Licking Nasty Foods (GAME)

– Today one of us will lick our way to victory – Let's talk about that

(funky electronic music) (fire crackles) ♪ Good Mythical Morning ♪ ♪ Ah yeah ♪ (chuckles) In the past, we have felt our way to victory See episode 888 where we played the Feel and Squeal Challenge We've also smelled our way to victory See episode 1190 where we competed in the Smelling Bee Challenge, but today, our hands and our noses will do us no good because our tongues are gonna take center stage – Yes and we thought long and hard about which game would work best with the tongue: tongue of war, tongue twister, the three-legged tongue race, whatever that is, but no

There can only be one It's time for Lick Tac Toe – Behold the great Lick Tac Toe board Now we have no idea what lies behind any of these squares All we know is they hide items no one would ever voluntarily lick

Unfortunately for us, the only way to claim a space on the board is to do just that – Yes, in order to leave our Xs or Os, we must put our blindfolds on and then lick whatever comes out If we can correctly guess that, we claim that square, and if we incorrectly guess, the square goes to the other guy – Of course the first person to get three in a row in any direction wins the official title of Sir Licks-a-Lot And if there's a tie, we must divide that title

– Okay and before we can begin, we gotta decide who's gonna go first which is the ultimate advantage in Lick Tac Toe and to do that, we're gonna face the trial of tongue-foolery – Okay, let's put on our blindfolds All right, I am blindfolded Bring in the item – [Stevie] Ready? – The first person to guess this gets to go first

– [Stevie] Set Lick! – I don't wanna lick you – Ugh, what is it? – Bark, bark – Tree? Egh – Coconut! – Rhett! – Ugh

(both gag) – I can't lick and guess at the same time – Was it a full coconut? – That's very difficult – A whole coconut – I was afraid it was just a piece of coconut and my tongue was gonna slip out and hit yours Woo! – I know, I was afraid of that too

– Close call – [Stevie] All right Rhett, you're going first – All right Now, it would be typically and traditionally most strategic to go for the center square – Mm-hmm

– But I don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to identify and if I don't get it right, then all of a sudden, you get the center square (Link blows raspberry) So I'm going for– – Excuse me – I'm going for one up top in the corner – All right – Upper right corner

Maybe I should put my blindfold on – Yeah put your blindfold down Release the lickable item That's right, get a full lick All right, okay, that's, you need more? – It's a very hairy, it's like a fuzzy nut of some sort

Fuzzy nut, my final answer, no – [Link] All right is that your guess? – No no no no What kind of nuts are fuzzy? It's actually, it's a lot like the coconut It feels like a baby coconut Uh, some kind of fruit that's got hair on it

– You know, I'm just gonna say everything you said is correct – Oh really? Oh, I know what it is It's a kiwi, final answer – [Stevie] Okay, remove your blindfold – Yes! – It's a kiwi! – Woo! – Dang, son! – Okay

– I didn't think you were gonna get that – I didn't think I was either – Okay, I know it's more difficult with the blindfold on Right? – Yes – Of course, 'cause it was very easy to tell it was a kiwi 'cause I saw it

– (chuckles) Right – I didn't even have to lick anything – It's tough, man – Okay, now I'm faced with the same thing If I go for that middle square, that gives you a tremendous advantage if I get it wrong, so I'm gonna follow suit

I'm going for the lower left square – Oh – All right, so down here Blindfold on Okay, I'm ready

(Rhett chuckles) It's liquid – You gotta really get this one – It's just a viscous, tasteless liquid – You gotta get that tongue in there and you gotta whip it (chuckles) – Oh it's gelatinous

– Yeah There should be a different consistency if you really go for it If you really get in there, you should notice a different consistency – Uh, shoot I'm gonna guess– (smacks lips) A raw egg? – [Stevie] Remove your blindfold

– Oh yeah! What– – I'm really surprised that you took it that well 'cause you hate raw eggs and you were basically scrambling that egg with your tongue – I should be eating raw eggs– – [Rhett] You have no reaction! – Blindfolded all the time (chuckles) Look at that, wow, hey We're off to a competitive start, are we not? We're good lickers and there's me with my tongue – Okay so now, we basically blocked each other from going diagonal across that way

I'm feeling pretty good about our lickability, and so I'm actually gonna start going down I'm going to the middle right square I'm trying to go for the win I'm making a line, sucka – All right

All right, I feel like that's an interesting choice, that particular spot I love it – Blindfold's on, where's the item? – [Link] Licky licky (softly grunting) – Ugh Ugh

– Uh-huh Oh my goodness What are you experiencing? – It feels like a potted plant of some kind – Uh-huh – But it smells like a fish

Am I licking fingers? What am I licking? – Well if I told you that, that wouldn't be very competitive of me – It's a foot of some kind There's like claws – Wow – [Rhett] I mean that's claws, right? – I'm not going to answer your question

But give us a guess, brother – Is it a sea creature that has feet? (grunting miserably) A alligator foot – [Stevie] Is that your official answer? – Final answer – [Stevie] Remove your blindfold – Oh it's a chicken foot

(chuckles) Why does it smell like seafood? – It's the chicken of the sea, which is, turns out just to be chicken – It smells so, I wanted to saw chicken foot, but I kept smelling the odor of– – Can I smell it? – Sea It smells like the sea – Ew, wow – It's like– – It just has a stink

That has a stink Now I get the spot Now, okay, I understand your strategy now That didn't help me Is that why you did that? – Yeah, I want to help myself, man

– But not help me if you lose, and that's what you've done – Right – Well that was smart – Yeah, I went to engineering school – Okay well interesting, so did I

And I just understood what you were doing Okay, it appears that if I go with the middle left square, and I get it, then I got two ways to win So I'm gonna go for the middle left square It's funny how the middle middle square is not popular anymore – We're just playing around it

– All right so, blindfold on Get my licker ready Is it out? Oh Okay It's, egh

(coughs) It stinks (shuddering fearfully) I don't like licking something that stinks this bad Ugh! – The smell is not helping? – I can't take the smell I'm starting to get scared I feel like this is like a dried– (quivers) I feel like this is a dried, hairy insect

(sighs) I hope this is not what it is, but I'm gonna guess that this is a dried spider – [Stevie] Is that your final guess? – Final answer – [Stevie] Please remove your blindfold (screams) (Rhett laughs) – Oh my gosh! I freaking licked that! – You've been licking it for quite some time – It stinks

It stinks so bad – No need to be scared now Okay – Hey we're pretty good with our guesses though So I get another, oh my gosh

– Put yours there – I need a tongue wipe That was– – Tongue wipe Patent pending tongue wipes Okay I have to go for the upper left hand corner because that's the only way just to begin strategy for myself

Here we go – All righty – Blindfold on – [Link] Gosh, give him a nasty Give him a really nasty, Alex

– Ugh (moaning) Ugh, oh no Oh no Oh no, I'm licking another tongue Oh no! Oh, ugh, it's so big! It's a cow tongue, oh gosh, I mean what else has a tongue that big? – [Stevie] Is that your official guess? – Yes, cow tongue

– Remove your blindfold – Oh gosh, what, why? Why are you so big? – That is worse than a tarantula, man But you know what, you got the space and that's the silver lining You've blocked me, punk! – I did – [Link] Okay

– Okay now see, this is interesting See what's happening here? We both have a chance to win But you got the advantage – This is how Lick Tac toe should be played! – That's right! – (sighs) All right For the win, I'm going for the Joan Rivers square

The center square Okay, removing the glasses Okay, blindfold down Oh gosh I'm freaking nervous

– Oh my – Oh my? – Mm-hmm (Rhett chuckles) (whimpers) – What was that? It was wet! – Mm-hmm – Dang I'm scared – Just lick it, man

Pretend your tongue has its own mind And you're just the host of this little slug that lives in your mouth and it just wants to– – Little slug? – This little slug– – Is it a little slug? – No in your mouth, there's a little slug in your mouth It's a curious slug Let him go about his day He finds out what things are by touching them

And you're just, your mouth is just the cave he lives in (Alex laughing) – Is that you, Alex? – Yes – That's Alex's thumb – Ugh, it's wet Ugh! – Your curious tongue wants more touching

– I'm freaking out – [Rhett] Come on, man! – I just can't take it Oh my gosh, I can't bring myself to bring my tongue on it again – Yeah you can Well if you can't, then, you're setting me up for the win, Sir Licks-a-Lot would look good on me

– (yelps) I can't, I can't All right, I'm just gonna guess – Well you have to guess something – Shoot, I think it's a snake I'm gonna guess, I'm just gonna guess snake

– [Stevie] All right, remove your blindfold – What the, what the heck is that? It's a freakin'– – It's eyeballs, man – [Stevie] Tuna eyeballs – Tuna eyeballs – Ah! I could have licked that, I guess

– Your curious– (crew laughs) Your curious slug's gotta be more curious, man – You know what, you blocked me – [Rhett] You blocked yourself Okay – Oh gosh, can you please– – I have no choice

– I just want– – You want me to end this game? – Please win I don't wanna lick anything else That was horrifying – Well this is actually the last opportunity for either of us to win is to get, I gotta get, well, I could get, yeah If I don't get this one, then it's a draw

No, you could still get down here Okay, so I'm going for the upper middle And the blindfold is on – Bring it out (grunts) Uh? – Okay

You gettin' something? – Oh gosh it stinks too, oh – [Link] It stinks or stings? What did you say? – It stinks – Stinks – I can't What? – Alex first had a non-gloved hand and now all of a sudden there's a gloved hand out there All right – This feels very insecty also Would there be another? Would there be another insect? – I don't think so

– What's that? – [Link] What's that? – Oh! – [Link] You getting some more information? – Oh it's like a pincer – A pincer – Is it a pincer? – I can't say I wish I could just tell you what it was to end this entire madness But I'm not going to do that

– It feels like a crab leg – I know you're having a lot of fun licking it but I feel like we need an answer – It can't be a crab because I'd be smelling crab It's like a large insect that has a pincer, man It's a frickin' scorpion

It's gotta be a scorpion Final answer – Final answer? – [Stevie] Remove your blindfold – Yes! Woo! – It is a scorpion We both win because this game is over! – There you go

Rhetts across the board Where's my prize? – There is is – Wow – All right, have a seat, brother – The man with the golden tongue

– Oh it is, isn't it? – That was my nickname in high school – Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Taylor, this is Apache, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – Look at that

– At first I thought it was a miniature horse, but I think it's just a medium horse – Yeah – You like it about half as much? – Yeah – Click the top link to watch us test the best tongue scrapers in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

Wanna watch our Tour of Mythicality dressed in three-pieced suit, a scuba suit, your birthday suit? Suit yourself The Tour of Mythicality special is available now on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and a wide variety of platforms including most cable TV providers

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