Liquid Nitrogen Watermelon Taste Test ft. ThreadBanger

– Good Mythical Summer – This is the last episode of Good Mythical Summer and then we're gonna take a short break and season 14 premieres on August 20th

– Meanwhile, we're in Australia where it's winter and we're on the Tour of Mythicality There are a few tickets left, go to TourOfMythicalitycom if you're in Australia – Yeah, but for today's episode, we have asked our friends from ThreadBanger, Rob and Corinne, to step in and host, do some crazy stuff with watermelons – Go

– Go? Where? – Water we gonna do with all this melon? – Let's talk about that (alarm clock ringing) (light electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer – Who are these non-Rhett and Link humans sitting at the GMM desk? Ah, well, I'm Corinne – And I'm Rob – And we have a DIY YouTube channel called ThreadBanger and just like Rhett and Link, we are a married couple

– Oh, burn And, actually, speaking of burns, you know what soothes a spicy burn such as that on a hot day such as this? A cool refreshing watermelon – Watermelons are all the rage right now People on Pinterest and YouTube and food blogs are hacking them up, carving them, and making ketchup out of them – Ridiculous

– Ew So we wanted to use our time with the Mythical beast to present some of our own Mythical watermelon hacks It's time for ♪ Whatta melon, whatta melon, whatta melon ♪ ♪ Whatta mighty good melon ♪ ♪ Mighty mighty good melon ♪ ♪ Say it again now ♪ So one of the watermelon hacks that you see around on the internet involve transforming a watermelon into something else entirely On ThreadBanger, we've made a tequila melon, a watermelon cake, which is practically just a watermelon with frosting all over it – But obviously watermelon and cake frosting is gonna be delicious

Since this is GMM, we wanna try some less conventional flavors combinations that get a little more creative with this marvelous melon Let's get started, shall we? (light hip hop music) – This, my friends, is a watermelon pizza Better yet, we came up with a really fancy name for it, the pizza melon – Wow, that's deep – Recipes exist on the internet for watermelon pizza but if you've ever seen them, it's just like a circle of watermelon with a bunch of berries and flowers and crap on 'em

Yeah, this watermelon pizza uses a watermelon as the actual crust and then it's topped with marinara, cheese, pepperonis, all of the pizza toppings one could hope for – I'm terrified – It looks good, but again – It smells really good – I would imagine

– And I haven't had breakfast yet so I'm used to eating pizza for breakfast so this works perfectly for me – Are you gonna do it or am I gonna do it? – I don't know – I don't know how, since you've got the pizza hankering, go for it – Yeah, I'm glad I have this because Rob, no You need to put that down

– You just do a swift little chop – No, I'm scared I think the pizza cutter's gonna work – I don't think this is gonna – [Corinne] No, you're right

No, okay, go I'm gonna chop my finger off – [Rob] There we go – Okay, see, messing it up already – Here, just move over

– Oh God, terrifying – You should get back a little bit – Yeah, I know – Okay, here we go – No, don't do that

You're gonna get pizza stuff all over me – Let go Huh? There we go – Alright, much better – Sorry about that

– See? I'm glad I wore a red shirt No, no – Oh, I'm just getting all sorts of pizza juice all over the place – You got it all over me – Alright, we got it, we got it

Look at that – I'm very excited about this Alright, maybe I'll feed you – I don't, who came up with this? – This is warm watermelon, too, and that's kinda weird, right? – You wanna like cheers or something? – I guess so, yeah, cheers Here, let's give them a little bite first

Okay, yeah, mmm, tasty Hmmm, uh-uh This is wrong On many levels – This tastes like a fruity Chuck E

Cheese nightmare – Mhm – But at the same time, the mouth experience really is something to take note of – How's that going for you? – I mean, it's kinda like, it's kinda delicious I'm not gonna lie

– I'm going for another bite, you know, I am – If you can take a second bite of it and appreciate it, I think that's where it comes in – Very juicy Do you think you would serve this at a summer barbecue? – Probably not, no (light hip hop music) – We pizzaed it, and now we're corndoggin' it

We bring you, – [Both] The corndogger melon – It's a tube of watermelon, skewered, dipped into corn batter, just like you would a corndog, and deep fried Enjoy it with a little watermelon ketchup I'm nervous – Is this the point where we enjoy? – I think so, I think we enjoy it now

– Before you enjoy, what is watermelon ketchup? What does that consist of? – [Crew Member] It's mostly just watermelon and ketchup (crew laughing) – You come up with that? – [Crew Member] A little bit, yeah – Nice, good job – It's delicious Yeah, you could just drink this like a cocktail

– Oh – Isn't that good? – Refreshing – Yeah – Good job over there – Here, cheers

So, right off the bat, because it's watermelon inside of something deep fried, it's very soggy And unappealing looking, for sure And feeling – Alright Here, cheers

– Oh yeah, cheers This is just very odd Very odd – I mean, this is demonetized right here, right? – This is the thumbnail Nope

Oh God I don't like that Where's the trash can? – Well, no, here's the breakdown I'm surprised that a water logged piece of fruit could survive in the fryer I understand that the blanket of corn dog on it, which I enjoy, however, the combination is just as gross as you would imagine it

(light hip hop music) Now a lot of people on the internet, they're turning watermelons into kegs We love kegs but kegs are stationary and we are always on the move That's why we've converted our watermelon alcohol dispenser into an easy to use helmet I would like to present to you the future, the watermelon margarita helmet Oh yeah, yeah, no, actually, as you can see, this is just a hollowed out watermelon with the juice left in there, plopped on top of a BMX helmet and plugged with a straw somewhere, here

– Yeah – And then to fill them up, I think we're gonna get some assistance, uh Alex, Josh (fingers snapping) – You're leaking already – I'm already leaking Oh goodness

Its dripping down my neck (crew laughing) Now it's in the bra – Okay, oh, you better start drinking then – Wait, do you guys want salt? – Oh yes, definitely, we need salt – Oh God, oh God

That was just in your pocket? – Wait, did you just Salt Bae me? Oh, that was awesome – Here we go You gotta cheers Oh wait – Wait

Cheers the, yeah – Yeah, there you go Whoa, whoa Okay, okay, alright We gotta mix it up a little though, don't we? – Oh yeah

– You gotta give a little shake (crew laughing) Oh, there it is, there it is Alright, shake and enjoy (Corinne laughing) – Oh, I thought you said that was iced tea you were putting in the fake tequila bottles – That's real tequila

– Yep – That's definitely real tequila (Rob coughing) – Oh God – It's delicious though, you guys did a really good job – How long is this segment? (crew laughing) Oh, there we go

– It's fast, it comes out fast You don't really, this is like a beer bong But with tequila – Demonetized – Much more dangerous

What do you think? – It's uh– – It's delicious I highly recommend this – I'm not gonna lie, it's 11 o'clock in the morning, guys, we're shooting this episode rather– (liquid splashing) – Oh (crew laughing) Less talking, more drinking – Um, how much longer do we have of this thing 'cause I'm feeling the buzz

– I'm worried for you – For real, no, I'm getting real sick here (Corinne laughing) (Rob burping) Oh, it's in my eye It's in my eye (light hip hop music) – Finally, dessert

An experience we're calling watermelon smash sorbet This here is a regular old watermelon with the peel removed We drilled a couple holes in it to help with the freezing process We're gonna place it into this here bucket and then add some liquid nitrogen (watermelon falling) – Jesus

By the way, you've got to be very careful when handling the liquid nitrogen, hence gloves, goggles here, you know we say safety third And if you're going to try this at home, you may as well just hire yourself a professional to do it like this guy Simon, how are you? – Good, thanks – He's gonna be our professional because we obviously are not professionals – No, no, I would suggest step away

– Yeah, I definitely want to step far, far away Oh my goodness – Ah, look at that hose – I'm scared (liquid nitrogen blowing) Is it okay to breathe this in? Will it freeze my lungs? – This is actually just condensation

The actual gasses that this lets off, you can't actually see – What's the temperature that we're going for? – Well, liquid nitrogen's about negative 300 degrees Fahrenheit – Wow – So, if you were to put your finger on the end of this and we pulled this off, it would pull your skin with it – Oh, that's pleasant

– This is some like Bill Nye Science Guy stuff I feel like B-Sauce – As you can see, it's– – We're definitely sciencing right now – Sciencing my butt off – Alright, I think it's ready guys

– Alright, it's frozen Rob, why don't you get up on that ladder and drop it? – That's smart after all the tequila – [Corinne] Yeah – Alright – I'm worried for you

– I'm worried for myself, so – I'm worried for all of us – Oh yeah, here we go You got the spoons and the cups over there, right? – Yeah, we're ready – Alright, can I get a countdown? A watermelon sorbet smash countdown? – Okay, ready? Three, two, one

(watermelon smashing) – Nice – Nice work – Alright, grab the bowls, grab the spoons Everybody dig in – Gotta get these

– Nice The key is this tray here to get it pretty fast – I think we should let Simon try the first bite – [Simon] I think it's kinda hard to even get on a ladle There you go, that's the perfect piece

– Yeah, that's beautiful It looks good here – There's only enough for two – Oh no Simon, I'll feed you – No, no, it's alright

– Yeah, it's perfect – [Simon] Try the little piece – Yeah, that might actually fit into my mouth – [Rob] This looks pretty refreshing – I don't know, I bet you can

– Yeah go for it Oh no, that looks like a teeth Oh, ah, I'm scared for everyone – [Simon] Call my dentist Oh, it's actually delicious

It's kinda sticking to your lips though – It doesn't taste good – [Simon] Is that A Christmas Story, something like that? (Rob groaning) – No – I'm good It's just like an ice pop

– Oh God, my teeth are all still there – Are you sure, I think I see one missing Oh, no, you're good – Okay There's a small layer of like my tongue membrane cells on top that have disappeared

– All the dentin's gone – Yeah, it got taken away with it But it's delicious, it's refreshing – And it broke like ice – Are my lips bleeding? – Mhm

– I'd say if you're using this recipe for a family barbecue, just make sure you have a solid insurance policy – You need a Simon, you need Simon to come over to your barbecue, hey you wanna go to a barbecue later? – Sure We got a lot of liquid nitrogen left over – Pop this in your Corolla and come on over – Oh, that's a good piece

– Yeah, it's a good one – Well, that was delicious – Amazing – Make sure to check out the video we did with Rhett and Link over on our channel, ThreadBanger – Thank you everybody for liking, subscribing, and commenting

– You know what time it is – Hi, I'm Rowan – And I'm Maddie – And we're from Brisbane, Australia – And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Click through to see us make candles out of oranges in Good Mythical More – And find out where the magical Wheel of Mythicality lands – [Link] Capture the flag, then capture this limited edition summer camp ringer tee, available at Mythicalstore

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