Leaving Things In Mouthwash For A Month

– What happens when you leave a tooth in mouthwash for a month? – Let's talk about that (alarm rings) (playful theme music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning

– It is a Mythical giftical time of year Yes, today kicks off our partnership with St Jude Children's Hospital and their thanks and giving campaign Also it brings an early start to YouTube's giving week As you may already know, St

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So get ready for that – But right now get ready for this! – Yes – We have set a goal to raise $100,000 for St Jude with your help between now and the end of the year And Google Pay is gonna generally, generously– – Generously? – And generously

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All you gotta do is click the blue donate button on your screen On mobile it's below the video, on your computer it's to the right of the video and to learn more information or if you don't see the blue button and wanna donate, go to stjudeorg/gmm – And we're gonna be updating the progress on our Twitter and Instagram, that's @rhettandlink so make sure to follow along there because every time we hit a milestone, we're going to do something very special to celebrate – Mhm, but for today, we once again took to our shelf that we leave things on which we call The Shelf That We Leave Things On

– That's right, we've left yet another substance on our shelf for a month We've done Coke, bleach, open air, Guinness, salt, pool water– – Yeah – Nail polish remover and now mouthwash It's time for Left on a Shelf: Mouthwash Edition (woman shrieks) – We'll be presented with an item and two options for what might have happened when that item was left in mouthwash for a month

– If we get less than half right, we have to wash our mouths out with soap, on Instagram, and if we win we get to gargle chocolate sauce on Instagram I love Instagram – Let's do it – [Rhett and Link] Round one (woman shrieks) – Okay we're getting things kicked off with a tomato

I know you love it – I don't like to eat 'em but I do like to put them in mouthwash for months at a time – Okay after being left in mouthwash for a month, did the tomato dissolve into mush like my wife's attraction to me after I turned 40 – (chuckles) Oh! The writers gettin' in the jabs – Or, fill up with liquid like my wife's attraction to me before I turned 40

What, come on! Have you been consulting with Jessie? – That sounds a little medical Okay I mean I'm definitely thinking that this thing dissolves Fills up with liquid? I don't even know what that would mean – Maybe that means– – Fill up with liquid? – It swelled up– – Swole? – It feels like they would say swole

If that's what they were talking about Dissolve into mush, I mean so– – Fill up with liquid – This is like standard mouthwash with a certain alcohol content So I don't know what the other active ingredients in mouthwash are that would do things – Blue stuff

– Blue stuff What would blue stuff do? – Mint stuff Or green stuff, depending, I don't know what color it is – Alcohol preserves things – Dissolve into mush

– You think it dissolves? – I don't even know what fill up liquid would even mean – I don't either I think they're both wrong but I don't have a third option Okay we'll go with dissolve into mush – Dissolve into much

Oh it filled up with liquid dude, it's huge Is that mush? Okay let's take this thing out – [Rhett] No it's not mush, man – You have tongs right there – It's so much bigger than it was

(buzzer buzzes) – You're not gonna be able to get it out, are you? Nothing happened, put it down Well this is a knife, I'll let you use it Cut that in half So it, oh my word, it's full of liquid It absorbed, taste it

– No – Lick it, just lick it – You lick it! – I don't like tomatoes – I cut it, you lick it – I don't like tomatoes

– That's our agreement I cut it, you lick it – So we were wrong but I'm sure it tastes great – [Rhett] It is mushier than it was It might be good

– Does it smell like mouthwash? Smell it – Maybe you'll like tomatoes after this – It smells very strong, like– – Lick it I cut it, you lick, oh, oh! (Rhett groans) – It's better It's better than a tomato

– [Rhett and Link] Round two (woman shrieks) – Garlic, interesting Here are our options, did the garlic smell fresh and clean like me after using Mythical Number Nine – [Rhett] Oh – Oh

– Okay – Available– – Very well-placed sponsor – At Mythicalstore (sprays cologne) Don't be afraid, it smells awesome

– Well, I just don't trust you with anything – Look at that Some good smelling stuff My wife puts it on herself too (chuckles) Or does it retain its odor like a mummified Egyptian cat penis

– Oh I smelled a few of those – Is that why an Egyptian cat penis, it retains its odor? It's gotta be hard to mask the odor of garlic, don't you think? – I mean especially if I were to cut this You don't smell it on the outside very much But if you were to cut this Get in there, smell that

– Oh Nelly – Yeah so you think if we took this thing out and we cut it up, we're not gonna smell it? – I don't know, it's gonna absorb it though It would be a mir-ickle It'd be (laughs), what is that? – It'll be a mir-ickle, man I know what a mir-ickle is

It's the same thing as a miracle – I don't know how that happened It would be a mir-ickle So yeah I'm betting on a mir-ickle that this thing smells fresh and clean Come on, go with me, man

– Okay – Mir-ickle I was wrong last time – I believe in mir-ickles – Oh see it looks a little bigger but I don't know if that's just the distortion from, ew

Am I smelling that one or am I smelling this one already? – I think it's– – It smells like garlic (crew laughs) – Smell it, Neal – Oh my gosh! That's a mir-ackle of another type – Oh it got stronger! – But it also smells like mouthwash still It's like when you eat a bunch of garlic and then you gargle– – You try to cover it up with mouthwash– – And it doesn't work and we should have known that

– Yes, you're not fooling anybody – We've done this – Well I haven't – Listen, you get to answer the next one 'cause I've been wrong twice – There's a whole section in my gym that a guy goes to every single day– – Just clouds it

– It's the garlic corner – Yeah – I stay out of it He's on the elliptical You know who you are

– [Rhett and Link] Round three (woman shrieks) – Okay this is a boar's tooth and they come stained so that's not how it came out of the boar's head but when they sell them– – This is the root and that's the tooth – They stain it, it's decorative So after this stained boar's tooth was left in mouthwash for a month, did it get eaten away like a Brooklyn Bagel anywhere in the vicinity of Larry King? (Link chuckles) Or turn white like the next part of Brooklyn to become gentrified Oh (chuckles), oh gosh guys

Gentrification joke Hm, I don't think, there's no way it bleached it, right? – I put this in my mouth and it stinks Is that because of my mouth? – I think it's because it was in a boar's mouth – Good – For quite a long time

It can't eat it away – It's biological material – Oh you know what, I think it turns white, here's why Because what makes this dark is the stain and if you wanna clean up something, you use– – Mouthwash – Alcohol

– Oh (crew laughs) – Mouthwash, you know me I'm staining my couch green all the time And so I think that it actually broke down the stain and made it back to the original nice white color – Hey I said I was going with you 'cause I've been nothing but wrong this morning

– Turn white! – [Link] Boom, you did it, Rhett! – Okay – I'm gonna fish it (tongs clatter) – [Rhett] Look at that The stain is gone – And if you buy it and you want it white, you know what to do now, guys

– This is what I wanted in the first place I didn't want a stained one – Look at the difference there You could start your own business of bleaching boar's teeth Bleachedboarsteeth

com – Or you could just start not staining them from the beginning (clicks teeth) – [Rhett and Link] Round four (woman shrieks) – Jack-o-lantern, hm What are options, did it remain firm like Grandpa watching the movie Book Club starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, and Candice Bergen? Oh, three women who are older – In his age range

– Or did it become soft and squish like Grandpa's pants after he ate supermarket sushi at his actual book club? – Mhm, soft and squish – Uh – That could be me and you, soft and squish – I'll be either one They're both so equally delectable

– [Rhett] Now I'm gonna go with soft and squish – We've gotta get both of these right This one and the next one in order to not wash our mouths out with soap – I'm going with soft and squish simply because the tomato became soft and squish It's not gonna get harder

– Or remain firm – It's not get more firm – It's porous – It's remaining firm and that's an important distinction, Grandpa – And this isn't a pumpkin, it's a jack-o-lantern, so it's got holes in it which allow for even more stuff to– – Infiltration

– Get through the middle part So we're saying it becomes soft and squish – That looks pretty soft and squishy, man – Actually– – Can't really tell but– – This is a cool specimen container – [Rhett] Uh-oh

– [Link] Turn it around, show 'em the– – Uh-oh, it's pretty hard (buzzer buzzes) (pumpkin thumps) Oh no, it's squishy It's squishy – It's so squishy (grunts) – That's pretty hard

Wow, it remained firm – Way to go, Grandpa – Losers! – [Rhett and Link] Round five (woman shrieks) – Of course we can't end this experiment without putting coagulated blood into mouthwash – This is what it looks like when you don't put it in mouthwash

– Yeah – Boy that's great Don't need to look at that anymore – So what happens to it, does it turn green, like the toilets in all bar bathrooms on St Paddy's Day? – True

– Or turn the liquid red like the toilets in very specific bathrooms on free beets day (chuckles) Free beets day – Well we're gonna wash our mouths out with soap so I say this turns red There's little at stake – I don't think you can overpower it to the point of turning it green

– Right, there's no way It's nothing but– – It has a cleansing quality to it, but can it turn it all the way to green? – No way – Blood can't be– – No way – Can't be done like that – No way

– Turn it red Yes Do we even need to open it? Why are you opening it? – Maybe it's green though Maybe when we take it out, it turned green (lid clatters) – Is it still a thing, is it still a gel? Leave it in

– There it is – There it is! Science – No green anywhere So we got that one right – And of course, we also left Link's glasses in mouthwash for a month

– Oh! So that's where those have been – All right, we didn't get more than half right so head over to Instagram to watch us wash our mouths out with soap – Mhm, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is – Hi I'm Jessie

– And I'm John – And we're from Tulsa, Oklahoma – We brought The Terminator with us on a road trip to Prague – [Both] And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality (both chuckling) – Yeah, Prague

– I'll be back – Click the top link to watch us play mouthwash charades in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Sit back, relax, and take a gulp of Mythicality from our Ear Biscuits jar Available at Mythical


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  1. I don’t understand how the pumpkin got firmer. I thought it would get soft and mushy. Can someone explain the science behind this?

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