of flavor

But I gotta say, there's almost a gameyness to it – Really? – Like, I don't mind it, I'm surprised– – I don't detect – Okay, try mine because I think that mine has a, let me cut a piece for you

I think that mine has a, almost, lamb situation going on – How are you cutting this? – Not well Do you detect a difference in mine? – Mm-mm – There's a piece right there already cut – [Rhett] Oh, look at that

– No – These steaks are drastically different – Well that's another variable – Yours is significantly better than my steak – Yeah, mine's great

– No two cows are the same man, they're like snowflakes – Mine came out of the head of the Snake River Yours is a little down stream – I'm gonna go back again They're different dude

Yours is better, yours is good, yours is – You don't like yours? – Not as much as I like yours This is– – I can tell you keep eating off of mine

– You gotta try people's steak when you sit down at a table Just to know if you got the best one – Preferably when they're not looking All right, so we're in a bit of a quandary here because– – I don't – I'm equivocally putting this at the top

You know, we're gonna shift Omaha down, let's just– – Go ahead and do that, go ahead and shift that down To me it's D'Artagnan or Snake River, I gotta taste them again but for now I'm comfortable with this, let's just see if it comes into play when we taste the last one – And note, we're putting mine up here because we're giving it the benefit of the doubt – Right Mine may have just been a dud

(country music) – Pat LaFrieda, isn't he like a manager for a baseball team? – It does sound like Tommy Lasorda, doesn't it? (laughing) – Yeah That's it, Tommy Lasorda Pat LaFrieda steaks are the largest and most expensive steaks we ordered Four seven to nine ounce filet mignons cost 135 bucks Their facility in New Jersey has two, I'm holding up four, dry aging rooms that house over 80,000 steaks at any given time according to their information

– LaFrieda gotta do a double dried situation – And here they are They look different, too That's quite a pod of meat – Pod? – [Link] Digging in

– Kinda coming for the second bite here – Experience the freedom of a Pat La-freedom steak You know I could work with that – Let me just say, this is not easy What I'm really trying to evaluate is just the taste of the meat

(laughing) – Yeah – Trying to limit it to that (laughing) – [Link] Okay, stop giggling about it – Okay, first of all I think we're on the same page that Kansas City and Omaha are – Gone – They're not even in contention I honestly feel like D'Artagnan – Put it over here – Is in the mix with it comes down to these three I don't know which one's the best – Yeah, we're gonna have to do a quick retaste Bare with us – We're cow with this

– Normally when I eat a steak I just don't think this much about what it tastes like It's more about tenderness and seasoning, but I think we're doing the right thing in trying– – All right, I came to a conclusion between this one and that one but I'm not gonna say anything yet I came to a conclusion between this one and that one This is like a SAT problem And now I have to come to a conclusion between these two

– I'm just kinda eating steak at this point Having a good time – I'm eating a lot of meat, I know But I'm doing it for you – And we're back

Okay Rhett, you seem to have learned a bunch of things and I just ate a bunch of steak, so – These two are better than D'Artagnan, okay? – I agree – That seems clear to me

– I have my favorite So we're down to the Snake River and the Pat LaFrieda – I gotta say that these are very close in my mind – [Link] Yes – But I do have, what I feel, is slightly better and I am ready to place my hand over it if you wanna do that on a count to three just so we won't– – Three

– Influence each other – Two, one All right so I like the Snake River but I'm also not as opinionated I do not eat a lot of steak and I'm gladly deferring to you especially if you have a compelling reason – Pat LaFrieda tastes better

(laughing) – Just slightly? – But just slightly better and I gotta say that– – It's a toss up for me – I am influenced by the fact that I got a weird bite from the Snake River I would say I could heavily recommend that you get either one of these if you're gonna choose, but if you have to make a choice, I think you gotta go with Mr LaFrieda I mean, he's got 80,000 steaks in two dry age facilities– – Go all the way – Just waiting for you in New Jersey, come on

– But I still got love for you, Snake River – Oh – Ha, ha – Thanks for like and commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

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