Low Fat vs. Regular Ice Cream Taste Test

– Which low-fat ice cream is good enough? – Let's talk about that (theme music) – Good mythical morning

– Our tour of mythicality stage show is a thing of the past but you can relive it whenever you want You can rent it or buy it on iTunes, cable, and more We even have a freaking blue ray – Yeah here it is – Go to tourofmythicality

com for more details – Yeah, get that Alright, now back in my great grand papi's day, there were only three ice cream flavors Chocolate, vanilla, and coal But nowadays, there are hundreds of options and I'm not just talking about flavors

I'm also talking about nutritional content too – Right So today we're sampling the quote unquote healthier versions of the biggest ice cream name brands out there to find out if they're an acceptable level of satisfying to replace their less healthy counterparts It's time for good enough, low-fat ice cream edition Okay, so we're gonna be comparing the nutritional differences to decide if it's good enough or ugh, that's rough

– Yeah, and let's start with Dreyers', which in your area, may be known as Edy's and we have the classic butter pecan flavor or what I call butter pecan against their slow-churned no sugar added butter pecan alternative Actually, in the South, I call it pecans, – But we never say butter pecan – We say butter pecan – You say butter pecan You put it in ice cream, it changes the way you say it

– Right, it gets more proper Butter pecan – I didn't know that Dreyers was Edys That's the biggest revelation for me – And slow-churned in addition to no sugar added says it has a third less calories, and half the fat as classic

So we should taste this one first – Right, and basically, we got a serving size here 20 calories less in a serving size – Okay – Yeah, always go for the, you know what, let's do these extra spoons over here

So you taste the one you think is going to be worse first – Still very creamy Still very pecan-y – I don't know, they're so – There's nothing to compare it to yet but – There's something about it that feels like I'm being compromised – Yeah? – I'm being compromised

– Kind of like how when you can tell that a television is on in another room but you can't really hear it but you know you can hear it – Oh man And that just tastes good, like there's nothing in it – Wow – That throws you a little curve ball, except the kind of curve balls that you like – The creaminess is the same

It's sweeter and it's more, it's got a more robust sweetness I still got some on my spoon – There is a distinct difference – Yeah – And I will say 20 calories, did you know you can burn calories by actually driving your car

Sitting in LA traffic for 21 minutes, you actually would burn 20 calories – The delta here? – I do that every morning I'm not gonna make the sacrifice for this It's not worth it – But would you sit in your car for 21 extra minutes in order to enjoy that taste over this? – Yes

– Me too So Dreyer's slow churned no sugar added butter pecan? Ugh, that's rough – Okay now we got Breyers delights mint chip versus Breyers original mint chip – Breyers delights is just, that's their brand with 75% less fat than a range of full-fat ice cream – So why do they call it delights? They should call it compromise

– We'll see if we can delight in it Now, in terms of servings, there's 45 grams less fat and 50 less calories in this than a serving of that – And if you milk a cow for 22 minutes, you can burn 50 calories I do that everyday as well

I mean you probably have to move on to the second cow I think one cow can only take about 12 and a half to 13 minutes of milking in my experience in milking cows directly into my mouth Which I have done – And I also did After watching you do it, I then decided to do it

That's how euphoric you made it look – Here's something I'll say about mint flavored things in general I like them but the mint flavor hides the fact that you're making a compromise a little bit in a way that pecans don't That's just my first thing I wouldn't know that I was not eating you know, a compromised alternative

– I know, so before you tell me what you think about this, I think you were thinking that this is okay – Definitely – It's not as fluffy as this one It's more dense but in an almost, not in a creamy way, like in a sherbet-y kind of way – That's because they had to compress it down to fit into this container

– Okay – It's the same amount of ice cream, it's just – This is certainly a better consistency I would say it's the same taste because of what you said about the mint – Yeah, it's the same principle of why, and listen, not a sponsor, the reason I like diet Dr Pepper because the reason you like Dr Pepper is because of that mediciny taste and that doesn't go away when you have the diet version

– But if you really like doing this anyway, – Milk a cow anyway – Think about the hands on that maiden That milk maiden, I mean they're probably huge, I mean it's like think about it, just think about them – I like a big handed lady – Good gosh

– Alright, Breyers delights mint chip? Good enough – Good enough – Next up, we got Ben and Jerrys classic cherry garcia versus their moophoria light brand This is cherry garcia with a twist of chocolate swirl in the cherry ice cream, which that does not have Are they compensating for something? – And so this one has 260 calories and 15 grams of fat a serving

That has 140 calories and 45 grams of fat Again, they're trying to sell you on the moophoria Let's come up with a cool word to make you forget that you're eating something that's not as good – The thing with this is you open this thing up, you gonna eat the whole thing

That's the problem – Now 120 less calories in a serving You would have to shred on your guitar – Like Jerry Garcia – For 40 minutes to burn that many calories And basically that's like 15 Grateful Dead songs

– If that Now, I'm not gonna hold the cherry flavor against it, cause that's kind of the point I just like, it's a little hard for me to overlook I like savory ice cream – Okay, this is one of my favorite ice cream flavors

– Really? – I used to get this at the C store which two years into living in a dorm with a C store, I realized the C standed for convenience – I thought you were gonna say like somehow it stood for like gaining 15 pounds – No I just – Which you also did – No I did that when I got married – Right

– So I would get one of these on the daily and just eat the whole thing and that was back when I couldn't gain weight no matter what – Yeah you couldn't, that's right – So what I'm saying is as somebody who really likes this, I would think that I was eating it when I ate that Like it's really that good – But with more chocolate – I'm not letting the chocolate, the chocolate doesn't add any calories

– I know but I'm saying it changes the taste – It's still really good I'm telling you man – If I saw Ben or Jerry, and I think one of them is still alive, on the street, but if I saw either of them on the street, I think they're the type of people that I would go up to and hug You know, it's like I would ask, but them I would – I would ask permission first

– I would pretty much insist I must give you a hug – Ironically, I'm having moophoria from eating this I really, really like it I may actually like it more, and I'm not just making it up

– Are you gonna give up guitar? You gonna stop shredding? – Yeah, I can now, now that I'm eating low-fat ice cream – You could eat that much more of this and shred than just eating that – I'm not really a shredder – I agree, I'm enjoying these equally – Okay, so Ben and Jerry's moophoria cherry garcia? Good enough – good enough

– Okay now we got the classic Blue Bell homemade vanilla versus the Blue Bell light homemade vanilla – Yeah, Blue Bell also has a no sugar added version but again, this is the light version which means less fat, but incidentally it also means more sugar than the classic – I will say right off the top that I respect Blue Bell for just calling it light, you know? Just calling it what it is, and not trying to give me some new word like bellaphoria – Yeah, a serving of the classic contains 180 calories, nine grams of fat, while this light version 140 calories, 45 grams of fat and more sugar

– 40 more calories in this one, you would have to mow a lawn for 19 minutes to burn that off – You speaking my language now, lawn mowing – You were a riding lawnmower man I don't know what the math is on that – Oh, this is a push mower? – Yeah, I think it's a push mower

– Homie don't play that – After eating all those richly flavored ice creams, going back to vanilla is a little disappointing just – I was gonna say the exact opposite Like I'm finally at home – That's the difference between me and you – I love this just plain vanilla

– I want more, I want more in life – It's wonderful – I'm vanilla, I don't need more – This is great – I do like it as an ice cream though, like, – Yeah, I would say boy that's some good ice cream

– I wouldn't know that I was eating light ice cream Oh man – Richer, thicker, fattier – This has like something on the bottom of it It has like a foundation

– It's got a low end to it – You know what I'm saying? – Got a badonkadonk – Yeah, it's like shaped differently – Drop it like it's hot – Oh man, that's really good

– But again, before we dipped into the badonkadonk, I was feeling good about this – Hold on, you're comparing the two things Like you know that this exists – Yeah – So presumably, you have the option to buy it

– And I love lawn-mowing, even a push mower for this – I wouldn't be upset if you gave me that as ice cream but I know that this exists and you're asking me to make a choice between the two, is it worth mowing the lawn for 19 minutes? – Yes – Exactly So what you're saying is – Dramatic pause – Blue Bell light homemade vanilla? Ugh, that's rough – ugh, that's rough

– Alright we got another vanilla versus vanilla This is Blue Bunny's vanilla versus the Blue Bunny no sugar added sweet freedom – There you go, trying to sell me on something – Want to experience some freedom while eating ice cream 130 calories in this half cup serving versus 90 calories, 2

5 grams of fat over 7 grams of fat – Okay so you're saving 40 calories by eating the sweet freedom version You'd have to clean your bunnies cage for ten minutes to burn that off – You've been doing some calculations – Yeah

I mean but it's probably clean after four or five minutes, so you're just doing extra cleaning just to enjoy this – This tastes cheap and odd to me – Both of those things are a good way to describe it – Thank you Cheap and odd, that's why I do this for a living

– It tastes like somebody had to make ice cream from something else You know what I'm saying? It's like well we don't have the normal things that we make ice cream with but we got these things – What did they use? – Let's make it – reduced fat – Into ice cream and call it sweet freedom because you have the freedom to say that it tastes cheap and odd – Alright

[Steevie] I gotta say something and I know this is my problem, so I'm not saying it's your problem, Link And you're doing it like I would say 90% of the time But the way you're eating the ice cream where you like leave a little bit on the spoon like that and then you dip it back into the ice cream – No I don't – [Steevie] Oh yeah, yeah

– I don't dip this back in the ice cream – [Steevie] Oh yeah, we gotta replay – I do not – [Steevie] At one round – I do not I would never do that! – [Steevie] You left a little bit on – No I don't – [Steevie] And then you put it on the desk, – Yeah

– [Steevie] And the you picked it up – And I ate it – [Steevie] And then you, oh gosh – No, I ate it, I didn't put it back in I would never double dip with residue – [Steevie] Oh God

– Never – [Steevie] It's, okay – I know that this is probably odd – Hold on but do you have – To leave half of it – Do you have a defense for that? – [Steevie] Sharing dairy products, like that's bold – Well what am I defending, that I'm leaving half? Cause I know I do that

– Do you have an explanation for why you do that? – Uh cause I didn't want more than that – I didn't want more than this teeny little baby spoon That's not even a normal sized spoon – I like the way it feels when I'm like rake off the top – I can't even do it

– I don't like ice cream touching my teeth so in some way, it helps it not touch my teeth But I would never, Steevie – I'm sure somebody – To you or anyone – Already pointed out in the comments – I would never put my residue in there – [Steevie] I respect that

I felt like you did, but I respect that – This vanilla ice cream is not great either – It's not great – Sorry, I know – I'm not a fan of the bunny

– There's a lot of Blue Bunny fans out there like people will fight you over some Blue Bunny But you know what? – So that makes this one tough – I'm gonna run away, I don't want to fight you I don't feel that strongly about it – This one tastes horrible

– I'll just try to talk my way out of it – So this is really bad, I would never want it – But this isn't good either So if you're gonna make the sacrifice, you're already making a sacrifice just by eating Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream – Make the full bunny sacrifice

– Yeah, so Blue Bunny no sugar added sweet freedom vanilla? Good enough – good enough – So Breyer's, Ben and Jerry's, and Blue Bunny, your healthier versions are good enough Everyone else, we love you just the way you are – Thanks for liking, commenting, and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Hi, my name is Zach from Plymouth, New Hampshire, joined by the lovely teenage Groot from the Infinity War, wearing my mythical tee shirt and watching GMM, and it is time to spin the wheel of mythicality – Too many things at once, Zach! – Got it all together – Click the top link to watch us try Halo Top healthy ice creams in good mythical more – And to find out where the wheel of mythicality is gonna land – Until the next LTAT, keep on BYMB with this new mug available now at mythical

store – Fosho

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