Leaving Things In Champagne For A Month

– What happens when you leave a brain in champagne? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) – Good Mythical Morning

– And Good Mythical early days of 2019 Or as the ancient Mayans called it, seven years after everyone is already dead (Link chuckles) And make sure you cheers the new year with our brand new official GMM, whoa, mug, spilling everywhere Now available at Mythicalstore

– Now some of you may have already celebrated with a little glass of champagne but today, we're busting out large receptacles of the bubbly and visiting the spooky shelf that we leave things on that we call The Shelf That We Leave Things On (suspenseful music) – We've done Coke, bleach, open air, Guinness, salt, pool water, nail polish remover, mouth wash, and today, we're doing champagne It's time for Left on a Shelf: Champagne Edition (woman shrieks) Okay we're gonna be presented with an item and then two options for what happened when that item was left in champagne for a month You get less than half right, we have to drink milkmosas in Good Mythical More

– That's champagne with milk, a forbidden brunch beverage Listen to this (glove mimics flatulence) – [Rhett and Link] Round one (woman shrieks) – Okay, I have a urinal cake in front of me as a point of reference, but– – It's strong smelling – But we'll let you know that the one that is in there is a different color, it's pink, because as it turns out, you couldn't even buy that one anymore because of prop 65 because it might cause cancer, Link! – Oh

– Don't touch it! – And that's why we've been soaking it in champagne, to remove the cancer – So what happened when this was left in champagne for a month? – What are our options from the Mythical team? – Did the urinal cake dissolve and completely disappear like Link's career without me? (chuckles) Again, again, I don't write these – Yeah, wow – Or condense into a thick, gooey mess like the horses my great-grandpa used to make glue How'd you guys know my grandfather, my great-grandfather was a glue maker? – Condense into a gooey mess

– I think it's almost impossible for this thing to dissolve and completely disappear 'cause it's made to be under the urine stream of drunk people People who got a lot of champagne just running right through 'em and it's not, I mean– – It's a good point – It does dissolve over time – It does – It does dissolve over time

– That's what releases the– – But is it dissolving because of the erosion or is it dissolving because of– – The sheer force – The interaction So now I'm totally going back on what I just said – Sheer pee force or just being wet, what is it? – I think gooey mess, man, I don't know I don't feel strongly about it

– 'Cause there is some sort of chemical thing So yeah, I'm never gonna dissolve and disappear and I'm also not voting for that now I'm gonna become a thick, gooey mess, man – Gooey mess, here we go Reveal

Oh yeah – It's gone – That's a gooey mess – No is it, or is it just gone? – No, it would be completely gone It's a gooey pink mess down there

– Oh wow – [Rhett] There's some of it (tapping tongs) – Look at that, oh it's bubblegum now (Rhett chuckles) – We got a nope! – Nope! – You never know if he's actually joking or not – I mean it really is tempting though

– [Rhett and Link] Round two (woman shrieks) – Raw filet mignon, you know you wanna marinate that in champagne for at least a couple of days, right? What does it do to make it a better steak, I don't know – Okay – These are the options that they're presenting Does it turn brown and appear to be cooked like my aunt Debbie two days into her Daytona bender

(both chuckle) Or develop a bubbly exterior like my weird cousin Wendel's gecko Shik-ar-own-es – [Stevie] Chicharrones – Chicarrones – Ah yes, yes I know what those are

It's like pork skins Interestingly, you do age, most meat that you get at the grocery store, like steak, has been aged to some degree, right? – In champagne of course – Right, but there is dry aging and there's wet aging, and I don't really know, I don't know what they put it in when they age it but it can be aged easily for 30 days So I don't think this has changed into a bubbly exterior I think this just looks like a marinated steak, which would be a dark steak

– That appears to be cooked, I think a bubbly exterior could be a good thing It can be all the champagne bubbles just colonized on it and it provides and effervescence that then, something that, when the chef comes to your table, he's like well the reason why it tastes so effervescent is because of the bubble colonies which have formed from the champagne marinade – You think the steak has warts on it now because of champagne bubbles adhering to it? That's not how bubbles work If there's bubbles on it, as soon as we take it out– – Oh you think a bubbly exterior means warts – Yeah I think it means that the steak itself is bubbled, not that bubbles have gathered onto the steak

– Oh yeah you're right – There's no carbonation left in this thing – I agree, okay, so let's go with turn brown and appear to be cooked – I don't know – Final answer

Yes I don't see a bubbly exterior – Oh there is some pressure there – Oh there is? – Actually no Okay I wanna break this thing out and then why don't you, oh yeah, see, there you go

It appears to be cooked – Uh, well it appears to be a liver – (chuckles) Cut through and see if that goes all the way through So soft, it's like it's made to be super tender – Look at that, it does appear

– Oh wow – [Link] It really soaked in there – [Rhett] You could probably just take a bite out of it – Ah, oh no I wonder if now if we grilled it what it would taste like

Of course it wasn't refrigerated so that would not be nice – It's probably toxic But you know what's not toxic, our score – Two for two – [Rhett and Link] Round three

(woman shrieks) – Okay, we've got some rawhide which is basically just some cow skin, cow hide that has not been exposed to tanning like leather and did this rawhide after a month in champagne, go limp but keep its toughness like me after two whiskeys because I know I'm still a man! This is totally normal! – Gosh Or? – Or dissolve into a thousand pieces like the brains of every YouTuber who ate Tide Pods – (chuckles) Don't eat Tide Pods, people See 'cause there's a little bit of give to this And there's a lot of take

– Now I have heard, first of all, 'cause they sell this at the pet store, right, but you're not really supposed to give this to your dog – Yeah – Everybody says that the dog could get it in their intestines and it causes an obstruction of justice or something – And that's right, and you know what, no matter what we learn from this champagne reveal, that's the takeaway Don't feed rawhide to your dogs

– Or your children – We should just end this episode – This has got to be go limp and keep its toughness There's no way this thing broke down – If champagne has the power to dissolve it, it should not be ingested

Psh So that is our answer – So I think it's just gone limp but it's still like rubbery – Listen to this (glove mimics flatulence) – You're so good at that

– All right Yep, it did not dissolve I believe we are three for three – It thickened up, man – Let's investigate this

– Here you go – [Link] Thank you sir Look at– – Oh man, it plumped up – It turned it back into cow flesh – Hold that still while I run a knife across it

Oh, you know it's really maintained its toughness Golly, there we go Look at that, take a bite of that – I mean it literally just, it smells like champagne, it looks like cow I mean it just looks like fresh cow skin, which is a pleasant thing to stare at

Let's get a closeup – All right, on a roll – [Rhett and Link] Round four (woman shrieks) – Ah the wonderful strawberry Imagine being the first person to ever see one of these in the wild

– I was – That was you? – Yes – How'd you react? – I was amazed (crew chuckles) (Link chuckles) That's what we do in between, you know, in between shows – I gotta keep him happy

I gotta keep him happy – He hand feeds me strawberries That's why I'm so not awkward at doing it – If the man discovered the strawberry, you gotta feed it to him – Yeah the discoverer of all strawberries deserves a little bite every now and again

– All right, the Mythical team has given us these strawberry and champagne options Did it turn to a red pulpy mess like anyone who crosses these two fists, hold fists up Oh (crew laughs) Or– – There you go, Link You'll get it

– Turn white but stay solid like Michael Jackson in the 80s (Rhett laughs) I love Michael Jackson, in all his forms Now, here's the thing I could see that the redness would be removed– – [Rhett] Exactly what I was thinking – There's whiteness in there

– It's so surface The redness of a strawberry, as the discoverer of the strawberry, I can tell you that the redness of the strawberry is so, so just skin-deep In fact, let me bite into one – Knew that was coming – And see what the middle looks like

– Look at that I could have just turned it around – I mean it's still kinda red but, see the white middle? – Don't get upset, don't get upset Here you go – I only bite strawberries with the left side of my face

– I only feed him the tips of the strawberries and then I eat these later (chuckles) So – Holds fists up I think they turned white There's no way this dissolved, right? – Yeah they turned white, let's see it

I believe the champagne is now red, because – [Rhett] Did you see that special – Yes, get it, get it Get it, get it Ooh look at that – I mean a little pink but, ope, kinda white

– I mean you want a white-ified strawberry? We just discovered how The discoverer of the strawberry has now discovered how to white-ify a strawberry Taste it How is it? – Good? – Let me, let me try – Oh, it's so juicy

It's not bad – It's good? – (chuckles) Exactly, it's that kinda good – What about this one? Did all the strawberryness go into this? – Yeah, taste like Boone Farm? ♪ Strawberry wine ♪ That's greatness It's strawberry champagne, man – That's pretty good, that's pretty good

– So everybody wins The whiter strawberry and the redder champagne, and us Four for four – [Rhett and Link] Round five (woman shrieks) – All right, we have lamb's brain

– Gosh – After a month in champagne did they keep their shape like my championship sand castle that made Mommy proud? (chuckles) Or crumble to pieces like my last play sand castle that time I failed Mommy – Oh, you do it all for Mommy Crumble to pieces or keep their shape – I mean nothing has lost, everything has just changed its appearance, but nothing has fallen apart

– Let me use this Mickey Mouse tool to gently poke the brains Oh that is very spongy – [Rhett] You think it's susceptible to falling apart? – It is, yeah, I mean you feel it with the Mickey Mouse – Hee hee, whoa! It's so soft! Thank you! – Now what are you thinking? Ha ha! I don't see how, well, here's the thing about keeping its shape It's already so Jell-O-y that soaking it in anything is not gonna add any more water to it

I actually think it's gonna keep its shape – I mean technically your brain is just floating in champagne right now – Right (chuckles) Right, I have a problem (chuckling) Yeah so I think it keeps its shape, dude

– Yeah for the sweep, for the queen sweep? – Yes – I'm agreeing with you, it kept its shape It made Mommy proud – Let's find out Woosh

Oh it's floating – [Rhett] We don't know yet, we don't know! – Did it keep its shape? (bell rings) – It stank, first of all All right make sure it keeps its shape as you bring it out, otherwise, this is a self-defeating victory Okay yeah, it kept its shape – Ladies and gentlemen, for the queen sweep, and if you wanna keep your brains in shape, soak 'em in champagne

– They actually got harder Keep your brains hard, drink champagne – I think it feels about the same Let's give it a good cut for the sake of science It's good, did that make you hungry? You getting hungry dissecting that brain? – Don't talk to me like that

Just feed me strawberries Don't talk to me like a baby – You want another strawberry? – I can't resist Mm, okay, oh gosh – [Link] I'll eat these later

– So there it is – Look at that right there – You gonna squeeze– – That is perfect Here you go, here you go, it's just another strawberry – Uh, no thank you

And of course, we also left Link's glasses in champagne for a month – Huh Oh So that's where those have been I guess they're champagne glasses now

– Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing – You know what time it is (fireworks blast) – I'm Jack – And I'm Edith – And we're at Holidazzle in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it's– – [Together] Time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Now kiss each other! – I think they already did – Okay – Click the top link to watch us match the Mythical team member to their New Year's resolution in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Heading outside? Cover your melon with these hats we're sellin'

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