Leftover Valentine’s Candy Food Hacks

– Will edible underwear make a good after school snack? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning

– Today's the day after Valentine's Day, and you know what that means It's the last day of chocolate lovers' week! (dance music) – Please No more chocolate I have a family – So sad, I guess we pushed him too far

Okay, since yesterday was all about love, I hope you got some (chuckles) And by some, I mean chocolate because let's admit it, that's what we all really want on that big day But now that it's over, most of us find ourselves with nothing but a champagne hangover and a bed full of leftover chocolates – So let's finish chocolate lovers' week strong with some brand new creations that'll put those leftover Valentine's Day chocolates to good use It's time for Valentine's Day Is Over, So Why Not Make These Weird Chocolate Hacks, Ya Hoser? All the creations we're about to make you can make with the chocolate that's hanging around your house or that you can get at your local CVS for 50% right now, not a sponsor

– Let's do it (electronic music) – This first hack is gonna require you going to a Mexican restaurant the day after Valentine's Day, so hey, you get a second date in – Right because then you'll be able to make Reese's Peanut Butter mole with a refreshing Edible Arrangements agua fresca – Now– – Sounds good – When you're done wrapping up your Mexican restaurant date, be sure to just borrow the molcajete

– You can take it out in a backpack – That your guacamole came in – Mm-hmm – So we've got that here and then also on your way out, just grab some of the decorative chiles that they hang on the wall – They're complimentary

– Yeah they'll never notice a few of them gone anyway And then we're gonna take those chiles and you're going to soak them in some champagne which we've done there – Yeah for a good while, like overnight, so here we go– – That kinda awakens the peppers, right? – [Josh] Sure – [Link] The chiles just kinda wake up in the champagne – [Rhett] Putting all that in the molcajete

– [Link] Just like I do every morning – And then you're going to take your leftover Reese hearts, peanut butter hearts, now most of the time people end up eating these – There would be none of those leftover at my house – But for these purposes we're gonna say that we had some leftover– – Get some more half off – And then we gotta make this into mole, so I'm going to ignite

– You got yourself a torch – And we just wanna get these melting They should melt pretty quickly Just wanna get 'em loosened up is how they say it in the industry – Do they? – [Josh] Oh yeah, all the time

– Get the chocolate loosened up Hey loosen up that chocolate for me! – [Josh] You're loosening it great – Why don't you burn it a little bit too while you're at it? – [Rhett] You wanna burn a little bit right, I mean that's part of it– – Chocolate makes sense in a mole because mole is actually made with chocolate and sometimes even includes peanuts I'm told – Oh look what we did – Shh

Shh – You think that's about good to start grinding? – Yep Do it up – Grind away – Ain't nothing wrong

– All right, ooh, do you hear that sound? – [Rhett] Oh whoa, it's so squishy – Oh, give it a good go Now to accompany our mole, we're going to have a refreshing agua fresca, but that requires you to steal your boss's Edible Arrangement off his desk before he eats any of it – Right – Or she, so that's what we have here

It's fruits that kinda look like a bouquet If you don't know what an Edible Arrangement is – People are familiar with the concept – This part's not edible So I'm gonna get rid of that

– Sorry for the noise – Oh that's looking good – Yeah it is Would you like to lick it? (crew laughs) All right – That's pretty good, so then you take this and you blend it up

Woo there's a little bit of spice in there, hey-ah (Rhett chuckles) And I pulled a muscle in my, under here – Sorry, didn't mean for that to happen – All right so we've got a pre-blended Edible Arrangement here and because we're not making a smoothie, we're making a agua fresca, I'm gonna take that and I'm gonna filter it into this pitcher and I'm gonna end all my sentences in a high-pitched tone All right

– That's looking pretty tasty over there – Oh yeah I'm working hard, you know, just filtering this out – I think you're gonna wanna give it a little squeeze, right, it's almost like a milking procedure Follow the milking procedure that we've been through – Enable the milking procedure

Wow who knew there was that much pulp in– – Smells so good – An Edible Arrangement? – Okay so– – I'm squeezin' – You're gonna wanna get some extra tortillas– – Squeezin' – Which you know what, you don't have to steal those They'll just give 'em to you

Just take more than you need for that meal And then you're just gonna take your, this is just a dip and try situation – You get the idea Just gonna leave that in there because I'm too lazy to put it somewhere that I'm gonna have to clean up later All right, so then– – Oh my

– Oh but wait for the aqua fresca – [Rhett] Link, let me get you a dip on this – [Link] Here we go – Thank you (crew laughs) So much

Get a bite of that So good, I mean really, legitimately great – [Link] Wow – That is good, man – Mm-hmm

– Man, look at us, livin' it up – And now all of a sudden you're looking forward to Valentine's Day next year – Mm-hmm – Never thought that would happen (electronic music) – So you thought you might get a little frisky on Valentine's Day and you went ahead and bought edible underwear

I think I have the bottom? – Oh I got the top But then, 9:30 rolled around and you were asleep So now what do you do with it? The answer is, you turn 'em into an after school snack for the children – Yeah – Specifically, edible underwear chocolate-dipped strawberry popsicles

– Oh that sound nice (Link growls) Okay so basically all edible underwear is is just a fruity, gummy flavor thing so what you're gonna do– – Tastes better when it's on a person I think – Yeah well and you know what, all underwear can be edible underwear if you want it bad enough – Ah, true – So you're just gonna take your edible underwear and you're gonna melt it down along with some, I'll just melt it down on the stove, add a little water and you're gonna get this mixture right here

Nice and fruity liquid – Right and then you're gonna wanna take the chocolate-covered strawberries from last night and since you didn't eat them, you're just going to wanna remove all of the chocolate from those and then remove the stems Take the strawberry, save the chocolate, and just crush it in there to give the children, whoops sorry – Yeah – Give the kids some– – Give the children what they want

– Some fruits I don't like that white middle – You know what it'll all– – Get rid of some of that – [Rhett] It'll all come out in the wash – And then since we're not actually gonna eat this and we're just swapping it out, I don't feel afraid to touch it or screw it up

– Okay – Put those in there – And then you're gonna just get that nice and mixed Actually we are gonna put that in – Oh I gotta– (Rhett laughs) Ooh that's hot

Ooh that was hot – [Rhett] So you gotta get it even smaller than that – I got it – And you put the green– – You could also use a knife but some people aren't allowed to do that (crew laughs) – So you're gonna leave the green in there

I guess it is more fiber – All right so then– – Okay next thing you're going to do is you're going to, hopefully this is a little thinner when you do it But you're going to take your molds and you're going to put your nice mixture right into the mold – Now the way that you make the mold is just taking your kids' toys, melting those down and pouring them into a mold which is ironic, and then, so it's like an inception of molds and you make a Popsicle mold out of the toys that they weren't grateful for – Yeah so you take that and you put these in the freezer

While they're in the freezer, you take the chocolate cover from the– – Melt that down – Chocolate-covered strawberries Melt that into this – Guess what it turns into? – Melted chocolate – Hot chocolate

All right and then you pull those freezy puppies out and there it is Ooh look at– – You're gonna dip just like they do at Dairy Queen Not a sponsor – [Link] So there's a dip, ooh, and then– – A flip – Flip

Oh you mean a flop Got it – A dip – And then you wait 10 seconds for that to harden – I'm gonna say, "Hey kids, "did you hear Mom and Dad last night?" (crew laughs) – We were snoring very loudly

– Yeah we were wrestling – Cheers Dink it – Have some Popsicles and forget about the noises Oh man

– It's spongey – That is so nice Kids will never ask weird questions again – Mm, that tastes good though I actually like the sponginess of it

– I love it – 'Cause there's so much strawberry in it and lots of love (chuckles) – Next time we'll keep the door locked (electronic music) – Nobody expects romance the day after Valentine's Day, but that is the perfect time to strike while the iron's hot with a piping hot chocolate massage – And surprisingly enough, we both gave each other these giant Hershey's Kisses for Valentine's Day

Thank you, Link – Thank you, Rhett – You know exactly what I like – You know exactly what I like, lots of pointy-shaped chocolate – Now any large amount of chocolate will work for this hack

The only other thing you're gonna need is the spa wax melter that you got from your creepy uncle who sends you gifts on your half-birthday – Scoot – You know the one – There it is So all you gotta do is open that kiss and then make it accessible to this by crushing it

– Now you've probably seen one of these Hershey's Kisses on the shelf at HomeGoods And you were like, I gotta get one of those You thought it was solid (thumps loudly) Oh (crew laughs) – And it is

– Well maybe it is – Here, let me try – No hold on – Let me try! – No I wanna– – Let me try! – I want another try! – Why are we fighting after Valentine's Day? (fist thumps) (crew laughs) – Okay, now you're gonna take your chocolate and you're going to toss it into your melter – [Link] We always fight around the holidays

– I think we've got enough chocolate in there You can eat some – You know what we should do? We should wait for this to melt down and just sit here Or we could just clock wipe Wow

Look at that – Okay, the chocolate is melted and our shoes are off Lather me up, Link – Well listen, this is a two-way street, buddy – Oh there you go

(chuckles) – It's that Here we go – I don't know if I can reach the chocolate (chuckles) – It seems that we are at a crossroads in our relationship We've massaged each other's feet before

This is nothing new – But not with chocolate – You know I just wanna say that, ooh that's hot, the way that you got really angry with me and then used your fist to break that– – You got angry with me – Kiss Was really romantic

– You want my right hand or my left hand? – I'm gonna give a little drizzle – Woo hoo hoo! Woo! Let me put– – Can you reachy? Can you reachy the– – Pull my jeans up Oh my Uh-oh, this is trouble ♪ It's raining chocolate ♪ ♪ Hallelujah ♪ – Look at that

– Ooh yeah Get it on, get it in the toes ♪ Aah ♪ – You afraid to touch my foot, man? – I don't like touching feet (Rhett laughs) I don't even like to touch my own feet – This isn't, this is a massage

(laughs) That's a massage like that – All right, fine – No, like, get into it! Get into the sole, man! Get into my sole – Okay You know what, there's professional people who do– – I want you to get into my soul, Link

– As long as I don't have to make eye contact How's that? – You know what? This is also a good time to take those dozen roses that you got for your significant other They're gonna die anyway So just take them, oh there we go Somebody's happy now

And then you're just gonna take those and you just incorporate them and you do one of these Oh that feels so good, doesn't it? – [Link] Now for those of you– – Ow there's freakin' thorns, man! – That this is just a stupid bit, it's just an excuse for us to rub each other's feet on the internet, I will say that you're not entirely wrong, but you're not entirely right 'Cause this is a legit thing Chocolate massages– – Did you ever have a doubt? – They, according to the information on my information spot, (chuckles) I don't know if you know We have an information spot

– [Rhett] What's your information spot? – It says that chocolate massage stimulates circulation, it firms the skin and it moisturizes the skin – How do you know when you hit somebody's information spot? When they just start giving you facts? – They start telling you things (Rhett laughs) – Pretty good, man, isn't that good? You like that? – I'm still looking for my wife's information spot (crew laughs) – Yeah sure, bring your wife into this Look at that, when I touch that spot, your toes move

– [Rhett] Yeah this is how the foot works – It's called reflexology – You know what, I think we've proven that there's a lot more potential love packed into Valentine's Day that you didn't even know was there – Mm-hmm – So you're welcome

– And the day after – For these highly practical leftover chocolate Valentine's Day hacks – And that brings our chocolate lovers' week to an end Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

(slapping foot) – Hi I'm Eric – I'm Kira We're from Canada – Canada – I'm Justin from New Zealand and we're here in Middle Earth

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