Leaving Things In Salt For 3 Months

– Today we cure everything – Let's talk about that

(upbeat chiming music) – Good mythical morning – I'm so glad you're here today because today we're gonna make beautiful music from everyday objects and I'm gonna get turned into a human pizza – Of course you are But first, salt, is basically the earliest form of food preservation before there were fridges there was salt pork – Yup

– I love me some salt pork, but what does salt do to other stuff besides pork? Well to find out we took to our shelf that we leave things on, which we call the shelf that we leave things on (dramatic music) – Spooky lookin' shelf, isn't it? – Yeah, we've already left stuff in coke, bleach, open air, Guinness, and now salt And this stuff was in there for three months – It's time for left on a shelf, salt edition Alright, here's how this is gonna work

We're gonna be presented with an item and two options for what happened when that item was left in salt for three months Your chair made a noise, it screamed a little – Heeeeeee – Heeeeeee, did you hear that? – So tired of holding me up – Then we have to work together to decide which option we think is correct, what the salt did to the object, and then we're gonna uncover the jar, see if we were right, dissect and inspect the object, see what we can learn man from the desiccation process

If we don't get three correct, we have to eat cold unsalted fries in Good Mythical More If we do get three correct we get to enjoy delicious, hot, crispy, fully salted fries – Exciting – You'll love it – Okay we've got jello to start

– This is not the jello, this is control group jello – What happens to jello when we leave it in salt for three months? – Under this black cloth is the desiccated jello – Black cloth – Alright what are the options they gave us? – Did it A, turn hard and brown like a cruise buffet BM or B, turn into liquid, like a Vegas buffet BM – That is a difference, little forensic fact there if you're identifying BMs

– My mom used to use the term BM when she was trying to sound a little more proper – Well we are wearing lab coats – Like when we had guests over "Do you need to take a BM?" – She would ask all your guests that? – Yeah if anybody looked like they were rumbling a little bit "We have a bathroom in case you need to take a BM

" – There's no way this could turn into liquid, Rhett It just has to get hard and brown like a cruise buffet BM You don't want to go on a cruise ship and your body knows that – But hold on, if you put a slug, and I don't suggest doing this, but if you put salt on a slug it dissolves the slug completely into nothing And this is very slug like

– But it doesn't say dissolve into nothing, it says turn into liquid – Turn into liquid I mean like, and I think that means it would have gone away and it was kind of like– – You would just stained– – Stained salt – Man a slug does that? – Don't try it, yes – Okay, alright, I'll go for it

– Okay it dissolved it – Okay, turned into liquid – [Rhett] Yup – You nailed it Rhett – Look at that

– It's just settled salt, and liquid above it Which that used to be jello? – Used to be jello – Let's open it – That is absolutely amazing I bet you it tastes good now too

Do we have spoons? – Ooh, it stinks It doesn't stink, it's weird smelling – It's just an odd artificial fruit flavor, taste, smell – Let me get a closer look at that – I was about to say, what tool are you going to employ to investigate this further? I'm gonna put a magnifying glass in it like a spoon

You learning so much? – Not really, I mean there's nothing to see here The jello liquified, and we got it correct – Yes! – Here's the control group hot dog, look at it Just a hot dog and a hot dog bun But if you put it in salt, the options that they're giving us for what's under here are A, does it turn hard in the wiener and soft in the buns like grandpa watching Grace and Frankie? (laughing) – Oh god

Ooh – Or B, turn hard in the buns and soft in the wiener, like me after a few laps in the pool (laughing) – I don't even know what that means – My buns get– – No don't explain it Don't explain it

– Stiff My wiener – so did the bread get stiff? – I think the bread gets, this is a grandpa Grace and Frankie situation – I would've thought the both of them would have gotten hard – Right? That's not an option

– That's not an option So what's more likely to get hard? The wiener? – Well what they're saying is, the only moisture is in the wiener, and you're saying it would pull the moisture out of the wiener and then the bread would soak it up, which I think is what happened – Let's use the analogy Of grandpa and you at the pool It's difficult to get your buns firm, you know what I'm saying? Like you gotta work out, if you were an Instagram butt person that's a few years of work

Whereas the wiener, you know how that works – Immediately – On and off all day (laughing) – It's like a light switch But I'm not seeing how your analysis of the analogy is actually helping

– So I'm saying it's more likely that the wiener's hard That's all I'm saying – But for no logical reason – That would be you and– – [Link] You're stretching the analogy – I would say B, no I would say A, grandpa

– You think the wiener turns hard Yes I agree with that – Okay yeah – That's what I said before – So A, hard wiener soft buns

– Yes, open it up, there's a lot salt there let's pull it out Is that a soft bun? – [Rhett] Oh yeah, yeah – Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on Use this, let's be sciencey here Here, use this

– [Rhett] It's just not– – No no, I think you're gonna want to shake it out – I'm gonna rip it – There it is – Okay Oh it does not smell good

Yeah, oh that's a soft bun – Can I smell it? – Oh gosh There's condiments in there – It's very sour smelling – And that's a hard wiener

– Oh that is a soft bun Wow, way to go grandpa – Okay now we have a whole intact watermelon After being left in salt, did it A, become leathery on the outside and goopy on the inside like my aunt Debbie after a vacation in Mexico, or B shrink to the size of a plum like that cheap T-shirt you bought outside of a concert and put in the dryer once – That does happen

So I think the watermelon that we have in this salted box here is obviously a little smaller than that, but still we are assuming that it is unsliced – Right, now typically what, so if you put salt on meat that you're like, prepping or whatever it actually brings moisture into the meat right? Because that's a way to like, when you brine something in salt it actually brings moisture into it So like you brine a piece of meat, it doesn't make it drier, it brings moisture from the environment – But this is sealed, so there's moisture to bring in – True that

– There's also no way the moisture is gonna escape So it's just a redistribution of moisture So what we learned from the jello – If this thing has shrunk to the size of a plum, then my new hobby is going to be shrinking watermelons and selling them Selling them at roadside stands

– Plum sized dried watermelons Why have I never heard of a dried watermelon? – Exactly – Because it gets leathery on the outside and goopy on the inside – And goopy on the inside Can't sell that on a roadside

Oh gosh – What? – What? – [Link] That is what happened – Hold on, what happened? – I see a black rind Oh my gosh people – So that's not a plum

– It smells sweet – That's leathery – Look at this – [Rhett] Oh gosh – We're gonna have to take this thing out

– Yeah we are We have to, we must In the name of science I would just grab the whole thing You got gloves on, do it

I believe in you Look at it, it's like a deflated basketball – Look at this – I don't know somebody might buy that – We need to get the, need to get this salt off

And then, here's what we're gonna do guys – We gotta open this thing up – We're gonna crack it open – Because we gotta see exactly what happened here – Take a knife, start there

Cut it all the way, just go all the way, we'll pull it apart afterword Ooh, there's water in there Okay I'm gonna open this up – Oh my goodness, it's like dehydrated fruit rollups in there – Here, cut the top right there, let's flay this thing open

– It's got an interesting smell It doesn't smell rotten, it smells like a candy almost – I know, and then we're gonna open that Look at that, this looks like something that a special effects artist would use in like a horror movie To like simulate nasty alien guts

– Okay for this scene I'm gonna need three months and a watermelon (laughing) It'll be worth it – Okay look at that, this is fascinating – I almost feel like we should try to eat it It looks, I mean this is basically all that a watermelon is besides water is just this stuff

– That looks like flesh It looks like rotten freakin' flesh – It smells like fruit leather – Taste it – My body is telling me no

– So is mine when you do it that way – It's not bad you should lick some too – Don't lick it, just bite it – I don't want to digest it because it might be toxic – Really salty

(laughing) this is what an eggroll looks like when its not been left in salt for three months But if it has been our options are does it become brittle like my ego after reading your YouTube comments, very fragile Or does it become a rubbery noodle, like my knees when I met Merle Haggard That was awesome times man – Awesome time

– Good times, okay – What have we learned so far? – There's not a lot of liquid in there – The best evidence we have so far to base this on is what happened to the hot do bun, which was softened it up, so I'm going with rubbery noodle on this I don't think it made it brittle, because it's also a bread product – Okay I'll go with that, rubbery noodle

Let's find out Ooh – Ooh – [Link] I think it might be brittle – [Rhett] It's kind of hard to tell

Sort of hard to tell – You gonna use your hand? – Oh gosh it stinks – Let me smell If it stinks I want to smell it It doesn't stink, it smells like a rancid eggroll which I think is pretty awesome

– Yeah that doesn't, oh well it's come out in a lot of pieces so I think we're gonna say this is brittle – No Nope – It's not brittle, it's just falling apart Brittle is when something gets hard and falls apart

– This is rubbery and noodle like, look at that, it's rubbery man – We were right That does not smell good man, that smells bad – In a good way – Something's wrong with you man

– Kind of like, you ever cut your toenails? (laughing) – Liver – We always like to see what happens with liver for some reason – Yes, we're sick Did the liver turn to jerky like that slab of beef I forgot about in my attic for a year, or B, melt into goo like the giant tub of ice cream I forgot about in my attic for a year – You keep food in your attic? – I keep a food

– Here's the thing, if it wasn't sealed I would think that it would turn into jerky because it would suck the liquid out and then it would start to evaporate – Evaporate – But when it's sealed it just distributes amongst the salt so I think the whole thing is gonna become goo – I think what happens initially is it draws moisture in but then after an extended period of time, the moisture redistributes into the salt, the salt is asking for the moisture, right? – Sure – And so then now we're just left with just the fiber of the muscle

So I'm saying jerky – So we're disagreeing? – This is a split decision my friend – Okay let's see who's right Goo – Oh! Oh gosh, I don't, don't open it man

Don't do it, don't do it – [Link] Can't get the lid off – Gosh there's so (coughing) – It smells pretty good, it's kind of like gravy Goo, goo Salt, what's happening right now? – Oh – Oh! Ew! – The water has nowhere to go – Oh gosh get rid of it

– Well you know what Link, I was wrong but you know what, collectively we were right Four out of five, we get to eat hot fries, you can have more if you want, I don't care But you know what we also left Link's glasses in salt for three months – Huh, that's where those have been Stick around to watch Rhett turn me into a human pizza

– [Rhett] We've got good news you didn't even know you were waiting for, our new T-shirt line is up on mythicalstore, check it out and let us know what you think

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