Leaving Things In Shamrock Shake For A Month

– Top of the pig intestines to ya – Let's talk about that

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com Sunday is St Paddy's Day and we have been getting ready to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland for over a month – And no we are not turning Link into a plate into a plate of human corned beef and cabbage 'cause apparently, cabbage isn't very clickable – No it's not

– Instead we've taken the two most iconic Irish liquids on the planet and we've soaked stuff in them for a month on the shelf that we leave things on which we call The Shelf That We Leave Things On (suspenseful music) – We've done Coke, bleach, air, Guinness, salt, pool water, nail polish remover, mouth wash, and champagne, but today, in the spirit of St Pat, we're opening the large vats of McDonald's Shamrock Shakes that we have on-hand, and Irish whiskey It's time for Left on a Shelf: St Paddy's Day Edition

– Okay we're gonna be presented with an item with two options for what happened when that item was left in either a Shamrock Shake or Jameson for a month – Listen to this Oh, didn't work, usually farts when I do that (glove squeaks) That one did – Left hand fart

– If we get less than half right, we're gonna have to give a leprechaun a foot massage on Instagram If we get more than half right, we get the leprechaun foot massage – Oh (woman shrieks) – Dubliner Irish Cheese in Shamrock Shake for a month – Mm! – Good idea? – Sounds good

– I think so Did it A, crumble into yellow pieces like the heart of a minion after a bad breakup Or turn green on the outside but stay white on the inside like a garbage truck filled with Mormons – (laughs) Oh (crew laughing) – Okay

– Ah, okay – Stay white on the inside – I understand, I get it You know what, my first instinct is that because there is a green dye in the Shamrock Shake, which has turned a dairy product to green, putting another dairy product into it probably just continues the process of turning it green on the outside – And it's so brick-like that I don't think it's gonna crumble into pieces

– Oh that's Dubliner Cheese – So we are saying– – That's the hardest cheese around – B, it's gonna become a Mormon What? Well it crumbled into pieces – [Rhett] It's pressurized

– I can't tell if it crumbled or turned green We're gonna have to dissect it (jar fizzes) Ooh There was a fsh – Oh gosh! Oh gosh! – Oh gosh what? – I'm back (chuckles)

Oh it's horrible smelling, can you not smell that? – Oh wow – Oh gosh! – I can't smell it, I'm missing that note – Well get into the jet stream, brother, 'cause it smells horrible Are you – It's like when you lose hearing in one tone – Oh my gosh, you can't smell that? – I can't smell anything – Your nose broke! – Can I smell stuff? – Let me stir it up – [Link] Hold on, I can smell you

Oh my word – Oh yeah look, there it is – Look at that – There it is That's green, buddy

That is green – All right, let's see if it's white on the inside – How do you not smell that? – I don't know, man (exhales) (crew laughs) – Everyone in here has a mask on because it stinks so bad I'm really worried about you right now

– I can smell stinky cheese and I don't like it – [Rhett] I'm legitimately worried about you right now I am always a little worried – [Link] And look at that – Yeah, we was right

– So we are correct – White on the inside – That is white Doesn't smell in there either (woman shrieks) – This is a plate of pig intestines

(crew laughs) – See now– – Can you not smell that? (Link gags, coughs) It's awful– – Yes – And they're fresh What happens when you leave 'em in Shamrock Shake for a month? – All right so, first of all, let's just get rid of these This doesn't need to stay here – Oh really? – Yes, yeah

I've regained my sense of smell and my sense of sense and this doesn't need to stay here So for the sake of everybody– – Gah! – Just, yeah, I'm glad we got a look at it though because, let's hear our options – After they were left in Shamrock Shake for a month, did the pig intestines pop the top off and explode like Aunt Debbie's new breasts in the hot tub – Is that a– – Or– – Sorry Debbie – Fall apart and sink to the bottom like Aunt Debbie's old breasts in the hot tub

– Okay – Something new, something old – Well the last– – Something at the bottom of the hot tub – The last one, the top wanted to pop off I guess the fermentation process of the milkiness in the Shamrock Shake leaves me to think that this one might wanna pop a top off and explode

– What you're saying is that when we take the top off, the top will be gone because it popped off and exploded? – I just think they're saying it's pressurized – You wanna go with pressurized? – Yeah – I'm with you – All right so we're saying A – Oh

– Oh – [Link] Yeah, it's already gone Yes, it has already popped off – This is like one of those science farms where they cut the side of the cow and you can go up and press on it – Did anybody get hurt when this thing popped? You did? Okay, but you look fine now

Okay so– – And you do see, it did turn a green The power of Shamrock Shake to turn things green is just, it's something to behold Oh gosh Oh they just keep going Whoa

– There's one It doesn't smell as bad when you don't– – Oh gosh, yes it does! – All right you know what, okay – It's awful! – Yeah, yeah Let's get that back in there – You don't smell that? – I'm not smelling

I'm not breathing I'm not gonna live anymore actually because doing that's not gonna help Get it out of here, we got it right! (woman shrieks) We got a bath bomb which this is just for reference but I'm gonna, oh smell that, that smells good – Oh that's so much nicer than pig intestines – What happens if you– – Who would have known? – If you leave it in a Shamrock Shake for a month

– I don't know – Does it turn completely orange like Donald Trump's pillow case or separate into different layers of green like a racist frog community – (chuckling) Oh gosh Oh gosh Oh man

– Mm Well it's already kinda orange but it turned orangey? – I don't think so – I think it's gonna separate into– – I think it's definitely– – A racist community of frogs – A racist frog community 'cause there's probably ingredients inside this thing that have different qualities and buoyancyies and bath bombs are mysterious, I've always known that – We're going with B

Let's see – Oh ho! – Wow! – Willa-willa what? – Look at that! – Look at how perfectly– – And is there a bath bomb in there? Whoa it's pressurized too so (crew laughs) I mean that last one exploded all the way, man – Okay – Dump it out

– It's not good – Or rake it out – You know what, but this racist frog community needs to get along so let's Let's mix 'em up, let's make 'em homogenous again There's no solids in there – There's no solids? – Oh, whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! – We're having science! What? – Look at what's happening! – What? Yes! Yes! – Now they came together and they're reproducing (woman shrieks) Now let's move onto an item that's been left in Irish whiskey for a month and what item has the most historically adversarial relationship with whiskey? Penis! (crew laughs) Bull penis to be exact, good lord – No

– Boy I'm a little envious (crew laughs) – Oh gosh – That's one? – Listen, this is not an anatomy class on bovines – Well but we could turn it into one

– All right what are our options– – Good gosh – Rhett? – Did this bull penis after it was left in Irish whiskey for a month, how did we get here? (chuckles) Turn white and shed its skin like my friend Christina's skin when she married George White Or turn brown and tender like my 12 year old good luck banana (chuckling) (crew laughing) – You think Jameson can tenderize meat? I think, I mean if you marinate raw meat in whiskey, you think it tenderizes it? No, turn white and shed its skin – I think it's white and shed its skin

– Yeah me too so we're going with A Let's find out Okay, it still appears, okay so these aren't pressurized because it's not Shamrock Shake, it's just whiskey Yank that out Pull it gingerly, okay

– Uh, that looks like it's brown and tender (buzzer blares) How tender did it get? – Not that tender, yeah Is it more tender than– – You might wanna touch this one – Oh yeah – Just to see how much more tender it got

– It's brown and tenderized We got this one wrong And I don't really care actually (crew laughs) (woman shrieks) Okay for these next three items, we're gonna play a slightly different game They've been left in stuff for a month

We're gonna have to guess which one stinks the most and then rank them from there So one thing we did is we left kale which is basically a nutritional opposite of Shamrock Shake in a Shamrock Shake – Okay – And we also left cat poop in whiskey Thank goodness that one's sealed

That's a good idea – Not for long – And we left Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's in a Shamrock Shake for a month So – Okay

Well I mean right off the bat, I would say that whiskey cat poop is the best smelling – Kinda neutralizes it – I think whiskey, it just, it takes the life out of everything, man – Yeah so let's say least stinky, ha I'm figuring y'all out, right? – It's gotta be the fish is worse than the kale, right? But it is from McDonald's

– Yeah That's why I'm saying that the kale, it's something nasty nasty happens to this – You think there was a reaction – Yes – Yes 'cause– – This right here

– This has got preservatives in it or something – Yeah yeah yeah – And this is just straight up kale – So I might even say this but I'm not gonna backtrack on you – No no no

– All right so, let's start with, I guess this is the cat poop so let's– – I guess it is – Let's start with that one – So we're saying that's the best, so that's where it is – Smells the least so let's open that first and you smell it (chuckles) We'll both smell it

– No pressure – Maybe let's waft it first like they teach you in chemistry class – Oh it's stuck Here we go – [Link] All right, waft it

– Yeah just smells like whiskey You're about to hit it, you're about to knock it over into our laps Just– – Will that make you angry? – Yeah – But I haven't done it – Oh okay, it smells like an unnecessarily sweet whiskey

It's not good – Yeah Okay maybe let's seal it back – Well we have to compare it – We have to compare it, well we can compare it by taking this off

Okay – And now, you know what, move it over to your side – I just don't wanna spill it out – This is the fish, Filet-O-Fish (jar fizzes) Oh yeah

– Oh no Oh gosh – Oh my (Link coughs) – I gotta get my, I gotta get my thing (Rhett groans) – Oh gosh that's bad, woo! Oh, I'd have trouble believing it can be worse

Mr Broke Nose has gotta get up there What? What has happened to you? – I don't know, I can't smell it – It's so weird It's, golly! – You know what? I'm smelling strawberries

Smell of that – It's horrible, man I think I'm gonna have to be the judge of this, here we go – I don't smell that – Oh

– I'm having a problem – You might need to take a trip to the hospital – Oh look at that one, it's turned into cheese – It's rising – It's moving

Look, it's bubbling (Rhett gags) – Gosh, it's bad too I don't know which one's worse (Link gagging) – That one's worse – All right Link

– That one, this one – There's only one way to find out – Oh no, Rhett! (Rhett groans) (yells disgustedly) – It's for science! Oh no! No! Oh ho! (Link screams) Oh! No ho! Smell it I can't believe something is– (Link coughs) – I got it – Something is so wrong with you

(Link yells) Honestly I don't know the answer, it's just so bad in so many ways All I know is that we were right about the cat poop – Everyone here loses You already knew that – Well as far as what we thought, you are correct so you can consider that a successful round

– Congratulations, us (Link whimpers) – Ugh, don't we look like winners? – Scientists everywhere are watching and are inspired – Yes to the elementary science class that is watching this because you have a sub today We hope you learned a lot But you know what, we also left Link's glasses in Shamrock Shake for a month

– Oh So that's where those have been – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hey folks, I'm Will

– I'm Tyler the Greatest – It's Ethan – We're from Clarksville, Tennessee– – [All] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (rock music) – Nailed it! Click the top link to see the results of a Bic Mac soaking in whiskey for a month in Good Mythical More – And– – And– – To find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land

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