Leaked Rhett & Link Bloopers

– What are you going to do with the money? Are you going to buy heavy cream? Are you going to buy a bottle of sweat? Are you going to buy shucked corn? Are you going to buy unshucked corn? Lemons? – [Link] Yes – Okay, I'll do it

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and my hands are cheese This week's guests are not Harry, Ron, or Hermione They're Rhett and Link Please welcome them

(crew applauding) (person excitedly cheering) Just Link today Hello Link – My boy Rhett– – Rihanna's here! – Coming in – [Crew Member] Woo! – My boy Rhett coming in (clears throat) A little late

– That was a good bit, guys – We gotta work on the timing of that – How excited are you for today 'cause I'm about to do a teaser where I tell you everything that's gonna happen but kind of and not really – I'm feeling good I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts from way back

Thanks for noticing – What determines that? – I've had this shirt a long time – (chuckles) Well I mean what determines the favorite part? – Still have it – Okay This is one of my favorite shirts

– Is this a bit where you guys talk about your shirts when everybody's thinking about my shirt? – You know, we had to follow up the first bit of the show where you came in a little bit late – (chuckles) And said we need to work on the timing – Okay here's the teaser of what's gonna happen I'm going to show you just how real the struggle was to shoot the Mythical Pomade commercial with Damnyell – Yeah, he's tough to work with

– Yeah, Link was actually directing that, but I don't know where you were on that day you were doing that So this will be a surprise for Rhett – I excuse myself when Damnyell's around – Okay, well then you'll get to see it We're gonna get to one video game food in real life meal we couldn't get to with Jacksepticeye who I like to call Jack-septus-eye, along with Darren, we've been doing it all week

(all laughing) We're going to watch Ellie cry and not because I said something that might be mean to her when I brought her out that one time – [Link] (chuckles) Right – And we're going to play with oranges Ooh But first– (Rhett laughs) Let's get our drink on

– Yes! – Oh yeah – I love this part because I'm always going by that place in the grocery store – Yeah And I always see this one and I love it – Oh

I love this one – This is my favorite one – [Rhett] Right, right – Yeah, because there's lots to choose from, but if I have a choice, I always choose this one – If I was stranded somewhere and I needed to have one thing to drink, I would definitely not get water

– Because you would get– – This one (can pops open) – Great! – Dink it – Wait, I gotta open it – And– – Open it – Insert call to action here for purchase

– Mm – Oh man – Mm – That's got a lot of layers, you know, there's like a first thing that hits you is really good, and then the second part is even better And then there's like an aftertaste that has hints of, it's awesomeness

– Greatness, yes – Yeah, I would say my life has been expanded, and yours can too if you use the coupon code – Go to, this onecom/LTAT (Link laughs) – Guys, believe it or not, that's not the only commercial experience we have doing

– We will drink your drink like this if you pay us (Stevie and Link chuckle) – We made commercials recently for our lip balms You might have seen them, they've been out for a couple weeks now We put them on our social – I'm so proud of our lip balms

– Yeah, and the commercials are real good – Yeah, they're good, yeah – They're real glossy and fine This week we also released a pomade commercial We asked our friend Damnyell to appear in the commercial because he has lovely locks

And it didn't go as well as one could have hoped, it took us a little bit longer – Not because of me, I think, as a director, I did a great job – Yeah I mean, that goes without saying But I thought it'd be fun just to see some behind-the-scenes moments from that commercial shoot and so we threw them together

– Hi, I'm Damnyell I like to have fun This is Richard He likes to have fun too If you'd like to have fun like me and Richard, get Mythical Pomade

– [Link] Can you hold up the pomade when you say Mythical Pomade? – Mythical Pomade Why am I here? – [Link] This is a commercial for the product, pomade – What is that? – [Link] The pomade? – A commercial – [Link] It's an advertisement for the product so that people will buy it – Buy the pomade

– [Link] That's good, yeah, say that Look into the lens and say that – Buy the pomade Why do you want people to buy this? – [Link] Because it's fantastic for your hair – Why don't you give it away? If you feel that strongly about it

– [Link] I mean, that's not a good business decision – What are you going to do with the money? Are you going to get six minute abs? Are you going to get a second belly button? Are you going to throw a baby shower? Are you going to take Nana to the movies? Are you going to make it rain? Are you going to invest in Bitcoin? Are you going to remake Space Jam? – [Link] Groceries, I mean Maybe invest– – What kinds of groceries? Are you going to buy heavy cream? Are you going to buy a bottle of sweat? Are you going to buy shucked corn? Are you going to buy unshucked corn? Lemons? – [Link] Yes – Okay, I'll do it Hi, I'm Damnyell

I like to have fun – [Link] Damnyell, why don't you try smiling? Smile Uh, okay – Is that it? – [Link] Just say I do think that's it, but you might as well say, "Go to mythicalstore" – I do think that's it, but you might as well say, "Go to mythicalstore," to purch– – [Link] Chase it

– Chase it – [Link] Don't smile Don't do that smile And then, think of something that makes you happy that would make you smile – Do you know why you're here? – [Link] Yes

– Why? What do you want? – [Link] To be loved, I guess – I could love you and you could love me Hi, I'm Damnyell I want to be loved The man over there is going to help me with that

– [Link] Okay, don't smile Look into the camera And, think of something else that, the thing that makes you the happiest in the world – Hi, I'm Damnyell I like to have fun

– [Link] That's your real smile? – What's wrong with it? – [Link] You don't have to force– – Is there something wrong with my smile? – [Link] You don't have to force it You look like you're about to cry, are you okay? – I'm not good, I'm not doing well – [Link] You're doing good – I'm imploding – [Link] Damnyell, look at me

It's gonna be okay You're doing great – How are you going to make it okay? – [Link] I'm gonna pay you – You doubt me – [Like] No

Hey, just breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose – What? – [Link] Breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose – What sorcery are you speaking of? – [Link] I'm just saying, just calm down a little bit – In through the mouth, out through the nose? (whistles) (sighs) We should work with him again, now that I see how he is behind-the-scenes I think we should work with him again

– I had to take a shower after that – Oh why, what happened? – I just felt dirty (Stevie chuckles) I needed to start over – So for that shower, did you turn on the water and then turn it off and then wash your body– – I'll talk about how I shower – [Stevie] Okay, all right

– I mean I'll frequently, there's points during any day– – Oh can we not go back to the shower? – I'm not, I was just washing my face – You brought it up No, actually you brought it up Sorry – I wash my face in order to get a fresh new start feeling to the day but I had to go full body face wash after that

– I for one am very happy that you shower, Link, 'cause I am around you constantly But some other people don't get to be around both of you constantly – Is this a segue? – It is – Yeah, I could tell – And those people are the Mythical Beasts

They don't get to be around you all the time – Physically – Yes I wanted to do a thing where I posted a scenario on my Twitter and then I ask the Mythical Beasts what they would do in that scenario and all these scenarios involved being with you, and then I'm going to be them so they can live through me, so they can give suggestions as to what they would do and then they can see it play out on screen Scream

Will you make their fantasies come true with me? – Yes, all their fantasies – Okay, let's do it Okay so the scenario that I posed was, you're sitting next to Rhett and Link There's a large basket of oranges between you This is your only chance to interact with Rhett and Link but you must somehow involve the oranges

What do you do? #LTAT And we got some interesting responses (oranges thump) Dance, you white baby son of a pig! (funky music) Shower time, gentlemen (whistles) Well somebody in this room is appealing – I get it

– I challenge you – To what? – I'm not sure (chuckles) Ow (chuckles) That hurts (screams) Death, take me, I do not fear you! Okay

Excuse me, are these oranges expired? Because I starving and I really need to know – They don't look expired – (sniffs) They don't smell expired – That's 'cause they aren't! I was just getting attention from you Watch mojo: top 10 craziest GMM fans

Come get ya'll juice (Rhett chuckles softly) – Did somebody just say, "Come get y'all juice?" – Hey, thanks (whacks object) – [Stevie] Sorry – Not every day you get a free large basket of oranges – All right guys, please suggest other Twitter scenarios on my Twitter @StevieWLevine

Yeah, I'm plugging my personal Twitter here, with– – Shout-out to her personal Twitter! – #LTAT, because I want to be you I felt that went well – Yeah, I love that – It's good There's a lot of good suggestions out there

– I love it – You're staring at me like you're in shock – Bizarre – I like oranges – That's what I would have said too if I was sitting next to you with oranges

– Between the Damnyell thing and then that thing, I just feel like I'm in an alternate universe – A little bit So why not more of that? (Rhett chuckles) Okay, so as I mentioned, we had Zackjepticeye (all chuckling) – Wow, you're having trouble with his name – Sean, just call him Sean

– Yeah, Sean McLoughlin Sean McLoughlin – And he was like our number one requested guest over the years actually And we recreated video game food in real life and much of it was disgusting We didn't go over any video games that I once played in my childhood

– Right – [Stevie] So I figured this would be– – So you didn't know what was going on? – Yeah, had no clue what was going on This would be a good opportunity to give you guys a dish from one of the games that I played as a kid and then have you guys guess what the dish is and then therefore guess what the game is Josh, if you could bring out the food – We're doing food on LTAT? – Yeah

– I didn't know we had the budget for this – I'm not doing it, but you're doing it, so there you go So go ahead – Strawberry shortcake board game – Nope, wrong

– Is this safe to eat? – Safe to eat – Cat food Is this cat food? – It is not cat food – It looks like brisket to me – It does look like brisket

Beef stew maybe – You got some on the blanket – It tastes like taco meat – That's real tasty – Mhm

– That's good – I'll give you one more guess– – Donkey Kong – No, Link, one more guess? – The aftertaste made it not taste great, so I'm a little afraid of what this actually is – Mega Man – As with everything that I'm served to

– Yeah, there you go – Didn't Mega Man have a little beef pill that he would take? – I'm not sure I cannot answer for Mega Man's beef pill – Dr Mario also had a beef pill

After you made it to the 83rd round, all of a sudden this big, brown pill would come down, no matter where you put it, you'd win the game – Kung Fu – Beef pill – Kung Fu you had to fight the beef guy, the butcher at the end If you beat him, he gave you a little beef pill

– He'd give you a pill of beef – A little beef pill – Well you guys are so close to what it actually was – [Link] Have we guessed Mega Man? – [Stevie] I have an image It was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Winners Circle for PS1

– This is horse meat? – It's not really, because I would never serve you horse meat, but yeah, you're supposed to think it's horse meat, and then, I had to get a plug in for Mary-Kate and Ashley because they're paying me on the side – I'd like to meet them – But just to be clear, this isn't horse meat – No, it's brisket from lunch yesterday – Okay great

– You probably wouldn't know if it was – I probably wouldn't – Yeah there was a period of time where they tried to make horse meat a thing, and then people were like, it's a cute animal, and Mary-Kate and Ashley were like, we're gonna write this in a video game for PS1 and so when they decided to do that, that's when– – [Link] But have you really played this game? Are you serious? – Yes, it's too bad of a joke to set up if I didn't actually play it – They did everything – Actually, the Tony Hawk skateboarding game for PS1, that was my jam

This is more my sister's jam But I would play it because I did like to pick out their outfits – Yeah – And what are they doing now? Because they're so rich – They're moguls

– Real tiny – They're moguls, man, they marry much older men and– – Mogul it up? – Mogul it up, man Got any more horse? (chuckles) – I don't think so I think we're done with the horse And are you what? – Am I crazy– – Yeah

– Or do they have a sister who's in Infinity War? – Yeah, she's an actress now – Her name is something Olsen – Elizabeth – Elizabeth Olsen – Elizabeth Olsen

– She seems to be the most stable of them – You know– – How much younger is she? – I think she's a couple years, a few years – We'd like met her, we met someone who's related to them at California Cafe – California Chicken Cafe – California Chicken Cafe in– – [Together] Encino

– How do you meet people there? What's that like? – I swear, I swear it was her mom Was it not? – You saw her or you met her? – The son that was with her was a fan of the show And there was some relation to those girls – It was her mom – Does anyone have anything else to say about the Olsens 'cause I'm hearing that we might

– Mary-Kate and Ashley's mom met us in a California Chicken Cafe I don't know any other way to say it That's what happened – But Mom, if you're watching, this is not horse, we would never do that If the girls wanna come on the show anytime, we're ready and waiting

– Okay, almost as a reaction to that– – Vision, she got a love thing with Vision It's a character on Infinity War – Okay (chuckles) – Love thing – Elizabeth Olsen plays the sorceress character

I should know this, I've watched the movie many times It's very depressing – The fact that you've watched that movie, or the movie itself? – Have you seen Infinity War? – No – Are you familiar with Marvel movies? – Yes, yep – Have you seen any of them? – Yes

– Or do you have a policy to not watch any Marvel movies? – I do, I have seen them – What's the last Marvel movie you've seen? – Oh gosh, I can't tell you that – Like Doctor Strange? – No – Iron Man 3? – Maybe an Iron Man – An Iron Man

– I've seen an Iron Man or two – Okay so almost in a perfect reaction to how terrible that whole joke and bit was, we now have a video of Ellie just straight-up crying And this is because we had a game that we played this week that was match the crew member to the cry, and originally Ellie was supposed to be in that video, but the producers felt that her cry was so noticeable that it would be too easy for you so we took her out And then I immediately asked, were we rolling on the cries, 'cause I'd like to see that– – Yeah – And we were

And I didn't realize, between that conversation and yesterday, I started to hear in my office, like extreme sobbing coming out of the office next to me and I was like, I have no idea what's happening Then I see the door opens and Davin runs down the hallway with the door shut behind him, and I'm like, something's happening, Davin has pissed someone off real bad There's some kind of scu-fuffle that's happening So I go in there and it's the video of Ellie crying Turns out it's over three minutes long

So I was like, can you guys just choose some highlight clips, so I haven't seen– – So hold on, so Ellie just cried straight on video for three minutes? – [Stevie] Yes – [Ellie] Yeah, heck yeah I did – Yo! (chuckles) – I think that's the first time I've heard my mic over these speakers – That's what it sounds like– – It's terrifying! – And what were you watching? – [Ellie] It was the same one that John watched in the More, the sad commercial about a dad and his daughter and he's doing his best – Don't start crying now! – She's about to start crying 'cause that's the video we're gonna roll to right now

– All right, let's watch it – Oh no (sighs sadly) (softly weeping) (sniffles) Oh no Oh no Oh no

Oh no Oh no, he's trying his best (crying) (sobbing) You didn't get enough from me? It's still going, oh they're hugging Oh no! (crying) – Oh, wow – Is it over? I can't tell

– I can't tell either – Ellie, when you cry, do you always say, "Oh no," is that just part of it? – [Ellie] I honestly didn't know that I did that, but it definitely was my internal monologue (Link laughs) – Have you ever watched video of yourself crying before? – [Ellie] No, it was awful – I think everybody should do that They should do some kind of therapeutic exercise

– What's the benefit of that? – To change how you cry (chuckling) The only reason you watch yourself ever, to be better (chuckling) – Okay guys, please make sure to like, comment and subscribe, and as always– – Oh no! – Three, two, one – [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – F-O S-H-O

(poppy electronic music)

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