Leaving Things In Pool Water For 2 Months

– What happens when you leave Speedos in pool water for two months? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning

– And happy Monday, y'all We just wanted to remind you that every Monday meets a fresh new episode of our podcast Ear Biscuits, and it's available over on Apple Podcasts, so please take a listen And not only is it Monday, it is a Monday in August, which means there is still time to bust out your shortest swim trunks and your longest pool noodle and head to the public pool and just make people uncomfortable – Yeah, but while you're in there, take a minute to notice what the pool water does to your fingertips If you're like me, it makes them wrinkly and weird, but what does it do to other stuff? Well to find out, we took to our shelf that we leave things on, which we call the shelf that we leave things on

– All right, we've done Coke, bleach, open air, Guinness, salt, and now chlorinated pool water And let's see if we'll be fooled by what the pool did It's time for Left on a Shelf: Pool Water Edition (woman shrieks) – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Underneath this black cloth, there is a jar full of chlorinated pool water and a candy bar, which of course is– – Baby Ruth! – A Baby Ruth

What kind of candy bar do you wanna see floating around in your pool water? It's only the best for– – The most turd-like? – Okay, so, the crew has presented us with two options: did the baby Ruth Bar A, melt into goop like Gwyneth Paltrow after six hours in the sauna, – Mm, goop – Or B, turn white and chunk apart, like Gwyneth Paltrow after six hours in an igloo – What? – She does the extremes – Yeah she does She's does that back to back on the same day

– Yeah she got a sauna and an igloo and she jumps from one to the other – She's got an igloo at her home – How could it turn white and chunk apart? You know what, I actually think, 'cause like if you look at the back of this bar, you see there's a little residual whiteness – Residual whiteness? – Yeah it's even starting to turn a little– – That was my nickname in high school Sorry, I couldn't resist

(chuckling) – It's not funny, but we're laughin' I'm actually thinking that it does turn white – Where's the white coming from though? I just opened it up, there's just nougat in there You think that the chlorine, first of all, this was sealed, right? – The jar The jar was sealed

– So you think it has some sort of, it can't bleach it You wanna taste some candy bar? – No, I just think– – I think that'll help me (candy bar falls on floor) – I can get that later – We'll go with you – I'm saying B

– Chunk apart, I don't care, Gwyneth Paltrow – Okay we're saying B, turn white! Yes, ugh – I think you're right I think you're right, man Open it up and– – Bust it open

– Take it out (Link groans) – Smell good? – Ooh The chlorine is still in there, man It's still strongly chlorinated – Yeah that doesn't smell like a Baby Ruth

– Chase, did you also pee in this pool water? – [Chase] No, I was asked not to – Good, okay – You were about to and they stopped you? – [Rhett] You're right, man, look at them white chunks – That is white and chunky So far so good, guys

– All right – [Rhett and Link] Round two (woman shrieks) (Link harmonica tune) – Underneath this here black sheet lies a jar, and inside that jar is a harmonica – Here's one that's just been on my mouth for a second – What happened to this harmonica? In two months inside pool water

Did it A, leak orange gunk like Carrot Top in a sauna (chuckles) So we're going with the sauna theme Okay, all right – Sauna's holding a lot of the celebrities – (chuckles) Okay, or did it B, warp and crack like my bathroom mirror after Aunt Debbie looked in it

Oh, I don't have an Aunt Debbie So that's a safe joke Okay, leak orange gunk – So that's kinda like it started to rust – I believe that that is the answer

That's just my instinct – I'm feeling it There's no way that it would warp – Not in two months – Now when you put things in a pool and you're not in the pool and you look at it, sometimes they look warped

– It's called refraction – But then when you pull them out you're disappointed 'cause they're not warped All right I'll do some reveal music I'm gonna see if we're right because we're saying A, if that wasn't clear

(Link plays harmonica tune) – Yep! – Whoa It's like a– – Oh, look, whoa, ho, look Look at all the orange rust – Oh no wait, it's also warped Look at it, it is warped

It's freakin' warped – No it's not That's refraction Okay – Do you need some tweezers? (Rhett grunts) – I'm going with the– – Tongy

– Tongs Oh yeah, oh yeah I mean, it's pretty much completely in tact in terms of shape, but it has rusted quite a bit, man – Ew that's strong, smell it I bet we can use this for something like a tonic

– See if you can play this one (Link blows air) Oh gosh I guess it's safe – Ooh I shouldn't have sucked in Boy that was– (crew laughing) – Ugh

– Have you had your tetanus shot? – Ugh – [Rhett and Link] Round three (woman shrieks) – If your baseball card falls in the pool, just go in, don't leave it in there for two months Unless something great happens to it – I think if it's in there for two seconds– (clicks tongue) It loses all its value

– It's no longer mint – It goes from $259, to nothing – Who is that? – [Rhett] This is Chi Chi Gonzalez – [Link] All right here's our options

– [Rhett] Texas rangers – Did the baseball card A, separate into two layers like America in late 2016 – (chuckles) Ooh, hey – Or B, disintegrate into pulp, like a Fiat left out in the rain – Yeah they are made of paper, that is true

You know he played for Myrtle Beach In 2013, did your dad– – I'm sure my dad did – Told you about this? He played for Myrtle Beach– – Chi Chi's my favorite restaurant, and my favorite baseball player Fried ice cream with both – He came back in 14

– Did he? – After going to Spokane – Ooh, that's gotta hurt You wind up back at Myrtle Beach – No, back in Myrtle Beach, that's my theme, man – Every summer, baby

(chuckling) Shout out to my dad, so I'm saying two layers – Yeah yeah, I think it peeled off in two layers– – Because there's like a laminate thing happening – Yeah, I mean this is tops, man – [Link] It's not upper deck though – Not upper deck, upper deck, man

– Upper deck, nothing would happen – That would be totally in tact – All right, this is our official answer – We know our baseball cards – A, separate into two layers

– Yep – Yeah, look I can see it, look at that – Oh it's making an Illuminati symbol Put that towards the camera

They're sending us a message with that Chi Chi's sending us a message Or actually who is that in there? What player is that? – We've gotta find out for science, Rhett – 'Cause this player has a special connection with us – This is pretty cool because, what we've learned is that it is a good idea to leave a baseball card– – [Rhett] No, whoa, whoa! Now it's disintegrating

– Oh gosh – Be careful – I was gonna say one baseball card becomes two – You're shaking so much – I'm freaking nervous

– Just be gentle, man Grab it like you're getting a baby out of the pool – Who is this? – You wanna set it on my hand and gently unroll it? Okay I see part of a name – [Link] Dodgers, Slyke – Oh, no, no, oh man, you totally ruined the first name

– His name is N Slyke, Scott – Hold on, I think I can get to it Oh no, oh, oh, oh! Gosh, it's something body named Slyke – The good news is we're right, the bad news is– – Sorry, N

Slyke – It's this – [Stevie] Scott Van Slyke – Oh– – Scott Van Slyke! – Never heard of him – [Rhett and Link] Round four

(woman shrieks) – The swimwear for the brave Not the official swimwear of the land of braves That's a totally different, those are just regular trunks – I don't think anything would happen to these – They're made to be in water! – But because it was selected, something interesting must have happened

– I don't know, but think about this So, let's say you have a Speedo And let's say that you go to the pool quite a bit You're gonna end up spending at least two months total time Wait, how much Speedo time– – But not submerged

– Do you think you'd get? – Well me, never, man – But a Speedo person I wore a Speedo as a child Just as part of my outfit A tank top and a Speedo

– I've heard enough – It was a power move – Let's get our options, did the Speedo, I don't know the answer to your question – Shrink and wrinkle like me at the urologist (crew laughing) – Shrink and wrinkle

– Or turn white like Link's hair (gruffly moans) (Link imitates gruff moan) – Shrink and wrinkle or turn white The candy bar turned white – Yeah it did – This is durable material, there's no way it would shrink

– Shrink and wrinkle, it's not a finger – I think it turned white, dude I think something about the chlorination is removing the pigmentation – I would have thought that it would have needed to be put out in the sun to turn white and be like bleached, sun bleached, but shrink and wrinkle doesn't make any sense, so, I'm willing to go turn white as well – All right, we're going for the queen sweep here

We gotta keep that alive, so B, turn white Yes! – What? The Speedo lost its color, it's like a children's book The Speedo That Lost Its Color Help the Speedo get its color back, kids – This is why you shower when you get out of the pool

I mean if it can do this to Speedos Wow, it is kinda like a tie dye thing – Whoa, it's kinda cool now I might actually wear it Look at that, you show up, you're like a hippie with a Speedo

You show up at the pool I don't know which way is up I'm having trouble figuring it out – With anything – Look at that

Look how stylish that is Has Speedo thought of this? Has Speedo already tie dyed a bathing suit? It's probably like the 96 Olympics, the whole thing was tie dyed and we didn't even know about it Okay, Link, we've done it again – [Rhett and Link] Round five (woman shrieks) – Here's a cricket for reference, AKA iguana bait

– You go try to catch iguanas? – No, it's just you can buy them and feed them to your pet iguanas – I don't think it's called bait when you do that – Oh (chuckles) Just food – I think iguana food

– All right, for the queen sweep if we get this right, what are our options? Did the cricket A, bloat and float like my BMs after a bacon western cheeseburger? – Golly You guys are horrible – Or B, completely disappear like Pokemon Go after everyone discovered Fortnite Was that a direct, I don't think that was a direct, okay – For some people

– We seemed a little with it by saying that, so that's cool (crew laughing) – Completely disappear is so intriguing – Completely disappear – Just completely disappear, there's no way it could just completely disappear – Let's not be enticed by a wrong answer

– I wanna choose it so, 'cause it seems so crazy! – I want it to completely disappear Bloat and float, I mean, a cricket is so dry I think it's so dry that it can't even be hydrated – Yeah, it's an exoskeleton, so I don't think that it can actually– – I think it will disintegrate and disappear I think it freakin' disappeared

– That's what it did, man It became like little flakes that you could probably strain out if you wanted to, but to the naked eye, it's gone – It'll be like a magic trick Who knew there could be magic– – It's a two month magic trick All right, ladies and gentlemen– – Stick around

– Intermission – I'm gonna remove this like it's a magic trick – Yeah yeah, we're gonna be so right, 'cause B, it completely disappeared Pokemon Go joke – Okay, did it completely disappear? Wa-zow! (Rhett gasps) (Rhett gasps and whimpers excitedly) – It completely disappeared

It's gone, the cricket is gone! – We're magicians – Did we? We disappeared a cricket – Oh that is the best magic trick either one of us has ever done – Let's make sure though Let's make sure that– – He's like holding on to the underside of the lid? Nope, ugh

There he is He's this little dollop – There's a white thing – This is a cricket (chuckles) I kinda wanna lick it, but I'm not going to

– That must be something else That white stuff is all that's left of a cricket? So we're correct! – Hey, that is the queen sweep, we did it! – Woo! – Also I got something else – Huh So that's where those have been

– Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – I'm Sarah – And I'm Kendra – And we're about to eat crickets– – And it's time– – And we're gonna spin the Wheel of Mythicality! – Bye

– All right, get together, girls – Yeah, it's tough, it took us years to figure out how to speak at the same time Click the top link to watch us check out some more pool water items in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land Grab a front row seat and listen in as we explore life's most interesting questions

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