Jelly Bean vs. Real Food Challenge

– Today we turn jelly bean dreams into jelly bean screams – Let's talk about that

(groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Morning – Today we're joined by our friend and outstanding YouTuber It's Elle Mills – Woo! (crew applauds) Welcome to the show – All right Elle, what is your relationship with jelly beans? – Not much of one

I mean, I'll eat them (chuckles) – Oh well that's quite a violent relationship – Yeah (chuckles) – Okay now for those of you who don't know, Elle is known for seamlessly elevating the entire vlog format with thoughtful, stylized videos about deeply personal and often funny experiences so we brought her here to eat gross jelly beans It's time for Can We Guess the Flavor of Weird Jelly Bean Candy or Will the Vomit Bucket Come in Handy? Also Does Anyone Know What's Up with R&B Singer Brandy? – We don't know what's up with Brandy but shout-outs to her

All right we're got a jelly bean podium here We got jelly bean buzzers and soon mystery jelly beans that we're gonna be eating – Yes – Now you're probably familiar with the game BeanBoozled, not a sponsor We're probably gonna have some of those beans that we're gonna be tasting but we're gonna have other villainous flavors from other places as well

– Yes each round on go we're gonna taste the jelly bean and then try to buzz in to guess the flavor Whoever guesses right wins and points increase each round Now the other two who did not guess in time will have to eat the real life version of the flavor of that jelly bean and that flavor is probably bad as you might be guessing And the winner gets their own personal jelly bean breakfast in Good Mythical More – Oh you're feeling good about this? – Not so much

– Me neither – Yeah, let's do it – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Oh there's just one bean in here – [Rhett] Look at this bean

– Hope it's like toothpaste – Oh you're already guessing, you're pre-guessing – Well I mean– – I'll take that as a hint I'll just buzz in before you – [Stevie] You guys ready to taste? – Yeah

– Three, two, one, go (buzzer chimes) – [Stevie] Rhett – Toothpaste – Aw! Damn! – That is correct – Thanks, Elle! (laughs) – Come on, you gonna do that to her? – Hey man, I take all I can get, man

I take all the advantages I can get – Elle – I play to win – A spoonful of toothpaste? – That's right, I didn't want that I've already had my spoonful of toothpaste this morning

– This is really gonna mess up our ability to taste other– – Exactly – I'm not gonna eat all this, I'm just gonna take a little bit – Okay me too – Air dink, air sink – Is it safe to eat it? – Yeah, I mean– – Well– – Okay

– Oh my goodness – I think it says if you eat more than you use for brushing, you should call the poison control center, but I think that's just a suggestion – Oh, I ate it – You did eat it – Yeah I ate it

– No you're fine, you're fine – [Rhett and Link] Round two – We got more than one bean this time Thanks for being so generous – These are green

Okay Elle, you wanna pre-guess? – No – Help me this time Guess in my eat – Absolutely not – Okay

– Here we go Three, two, one, go – [Link] Ugh (buzzer chimes) – Elle – Grass? – You're correct

– Yeah that's it It's grass – See– – For sure – You played the BeanBoozled – It's what all the kids do now

– [Rhett] Is this grass? Is it wheat grass? – What is this? – [Stevie] This is straight up grass, guys This is a grass smoothie, enjoy – Oh my gosh – Wow– – That is strong (Rhett and Elle laugh) (Link groans) – [Elle] Oh my God, I can literally see the grass

– That is awful – Smell of that (Elle coughs) Yeah that's bad All right– – Can you just eat grass like this if you're not bovine? – Boy– – I've only got one stomach I don't have a grass stomach

– [Stevie] You should probably stop drinking that – Okay – Yeah – [Rhett and Link] Round three – These are white, they could be anything

– I think that's more– – [Rhett] Oh there's speckle on it – Lavender – [Stevie] Okay here we go, three, two, one, go (buzzer chimes) Rhett – I was gonna say suntan lotion but then it got hot

– Yeah (Rhett groans) – [Stevie] You're correct – Yours are hot? – Yeah it got really spicy – Then – What's spicy? – Well I can think of a few things

– What the– (coughs) – [Stevie] Link – Just hot pepper surprise – Yep – [Stevie] Incorrect, I'm gonna need something more specific and now it's a free-for-all – Jalapeno, habanero

– [Stevie] Correct Habanero – Oh my God – Why is it lavender? – I was going through my mental pepper list – But it is a surprise, I should get half a point

– Oh – A surprise, what? – (gasps) Oh my God I forgot about– – No we don't – [Stevie] I'd recommend a very small nibble please – Yeah just nibble on it a little bit – Okay

(coughs) – [Stevie] Specifically for Elle Link you can eat the whole thing (Rhett and Elle chuckle) – I ain't gonna do that, we're gonna nibble – Okay – That's the, oh that's hard to eat

Oh those jelly beans are really hot I don't know about that pepper but that jelly bean, woo that's real hot (Link wailing) – Woo! (crew laughs) It's not hot to you? – No (laughs) – Really? – Maybe I should take a bigger bite – No, no, you know– – I don't think I'll take a bigger bite

– The jelly bean honestly was spicier – Yeah the jelly bean's very spicy – Yeah – [Rhett and Link] Round four – Having trouble? – You must not have got a seed or something

I can't feel my tongue – You must-a got-a-not-a-got a seed or something – Oh man I'm not gonna be able to taste anything now – Yeah, great

– I ate toothpaste and a hot pepper – Same – I didn't have either one of those things – Yeah I know, what are we– – My tongue's burning I feel – These are red and speckled which makes 'em interesting

They look a little bit like what I might– – I need a napkin – Guess dinosaur eggs would look like – [Elle] I'm worried – They don't smell like anything, I will say that I've smelled every one

Link, you ready? – No – Oh, you making him look real bad, Elle I like that (Elle laughs) – [Stevie] Three, two, one, go – Oh God

– Ew Aw, ew! What is that? – It does taste somewhat familiar (crew laughing) – What is it? – Why's that funny? (crew laughing) – It tastes like veggies to me (buzzer chimes) – Whoa – Rhett

– Garbage disposal – Incorrect – Wow – You ever eaten a garbage disposal? That's a piece of machinery – Well you know what when things get really lean, sometimes I use it as a food processor

(buzzer chimes) – [Stevie] Link – Beets – [Stevie] Incorrect – I think it's worse than beets – All I can taste is hot pepper

– Insect? (buzzer chimes) I don't have to do that – You don't have to buzz it (Elle laughs) – I'm gonna use my knowledge of BeanBoozled Centipede? – [Stevie] Oh you're getting closer – Worms? – Correct

– Whoa! Worms – I'm sorry I'm sorry, I'm just taking what I can get – Wait, is it gummy worms? – Yeah – Probably not Elle

– They probably have a gummy texture (Rhett laughs) Elle, you have seen this show before – I know, oh whoops – She's like whoa, what? – Elle, you're gonna wanna hold that – Ugh, that was a very, very good look that you (laughs), that you gave

– So when we invited you on the show, usually we ask guests, are there any dietary restrictions? – Oh yeah – Did you say worms? – Yeah yeah yeah, if you didn't say it– – I did not – Should have said worms – It might be on the menu (Elle gags) – Oh, okay

– [Link] Look it, you actually look excited – No I'm not – I tend to bite, I tend to bite the middle because you don't know if you're biting the butt or the head otherwise – Oh my God – Just go in– – I didn't even think about how, the small one, right? – Just bite in the middle and you know what– – You eating the middle? The texture's so gross

– If you bite in the middle you have to bite it apart in two places – But they can bite the heart (Rhett laughs) – Let's not, let's not humanize it – I think the whole thing is a heart It's just– (Elle whimpers) – Oh what are you gonna– – I don't like the texture of it so I don't wanna touch it

– She's using a plate as a utensil – Go for it – You're shaking! You're shaking, this is great (Elle gags) (Rhett laughs) Oh gosh You did get a little bit out of there

Oh wow, you pierced it right in the heart (laughs) – I feel like I need to give you a little back pat here Oh gosh – I didn't really take a bite so – [Link] You did a nibble

(Elle gags) – Okay – You're good (crew applauds) (Elle coughing) – Oh man, this is, I'm having so much fun – Holy (beep), I'm sorry (Rhett laughing) – [Rhett and Link] Round five

– Elle, we cannot let him win this last round! – Well I've technically already won the game but you know what, because I'm– – By cheating – I'm a good man I'm a good man, I'm going to say that this last round is double the points of whatever it was gonna be, which it was gonna be five points, right– – I don't care about the points, Rhett I don't want to eat– – So anybody– – The thing that is the real life version of the jelly bean – Well then guess it right

– Exactly – Okay os anybody can win and get that breakfast in Good Mythical More – You were so close, you were like, "Centipede," but he was like, "Worms" – Yeah – You're basically giving him the answers every single time

– I know – Hey man I didn't cheat in school – I'm gonna zip it – I didn't cheat in school

– Whenever you guess, guess in your mind, and then the next guess that Rhett would guess, you guess that because I'm of no help – That's true – Sounds like a good game plan – That's true – [Stevie] All right are we ready? Three, two, one, go

– Ugh (buzzer chimes) – Rhett – Vomit – [Stevie] Incorrect – Come on, Elle

– It still tastes good to me so I'm like where's the– – Hold on, it was real bad and then it started getting okay – Wait that tasted good – Had a strong vomit flavor right at the beginning and then it mellowed out – It's sour – Guys, mine are all good

– It's not good – It's not good, Elle (Link spits) I agree with Link on that – Mine's like berry – [Stevie] Link was kind of on the right track with the sour descriptive

(buzzer chiming) Link, Link, Link – Soured milk – Incorrect – Ah shoot Now it's anybody's guess

Anybody's game sour– – Elle? – Breast milk – [Stevie] That was a good guess but no – Sauerkraut, sauerkraut – Gum that's been scraped from underneath the bottom of a desk in a Kindergarten class – Bile

Phlegm – Brains, intestines – Lugeys, mucus – What are you guys tasting? – Rancid birthday cake – It's bad

– Mold – I don't wanna eat the real thing – Moldy bread – [Stevie] Okay what smells sour that's not a food? – My attitude at this point in the game (crew laughs) – Acid

Vinegar – [Stevie] That's not a food – Vinegar is a drink (chuckles) – [Link] Sour – Oh wow, wow

– [Link] What is something that's sour– – If you bite it and smell it – Not sour milk – I really don't think I have the same one as you guys – Sometimes– – Yeah smell that – Oh! – On a plane– – Oh, recycling farts

– Baby vomit – Recycled farts Baby farts, baby poop, diarrhea – Diapers – Dirty diaper

– [Stevie] Sometimes people take off their– – Shoes– – Shoes, feet! – Feet, feet– – Stinky feet, stinky feet – [Stevie] And you can smell– – Stinky socks – Socks – [Link] Stinky toes, toe jam! – [Stevie] I'm gonna give it to Link, it's dirty socks – Woo! Wah! Thanks for coming, Elle

– Oh yeah – You guys know what that means – Oh my God Oh my God (crew laughs) – Again, whenever you come on this show and we ask you what your dietary restrictions are, you need to just make a laundry list of nasty stuff

I don't like to eat stinky socks I'm allergic to hot peppers – Hold am I supposed to make a shot out of this? – Oh yeah, buddy – I'm down (chuckles) Oh wait, I don't think I should smell it

– I'll smell it for you (groans) What, how was this manufactured? On whose foot? – What is it? – Show secrets – I'm ready, Elle – [Link] Oh yeah you go – Okay, all right

– I just did like you know, a little bit of above av – Oh! (Rhett mumbles) (crew applauds) – What? How? How did you, what did you, who? Why? – [Stevie] Guys, this means that Link wins (Rhett laughs) – Yeah, that's how it works sometimes – No one has won Elle, you have been a tremendously awesome sport

Thank you for being here Be sure to check out her channel ElleOfTheMills You don't gag this much on your channel – No I do not – But you're really good at it

– Oh thank you (laughs) – And thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing Now you say you know what time it is – Now you know what time it is – I'm Britney

– I'm Diana – We're doing a Jelly Belly BeanBoozled taste test And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality, Mother (all laughing) – Wow! – Mama didn't play along – Click the top link to watch Link– – Mother

– Get a jelly bean breakfast and to watch us play an Elle Mills trivia quiz in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – (chuckles) Mother So many snotes, so little snotebooks Unless of course you venture over to Mythical

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