Is This Person A Psychic or Not? (GAME)

– I see psychics in our future – Let's talk about that

(upbeat music) – Good mythical morning! – Today we're gonna try out a ridiculous piece of vintage exercise equipment That's a little hint – Oh wow – And we're gonna be reviewing the worst celebrity wax figures but first, let's look to the future – Now most people are born with five senses but some say they are born with a sixth sense

That's right, we're gonna be meeting some self professed psychics today! We're also gonna be meeting some people who aren't professional psychics but can we tell the difference? – Yeah well some of our participants probably already knew this but it's time for ♪ I believe psychics see the future ♪ ♪ Pick out the real ones with a yay or nay ♪ – Okay here's how this is gonna work behind this Good Mythical wall there's going to be someone who makes a living as a psychic or is trying to make us believe that they make a living as a psychic – Mm-hmm – Now each round one of us will be able to ask an exploratory question to start a conversation so we can get some information and then we're gonna decide psychic or not a psychic – Whoever gets the most right wins an unprofessional full tarot card reading from Ellie in Good Mythical Mor! Let's get to it Hi

– Hi! – Hello – Hello My name is Shauna I was raised in Vancouver, Washington and a fun fact about me is I am a huge Lady Gaga fan! – Aren't we all? – Absolutely (chuckles) – Shauna, I have a question for you

– Sure – How would my life be different and would it be any better if I had a different cohost? (crew laughing) – Excellent question I would say that you have met your match with this guy right here and if you had someone else, it's very possible that honestly you'd be as successful as you are and together you guys truly are a good team – To put it mildly, he wouldn't be as successful You're going easy on him

– A little bit I'm being gentle (chuckles) – Right, he would decimated, right? – I would say decimated, 'cause, you know there's an interesting dynamic between the two of you Your strengths are his weaknesses, his weaknesses are your strengths So together you can really counter each other quite well

– Yeah but my strengths are his, what? (crew laughing) – Feel into it, feel into it – But when is it gonna end between the two of us? Our friendship I mean – I don't know if you can truly cut that chord (crew laughing) – [Rhett] Wow – Honestly, do you really want to? – When you say chord

– The aetheric chord that connects you and him together in this amazing platform that you've created as well as the lessons that you teach each other – Where does the chord attach because (crew chuckles) – It attaches in different parts of the body depending on the person but between the two of you I would say probably around your heart – If we did cut the chord, could we donate the stem cells? – It'd be up to you You might have to sign some contracts first

– All right, I feel like I know – Okay – [Link] Okay – [Crew Member] Three, two, one – Pro-psychic

– What? – Psychic Are you? – I am! You are? – Yes! – Why are you the one who's surprised? (Rhett laughs) Our chords are connected between the three of us now – Do you wanna jump rope over our heart chord? – Let's go, I used to jump rope a lot in school (crew laughing) – Look at this, we got a psychic doing a jump rope over an imaginary biological chord – It doesn't get any better than that

– Good mythical morning! There's a person Hello – Hi My name is Francesca and I live in LA

My fun fact is that I am British – That is so fun – That is a fun fact Francesca, what energies are you picking up from my aura? – Did you get enough sleep last night? (Link and crew laugh) – I don't know, maybe – She's asking you the questions

– I don't think you did – Oh, do I look tired? – No you don't look tired, I just sense a lot of there was a lot of stuff happening last night – Well I wasn't there – You were very busy – Yeah I watched like three episodes of a Netflix documentary

– Yeah, on your own? – With my wife Lot going on – Well you were doing a lot more than just watching? – Were you there too? – No I would love to have been but no – Okay, what about me, Francesca? – I'm sensing that you're a little nervous of me right now (Rhett laughs) – Okay

– That's probably true – Yeah – [Link] Okay – But I think that you have a really good energy I think that you are a very lovely person inside even though you might not appear to be on the outside

(Link and crew laughs) – What specifically about the outside is not lovely? – What'd he do last night? – Well that is the question – Well it wasn't, the question was– – What did you do last night? – Watched a little TV – You were on your own, weren't you? – No, well I mean – I know you were, sorry

– I mean, she was there but she was asleep She goes to sleep before I do – Yeah, all right, okay – So yeah I mean, she was there technically – Yes, technically

– Okay I think I've got my answer – Okay – [Crew Member] Okay, three, two, one – Psychic – I'm saying not a psychic

– Are you a professional psychic? No – No (all laughing) I could tell it, if you would have done that earlier I would have been able to tell – Thank you Francesca (chuckles) – Hello

– Hello! – Hi – Hi I'm Patti, I am a Los Angeles native and a fun fact about me is that I am a stage mother to a short, fat, long haired movie star wiener dog (crew chuckles) – Wow – She has a wiener dog! – I do

– I have a wiener dog too! – Well you shouldn't have told her that – [Patti] I knew that – You wanna see her? – [Patti] Yeah – Okay – Well she's under all those text messages

– She's very cute, black and white like mine, very cute – That's Jade – I knew that – Can you paint a picture of the future of my friendship with Jade? – It's a long one, it's a bright one In about two years, I think she's gonna get a little antsy about something and you're gonna do something with her like get her into a class, like an agility class or a earthing class or something like that

– A birthing class? – Earthing, earthing Not birthing, earthing They dig holes and they run through the holes and they love it because they're badger dogs, you know they were built and bred and short and fat to catch badgers – Are you selling these classes or? – No I don't even take the classes, no, no, no – Digging class, is this just in somebody's yard? – Not usually, no they go to a park somewhere and dig holes, I don't know if they tell anybody? – Do they get permission from the people? – I hope so

– [Rhett] The city? – Maybe not – They're just digging holes – Well you get to see like 200 wiener dogs – It's not her class – It's not my class! – Well she's endorsing it

(Patti laughs) Now Patti, tell us a little story about maybe one of your more interesting sessions that you've had with someone – Okay, I think my most interesting session I was conducting a seance Somebody was getting a little disrespectful you can't get disrespectful with the dead and somebody literally burst into flames spontaneous combustion, no candles like angel wings of fire up his back, burning flames – And it wasn't a wiener dog? – It wasn't a wiener dog oh heavens, no (laughs) He was actually a camera man, he was shooting something shooting this seance and all of a sudden the whole room starts screaming

Some of the cameras watch it, some of the cameras hit the ceiling, hit the floor depends on how good the camera man is and he was just bursting into flames His shirt burned off him like this and it was cotton, it shouldn't have done that – Did any of the cameras shoot him burning? – Yes, we got it – You should upload that to YouTube – I know, we should, huh? I think it's gonna become a movie one day, I don't know

But yeah, it was very inspirational even for the guy who got burned (Rhett laughs) he wrote a movie about it that's probably why it's not on YouTube yet – Okay I'm ready to vote – [Patti] Okay – [Crew Member] Three, two, one

– I wanna stay on the pet psychic's good side – Am I about to burst into flames if I'm wrong? – You're wrong, burst into flames, I am a psychic! – That's right! – Hi I'm Stacy, I'm originally from Lake Forest, Illinois I play competitive beach volleyball – Stacy, I have a pack of tarot cards here and I'm going to pull one out, hand it to you I'm not gonna look at it and I would like you to interpret it for me – Well, that isn't really how tarot cards work but I'm gonna look at this and think about you

This is a knight of wands Which tells me there's some change coming on in your life you've been thinking about a decision you need to make, you're not really sure which way to go with it and this would tell you trust your gut, maybe hold off – Oh, noted – Is there a decision, Rhett? Can you say? – I don't wanna hurt your feelings But apparently I'm not gonna hurt your feelings now

– Okay well I've got one too This isn't how this works but – Again, it isn't how it works – There you go, what about me? – Oh we have the emperor – Yep

– The emperor generally has to do with health and with cleanliness and feelings of needing everything to sort of be in their own place I feel like maybe you need to let go of that a little bit (crew laughing) It might help some of your coworkers It's not a serious problem but it is something– – No, yes it is (crew laughing) Whoa, it's serious, it is serious

Yeah that's my guess, I don't need a countdown – Dang girl, you better be! – Are we right? – I am not a psychic (all laughing) I am, however, a very good Googler (Rhett laughs) – You Googled me? – Of course I Googled you! (all laughing) – [Link] Hello – Hello! I'm Sheena and I'm a nice girl from Connecticut and don't tell my parents but I front a heavy metal band called Beer Bong

– And your parents don't know? – Well, my mother's a psychic so she probably knows but we're nice, polite people from Connecticut so she doesn't say anything – Oh so it's genetic – Oh yes, it's very genetic – This is tricky 'cause even if you're not a psychic you know how to act like a psychic, 'cause your mom's one – Absolutely, I know how to act like I front a heavy metal band

(Rhett laughs) What if I'm just a psychic who doesn't even know anything about music? (crew laughing) – Yeah she could be lying about the whole thing She could have just Googled my love for heavy metal bands – Yep, right, right – I could be a psychotic mom that just snuck in here – Uh-oh! (laughs) – Wouldn't be the first time

(Sheena laughs) Sheena What strengths are you discerning from me? And weaknesses from the tall one? Start with me – You are definitely the leader You have amazing empathy so you know what everybody in here is thinking and feeling This guy's the beautiful one

– Oh, thank you – People naturally gravitate to him – This is a role reversal – Just because he– – Hold on, he gets the weaknesses – Oh he gets only weaknesses? – No I'm the beautiful one

– And you get strengths? That's why you're the leader I would say your weaknesses are you don't speak up enough – Yeah – And you should shave that beautiful face so more people gravitate to you – Oh wow

Have you seen me shaven? – Yes I can see you shaven because I'm a psychic – The first thing I would do if I shaved my beard is become the lead singer of Beer Bong – Oh, well that would be bad so definitely don't shave – That would be a threat – Was he threatening me? – He was threatening a potentially professional psychic

– Was he threatening me? – I'm just saying I'm scary, I'm scary and I would think that– – You're a little scary with the beard too It's a little President Grant versus Manson (crew laughing) – Okay I'll take that as a compliment – I don't know what you do for a living but I like you a lot – Hey I'm the beautiful one

(Sheena laughs) – You are the beautiful one – Okay, this is tough, right? She's playing us a little bit – Yeah she is – [Crew Member] You guys ready to guess? – You know what I feel like I'd get my money's worth

Three, two, one, I think so, yes! – I'm going with not – Oh, that's why he's the leader, I'm a psychic – Yes! (Rhett laughs) Okay as the winner, I get a tarot card reading from Ellie in Good Mythical Mor and as the leader I suggest that you keep watching to see us test out a vintage fat burning machine next Don't put a pin in accessorizing get your GMM and mythical pins available at MythicalStore

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