Jimmi Simpson | This Week on GMM

– This week on Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and I are solving puzzles and drinking gross stuff with objectively the most attractive human man on HBO's Westworld, Jimmi Simpson – That's very kind

– Hey Jimmi this is not Westworld and we're not robots, but you can do whatever you want to us – That's, that's too much, but I'm okay, I'm okay, that's too much to say to me – No really, anything you want – Please stop – You can do it

– I'm good – We don't care – I'm really good, please – [Link] We'll also be identifying celebrity look a likes, singing songs written by predictive text, finding out if there's such a thing as too much cheese, and trying to determine what the heck Keke Palmer is screaming about – Would it help if we moved and talked like robots? (robot noises) – Hello Jimmi, I love you

– That's not how they talk though That's more Buck Rogers, it's like a Twinkie thing – Beep, beep, hug me – I want to, but also don't more – All I want is to be loved by Jimmi

– Okay, let's do it

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