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– In July 1940, Harland Sanders created Kentucky Fried Chicken's signature blend of 11 herbs and spices But the past is past and the future is future? Whatever

Let's see what crazy menu item KFC has in store next This is Future Fast Food (upbeat music) Future Fast Food entry number 4,866 In my quest to predict and make every viral fast food item of the future, today I find myself pulling on the greasy door handle of Kentucky Fried Chicken By 2035, 90% of all fast food will be controlled by McDonalds, Starbucks, and the American Chipotle Panera Sandwich Burrito Coalition of America

So, how can a humble fried chicken chain from Kentucky stay competitive? No, Glorp Glorp, I have the answer: they must secure fast food alliances Colonel Sanders, noted military strategist, has already begun the process of KFC Pizza Huts, KFC Taco Bells, and KFC A&W's They even rolled out a KFC Cinnabon Dessert Biscuit which makes no sense at all So, what next? Months ago, chicken and waffles appeared on the KFC menu for the first time ever If we're talking waffles, what better ally than a fellow Southern chain whose defenses are so formidable that they stay open even during hurricanes? I'm talking about Waffle House

Kentucky Fried Chicken's Future Fast Food is the Waffle House Hashbrown Double Down They just don't know it yet (whoosh) We're starting off by making our breakfast sausage white gravy and Bert's chili which is a Waffle House copycat recipe So we're gonna take our meat and put that into our stock This is like an old diner style chili trick where you don't brown the meat, you actually whisk it directly into the liquid and it just creates this beautiful slop mixture

The thing with chili, people overthink it all the time Like, it's meat slop You put it on top of hot dogs Like why are you trying to make it all artisanal good? Now we're gonna get our onions in this delicious slop party, and then we got cinnamon, salt, chili powder, garlic, and oregano And now we're just gonna whisk that up until the meat starts to cook and break up

While that's starting to cook, we can go ahead and play with our sausage gravy So throw a little bit extra butter in there If you're working in a diner, man, like you got people, especially at Waffle House, you got hungry people, most of them are probably drunk It's probably three in the morning because it's the only place that's open You gotta be able to cook with both hands

You gotta keep 'em happy There we go You can see all the meat is just completely broken up So now with the chili, you're gonna add a can of pinto beans with all the liquid and then you're gonna throw in your tomatoes, and then this is the secret to all diner style chili: you gotta put more ketchup than you think you're comfortable with into the pot That's gonna add some sweetness, and it's gonna make it all taste like ketchup

Stir that up, and you're just gonna let this come to a boil for about 15 minutes until it reduces down You get all the beef fat kind of incorporated in there Now with our gravy, once the butter is melted, and your sausage is broken up a little bit, you can go ahead and add flour This is called building a roux You gonna let the flour really cook into the fat, and that's gonna be the base to thicken up the gravy

A lot of people ask me, Josh, is the KFC Bowl changed since becoming famous? No, actually, the KFC Famous Bowl is a complete salt of the earth food of the people And by that I mean it has more salt than literally anything on the face of the earth I think all food should be in bowls I just want a slop bowl that I can just go (slurp) That's my dream

All right this is starting to thicken up So go ahead and add ground sage It's gonna give you a little punch of that breakfast sausage flavor Little bit of maple syrup for sweetness And then lots of black pepper

Just gotta double fist here Let these keep cooking for a couple of minutes Then those are all done We're taking the two best items of Waffle House: the waffles and their hashbrowns So we're gonna grate the potatoes directly into a towel on a box grater, and you want to grate a little bit of your hand flesh in there

That's actually how you season them! With blood! People are like, "Josh, why don't you "wear gloves in these videos?" I was like, do you look at everyone that's making your food? Do you know what the guy at Waffle House is doing? No Best not ask questions And now you gotta wrap up your grated potatoes in a towel and then you're just gonna squeeze them over a bowl, or you can squeeze them into a shot glass and then you can develop a new juicing trend of just drinking raw potato juice because a dead guy told you through the spirit realm that it's healthy! That's actually how the celery juice thing started Look it up It's really upsetting

Now you gotta open up your waffle maker, get it nice and hot Spray it down with some non-stick Then you're gonna take a big ole handful of these potatoes Get it right there And then snap it down, close the door

Now we gotta get our chicken So this is a KFC copycat recipe What we're doing is I soaked it in a brine of water, salt, and MSG A lot of people think the and 11 herbs and spices add flavor Like, it's mostly MSG, that's the main thing you're tasting

So now we're gonna pat out the chicken breast a little bit This is gonna be the base of our double down (beating) A lot of people ask: is a double down a sandwich? Yes That's all I got It is

It just is There's two things and it's a thing inside It's a sand, come on, like don't be that guy Now we have to add our 11 secret herbs and spices No one knows exactly what they are and I'm not gonna pretend like I'm any different

What I do know is that it's the number that matters As long as you have 11 different things in there, plus a lot of MSG and salt, you're totally fine It's gonna be super delicious So we got salt and pepper, garlic powder, there's that MSG, sage, and all spice, little bit of brown pepper, brown sugar for sweetness And we got a little bit of chili powder, marjoram, basil, oregano, onion powder, and then like who knows what that was? But, point is, you got 11 things in there

People worry about the small stuff in cooking All the little specifics Like it's not that 10th out of 11th herb and spice that you taste, as long as you have enough salt, and fat in something, it's gonna taste good We got our chicken Drop that into the seasoned flour

Then this goes straight into egg whites which is what KFC uses as all protein, no fat, so you're not gonna get a lot of excess moisture on there Back into the flour And you really want to pound the flour in there And then right into the fryer at about 325 So there was a rumor going around a while ago that KFC used mutant chickens that had eight legs and two beaks, not true, they had two beaks and zero legs

We need to see what the time is to actually make this inside the restaurant But everyone who's been to Waffle House knows that you can get your hashbrown one of many ways So KFC is gonna have to implement a system where they can take orders and fry things So, what we're gonna do is called All In At Waffle House That means scattered, covered, smothered, chunked, diced, peppered, and country

This is the all in Start the clock! (funky music) Gotta get the hand chunks Mushrooms Jalapenos You gotta get the hashbrown on top of the chicken

Cheese goes directly on the hashbrown Only the finest half melted from absolute just steam inside the kitchen Right on top Give this a chop (chopping) (loudly dropping) We're down to one

That's fine Get all that going Gotta get a scoop of chili Chili's gonna go right on top Then the gravy

Almost there, almost there Oh, the fumes of the jalapeno! Oh, they get ya, the future eleven A filter in their lungs that kind of hurts (funky music) Time! – [Man] A minute 45 – A minute 45! When's the last time you went to the diner and got your food in less than two minutes? This has ease, functionality, and deliciousness written all over it

This is the future Listen up, KFC To get the word out about this new revelation of an item, you're gonna need to spotlight the one key ingredient: that's the gravy Which is why you're going to unveil the Kentucky Fried Gravy Train An actual train pulling cars filled with gravy

A train quite like this After the gravy train is revealed, we'll announce a huge nationwide sweepstakes known as the Kentucky Fried Chicken Waffle House Gravy Train Fantastic Opportunity, Or the KFCWH GTFO Here's how it works: whichever city in America buys the most Hashbrown Double Downs in the first month that the sandwich is released, we'll get a visit from the gravy train driven by the Colonel himself Or whichever actor is portraying the Colonel at the time which is probably gonna be Kevin James III at that point So be on the lookout for a gravy train like this

Glorp Glorp! Anyways The future of KFC is the KFC Waffle House Hashbrown Double Down That's 36 thousand Kevin James' units which is the currency that the world will run on by the time this Double Down is released Glorp Glorp, put down that gravy train and come get Pop and his num nums – Err err

– Sweat it, slowly now Hashbrown first Thank you You get all the flavors, both KFC and Waffle House in there This is a perfect marriage of two fast food juggernauts

Two story franchises that are going to absolutely take the world by storm This is the future of fast food Thank you This is nice, thank you, Glorp Glorp That will be enough

Let's make this Future Fast Food reality Click the Twitter link in the description below to let KFC know that you want to make the Hashbrown Double Down happen with the hashtag: #FutureFastFood Is that a hashbrown hashtag? It is Come back next week for another episode of Future Fast Food and as they say in the future, ee-ee

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