Josh Gets A Tattoo Designed By Rhett & Link

(poppy electronic music) – Welcome to Let's Talk About That, the show about the show I'm Stevie and my bologna has a first name

It's also Stevie This week's guests scream, "Yeah," and, "Someone's in here," respectively when they're using the restroom and someone knocks on the door Please welcome Rhett and Link (crew applauds) Uh, guys? You did that incorrectly this time – Oh yeah yeah yeah

– Incorrectly – We start off and then come on – Sorry – Yeah, okay – Backwards

– And here you are again You wound up in the right space Space, hello – Welcome – Welcome to you as well

I have had an interesting morning – Yes! Okay – Uh-huh – So I'm happy that call was a little bit later today because it accommodated the little drama that I had this morning – Yes

(chuckles) – So last night I was getting out of the shower and I was drying my ears as you do which you're not supposed to do but I was Q-Tippin' You know? – Oh Stevie – I bet you there's an Urban Dictionary term of what that means but I literally was taking a Q-Tip– – You were cotton swabbing, that might be worse – Yeah no, well whatever, you know what I'm saying You know what I was doing

– So you dry the inside of your ear with a cotton swab when you get out of the shower – Hold on how's the water get in there, you put your ear up to the– – Yeah I rinse both ears – I mean I don't even do that and I dry everything – No okay so well 'cause it's uncomfortable if you have water in your ears and then you just wanna get out, so that's what I did and this time, this is a normal occurrence for me I'm a 31 year old woman– – They tell you not to do that by the way

– Who's done this for 31 years Probably not the first five or so – First year – But then after– (Rhett sneezes) – Bless you – Sorry, I'm allergic to stories about Q-Tips

– But when I was done with that, I noticed that in my right ear, I felt like something was in there and I also heard, not heard but heard-felt, I don't know what the word is – Heard-felt – I heard-felt a little bit of cotton in my ear perhaps, you know like that type kinda noise – Okay – And when you talk or do anything, your ear moves a little bit and your ear canal moves a little bit and it still makes that crackly noise and I was like oh God

– Did you fetch the Q-Tip our of the trash basket and the end was just a plastic nub? – The end was fine, no no no no no I'm talking like a little bit of cotton – The teeniest bit– – Like a little bit of cotton So I– – You got dollar store Q-Tips, didn't you? – I was like Cassie, you gotta look in my ear You gotta see if there's stuff in here

She's like no, there's just ear canal stuff and I was like oh gosh, I'm glad that I have someone who can look in my ear canal but I'm sorry And then I was like well maybe if I sleep like on that side of my head– – It'll fall out – Yeah – Man my ear, now my ear is itching so bad – The way that gravity pulls cotton down

– Have you ever had anything in your ear? – Oh yeah – I just had my finger in it – I had a jelly bean in there for a couple weeks – (chuckles) No but this is my first time having anything in my ear and you can, you can feel it – Was it alive? – No, so, then– – I had a gnat in there one time

– I Googled home remedies or what you're supposed to do and everything was like don't– – Panic – Try and get it out because if you try and get it out, it'll go further in and it could cause a major ear infection and be horrible and so I was like ugh, please don't tell me that I have to go into urgent care as a grown-ass woman with a tiny piece of cotton in her ear – There's a lot worse places you get things stuck to go into urgent care though – Mm-hmm – Oh got a mm-hmm

(chuckles) – We got a amen – We got a mm-hmm – We got a amen from somebody back there That's next week, we can hear that story – I think it was a groan actually

– I'm going so long with this story and really the ending is not so great but anyway, so I go into urgent care and I'm texting you guys this is taking a longer time for me to go through of course than I thought – Of course we're dying laughing – Yeah but and Link is like, you need to take photos, take video, whatever you can of this experience – Well my visceral reaction when you said I'm at the urgent care 'cause I got a cotton swab stuck in my ear, my response was let's talk about that (Stevie and Rhett chuckling) – So this is a photo that Cassie took of me

– [Link] You're like posing – [Stevie] Mm, baby's got a hurt ear, you know – Pullin' on your ear like– – Get it out is what I was trying to evoke with that – Carol Burnett or something, that's her signature She pulls on her ear

– Her urgent care doesn't have any decor – [Link] Got a lot of brochures though – So then the– – I like murals at my daycare My daycare (laughs) – [Stevie] Daycare

– They examine you at your daycare like that? Like lay down on the table, it's time for your– – Hold on, I gotta go to my daycare Y'all write this up (chuckles) – So the nurse is curious if she can see what's in my ear so she uses the little thing, I don't know what it's called– – Ear-o-scope – And she's like well I can't see anything and I'm like oh God I'm already questioning this situation

But then the PA comes in and she looks in my ear This is a photo of her looking in my ear but I think we had to blur her face 'cause I totally did not tell her what was happening or why this was, I think she was just like wow, they must really like to document everything in their lives – Yeah right, we're picture takers

– And so she's looking in, so– – [Link] She's got a good jaw line – She is, yes, she's like, it almost seems as if I've hired her to play the PA in this– – Quite a profile, shame we have to blur it – [Stevie] Yeah

(Rhett laughs) – [Link] What's she doing with her right hand? She's about to cold cock you – So okay, so she's like I don't see cotton in there but I do see a big hair – Oh ho ho ho! – Ew! What? – So I'm like what does this, what is she talking about? So she goes in with this thing so she can see and then she has the forceps tweezer things So she pulls out Enzo's freaking hair – [Rhett] Oh I thought it was yours

(chuckles) – Is in my ear – How long was it? So you were shovin' it in there with a Q-Tip – I must have been This dog's hair gets in, it's so– – It's course – Enzo's a Jack Russell if you haven't seen all his modeling photos on Mythical

store but it's super course and it sheds and it gets into the bottom of my feet sometimes and it feels like a needle is stabbing me in the foot and I'm like oh no it's just a hair He put his freakin', he just took his paws and he put it right in my ear and then there was another one of his hairs that she could see but she couldn't reach so then they had to ear gate my– – Two hairs – Ear canal so then, Cassie took this video of the nurse doing this thing – [Rhett] That's a different nurse (all chuckling) That's not the same person

– [Woman] It's got me thinking like crap – Basically the syringe is filled with water – She's squirting your ear full of water – And they stick it as deep as they can stick it in and then they just shove the water in and they do it like a handful of times and then– – What are you listening to– – Stuff just comes out – A Walkman? – But how gross and embarrassing is that? That's what I did this morning is I got my own dog's hair taken out of my ear

– Well there's probably more– – I seem like a dirty, gross– – There's more where that came from – Dog hair person – What about the other ear? – No she looked in the other ear I was like while I'm here might as well, you know what I'm saying? Do the left one – Oh gosh

– I'd get 'em to look everywhere at that point – Yeah so there's like, next door to me was like, okay sir you're ready for your X-ray and then there's me just like freaking with a dog hair in my ear – We got dog hair girl – Two dog hairs, no you had two – I'm like I gotta go, I gotta get somewhere and it's like you know

– But you know what you did, you created a story for that woman today because– – Oh she loved– – Anyone who's friends with someone from urgent care or ER it's like– – She loved it – Tell me your stories Tonight, she's gonna go home – This hipster chick – Oh you would not believe the girl that came in today

Now first of all, they filmed the whole thing – No they were telling, they were saying that they themselves have pulled cock roaches out of people's ears before – Yeah – Like insane, I think that any time someone's like there's something in my ear, I think they get really excited to see what it could possibly be – Right it could be anything

– That's why everybody came in there – Anyway, we're here now, my ear is free of Enzo's hair and I'm not that gross of a person so it's fine Everything's fine – Good, good – A few weeks ago we flew down to Austin to do some collaborations with some Austin-based people

One of those Austin-based teams was the The Slow Mo Guys Were The Slow Mo Guys, was and were – They still are – Yeah they currently are but anyway so we have a special video that we shot for this very LTAT that we're going to show you Mythical Beasts today And as promised, last week on the show, our very own Mythical Chef Josh got his tattoo that you guys designed– – Yeah he did

– And we taped the whole thing, taped it, so we have that to show But first, the GMM rejected snack of the week We did a 100 years of cake episode followed by cake fails and more but they were just photos of cake fails that you were guessing at Mm, mm, not today Today we have our very own Josh cake fail that the three of us don't know what it is

I think it's kinda big so– – Now when my Nana's cakes fell, it means they fall and they taste even better – Yeah that's a good thing She ships 'em across the country – This comes in a cake coffin – Oh my gosh

– This is like a really punk looking cake enclosure – What is it, let's see it – Okay I also don't know what it is Uh-oh, it's stickin' the the– – [Rhett] You've created a problem

– [Link] What was this supposed to be? – [Stevie] I actually feel that that's really good if it's what I think it is Can you guys see it? – Oh it's Starry Night – Yeah, is it, Josh? – [Josh] Yeah so it was Davin's birthday and he asked me to paint him Starry Night on a cake and I said sure man, that'd be great, but I often bake in flip flops and I tripped over my new anti-fatigue mat in the kitchen and went forearm first right into the, what is it like a tower? – [Stevie] Well I thought it was your forearm – [Link] You landed in your cake? – 'Cause I was questioning what appendage went right into the cake – So what was the reason for the Starry Night cake before you fell into it? – [Josh] Davin's birthday

– [Rhett] Oh wow You do custom cakes for birthdays? – [Stevie] Wow Are we supposed to eat this though? – [Josh] Yeah only Van Gogh paintings – Okay good – Did your forearm only touch that one indented spot? – Oh we're just gonna eat it straight

– (chuckles) Yeah – Yeah – Give me a, can you give me a fork full? – [Stevie] Oh oh right next to the, right, all righty – Now Josh you know what I'm talking about when a cake falls and it's like real mushy inside and raw? – [Stevie] I just had a bite – I like black ice– – That I did not like

– I don't know what it is but my Nana will make a pound cake and then she'll say don't stomp around because it'll make my cake fall And it will– – Is this like an angel food cake? – It'll implode And it'll be kinda raw inside and that's the best, man – Mm – That's a good cake, Josh

You should fall into cakes more often – Did you make this cake or did you just do the icing part of this cake? – [Josh] Pass, I pass on the question (laughs) – If Josh can't take full credit, he'll just pass – [Stevie] Mm-hmm – That's a classic birthday cake taste

Very much, very nostalgic for me – Mm-hmm – My mom used to do that – It's very good – She'd go to the store and buy it for me

– This is great This is a great cake that you made, Josh – Get a little bit of the forearm part – So we went down to Austin a few weeks ago Now when this episode is out, you're going to be in D

C Right now you're in LA – That's the capital of the country you know – Oh no, the blue got you, did the blue get me? – No– – Put it in your ear

– [Stevie] Blue got you a little (chuckles) All morning I've been touching my ear – What do I do now? – You just leave the blue It'll be fine But I also wanted to talk about where you will be this summer which we won't have to do any this time but just as a reminder, if you haven't gotten your tickets at RhettAndLinkLive

com, for Rhett and Link's summer tour which is not the Tour of Mythicality It is a concert, it is a musical concert – It's all music all the time, y'all – Go to RhettAndLinkcom

Don't go there, I mean I guess you could go there – You'll eventually get there – RhettAndLinkLivecom Poughkeepsie, New York, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Denver, Milwaukee, Indianapolis

Detroit, Omaha, Minneapolis Similar in the apolises – Yeah yeah we only go to the apolises – So go to those apolises, but back to Austin We went to visit Gavin who just recently got his green card, congratulations Gavin

– Congrats, Gavin (crew clapping) – And Dan flew in, specially, specially for us And we shot a little something that we're gonna show you now – So Gavin, Dan, last time we were in Texas, we tried Whataburger – And what did you think? – A little lackluster in our opinion

We pretty much panned it on Instagram – Yeah we did – Wow I never had it, isn't it like a big thing here? – Well that's our understanding – Texans bloody love it actually

– Well that's the reason, yeah – Talking it up – They build it up so much that I think it just didn't live up to the hype – Maybe if everyone had said it was rubbish in the first place, you'd be like this is amazing – Yeah right

– I immediately went and got some and my takeaway is that it was incredibly medium – Oh you got a bug on your face – You got a bug in your– (laughing) – Kill it – I didn't wanna say anything – Was that there the whole time? – He was literally on your stache like– – What a bug

What a bugger All right so we're gonna give Whataburger another shot – Before you bite it though, can't we just, i just want to acknowledge that it looks like you have deodorant stains on your Slow Mo Guy shirt but I think it's just paint I was doing that for your own benefit – I'll be honest, I found that on the floor over there so– – It could be anything

– Just trying to rep your merch, guys – We appreciate it – So we're gonna give Whataburger another shot Wanna take a bite? – Doesn't seem right – It doesn't seem right

I feel like this is much too sped up there – I think we need some slow motion (dramatic music) (low moaning) (dramatic music) – So what'd you guys think? – Eh, it's okay – Eh, slow mo fast food – We made it look even grosser than it was I think, but that's not to say it wasn't gross

– I mean in real life it was actually really, really gross It was more gross than that – I honestly feel like we have given Whataburger two really good shots at impressing us and it just hasn't done it – Yeah – I gotta say, growing up though, 'cause I'm originally from south Texas, you know, I did like Whataburger, but then when we went and did that, I will no longer be eating any Whataburger

– That may be more our fault though – Yeah that's true, we actually have a extended cut kind of behind-the-scenes version of this, so if you go over to the Mythical Society, you can see that – Oh cool – And makes it even grosser So get ready

– Good, if you're into that kinda thing – And also check out The Slow Mo Guys' newest YouTube Original Planet Slow Mo over on their YouTube channel The link's in the description – I watched the tank episode just a few days ago Really good stuff, you should watch it

– Pretty good? – Yeah – Really slow? – Really slow – So slow – The science, it's all really cool I love what they're doing

Props – Mm-hmm And then next week on the show– – Props, hey hey, don't make that oh you just gave props face – You give heart beat props – Heart beat props to The Slow Mo Guys

– You know what heart props means? – I love 'em – No, it's props to people who are still alive – Oh – I never close my mouth since I opened it to say a sentence before and I've just been opening my mouth this whole time – Okay

– Next week on the show we have another collab that we did down when we were in Austin I don't know who you think it is, but it's Rooster Teeth – (chuckles) Oh gosh – And so yeah, so you guys reached the 30K mark for No Kid Hungry Last week we shaved all of Josh

– Well I mean no – And this week– – I mean parts – We are giving Josh a tattoo We gave him a tattoo, you're seeing it now – Still getting used to his head

– Yeah, it's good work Nice and round Yeah, we rounded your edges – This next step– – You really wanna get a tattoo? – This is permanent, man You thought about this? – $30,000, that's great and I applaud you for what you've done, I'm very excited that No Kid Hungry benefits in this way but do you want a tattoo, really? – I mean I got a tattoo artist named Captain Dave on standby right now waiting for your design, to put it on my back

– And you want us to design the tattoo – That was what was the deal– – You can change your mind – No I'm ready – Maybe the best way to start is if you could tell us some stuff about yourself that we can then incorporate into the tattoo – I've been going to the gym a lot lately

– Really? – Into physical fitness What do you mean really? – You can't tell? – Well, yeah I can tell, you're looking buff, man, I guess – Thanks – I mean you got a spork tattoo How long have you had that? – I've had this for about three and a half years now

– That's smart, I don't want this to look stupid Well too stupid I want it to look a little stupid – Appropriately stupid – Appropriately stupid

– I kinda ran out of room – Okay, that's a good sign – But this is more of an aspirational thing – Whoa – Gosh

– That's me I am five nipples on four pecs – And you're on your knees, which turn into yams – I don't hate it I think it's a great jumping off point

– What else to add to that? Something else about you – I mean a lot of people get their alma mater tattooed on them, I went to UCLA, I'm really proud of that – [Link] Let me try this – [Rhett] Interesting – How 'bout that? – Oh

– Right across the bottom – Okay, that's some sort of a skeleton with elastic arms – That's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – That's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – Famous UCLA alumnus

– With a skyhook, signature move – That's a skyhook, oh my, that's actually– – Right and he's forming an A somehow – I will say that I love the idea I hate the execution – So if you don't like what we've done so far, what's something else about you that we could go on? – I mean I really like my mustache

That was kinda a part of this thing so maybe that could come into play I thought that was Tom Sellex – When I was a kid I thought that's what his name was – Okay, I like that we're bringing your story into my body – Right

– Yeah, I think we may need to move away from faces – What else are you into? – I've been driving up to Pacoima a lot to eat a lot of goat – Goat You've been eating goat – Lots of it

– Well a young goat is known as a kid and the charity is No Kid Hungry – Ooh, and if you put glasses on a goat, he could be the goat Okay Josh Take that to your captain and we will be here anxiously awaiting the final results – Will do

(rock music) – So where we putting this today? – So we are putting this right on the lower back – Oh interesting – So right above the pant line so it's kind of like looking above my butt crack out into the distance into the future – Interesting, we can do that Okay so this is gonna be a little cold

– [Josh] Ooh You got soft hands though – It's the gloves – [Josh] Oh you got soft gloves – All right so we're just gonna shave your back here

– This is the second time in a week that another man has shaved me down This is the third man to shave me down in a week – I'm gonna have actually turn this way just a little bit Thinkin' that lookin' pretty good right there – Yeah I think the placement's terrific

– Okay I'm gonna have you go ahead and lay down here – Cool, as far as painfulness goes, where does the lower back rank? – Well most of the back actually does hurt a little bit – Okay – Lower back, you gotta think about it This is where all your nerves start to come together from your body and go up your spine

– Great (Dave chuckles) Perfect – [Dave] But I think you'll be okay I do have a nice, tender, light hand – Oh

That's great (buzzing) I'm not putting this on for camera I'm a genuinely easily frightened person Can I hold Davin's hand if I need to? – Yes you can All you gotta do is relax and remember to breathe

(buzzing) – They say a man getting a lower back tattoo is the equivalent pain of a woman giving birth – I don't believe that's true – Next year I'm gonna get my nipples pierced for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation I got weird shaped nipples that the sizes changes with the weather

I knew someone with inverted nipples once Can't pierce those I don't realize I was a nervous rambler until today Is it worth it? I've been wanting to get a new tattoo for a long time We're getting that, I assume I'm not paying for this out of pocket

I am paying for this out of pocket? I feel like a lot of the fans that look up to me as the manliest person on GMM I don't wanna give up that facade I am in pain, ee How many babies have you tattooed? – [Dave] I have not tattooed anybody the age of 18 – If a seven year old walks in here with a tattoo and has good, hard cash, you should give it to him

A good way to find out you're a nervous rambler is to get an hour long tattoo and have someone put a camera in your face and then you realize that if you keep talking fast, then you don't feel pain as much but you still feel pain The term super glue is kind of a misnomer 'cause it's really just two kinds of poppies and I know if people keep going down there and keep manipulating it People say that corn tortillas are more authentic than flour tortillas, like first, what do you mean by authentic? Do corn tortillas pre-date the Hispanic invasion by like 10,000 years, sure, but like, ravioli cereal isn't cold soup A hot dog is a sandwich, I think a taco's a sandwich I was talking to this professor of Cartesian metaphysics, right, about whether or not a hot dog was a sandwich and he said a hot dog is a sandwich

(groans) – [Dave] Smeared ink off – Scrubs me down like a dolphin at SeaWorld – Boom – What happened? – I just said boom – Oh

I thought you said whoa! – So I hope you like penises – I love 'em! (laughing) Oh my God That is actually really incredible This is so much better than I was even expecting I think you could have made the crotch bulge at least three times bigger but other than that, this is really, I'm super stoked

My girlfriend's still gonna hate me but you know what, my body, my choice, this is me You guys ready to see it? – There he is Now listen, we were worried sick about you, man We couldn't eat – Right

– We couldn't– – No appetite – Couldn't do anything – You look like you're doing just fine I skipped lunch to go get a tattoo but here it is – All right

(drum rolls) He did it! (laughing) – Oh wow – He did it! – [Josh] I still haven't really seen it 'cause I can't see my own lower back – [Link] Well don't touch it – I'm just making sure it's not like magic marker, man – [Link] Bend over a little bit

Oh yes – That's the angle? That's what you're looking for? – [Link] We got some good light on it, now No Kid Hungry Yeah – Wow, I mean it's– – [Link] That's a $30,000 tattoo – It didn't have to be that big

– [Josh] I wanted it that big That's how much this meant to be and that's how good your drawing was, frankly – Well, we got Matthew to re-draw it – Yeah, ha! (laughing) I love it, man! – [Rhett] We weren't gonna do that to ya (laughs) – Josh, I just gotta say, man

You went all the way Raised $30,000 for No Kid Hungry and you have it immortalized on your back – I'm gonna give you a fist bump on your fist that's on your butt – [Josh] Thank you, that was a nice, intimate moment (Link bleats) Oh, double

(Link bleats) – That's a sheep – So look at that, there you go – All in a day's work – Yeah So proud

– Who knew? – So proud of us – We're so proud of us Mostly us (chuckles) Josh and everyone who donated 30 grand plus That was amazing

– That's a lot That's a whole lot of money and it's going to a good place – Yeah, thank you guys – And also a good tattoo – And thank you Josh for, wow, taking one for the team

– Submitting yourself to that – You'll never forget it – And also, thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing – Oh, no we don't, nope, no – [Stevie] I thought we were thanking for things

– We don't want them to do any of those things – Fine, don't – For this show (chuckles) – Don't, but now it's time for our final line – Okay

– [Together] Until next LTAT, keep on BYMB – L-F-O-S-H I said an L in there I don't know why (poppy electronic music)

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