Is this Grooming Product for Pets or Humans? (GAME)

– Can we tell the difference between grooming products for pets and people? – Let's talk about that (funky electronic music) (fire crackling) – Good Mythical Morning

– Like every animal lover, I wanna spoil my dog Jade with the best food and the best toys and of course the best grooming products but are these things really the best if I'm not willing to try them out on myself? That's why I always take a bite of Jade's dog food before I put it down on the floor for her to eat – That seems gross and unnecessary, especially to do repeatedly But you know what doesn't seem gross and unnecessary? Trying out pet grooming products on ourselves repeatedly, which is what we're gonna do today – And that's right, and today's episode is sponsored by Capital One Their intelligent assistant Eno looks out for you and your money 24/7

Eno alerts you to suspicious charges, proactively sends bill pay reminders, and even helps you shop safer and easier online – Eno contacted me this morning to let me know my credit card bill was due and in hindsight, I probably shouldn't have offered to pay for everybody's meal on New Year's Eve Eno, what's my balance now? Okay Link, it looks like you're buying me lunch for the rest of 2019 Happy New Year! Happy New Year! This year, I resolve to travel more I love to visit ATMsterdam

Eno must know how much I love puns – With the new year just starting now, the perfect time to let Eno help you keep track of your finances and begin benefiting from those proactive alerts – Okay you ready to try out some pet products on ourselves? – Uh-huh – Okay it's time for Are These Grooming Products For Pets or Are They Products We Ourselves Would Gets? – Sponsored by Capital One Rhett and I are gonna be handed a grooming product with packaging clues removed and we are gonna experience it ourselves in order to then determine if we think it's human stuff or pet fluff

– Whoever guesses the most correctly wins a special cowboy tiara for their dog and a matching one for himself – Ooh – Let's do this – [Rhett and Link] Round one – Okay, check this out, it's glitter

It's a glitter, well– – Dispenser – Hold our your hand Well they probably put it in different packaging Oo, well, there you go, ooh There's a little bit

Is this glitter lotion? Told you guys not to give us anything with glitter This is gonna be here forever and everywhere else – Well no the fact that it's suspended in a liquid I think makes it almost safe – It's still, look, it's traveling It's traveling up my hands and arms

– You know who's responsible for that? You, man – I'm just trying to use the product I'm sorry I'm cranky it's just glitter makes me mad – Well the stars are pokey – So why? Okay, I think I know my answer

This one's obvious – You would think – [Stevie] Three, two, one – It's gotta be for the human right? – There's no way You put this on fur, it's like a death wish

– [Stevie] This is Tail Tamers Sparkle and Shine Gel for horses It's meant for special occasions and they suggest pairing this with Sparkle Toes which are glitter stickers for the hoofs – You rub it into the horse's tail And then what happens? – For intense effect, apply in greater amounts – The horse flies? – No the horse gets pissed, that's what happens! The horse is like I can never get rid of this glitter! Well we're off to a bad start in more ways than one

– No I think a horse might like it – [Rhett and Link] Round two – Okay two hours later, my hands are now clean Let's get the next one, oh look at that – This is like OXY Pads

– What do you think that is? – Remember those? – Yeah, like– – Back when we were youngins – Yeah you put that, you rub this all over your face Get the T-zone, ooh that's refreshing Ooh that's refreshing – I'm gonna do what the professionals do and I'm going to try it out on the back of my hand

– You afraid to put pet stuff on your face? This is good, this is like, this is cleansing the pores It doesn't smell like a pet Actually it's very strong smelling – It smells like it's stronger than it would need to be just on straight-up human skin, you know what I'm saying? I know for a fact (chuckles) I know for a fact that they sell things where you wipe your dog's eyes off, 'cause like my dog has the runny teary things happen and you see 'em on all white dogs

– I just pull that off with my fingers and then Jade eats it – Okay good Well that's another way, that's another way to do it – Yeah she loves it She knows that I'm gonna feed it to her

– Are you making this up? – No (chuckles) I don't make anything up usually – Barbara's is not crusty, it's like nasty, it stinks It's horrible, ugh – I bet she'd like to eat it

– No she doesn't wanna eat it, she'd be licking her eyes all the time – I'm ready to vote, don't judge me – [Stevie] Three, two, one – I'm gonna say– – You swayed me – It's pet's fluff because of the thing with the eyes

– You know what, I'm changing my answer – Oh okay, you can do that I guess – [Stevie] These are actually ear wipes with aloe and eucalyptus and they're intended for dogs They reduce wax buildup and remove debris in and around canine ears – So you were right for the wrong reasons which is par for the course

– Exactly, I live a whole life of that (chuckles) – EarWELL – Well try it out in your ear See if you can grab some wax out We did have a whole plate here

Oh gosh – Nothing's coming out but it– – Oh! (crew chuckling) – Is it gushing? – Did that come from you or the pad? – It's gushing – Your brain is leaking – Bring Jade in, let her lick it – [Rhett and Link] Round three

– Okay – Look at that, a purple– – I mean first of all, this seems like a pet product I know that it could be used as a pet product Right I mean this is one of those things where you grab your feline friend I don't have any feline friends, but if I did have one, you get the shed off of the, maybe it would work in your hair

Let me try it left-handed here (mimics cat mewling) Nope, still gray – Get the streak out Get the streak out Yeah so how could this be used on humans? I mean it's just the same, it's just, you know, it's kinda like a magic trick

It's like, oh do I have a ring, no I have a brush! You know, it's a magician's brush – It's for a guy who doesn't want you to know that he's brushing his hair No I'm just touching my hair, I'm not brushing my hair And that's just my ring That's just my purple, oh gosh

Okay, ready to vote? – Uh-huh – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one – Human magician – Human stuff – What, seriously? – Yeah I was throwing you off, man

– You didn't throw me off I thought we were gonna tie – I was attempting to throw you off – All right who's right, are we right? – [Stevie] This is a Scalpmaster Scalp Shampoo Brush It's made for humans

– Humans! – [Stevie] Use it to lather the shampoo in their hair – You dirty dog – It's not a comb? – [Stevie] Not a comb – I thought it was for like flat top grooming – Again, right for the wrong reasons

– [Rhett and Link] Round four – All right so we've got a spray bottle here – Right in your mouth – Open Right in your mouth

(chuckles) Where do you want it? – Try the hand – How's that? – Oh – I'm going back in the hand – You know what, I think you could spray that directly into your mouth – Is it edible? Gotcha

I just sprayed it in my ear instead, it was a fake-out That smells like, smells like candy, doesn't it? – Yes – Like gum or candy or something – That's why I thought you should be able to eat it and I thought it was like spray food Don't eat, just spray the smell of fruit into your mouth

– Like close your eyes and tell me if you smell a person or a pet I'm going by you many times – I smell a fruit And you can have a fruit as a pet My mom made me have an orange for a whole year before I got a dog

– It's good training If you can keep an orange alive that long, for a year? – It was nasty It was nasty about four weeks in Orange will hold up for a long time The whole outside will be completely in tact and the inside just gets rotten

– It's just a perfume, I don't know – I had a little leash for it – It could go either way, all right let's vote – [Stevie] All right ready, three, two, one – Pet fluff

You spray this on a dog This is like cologne for dogs – Post-grooming– – Cologne for dogs – Eat the candy, dog – [Stevie] This is Hair Shots Strawberry heat-activated hair perfume intended for humans

– It's strawberry – [Stevie] And the packaging also says it can be used to deter lice in children I'm not sure if that's 'cause lice don't like strawberries – Yeah lice hate strawberries I had to have a pet lice too

– [Rhett and Link] Round five – Okay next to last round, we're going for two points now Link – Okay – Two points for pumice – Is that? – It's an old piece of bread

– Yeah it does look like moldy bread but okay, so this is a, it is a pumice stone I could see– – Could you give that as a toy to a dog? – I can see my aunt rubbing her bare foot on this Bunion city (mimics scratching) – Hold on, did she ever do that in front of you? – No she just runs a shop called Bunion City (Rhett chuckles) And they only sell these

– Yeah, right Good margins on those – This one smells like strawberries Nope that's just my left hand – Can't break it, can you? – Yeah let's break the loaf

– You can't, man – I betcha I could break it (pumice snaps) Oh, he broke it! Ooh, look at the cross-section on that – Oh smell that – Ooh it stinks

– You noticed I said smell that, not smella that – I gotta smell more strawberry after that So how would you use this on an animal? – You can't feed it to 'em You don't wanna rub it on 'em – Okay I'm ready to vote

– Maybe you could rub it on 'em – [Stevie] Okay three, two, one – Left field, I'm going with pet fluff – I actually think that this is to– – Link's trying to throw us off – This is for horse hoof scrapage

– [Stevie] This is the Colorado Saddlery's Grooming Stone meant for muddy horses or dogs – Off of their fur? – You just go right over the fur and it takes it right off – Whoa, that's crazy – [Rhett and Link] Round six – Three points up for grabs, it's anybody's game

And here it is What is this? (clinking) Some sort of a stethoscope Massaging– – The latest headphones from Beats – Try it out, man I think it, oh, it can be a neck massager

Is that what it is? – I don't know, let's– – You get the temples It's a temple toucher – This is like something they would do on Star Trek and you'd be an alien It's just like, he's definitely from another planet – He's from Ucornia

Unicornia, woosh I think maybe– – It's so gentle It's so gentle – It is, it is, oh, look right there There's many places you can get

– Yeah but is it doing anything? – Mm, gets this Gets this – It can definitely do a lot of things It does a lot of things as Link just demonstrated – You could do all of this on a dog

You could none of this on a cat, it would not cooperate – I don't know I think a cat might like it They like to rub themselves up against things – This is tough – Yeah okay

– [Stevie] Three, two, one – Going with pet because– – I don't know how, but, yeah I think pets Which means, are you sure you don't wanna change your answer– – I'm not changing my answer – So that you can lose fair and square? – It's pets, man – You're in the lead

So in order for me to have a chance of winning, I'm gonna switch to, this is a human thing – It's too gentle for humans I think I don't know, let's find out – [Stevie] So this is called Cat Face Massager Here's the product photo and– – Yes! – [Stevie] It says that it can help your kitty relax and trust you more

– I was wrong that cats wouldn't go for it, but I was right and I take the win So I get the – What? (crew laughing) What? – You're joking, right? – Oh no

I thought I won These are so confusing to me (sad trombone music) – I was like hold on Is this a bit, I never know I never know

– I just get confused by these – But you know what, so Link– – I thought I was right but then I changed my frickin' answer I couldn't have won – In the real world, I won the game (triumphant trumpet music) – Can I at least get to keep this? – And I get this one for Barbara! She's gonna put it on in a second because yes, she is here

– And so is Jade Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring this episode Go to CapitalOnecom/Eno to learn more and get to know Eno today – Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing

– You know what time it is – I'm Asvark – And I'm Cirrhosis the wolf – [Both] And we're from Pennsylvania Then it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality

– Was that Jade and Barbara moonlighting? (chuckling) – Their own show – Click the top link to watch us try out some more weird pet products with our dogs in Good Mythical More – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality's gonna land – [Rhett] Our Mythical grooming collection is available online at Mythicalstore

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