Leaving Things In Windex For A Month

– What happens when you leave gummy bears in Windex for a month? – Let's talk about that (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning

– This Friday, May 17th, 2019 is our season 15 finale and then we'll be off for a few weeks and back on June 3rd for Good Mythical Summer where we will have a brand new episode of GMM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and every Saturday, we're gonna feature a new show– – Woop woop woop – Starring Mythical Chef Josh – Yes, and while we're off the air and all summer long, we're gonna be airing exclusively exclusive content – Exclusively exclusive – Every Thursday on Mythical Society featuring Mythical Team Members so go to MythicalSociety

com to make sure you do not miss that new exclusively exclusive content – But right now I'm very excited because we're in the midst of my favorite season, spring cleaning season – Okay – Nothing makes me happier than spending hours on all fours detailing my floor tiles – Oh, thanks for clarifying

– Well which reminds me, check out my website, groutdaddybiz – I'll be sure to do that And in the spirit of spring cleaning, let's head to the spooky shelf that we leave things on which we call The Shelf That We Leave Things On (suspenseful music) – We've done Coke, bleach, open air, Guinness, salt, pool water, nail polish remover, champagne, whiskey, Shamrock Shakes and mouthwash

And today we're doing Windex It's time for Left on a Shelf: Windex Edition (woman shrieks) Rhett, you love Slim Jims, right? – I do – Every time we stop at a, oh, that one was soaked in Windex (yells) No it wasn't but this one was

Let's see what potential options are presented with us as to what happened after a month in Windex Did it A, explode from the inside out like my pet seagull when it found my stash of Alka-Seltzer – Oh – Ooh I don't have a pet seagull

I do have a stash of Alka-Seltzer, not a sponsor – Who doesn't? – Or did it turn everything bright red like Hellboy with a tomato cannon at a Tickle Me Elmo orgy All right – I don't know what that is – Let's picture that and put it on a greeting card

– Okay let's focus on the options, explode from the inside– – Bright red or explode I mean, Windex is blue I don't see how it could turn Well maybe it could, I could see it turning bright red – Yeah, it could have some sort of effect– – But it's got a skin that then it could explode out of – [Rhett] Well let's just think about this for a second – [Link] The middle could expand, all that meaty fiber stuff – Unlike a traditional sausage, they use some sort of synthetic or I don't know what it is, it's not intestine

Mechanically separated meat – I think that it exploded because I think the inside expanded – I think that the Windex dissolved this and it just all popped out so I agree, I think it's A – We're going with A Let's find out, wa-bam

– Woop woop woop woop woop woop woop! Think we're right – It's big in there Let's take it out Ooh, there's a lot of floaties – Oh, oh, oh, look at that– – Oh my goodness

– Look at that – Lay it down Ew! – Ah! – Ugh – Take a bite of that Now we can't eat any of this because Windex is not made for drinking

– Look at that, if I turn it, oh my gosh – [Rhett] Looks like one of those knee surgeries that you can watch on YouTube – Oh-ho, don't tell me you've done that – Oh yeah (woman shrieks) I also like gummy bears

– Yeah you do, this is your day, man – Yeah, Sim Jims, gummy bears, sign me up! I just want the red one though – You want me to just scatter 'em over your face, like shower your, back a little bit (gummy bears clattering) – Literally not one got in my mouth – I wasn't aiming for your mouth

– Well that's not enjoyable – It was more of a shower situation – Okay so what happened to these gummy bears? Did they shrink and harden like a lump of coal between Anne Hathaway's butt cheeks? (Link laughs) – That's how she makes diamonds – Does that happen? Or completely disappear like Michael Jackson's music from Bar Mitzvah playlists – Oh yeah

– Ah! Ugh – We don't know what these are Just as if that wasn't already clear enough – Ugh, wow – Do you like my engagement ring? It's an Anne Hathaway special

(laughs) – No it doesn't turn to diamonds – If she squeezes long enough, it does – Shrink and harden I feel confident that it disappeared I don't know why

– It dissolves it There's like ammonia in Windex or something nasty like that – Well the reason I think that is, maybe you know, I don't know, maybe there is a gelatinous residue– – They're already pretty hard – That will stick around – No

– But it's so uniform that if any of it goes, all of it's gonna go, right? – All of it's gonna go – Okay that's our guess, completely disappear – Now it's, there's a darkness in the bottom – [Rhett] A darkness? – Does that harden into a lump of coal? (Rhett laughs) – Nothing – It's nothing

– It's just darkness – And now you're going to disappear and you're going to disappear and you're going to disappear and you're going to disappear and you're going to disappear and you're going to disappear This is what it was like in my room as a child (woman shrieks) Got a pair of soiled underwear, look somebody got into the– – Wine cellar – Wine country again

Every time I come back from wine country, this is what my underpants look like (both chuckle) – Is that what a wine tasting means? – Well to me it does – Briefs first wine tasting – No I just have so much wine, my urine looks like this (chuckles) – Gosh

All right what are our options, is it A, did the stained underwears become clean and green like a newly sober Kermit the Frog – Hmm, mm-hmm – Or B, did the underoos stay dirty and turn blue like the adult film star who played Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wanker and the Chocolate Factory? I have a lot of follow-up questions that I'm gonna find out on my own time – (sighs) Wow Okay so clean and green, does that mean that they actually became clean but also turned green, yes? – Yes

– And then these would stay dirty, keep the stains in tact – But assume the dye or the blueish coloring of Windex I don't know if it's dye or whatever it is – Maybe become blue like in the white parts, I mean Maybe it would just change this part Like any part of this blue White would become blue – I think it's blue

– I don't think so Because I think that Windex can't be turnin' stuff blue It's a cleaner It can't be turning things the color that it's trying to get off of stuff, right? You think if I spray– – So you think it turns it green? – I think it mixes with this– – Windex can't turn stuff blue It can turn stuff green

– Well no I think that this is turning it green This turned green but stayed dirty – All right so– – That's my guess – Our final answer is blue! No, all right fine, I'll go with you, green I keep thinking this is gonna fly off on its own

Like and show us! All right let's see – Woo! – All right you were right, Rhett, I'll give it to you, man You did it I thought it was blue I was wrong

Yank it out, show it to the peeps – Look at that – Clean and green – It is clean and green – This is a wow moment for me

– There's a little stainage, a teeny bit of stainage but I'd wear 'em – Oh gosh, it's so strong smelling – [Rhett] Mm – [Link] That's pretty miraculous – Yeah, taking those to wine country again, get 'em to look like this again

– Start all over (woman shrieks) – Okay so we're focusing on what happened to the fortunes inside of these fortune cookies Did they stay completely unphased like Guy Fieri after the FDA told him Donkey Sauce isn't legally food? (chuckles) – Completely unphased – Or completely dissolve like an Instagram model's lip fillers when she runs out of sponsorship Oh! – Ooh! – Wow so completely, it's paper, so did they stay completely unphased so– – It's paper inside of a cookie

– Or did they completely dissolve like the wrapper of the, well you know what, the wrapper of the Slim Jim didn't dissolve It was the gummy bear that dissolved – [Link] Yes the stuff inside and then you've got– – I have trouble believing that it would just completely dissolve That seems unlikely But I mean

A small act of charity will go a long way You think it can completely dissolve paper? – It was very waxy paper No, that's what I just discovered

– I think they're completely unphased because in some way, they're being protected by the cookie shell I mean that cookie shell is a lot to work with Someone you admire is watching from afar All right what's your guess? I think that they stayed unphased – A

What? Mm – [Rhett] Okay well the cookie's turning green What about the fortunes, where are they? – [Link] The whole thing turned green which is interesting – The fortunes, unphased – Look at that

That is a much easier process than what I just went through in my mouth If you wanna get to the fortune cookies, this is the trick – [Rhett] No obstacles will stand in your way this coming week – Wedding bells are in a close friend's future but I just broke it so it's a divorce – You will soon gain something you have always desired

– No obstacle will stand in your way this coming week when re-reading the fortune, this is yours, right? – You will inherit an unexpected sum of money with, these are no fun – These are the ones that, they're not honest – But you know what, we're four for four (woman shrieks) – Oh look, it's a lamb brain Isn't that so cute? (Rhett chuckles) Here are our options, did it A, expand to nearly twice its original size like our view count when there's food in the thumbnail

(Rhett laughs) Desperate much? Or B, crack into a pile of white pieces like crack (crew laughs) – Crack, huh? – White pieces Could it turn a brain white and crackly? – Well and if it can make a brain bigger, then everybody should be just sippin' on Windex (laughs) You know what I'm sayin'? – Or just– – New study shows – Just putting it straight into there

– Injecting your brain with Windex makes you smarter – Who discovered that? Well these two guys – Yeah Good Mythical Morning Have you seen it? – I mean I hope that it turns white and cracks That would be awesome

But I just think it gets big – I just don't think it can dissolve in that way, 'cause it feels like the inside of a lamb's brain has the same consistency of a Slim Jim And my experience with sheep really confirms that (both chuckle) So I kinda feel like it expands But you know what they will be able to stick a USB into this and experience all the things that the sheep did while it was alive

– That'll be awesome – 2035 – All right so we are saying A, it expands nearly twice the size Oh my goodness, I was wrong but my dreams seem to be coming true It's whitened

– It's turned into crack – Is it crack? – This is how you make crack? Who knew? – Oh my goodness I mean, look at that piece right there in the front That is Ugh Let me get the whole thing – Oh yep, it's falling apart It basically cleaned up this lamb's thoughts

(groans) – Yeah so there's lots of pieces I don't wanna touch or, you wanna scissor, pluck or otherwise– – Yeah I'm gonna scissor pluck it – Or cut it? I really don't want to have any part of this – Yeah, you know what? This is for science – [Link] So we were wrong, but we were right enough to have bragging rights

– It's basically, you know it's still pink on the inside so it basically, it's kind of a white-ish green I mean either way it's very unpleasant – Yeah – I want nothing to do with it, but you know what, we also left Link's glasses in Windex for a month – Huh

So that's where those have been – Hmm Go to our Instagram to watch us leave each other alone for a day – Huh, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is

– Invisibility – Hmm – I'm Christian – I'm Marsha – And we just watched Rhett and Link from Nashville at the Ryman Auditorium

– [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality – That was a good night – Great night – Click the top link to find out what happened to chicken wings left in Windex for a month in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

– [Rhett] Defeat the hair of defeat with our Mythical Pomade Available at Mythicalstore

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