Link Gets Hypnotized To Love Tomatoes

– Can I be hypnotized to like tomatoes? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning

– True change comes from within but sometimes realizing that change is like putting a fitted sheet on your bed It's virtually impossible without the help of someone else So we decided to hire a hypnotist to help us change our sheets – Figuratively If you're not familiar, hypnotherapy is a thing and we tried it

I've decided to change the fact that I hate cats, even though I still think that they're evil, unaffectionate hairy devils who would eat the meat off your bones the second you die I know that you Mythical Beasts are very tired of hearing me talk about how much I hate cats – Mm-hmm – I get that – And the change I wanted to make was getting over my hate for tomatoes and our plan was for me to go first with Stevie there as moral support instead of Rhett so as not to spoil the hypnotist's techniques for him and then Rhett went second with me there with him

– We did this because the plan was to show my hypnosis now and then Link's hypnosis on LTAT this Saturday which is why Stevie was there with him, but it turns out that Link was way more susceptible to hypnosis than I was so we switched things around and neither Link nor I have seen what happened in his hypnotist session – Yeah, I have no memory of what happened at all – So we're going to watch– – Seriously – Back this session right now along with you It's time for ♪ Linky, Linky, Linky, can't you see ♪ ♪ A hypnotist gonna hypnotize you ♪ – So first, let's talk about hypnosis, all right? It's not in my control

You're aware of everything I'm saying The truth is if you don't wanna be hypnotized, there's nothing I can do This is nothing There's no magic power in my hand I have no psychic power, this doesn't do anything

– Should I inspect it more closely? – [Hypnotist] You can inspect it more closely – Okay nothing in there Everything makes her uncomfortable when I'm involved – That's good – Stevie's here to hold my hand

– I'm more nervous than you are – Am I already hypnotized? – No You just wanna be– – I do wanna be – So I understand you don't like tomatoes – That's right

– You wanna enjoy 'em, right? – I think I would like to enjoy tomatoes – Okay – I feel like it's a barrier in my friendship with Rhett – Okay – He seems to be very annoyed by me not liking tomatoes

– Does he really? – And if I can snap my fingers (snaps fingers), and like tomatoes just to get you off my back, I would do that – You'll be closer to Rhett 'cause you'll love tomatoes All right let's switch and so– – We're switching – So here's what we're gonna do We're gonna start with just a couple deep breaths in and out

Breathe in And breathe out, focusing on that exhale You're doing great Notice maybe your right foot or your left foot feels a little heavier than the other And also notice that right hand is starting to feel just a little bit lighter

Imagine now there's 300 balloons tied to that wrist, feeling lighter and lighter Good, and it wants to sit up just like that And that right hand is now feeling even lighter, and as it rises up, it's gonna come towards your cheek and it's actually gonna wanna make contact with your face When that hand rises higher and higher, you'll enter your peak of suggestibility into a deep, relaxing, hypnotic sleep In fact, your whole arm may wanna just rise up into the air as your shoulder lifts it

Maybe it's even suspended from a cable As that cable rises, your hand rises, coming closer and closer towards your head And as it rises, it makes contact with your skin When it makes contact with your skin you just deep sleep and relax, you start to let go even more now Look at me Link, you can look directly at me, feeling relaxed, how you feeling? – Good

– You feel good and relaxed See how loose you are This shows how well you concentrate Now breathe in Breathe out and sleep down even deeper than before, letting it go

Down five, down four, down three, two, one Now sit up in the chair with your eyes closed Deeper, deeper I'm gonna give you a drink just to kind of refresh you It's gonna make you feel so much better

And when you take a sip, it's actually gonna be really funny Go ahead and just, you can open your eyes and you can just take a sip and it's gonna be delicious and really, really funny Take a sip, how funny is that juice? Is that the funniest thing you've ever tasted? Take another sip, it's even funnier the second time That's twice as funny as before That is, it's 10 times, no it's ridiculous how funny it is, and when I touch you it's three times funnier

Take another sip The more you sip, the funnier it is It's hysterical (both chuckling) One more sip and it's 10 times funnier than before Oh my gosh, it's so good, it's so good

(chuckles) (Link chuckles) That's great Now sleep down deeper, letting go even more Now you're doing such a great job So Link I'm gonna give you a suggestion that is gonna stay with you for the rest of today Up until midnight tonight, for the rest of the day, up until midnight tonight, any time I say the word red tomato, you are gonna scream out loud in your highest pitch voice that I love tomatoes

Go ahead and give that a try Red tomato (Link coughs) – I love tomatoes – That's right Sleep down now, even better

Good You share that again, did somebody say red tomato? – I love tomatoes – That's awesome, now sleep down You're applying so much effort that I think now you need to nourish your body 'cause you're feeling hungry So I'm gonna have you eat the most delicious peach you've ever had 'cause I understand you like peaches

Right, nod your head if you love peaches This is gonna be the sweetest peach you've ever had in your life, so go ahead and hold out your hand and take just an awesome bite of that peach You are gonna love every minute of it How good is that peach? – Sweet – [Hypnotist] It is super sweet, right? It is amazingly sweet

– Sweet – So sweet In fact in a minute I'm gonna try to take it from you but you're not gonna give it to me Can I just, can I borrow that? No, can I have it? No Well take another bite 'cause it's yours to enjoy

It's yours to have a great time with, enjoy that peach I'm thinking about a red tomato right now – I love tomatoes – I love tomatoes too All right sleep down, close your eyes

I'll give this back to you later to enjoy it That peach has given you magical powers The magic powers you have is you can look around the room, point people out You're gonna know exactly what their problem is And you're gonna tell 'em exactly how to fix it

So when you open your eyes, I want you to call people out, tell 'em what's wrong with them and tell 'em what they need to do to fix it Go ahead and open your eyes and do some healing with the room Start with her, what's going on? (soft music) – You know (clears throat) You don't need makeup – [Hypnotist] She doesn't need makeup

– You need to let your hair grow out – So his hair go out, all right How 'bout this character over here? He looks like he needs some help – You need to relax – You need to relax

This guy with a hat on, he's got some kind of red hat What's up with him? – You need to be sad – Okay What's up with that? A pen? Good job, now sleep, let it go down even deeper As you're sitting there, I want you to focus on your fingers

'Cause you realized when you ate that peach that it left a really sweet, sweet flavor on your fingers So go ahead and taste them See what that tastes like How good is that? How good does that taste? All right, now close your eyes and sleep back down, 'cause now you are twice as hungry as before, and when you open your eyes, you are gonna wanna order yourself a pizza It's gonna be a tomato pizza, you want no crust, you want no cheese, no toppings, so when you open your eyes, you're gonna look across to this girl sitting in the chair, you're not gonna recognize her 'cause you have no idea who she is, however, she is not going to take that order for you, and you're gonna convince her that she has to make you an all-tomato pizza, no crust or no cheese

So go ahead and open your eyes and order that pizza – I'll take a tomato pizza – Okay, so the crust and tomatoes– – Tomatoes – And some cheese and sauce and then the pano on top – I want, I want a tomato, tomato pizza

Tomato – Double the tomato topping? – No, I want a tomato cheese, no cheese – Tomato cheese, no cheese – Tomatoes for crust – Sorry, I'm having a hard time understanding what you want

You want the crust– – The crust– – [Stevie] To be tomatoes – Yeah – But it needs to have like the bread part of the pizza and then you put the tomatoes on top – I want like a tomato Only tomato pizza – Just double tomato topping? – You told her 10 times already – I don't understand – I want it all to be tomatoes

– Ask her what's wrong with you – What's wrong with you? – You're not hearing me – Are you not hearing me? – I just, that's not how pizza is made – Just make it with all the tomatoes – I can't, I can't do it

– Just stack it – I can't – Get even madder now than before – Just stack it – I can't stack the tomatoes

– Stack the tomatoes! – Well just telL her – What do you not understand? – I wanna help you out here Sing to her in your rootin' tootin' cowboy voice and I think she'll understand cowboy language ♪ I want a pizza with everything that's tomatoes ♪ ♪ I want a pizza with everything that's tomatoes ♪ – [Hypnotist] Try your opera voice ♪ Ah ♪ ♪ Want a tomato ♪ ♪ And I only want the tomato ♪ ♪ On the pizza ♪ – Just sleep back down deeper now, good

We're gonna make a transformation in your mind In a moment, I'm gonna count from zero up to five And we're gonna take you out of the hypnotic state Your mind will remember that you now like tomatoes, however, your mind will remember nothing else You will not remember that you were hypnotized and until 10 o'clock tonight, anytime you hear the word red tomato, you will scream I love tomatoes

Zero, shutting the door to the subconscious mind One, coming back up out of a state of hypnosis Two, three, four, five, eyes open, wide awake, feeling great How you feelin'? Welcome back, take a minute Take a minute

So what do you remember? (mysterious music) – I don't remember – You don't remember? – Did we do it? – Oh we did it – Did, we did it (laughing) – Can you imagine you would ever enjoy eating a tomato? – No – Now your mind's wondering what just happened, isn't it? – Yeah

(hypnotist chuckles) – Good thing we don't have it on tape or anything (hypnotist laughs) (Link laughs) You did great, man – What the crap – You did great – Wow

Wow, well Link This finally came – If, I feel just as weird now as I felt then Okay (chuckles) Oh Stevie, you finally figured it out, huh? – Yeah, it's stacked

It's tomatoes stacked on each other What don't you understand about that? – The thing I don't understand is how I don't remember it – Yeah to clarify, you weren't faking – No and I don't remember it – It's so mind-blowing

– The magic is real – Okay and we're gonna talk, there's a lot to talk about both with the way Link feels right now about tomatoes and then what happened with me in my hypnosis session, we're gonna unpack all that this week on LTAT – Right, if you wanna find out if I still like tomatoes or, yeah, there's a lot to talk about – You're shaking – We'll do it this Saturday

– You're really shaking – Yeah Yeah, it's weird, okay – We're gonna give Link time to recover In the meantime, thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – I'm Madison and this is Cassie We're from Wisconsin and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (Link purrs) – I'm not gonna say anything Click the top link to watch us look at gifts for cat lovers in Good Mythical More

– And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Our summer tour is officially on sale today You can see us live in concert June 21st through the 30th and you can see all the tour dates at RhettAndLinkLivecom

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